I - If Nothing Happens

by ~Lipsum

Characters: Neville Longbottom / Luna Lovegood

Genre: Drama / Friendship | Word count: 507 | Rated: PG-13 | Category: One-shot.

WARNING: DH spoilers.


"Yeah, Luna?"

"What if nothing happens?"

He could not answer right away. Actually, he was not sure he understood the question at all. One never knows, when they are talking with Luna "Looney" Lovegood... Her questions were always ambiguous and they usually meant more than it sounded at first. He had learned that not long ago.

They were lying side by side on the grass by the lake, staring at the grey clouds forming funny silhouettes above them. They liked to play that old game of associating those cloudy figures to something. It was fun playing it with Luna. She'd always see strange things, like warckspurts, heliopaths and whatnot.

The sun was setting, but it was up enough to give them some light and warmth. Autumn was coming, and with it, the chill in the windy days. But nor Neville or Luna cared about it. They had found out, in the strangest way, that they both liked to lay down on the grass and stare at the sky, especially in chilly, windy days like that. Because then the clouds would be even funnier to look at, changing its shapes rapidly.

Before they could understand why, they already met at least once a week to look up to the sky and its clouds. It was like a silent commitment they both had agreed.

They did not talk much at those times - except to say "oh, it looks like a thestral" or something. But some days Luna would ask questions like that, unexpected, mysterious questions, that just triggered in Neville the feeling of complete dumbness. "What if nothing happens what, Luna?"

"Everything." She looked at him, who was still looking at the sky. "The war". She would have shrugged if she was standing.

"The war is already going on, Luna", he could feel her soft gaze on him, but he did not dare to look back. He knew since early this year that, for some reason, she had laid on him all her trust. Neville had become her guide, somehow. He had become the leader of all of them, the ones left in Hogwarts, the ones that dared to fight against Voldemort if the call ever came. It was something that still frightened him, but at the same time, the more people trusted him to make the decisions, the more he felt like he could not disappoint them. "Harry, Ron and Hermione are out there already, fighting only Merlin knows what".

"And we stay here?"

"We have to protect the school, Luna. You, me, Ginny... Everybody else who is left of Dumbledore's Army".

She sighed. His answers never satisfied her completely. Maybe because it did not satisfied him as well. "Yeah, but... What if nothing happens?"

He finally looked at her, but her gaze was lost in the grey clouds again. He had missed it for a second.

Nonetheless, he understood the true meaning of the question. And it scared the shit out of him.

"I don't know, Luna. I don't know."