III - Stolen Serenity

by ~Lipsum

Characters: Lupin/Tonks

Genre: Angst / Romance | Word count: 414 | Rated: PG | Category: One-shot

WARNING: DH spoilers.

Tonks was silent, cradling Teddy against her breast, feeding and caressing him, looking at him. Even though she seemed focused on the baby, her mind was miles away, on some distant event on the past - or maybe the future. Her movements all seemed to be on auto-pilot, even the stroking of the baby's sparse hair.

Funny enough, holding Teddy was the only moment in Tonks' life when she wasn't as clumsy as it was natural of her. She seemed very confident, very self-assured when holding him, even when her mind was so far away from her task.

Lupin knew it. He could smell Tonks' rambling in the air. The wolf inside him never really slept - it was always there, lending him some of its senses.

She still had not noticed him by the door jamb. He was not sure if he wanted to be noticed at all. His presence would break the spell - the young, quiet woman feeding her son.

Their son.

He smiled at them.

A moment of serenity, just for a change.

But she could not appreciate it fully - she never would. Not while darkness was stalking every and single moment of serenity in their lives. A crease of worry had emerged in her forehead, making her oh so young face look older. And Lupin was afraid that he was the one to blame for that, at least partially.

She could not rest. Lupin knew it. Even when they made love, even when they were lying side by side on their bed, looking at each other - he could feel it. The fear, the restlessness in her mind, leaving her with nightmares at night and bad feelings the whole day. She would always smile though, as if she did not feel what she felt. Tonks thought she could fool him. Well, she could not - as much as he could not fool her about his worries.

Maybe the only true moment of serenity since all of that started was when Teddy was born. That day, when he first saw his son, she was happy. She was hopeful. Their son had given both of them more sense, more meaning to fight.

That war...

Lupin sighed.

He didn't think twice before turning around and leaving Tonks alone with their son.

Let her have a few minutes of stolen serenity, then, thought Lupin. One never knows what tomorrow brings. They might not be always there to Teddy... or to each other.