Yes, I am well aware that I've done many Alice/Absolem stories. But alas, I find myself not done yet. So here we are. Mmmyep.Prologue

Alice inhaled the lovely saltwater air of the Indian Ocean. She had just left the Bay of Bengal from a side trip to India, and was well on her way back home from her business trip to China.

She was so happy that her father's vision had successfully expanded; with this new trade with China, the business would flourish and expand, perhaps maybe all across Asia. It had taken almost four years, but she had done it. Everything she had wanted to happen, happened. Her questions were answered. And now, she was going home.

To Underland.

She smiled as her fingers clasped around a charm necklace that had been custom-made just for her. The small charms depicted a light blue gemmed cat, a jade eye, a ying-yang, a rabbit, a hare, a mouse, and a frosty white blossom. All of them were a constant reminder of what she had left behind, and what she must return to.

…That, and her constant companion served as a reminder…and never let her forget.

"So," he said, settling next to her, "you're finally going home."

Alice smiled at him, leaning against the side of the ship. "Yes," she replied, her fingers stroked the charms lovingly. "We are, Absolem."