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Protection from Wolves

Chapter 1: The Biggest Mistake

It was raining in Washington that night and the wind blew fiercely, whipping the girl's scarf into her face as she walked across the slick pavement. She had to hurry, or her life would be over sooner than she wanted it to be. "Just a few more hours, and then I'll be free," she kept muttering to herself. Her destination was a large Victorian mansion, the kind that people looked at and knew immediately that it belonged to someone rich and influential. She pushed the gate and surprisingly, it opened with the smallest bit of force. The stone pathway that led to the house was long and as she went past the landscaped gardens towards the front door, she heard a loud gunshot.

Against her better judgement, she went right, towards the pool-house and in the direction of the sound of the gunshot. She smelt the blood before she saw it and it made her head spin and her stomach clench in fear. Like a moth drawn to a flame, her feet kept on walking towards the young boy who was bleeding profusely through a wound in his stomach.

"Seth?" she whispered, kneeling besides the boy.

"Bella, get out!" he said. "He's gone to get more bullets. He'll be back soon. Please, go!"

"I can't leave you here," she said, shaking her head and taking out her cell phone. She knew it was going to be the death of her if Jacob saw her on the phone, but she couldn't let Seth die. She pressed the number seven key and hit the send button.

"Agent Callaway? This is Bella Swan. Please come here quick. He shot someone." There was a faint murmuring on the phone and she snapped it shut. She unwound the scarf from around her neck and placed it on Seth's wound, trying to stem the bleeding. The door of the house opened to reveal a large, dark-skinned man with shaggy black hair and what seemed like a permanent scowl etched on his face.

"What are you doing, Bella?" he said, walking up to her and pulling her up roughly by the arm. "I thought I'd told you to stay away from this part of the house."

She pulled her arm out of his grasp and took a few steps back. "I don't follow your orders anymore, Jacob. You are the sorriest excuse for a human being I have ever had the misfortune of meeting, and you are going to regret everything you have done to me and to this poor boy." She could hear the sound of the cop cars' sirens and so could Jacob. Understanding flashed in his eyes and he pulled out his gun and aimed it at Bella. She laughed bitterly and said, "Do your worst Jacob. You can't possible hurt me any worse than you already have."

She heard the gunshot, but she also saw Seth's leg kick out and hit Jacob, spoiling his aim as she felt the pain in her shoulder. She felt the sticky substance pouring out of her wound and the last thing she saw as the blackness overtook her was people with guns and Kevlar vests running after Jacob as he tried in vain to evade them.

Two hours later- CIA headquarters:

The group of men sitting around the table were discussing the Black case. The offender had been caught and was now sitting in a maximum security prison-cell in an orange jumpsuit, but the reason these important people were convened in the meeting room was Bella Swan.

"Black has been caught, but Ms. Swan's life is still in danger from the various other organized-crime rings whose businesses have suffered due to Black's imprisonment." The man who said this was the same man who had talked to Bella a few hours ago. "Ms. Swan still needs to recover from the bullet-wound she received, and will need twenty-four hour protection. I suggest she be put into the Witness Protection Program."

A man with bronze-coloured hair and green eyes looked at Callaway with trepidation. He knew what was coming, and he had been dreading it for weeks.

"Cullen," Callaway spoke, looking at him seriously. "You're being put on the case. Get her out of here, keep your location hidden, and keep her safe. Got it?"

"Yes, sir," he replied, sullenly. He couldn't believe that instead of tracking down criminals he'd be babysitting a silly girl who only had herself to blame for getting into such a difficult situation. Little did he know, that the girl who he had just termed 'silly,' would be nothing like he expected.

Meanwhile, in the CIA's secure hospital, Bella Swan was drifting back to a state of consciousness. She could hear the beep-beep-beep of the heart monitor and could feel the blissful numbness in her shoulder that masked the excrutiating pain she had felt when the bullet pierced her flesh. She opened her eyes, staring at the puke-green walls of the sterile hospital room and resisted the urge to gag. "Why did they have to make hospitals so unpleasant?" she thought. She wondered what had happened to Seth. Had he survived? And had they caught Jacob?

She wished someone would come into the empty room and explain everything to her. Her thoughts were going a mile-a-minute and she desperately needed to stop the direction in which they were headed. She remembered her time with Jacob all too well, and how everything had turned bad so fast.

She had met Jacob when she came to Forks to meet her dad during her summer break. She was studying Art and Interior Design at the University of Washington at the time, and wanted to go meet her dad, who she hadn't seen since two Thanksgivings ago. Billy, Jacob's father, was a very good friend of Charlie's and had been in Forks at the time with his son as well. Jacob and Bella had hit it off immediately, and had started dating. He was the ideal boyfriend, and had even been there at Bella's graduation. It was when Billy died that things started to get strange. One day, when Bella and Jacob were having lunch, Jacob got a phone call and went outside of the restaurant to take it. When he came back, his face was set in a stony expression that chilled Bella to the core. He told her they needed to go, threw a bunch of money on the table and dragged her out by the hand. Apparently, Billy had been killed by another organized crime ring member, although Bella did not find out about this until alot later. Jacob had lied to her and told her Billy had died of a heart-attack. She tried to comfort Jacob through his father's death, but he maintained a cold, impenetrable fa├žade that she thought would melt away with time. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Bella had moved in with Jacob when he asked her to, although she didn't want to leave her apartment and art studio, she thought Jacob might need her while coping with his father's death. That had been the biggest mistake of her life. What she didn't know, was that Jacob had taken over his father's place in the OC ring and had turned into the cold-blooded killer Billy had been. Bella would have never found out if she hadn't come home from her job as an interior-designer early to give Jacob a surprise, and had found him with a few friends of his as they beat up a guy till he wasn't breathing anymore. Jacob and his pack of moronic friends (Paul, Sam, Quil and Embry) laughed at that guys pleas of mercy and continued to kick him and punch him with knuckle-bangers till he was dead. Unfortunately, Jacob had seen Bella and had gotten furious at her. That was the first night that he had hit her, and it wasn't the last.

She had attempted to hide her bruises with make-up and had begged Jacob to let her continue her job or else people would get suspicious. He had conceded and she had prayed day after day, that Jacob would stop being so cruel; that he would stop abusing her physically and emotionally. It was when she had seen him torturing and killing a young boy, barely older than seventeen, that she had finally snapped. That day, she took some time off work and went to talk to a CIA officer, who she had seen at Billy's funeral. She told him she'd testify and would do whatever they needed to do to get Jacob behind bars. She had suffered at his hand for three months, and it was already more than she could bear. She had always been a very strong person, and resented being subjected to such demeaning words and actions. The CIA had been incredibly grateful for her help, and had organized an operation to get Black in for good, but Bella had to force their hand when she saw Seth dying.

Bella was pulled out of her thoughts as the CIA officer, Agent Callaway came in along with a resentful looking, green-eyed adonis.

"Hello, Miss. Swan," Callaway said, "How are you feeling?"

"Good," Bella said, not taking her eyes off the other handsome agent who kept on staring at the floor like it was the most interesting thing in the room. "Did you get Jacob? And how's Seth?"

"Black has been apprehended, and Seth is fine. He went through a tough surgery but in a few days, he'll be good as new." Bella nodded, relieved, and Callaway continued. "Bella, I need to talk to you about something. As you know, the Blacks had quite a few followers and alot of connections, so for your own safety, we've decided to put you in the Witness Protection and Relocation Program."

Bella looked at him, shocked, but she had a feeling that she couldn't talk her way out of this, and that the agitated agent had something to do with this.

"Agent Cullen here will take you to an obscure location that a minimum number of people at the agency will know about, to prevent any sort of information leakage. Don't worry about anything. He's one of our best agents. You will be posing as a newly-wed couple just to avoid questions and your name will be changed to Isabella Cullen. Everyone knows you as Bella so that shouldn't be a problem."

Bella looked at Callaway, incredulous, and her eyes shifted to the scowling agent. "Oh boy," she thought. "This was not what I was expecting."

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