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Third person POV:

It was a sunny, albeit cool day in Napa, California, as the Cullens sat underneath the shade of a tree. The park wasn't that crowded since it was a weekday, and they were enjoying the sunshine and pleasant temperature. Bella and Edward were sitting on a blanket, a traditional picnic-basket placed between them, as they drank the cold, bubbling liquid from paper-cups.

"Jason, keep your sister away from the pond!" Bella called out to a little four-year-old boy with unruly bronze hair, and deep brown eyes.

The little boy pouted and ran after his two-year-old sister, shouting, "Lizzy! Come back with me to mom and dad."

The two kids came back to their parents, and sat with them. Lizzy's brown curls bounced as she crawled into her father's lap, and she looked at him with her intelligent green eyes, saying, "Daddy, Hayley want cookies!"

Edward smiled at her and handed her one. Bella wasn't surprised at how much she had him wrapped around her little finger. She had that affect since the moment she was born. Edward gave her everything she asked for, and threatened to kill anyone who even as much as looked at her the long way. Bella sat hugging her first-born; he really was her favourite, but that was the way it was between most parents who had a son and daughter.

Edward smiled at Bella as he put away the champagne and took out a bottle of orange juice instead. He gave some to the kids in fresh glasses, and almost jumped when a loud, booming voice shouted, "Eddie, my man!"

Emmet, of course, was the cause of the ruckus as he walked forward, towing his two girls with him. Rosalie was walking behind him with Alice, Jasper and their new-born baby boy.

"Hey guys," Bella greeted them, heaving herself off the blanket and hugging her two best-friends. All the kids went on the swings to play while the parents chatted and ate from the three, large baskets.

"So how's everything going with Edward's job?" Alice asked Bella, putting her sleeping baby in a wicker moses basket.

"It's going well. He's not a fan of the whole 'doing things from the sidelines' part, but after the last bullet to his leg, I can't risk it," Bella sighed.

"I would have felt the same way," Rose said. "I don't know how you let him keep working on the Red John case for so long. I would have never let Emmet do that."

"I didn't want to hold him back, but enough is enough. Do you know how many gunshot wounds he's had in all his years of service? Fifteen!"

"Oh my God!" Alice's eyes bugged out. "He got shot fifteen times?"

"Yeah! I'm so done with wondering whether he'll come back home in one piece or riddled with bullet holes."

"Are you ladies talking gossiping about me?" Edward said, hugging Bella around the waist.

"Do you know anyone else who got shot as many times as you did?" Alice said, raising her eyebrow at him and smirking.

Edward chuckled, and said, "No, but do you guys want to continue this conversation at home? The sun's about to set and the kids are getting tired."

They all nodded and set about buckling their kids up in car-seats and booster-seats. Bella was folding up the blanket when Edward whispered in her ear, "Happy fourth anniversary, love."

She turned around and gave him a huge grin. "You too, sweetheart. It's kind of funny if you think about it though."

"You think that our having a long, healthy, and successful marriage is funny?" he replied, his expression astounded.

"No, not that. I meant the way we met. Think about it; we met when I was put in the witness protection program, we actually fell in love while pretending to be in love, we ran off to Vegas to get married while our parents were planning our wedding, and we also had another wedding just to satisfy Elizabeth, Renee, Esme, Alice and Rosalie."

Edward smirked. "We're a right pair, aren't we?"

"That we are, sweetheart. Now I believe we have to get home and put our sleeping toddlers in bed," Bella said, taking Edward's hand and walking to their car.

They were both as much in love as they were in the beginning of their marriage and had vowed never to leave the other's side. Their children were loved and adored by both their parents, and were spoiled by their grandparents. Neither could have ever imagined such a happy ending for the workaholic CIA agent, and the abused girlfriend of a drug-lord.

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