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Authors:: AlexJ69 (Genesis) Whiskey(Sephiroth)

Rating :: NC-17

Pairing :: Sephiroth/Genesis

Warnings :: References to violence and abuse of the first chapter, angst, yaoi, oral, anal, language, dirty talk, wingkink

Forgiveness – for Genesis, it was something bought and paid for with blood and pride. Life? The worth of his was measured by the lacerations crisscrossing his back, leaving bloodied skin stripped from muscle, ribbons of flesh barely hanging by a thread. And dignity? Dignity was merely a concept that had been trampled on when Sephiroth's fingers tore out his feathers, leaving red and black quills scattered at his feet.

Genesis did not begrudge his lover these things. He had readily accepted his punishment. Atonement was purchased and now he could use the body of his tormentor as a crutch. Together, they made their way home.

Silence passed between them as they took step by agonizingly slow step out of the woods and across the barren expanse of land toward Midgar. Genesis didn't need to ask why a transport hadn't been called; he knew the ride would be more arduous than walking. Every slight bump would rattle the truck, and send new waves of pain up his back. So, clinging to his torturer, his lover, drawing small reserves of strength from the limitless pool that the silver general supplied, the auburn angel mutely wept. There was no longer any shame in bestowing on Sephiroth his tears and he cried until they reached the sky-darkened metropolis.

The return trip for Sephiroth was no less painstaking. Streaks of crimson fluid, onyx feathers covering the ground, screams reverberating in his ears, and the shattering of an ego were the repeating imagery in his mind. The general did not once question whether Genesis had deserved the punishment, of course he had—the redhead did nothing that wasn't prompted by arrogance. However, when the silent sobs didn't abate on the way home, he had to resist the urge to carry his lover the rest of the way. He had already stomped on Genesis' pride; there was no reason to add insult.

The people in the slums gaped open-mouthed at the sight of the two heading toward the Sector 1 platform. Ignoring them, one general clutching the other, they continued their trek. Not long after, they were housed inside the mega-structure they had called home for years now. The journey for the red warrior was wrought in a hazy fog, and though he tried to quell the flow of liquid streaming from his dull, sapphire eyes, the stinging in his back – especially his wing – made it nearly impossible.

Sephiroth brought Genesis into the elevator, narrow gaze glaring daggers at anyone who dared to even look at them the wrong way. The businesspeople in the metal box immediately scurried out when they saw the General and Rhapsodos enter. Sephiroth hit the button for the floor where he lived, and helped Genesis into his apartment, shutting the door behind them.

Genesis' mind registered the familiar comforts of home as soon as he entered the air-conditioned apartment. A steel-gray, velvet upholstered couch, alongside the matching loveseat and armchair, brought ease to a fractured soul, and a cherry-wood coffee table, which had been replaced three times now due to love-making not quite reaching the bedroom, almost brought a smile to his parched, blood-stained lips. The auburn angel relished the amenities that signaled that it was over, his punishment complete. With relief, Genesis sank to the floor, and laid belly first so he might find some reprieve in the cool, overly plush cream carpeting.

His lover was no sooner face down than Sephiroth bee-lined straight for his materia cabinet. Once he had the Curaga stone he sought, he returned to the auburn angel. Dropping to his knees, the silver general began to delicately twine his fingers through his injured lover's white peppered locks as the curative magic repaired the cross-latticed gashes that were the redhead's back. When the spell was complete, Sephiroth rose and eased Genesis back to his feet. "Into the bath," he said softly, guiding his boyfriend into the bathroom.

Genesis' tears had yet to dry, not only because of the ghostly, lingering pain that still played upon his nerves, but because he had been humiliated. His life had not been bought and paid for with merely his blood, but his dignity had been extinguished... at least for now. A quality that one never associated with Genesis – meekness – was displayed as the auburn angel followed the silver general.

The redhead submissively cooperated when Sephiroth removed his knee-high buckled boots, tight black-leather pants and scarlet bikini briefs. Genesis, a man who existed on impulse and acquiescing to his own desires, employed different stances during his slow advancing stage of undress, forcing his lover to make direct contact with his nude physique. And to Genesis, it seemed as if Sephiroth enjoyed how he maneuvered his body, seeing as how his fingers loitered against his skin for extra-long minutes.

Maybe the general understood Genesis' reaction to mean he wasn't angry over his harsh punishment?

Once Sephiroth had the redhead nude, he retreated from him to draw a bath. While water filled porcelain and the room fogged with swirling steam, the silver-locked warrior detached himself from his own clothing. When he was nude, he took a step and brought Genesis into his arms, vowing to handle Genesis with great care, likening him to a priceless, delicate doll that one treated gently, showing a certain amount of reverence.

It wasn't until this moment, when Genesis was so malleable to his touch, did Sephiroth begin to ache for what his hands had wrought. Though not ready to verbalize the words that sought clemency for his role as Shinra's avenger, Sephiroth felt the gnawing pangs of shame twisting his gut. He had taken revenge, but not pleasure, with his earlier actions. Cradling the redhead, Sephiroth wished only to end his lover's tears.

Genesis willed his tears to cease and pulled free of the embrace. He met his lover's piercing green gaze and locked onto it, holding those eyes in place for a while before deciding how next to proceed. The auburn angel fervently prayed not to cause a fight, he was too weak and emotionally drained to fight; however, now that he was healed, he needed to voice his opinion about what had just happened.

"Sephiroth," the name was said in a whisper, but as always, Genesis' tone was melodic, "I agreed to the whip, I didn't struggle. I didn't fight, or try to escape. Those were the terms set forth by the president, the board, and yourself. However, you tearing out my feathers was an on-the-spot amendment." Genesis dropped his pale, blue stare, unable to look at his lover any longer. "You hurt me, Sephiroth. You hurt me a lot. Did you really have to take it to that extreme?" Without waiting for assistance or a reply, he entered the tub.

Sephiroth, unsure of what to say, stepped into the hot water with Genesis. Being General had its perks, one of them being a bathtub large enough for not just one, but two six-foot towering SOLDIERs to fit in. The hurt look on Genesis' face cut him. He may have relished Genesis' screams while the act was in progress, but he knew he would never grow immune to the sight of the aftermath. The silver warrior inhaled and exhaled slowly before replying, "Did you have to leave Shinra? Did you have to attack Zack Fair? Did you have to worry Angeal out of his mind?"

The general felt a quiet rage fill him once again. How dare Genesis question his actions? Rhapsodos was the one who left them behind, was the one who attacked them, made himself the enemy. Even naked, Sephiroth was a frightening figure, and as he grabbed the bar of Shinra military supply soap from behind him and gestured for Genesis to turn around and have his back scrubbed clean of blood, he couldn't resist pressing against that thin trace of a scar on Genesis' shoulder. "Did you ever once think of someone other than yourself? Did you think about the consequences? Shinra needs you. SOLDIER needs you. Director Lazard needs you... I need you." That last part was slip on Sephiroth's part. He never wanted to admit to needing anybody.

Genesis drew his knees to his chest and stretched into Sephiroth's touch. The warm water splashing against his bruised and sore body was a little piece of heaven, easing the tension out of the strained muscle, almost lolling him to sleep. The cure that had been applied didn't remove all the aches and pains – they never did – and there were parts of his back that were more tender than others. One particular area was the grove which allowed for the expansion of his feathery appendage. When the silver general's hand even ran slightly beside it, Genesis pulled away.

"Please Seph, no more. You've already damaged me enough there." The words were spoken with a gentleness expressing his exhaustion.

Sephiroth must have found it within himself to grant the auburn angel a small amount of leniency and removed his hand from suffering area of his wing so he might finish washing the filth from the rest of his lover's back. Genesis used the time to gather his thoughts; he knew Sephiroth wanted an answer and he wanted to give him the one that explained why he did what he did.

Had he been thinking of the others when he abandoned Shinra? How could he have not been? Leaving the tower, his friends and his lover had been the hardest, most terrifying thing he'd ever experienced; it was even harder than leaving his home in Banora. Shinra had become his life. And the day he had walked away from his post, he had done so with a heavy heart and tears streaming down his face.

Once he was clean, the redhead leaned against Sephiroth's chest, allowing his lover to hold him. He needed the affection right now, so badly yearned for the attention. And when he answered, he did so slowly, hoping to make Sephiroth understand.

"Sephiroth," he began, as he took the general's pale arm and wrapped it around his torso, "when you ask if I was thinking of Angeal, Lazard, Zack, you..." He allowed his head to fall back and rest against the strong shoulder of his boyfriend. "I ask you in return, how could I not think of all of you? Especially when I found out I was degrading. You and the others are the reason I fled. Oh, I admit freely my anger at Shinra for doing this to me. For killing me slowly in the name of science. But had I known of any other way, I would not have left."

Genesis turned his body to the side and contorted himself to fit perfectly against Sephiroth. "Seph... as we speak, I am dying. Until the surgery is performed and I am given your cells, I am rotting from inside. And it's painful. The day I left, I had to ask myself, did I really want you to watch me go through this? Did I stay with you and live out what was left of my pathetic life while you watched me fall apart, or did I go and die in silence, like an animal going off to their graveyard to rest in peace? I made the choice that I would not abide your sorrow as you looked at me with pity. Seph, if I hadn't walked away, we never would have known that you were the cure. And right now, you would be forcing that smile on your lips, trying to convince me that everything would be fine, when we both know it would be a lie. So, ask me again, if I thought of anyone but myself… and I will answer, yes, I thought of all those that I loved."

The crimson warrior let his eyes flutter closed and merely kept himself tight in his lover's embrace.

Surprisingly, Sephiroth didn't touch the area of Genesis' back where the wing was known to spring from again, after the request. After what Genesis had said... he couldn't bring himself to hurt him anymore. He sat there in silence, still hurt, still angry, but the emotions were fading. He wrapped his arms tightly around Genesis, and pressed his face into the smaller man's shoulder.

The silver general had planned a retort for whatever Genesis had come up with for an answer… a retort for anything but that. There was nothing to be said to his lover's speech. Sephiroth could only release what had been bottled up for so long. It felt strange to feel… empty like this. He had held on to his rage for what felt like years and years, rage against Shinra, rage against himself, rage against Genesis. But the truth was, without Genesis and Shinra, where would he be? And now all of that anger had dissipated with every crack of the whip.

Sephiroth leaned back slightly to look at the scar Masamune had given his lover. "I… did this to you." He didn't run his fingers along it, as per Genesis' request, but he stared at it, as if he didn't believe it existed. "Genesis… I…" He couldn't apologize, not when he had felt like he was in the right, felt abandoned yet again by the closest thing he ever had to family or someone who cared… but…

"I missed you. It was agony."

"I missed you too. And Sephiroth... I forgive you. For doing your job. For being an ass. For all the past mistakes." Genesis let his smirk touch his face, turning up his lips only on one side, to let the general know that it was now okay to lighten up. That they didn't have to stay suspended in this place they were in.

The red warrior didn't have it in him for any more angst. He was tired of hiding, of making war against those he loved, of hurting and being hurt. He was exactly where he had longed to be for that last few months, and he had vowed to himself when he was taken into the forest this morning, once his penance had been paid, he would release the past and look to a new future. His future with Sephiroth.

Moving before Sephiroth could take offense, Genesis straddled his commander's lap, molding himself against a body he was all too familiar and comfortable with. Running his fingers though the silver general's hair, Genesis eased Sephiroth's head back and stared down into his emerald eyes. Eyes he loved so much. Eyes that he could get lost in for hours.

"Seph…" He whispered the name, which no longer had a negative connotation to it, and Genesis let the word roll off his tongue in adoration. "I'm glad to be home."

He leaned down, beads of water dripping from his skin to coat Sephiroth's ivory face, and Genesis' lips lightly grazed across the soft flesh he came in contact with.

"Show me how much you missed me."

Sephiroth nodded, afraid to speak, and not about to forgive Genesis for making him feel empty, but it didn't seem to matter as the gorgeous redhead wrapped his legs around him and pressed his lips to first Sephiroth's forehead, then his lips, delicately speaking into his skin. "Genesis," he panted slightly, fingers losing themselves in auburn hair, and Sephiroth growled as he pulled his lover into perhaps the fiercest kiss they had ever shared. A muffled moan, and lips opened to take Sephiroth's tongue, demanding and needy. Afraid to touch Genesis' back, Sephiroth instead gripped his lover's ass, giving it a gentle spank as he groaned at the feeling of Genesis kissing him back, of the taste of someone he had missed so very much. He tugged slightly at the hair—even on his best days, Sephiroth was a rough lover—and bit Genesis' bottom lip, cock pulsing into hardness at the memory of all the times they had kissed like this, all the times Genesis had whimpered at his touch. And now he was here, he was back, and the past be damned.

The general pushed the angel into the wall, seating him on the edge of the bathtub, and tore away from the kiss to immediately drop down between the warrior's thighs. Spreading his lover's legs, he took Genesis' half-hard prick in hand and squeezed gently. "To make up for earlier," he explained, as he bent forward and took the redhead's cock between his parted lips, the motion slow and sensual. His tongue traced the pulsing veins from the base to the sensitive head, all the while an appreciative moan lingered in the back of Sephiroth's throat. One hand restrained Genesis by pressing against the center of his chest, the other teasingly stroking Genesis' cock as Sephiroth drew the head into his mouth, eyes closing to better enjoy the taste, the sensation, the knowledge that Genesis was with him once again, never to leave again. The auburn angel was going to be saved. He deep-throated the red general in one stroke, swallowing around him, dragging sounds of pleasure out of Genesis to erase the memory of his cries of pain.

Genesis entwined his fingers though his lover's hair, pushing down slightly, demanding the silver demon to take more of him. Dear Gaia, how he had missed Sephiroth's touch! He still remembered unbearably long, agony-filled nights, when he would snake his hand down his pants and grip his own cock, trying to pretend he was still with Sephiroth, that he had never left, that his body was intact and healthy. He would imagine that his fingers were Sephiroth's fingers or mouth, and he would pull himself, hard and fast, forcing an orgasm out, crying out Sephiroth's name, just to feel some sort of pleasure in a body trapped and tormented by pain.

Now, after all he had endured, after all they had endured, here they were, both fighting to forget a tortured past, wanting nothing more than to bring pleasure to one another, in the easiest way they knew how.

Genesis groaned while Sephiroth's mouth was enveloping his cock, tongue lapping at the baby-soft skin. "Ah... Seph..." he whimpered, bucking his hips, needing to feel more of that heat. After a while of Sephiroth bobbing his head up and down his shaft, Genesis used the general's hair to still him.

Using the mane of silver silk like a leash, Genesis held the general's head tight, and began thrusting hard into his mouth, fucking the beautiful man's face.

Sweat mixed with water, causing Genesis to glisten under the harsh, white light of the bathroom, his blue eyes aglow with Mako tinged lust, and his pink lips parted in an "O" as grunts and groans tumbled forth from him. He was shaking with desire, and Sephiroth could feel his sac tightening, his shaft twitching and quivering. Genesis was on the cusp of explosion.

"Seph... gonna... cum... please... let me..." Genesis was begging again. After all the sensations he'd experienced today, he wanted to push away the memories of being whipped and beaten by this man, and lose himself in the euphoria of his hot, wet body. "Sephiroth... want to... cum... down your throat." Of the two of them, Genesis was always the one most vocal with his passions, and when on the

verge of climax, he couldn't help voicing his lust.

Sephiroth's lips curled into a smile as he let Genesis have his way, opening his mouth wide. After all that he had endured, he deserved this, deserved everything Sephiroth could give him. The silver general hummed approvingly and teased between the red warrior's cheeks with his fingers, brushing against his skin, pushing one of the digits inside him. Another humming noise from the back of Sephiroth's throat signaled to Genesis that he was here to give and receive pleasure, not to play games.

Green eyes flickered up to look at his lover's face, contorted in pure ecstasy, and his own neglected cock throbbed urgently. Fingers eased in and out of Genesis, working and loosening him, then deftly rubbing against the spot inside Genesis' body that Sephiroth knew would convince his lover to let go.

Genesis had his head thrown back against the cool tiled wall, and was pumping his cock deep into Sephiroth's mouth when he felt fingers penetrate him. He was suddenly torn between continuing his thrusting motions and pushing his ass down against those wonderful, invading appendages. When Sephiroth's fingers swept against his hot, inner button, the red angel had no other option but to release between his boyfriend's eagerly awaiting lips. His fingers wound tighter into Sephiroth's hair, his entire body becoming rigid, and with one last, hard thrust, he came into the silver general's mouth.

"Seph... cumming... ah, fuck, Seph... please... fuck… Sephiroth!"

When the orgasm was finally over, Genesis slumped forward, taking deep gulps of air, waiting for his frame to stop trembling.

His climax-high finally ended, and he was able to move again. Careful not to remove Sephiroth's fingers from his still quivering entrance, the redhead slid down back into the warm water to straddle Sephiroth's lap once again. Grinding his hips against the fingers inside him, Genesis reached down between their bodies, and took Sephiroth's erection in his hand. He slowly began stroking the hardened flesh, pulling at a tempo that would bring a whimper to the general's lips.

"My love," Genesis whispered, his tone laced with excitement, "it's been far too long for us. Now... please?"

Gaia, he had missed his lover's dirty talk more than anything, the sound of his voice in orgasm, the volume, all of it. It was pure sensory overload, and as he felt Genesis come to a trembling orgasm, Sephiroth swallowed every last drop. He slowly, gently pulled off of the angel's shaft, continuing to thrust his fingers in and out of Genesis' body, in preparation for the most intense erection Sephiroth had had since Genesis had left Shinra. Genesis' hand found his cock, and he groaned slightly, bucking his hips.

Then he pulled his fingers out slowly, and stood, giving the redhead a filthy smirk. "Yes, far too long. The bedroom, now."

Genesis gave him a sharp look, warning not to tease him, and Sephiroth smiled. He held out a hand, and Genesis took it, standing up. Sephiroth pulled a towel out of a cupboard and towel-dried his redheaded lover from head to toe, enjoying mussing up his hair, then began to dry himself. "On your back, with your legs spread." Genesis obeyed, and Sephiroth tossed the towel on the ground, grabbing lube off of the counter and squeezing some onto his stiff cock. As he followed Genesis into the bedroom, he spread the lube all over himself with one hand, eyes on Genesis the entire time.

Sephiroth moved onto the bed, and within a few seconds was pressed up against his lover, kissing and biting his neck, growling, shaft lined up with Genesis' entrance.

"Could you… bring it out for me? I promise… this time, I will be gentle." With that, Sephiroth pushed into Genesis' body, just slightly past that tight ring of muscle, and extended his own huge, black, feathery wing without warning, slightly off balance but pleased to no longer have to hide it. He didn't have to hide from Genesis, one of the only people in the universe who didn't find him disgusting, shameful, monstrous.

"Touch it. Be rough, if you like. Show me there is no animosity between us. Show me you love me, Genesis." Sephiroth thrust in to the hilt, and remained there, panting for breath from the difficulty of holding back, waiting for Genesis to trust him completely once again.

Genesis gasped when Sephiroth's engorged tip pushed at his opening then split him wide. His fingers clutched the satin sheets of Sephiroth's bed, and a deep groan issued forth from him. Though the pair needed a lot of time to work on their emotional bond and strengthen it back up again, now would not be the moment for that. After all their time apart, one would think this would be a sweet, romantic love-making session, but Genesis knew better. This would be a rough, abrasive, animalistic coupling, with one goal: the re-acquaintance with each others' primal urges.

The auburn angel was reluctant to extend his wing again after what Sephiroth had already done to it. The downy appendage was still sore and aching. Then Sephiroth expanded his own wing, and were Genesis not about to have sex, he would have a lot more to say about the subject. As it was, he was only able to make out, "Seph... what is..." before Sephiroth was inside of him, and he was

groaning in ecstasy and torment.

The crimson SOLDIER had forgotten just how big the tool between his lover's legs was, and just how much time he needed to adjust. Genesis breathed in slowly, then released, willing his body to relax and give in to Sephiroth's ministrations. That really was an easier concept to grasp mentally then physically, considering that just a short time ago, the same man was releasing his rage by opening Genesis' flesh with a long piece of twisted, hardened leather.

"Touch it. Be rough if you like. Show me there is no animosity between us. Show me you love me, Genesis." He took those words to heart, pondering them even as he forced his body to surrender. Yes, he still loved Sephiroth. He had never stopped loving him. Was he pissed about the whipping? Only slightly. He had come to terms with the fact that he would rather Sephiroth use him to target his rage, than neglect him, turn him away, and leave him to die alone.

Genesis finally caved. He would prove to the man that he loved more than anything, that he wasn't all that angry, and he still trusted him. And above all, that he still loved him.

The second in command raised himself off his back to let his own wing unfurl and arched it so that it brushed Sephiroth's back, urging him even closer. Genesis then let go of the sheets and raised his hips slightly. With one hand he reached out and began to lightly stroke the feathers of Sephiroth's wing that were in touching distance, and the other he slid between their bodies, grasping his cock, easily bringing it back to hardness. He pushed back against Sephiroth with all he was worth.

"Seph, I still love you. I never stopped. So now are you gonna fuck me with that thing, or are we gonna just stay like this and get off to the fact that we both have wings? I myself vote that you fuck me like you hate me."

Sephiroth's eyes remained on the wing as it hesitantly came out and wrapped around his back, the softness tickling him, the evidence of earlier damage present but not off-putting. It was there, and that was all. The feathers would grow back, and be alive, whole again. Then long, elegant fingers traced Sephiroth's wing, and the general groaned.

His eyes narrowed at Genesis. "I love you as well, Genesis, but begging would have sufficed." Letting his own wing rest on the pillow behind Genesis' head, Sephiroth pulled out almost entirely, then slammed himself back in, watching Genesis roll those lovely hips beneath him, one hand pumping his shaft. "Stroke it while I fuck you," Sephiroth hissed, hips working his cock out and back in, at a pace that was rapidly gaining momentum. "Have you missed this, Genesis? Have you missed your general inside you? I… want to hear my name when… when you… gods, Gen…" he trailed off as the tightness of his lover's body overcame him, labored breathing and the occasional groan filling the air.

"I think... I've done... enough begging... Oh goddess, yes!" Genesis ground his hips in time with the silver general's thrusts. "Harder, Seph, I'm not a goddamn woman... fuck me like a whore." Genesis would slam back every time Sephiroth pushed forward. "Right there... oh, gods... fuck me just like that…" The auburn angel could feel every inch of Sephiroth's shaft splitting him apart, and now that the pressure had subsided, there was only pleasure. He continued to jerk his prick in rhythm to the general's movements, adding to the sensation of euphoria. He knew he was about to cum again.

"Seph... so fucking close... harder, damn you!" Genesis' fingers entwined into Sephiroth's feathers and he was pulling, not really meaning to rip the black down out, but not really caring either.

"Oh... goddess… yes!" Genesis squealed when Sephiroth thrust hard against his sweet spot. "Sephiroth!" Genesis cried out his name, like Seph had wanted. "I'm cumming... Seph! I love you!" the redhead screamed as his body jerked, and he shot his seed all over his hand, stomach and chest. Gods, how he loved his second orgasm. It was always better than the first, and for some reason, Sephiroth was the only one who could work two in a row out of him.

"Seph, my love," Genesis whispered when he was able to speak again, "I want you to cum inside me."

Sephiroth was growling now; Genesis' talking drove him on, made him want to thrust faster, harder, dragging an orgasm out of his dramatic lover. "Harder? You're such a slut, Gen—ah—" Seph moaned as he felt Genesis grabbing his wing and pulling. "Go ahead, rip me to shreds, just cum, cum for me—Genesis—I—" he growled, and continued to moan softly, thrusting as Genesis tightened around him, reaching orgasm, decorating his flushed skin with white. Sephiroth looked down at Genesis, who was wet, sweating and flushed, and thought he could almost cum just from the sight. "Gen—Genesis… gods… fuck!" he swore as he thrust in to the hilt one last time, filling Genesis with his own orgasm, just like he'd asked. One long, slow moan and he wrapped his arms around his lover, long, floating silver hair falling on his back, the wing contracting somewhat but remaining visible. "I love you too," he whispered. "I hope you know that that has never changed… not once."

Sephiroth smiled down at Genesis, who couldn't help but smirk, and then gently he pulled out and rolled over to lay beside the only human being he had ever loved. His eyes closed, and with the comforting presence of his lover, fell asleep.

The following morning, after peeling themselves out of each others' arms, the two legendary warriors headed down to the laboratory where the cell transfusion would be performed, where Genesis' life would be saved.