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Adam is a 20-year-old, six-foot tall, black-haired full-time student at Central University, located in Central City. He is frequently seen wearing sunglasses and a bluetooth.

Laying on the bed in his dorm room, Adam suddenly felt a soft rumble. He remained still for a minute, and then his curiosity got the best of him. He got up from the bed, intending to head to the window, but in the process felt a second, stronger rumble which almost made him fall to the ground. He scrambled over to the window and looked out, but couldn't see anything unusual, except a few people outside who had fallen to the ground due to the shaking.

Out of nowhere, an ear piercing screech and roar ripped through Adam's ears at the same time. He clutched his ears in pain, even checking for blood (there was none). He tried his hardest to shut out the sounds, because he couldn't lose his hearing or his future as a student specializing in music technology would be gone.

Luckily, the screech and roar only lasted a few seconds, though they felt like years to him. "What the hell?" he exclaimed. "Maybe there's something on the news..."

His ears still throbbing, he looked around for the TV remote, spotting it on his bed. But just as he went to reach for it, he felt his body fly off the ground as a humongous earthquake shook through his small dorm room. His prized audio equipment even flew off the shelves; a few mixers managed to land unharmed on his bed, but many crashed and broke on impact with the floor.

"Damn!" he said, scrambling to grab the remote again while covering his head and salvaging whatever equipment he could. Finally able to turn on the TV luckily embedded in his dorm wall, he flipped through the channels until he arrived on a Central News breaking announcement. It showed a reporter standing in front of a damaged, locked down, and sectioned off Expo Site.

"...where just half an hour ago," began the reporter, "a young man and his friends were taking a tour and then became trapped inside. There have been attempts to discover what's happening inside, but all that the authorities can visibly see inside the building are what look like a number of Punk Navis jacked into copy-bots. Experts also say that they have readings of two very strong internet signals never before observed. Experts also say that the screech and roar heard a few moments ago are reminiscent of a legend, that tells the tale of two-"

The TV signal cut out. Adam waited in suspense, trying to imagine what might be going on in that Expo Site. After about ten minutes, the rumbling suddenly lessened, but it was a short hiatus; it soon picked up again at twice the intensity of before. Then the TV signal came back on.

"...not sure what could have caused-" the reporter began, but stopped as she was having trouble keeping her footing.

"Wait a minute, it looks like someone's coming out!"

Seven children were running out of the expo site.

"GET AWAY FROM HERE, NOW!" Yelled a relatively short, white and black haired kid wearing a red jacket and green pants. Adam recognized him as Chaud, an Official net-battler. "THAT BUILDING'S GONNA BLOW WITHIN SECONDS!"

"Wha...! Alright, let's move it back everyone!" the reporter ordered. "Now! Get back now!"

Adam had a sinking feeling in his stomach. All of the sudden the rumbling got even worse, even to the point where Adam couldn't hear himself speak; he fell to the ground.

Adam had always suspected that the dorms weren't built as well as they should have been, and his fears were confirmed when he heard metal creaking and wood splintering. Adam quickly crawled underneath his bed to avoid what he knew was coming...

The ceiling began to come down, and the wall with the window caved in. The door flew off its hinges. Luckily, Adam had managed to persuade the school's housing administrator to let him buy his own, bigger bed and have it placed in his dorm, so he seemed to be protected from all the debris. He shut his eyes, covered his ears to the best of his ability and waited for the rumbling and crumbling to stop.