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"Tell me..This bloodlust of yours..

What drives it?"

"Doesn't matter who they are..

I'll fuckin' kill 'em all.."

Chapter 1

The powerful hollow realm of Hueco Mundo had been successfully invaded and dominated in just a matter of hours. All of its best arrancar warriors, the rare Espada Aizen Sosuke had spent decades for searching and subduing them to his will, had been annihilated by Soul Society's overpowering reinforcements. It was getting dark, with numerous lifeless corpses still lying in pools of blood, either on the cold desert sand, or inside the Las Noches' recked and silenced quarters. Brutally shredded, meeting their ends in the most tragic of epilogues, getting ironically murdered by their respective aspect of death. All dead, but one forgotten hot headed arrancar, who had been fighting against his mortal wounds, striving not to meet his fate, till the grudge on his scarred chest had been erased once and for all.

A drop of sweat slid by the blue haired Espada's chin. It was not because of the intense fight he had with his arch rival, but because of the impossible pain that overwhelmed half of his body and fortunately paralyzed the rest. A horizontal chest slash that had almost hit the fatal spot, because of Ichigo's unexpected hollow outburst, followed by another ridiculously deep vertical slash, up from his shoulder, down his waist. It was the surprising blow that had brought the king on his knees. Finally, one finishing shallow sword penetration on his chest, like he had been given mercy, preventing him from a swift death. He was slowly regaining consciousness, as he could still feel the tip of Tensa Zangetsu, inside his very flesh. The fatigue was making things even worse, for even the simple task of breathing seemed hard to do.


A faint gasp of life. He grinded his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut, finally realizing the supernatural pain from Nnoitra's lethal crescent blade. His electric blue eyes barely opened halfway, screaming for vengeance behind his shuffled hair. He could remember a shadow that had protected him from his deserved demise. How could he humiliate him like that? His blurry eyes were still being deluded by his silhouette, standing there in front of him, with his black steel raised heroically, like protecting the defeated king.

"Kurosaki...You bastard..!"

He started losing the temper with himself, surprisingly realizing that this wasn't actually the death he had desired and that his pride didn't disapprove of Ichigo's noble action either. It was a lame blindside attack after all, betrayed by his own comrade, he couldn't have died in a more pathetic way. Suddenly, the pain on his ribs started spreading like acid again, reminding him of the reason he lied there, as Ulquiorra would put it, 'trash'.


He snapped faster than light. He wanted to stand up and tear to pieces every single person he encountered. His blood dyed fingers were merely twitching from the blood loss, but he managed to clench them into an unforgiving fist, for once again going against his limits. The pupils in his eyes widened in obsession and hatred, losing themselves in the enveloping darkness.

Everyone...Every last one of those fuckin bastards...Kurosaki, Tousen, Nnoitra...

His eyes glinted with a bright blue light, suffering illusions of the faint piteous smirk that belonged to no other than the all mighty ruler of Hueco Mundo. He was the reason the arrancar existed, as well as the cause they had almost vanished from their homeland. He slowly raised part of his upper lip in sheer anger, revealing one vicious feline fang. A savage snarl started to erupt from the bottom of his boiling chest, as his despicable name lied just beyond his clenched teeth.


A tiny ray of sanity prompted him to start moving however. He despised and pitied his defeated self, but if he was suddenly devoured by some lowly hollow as he was now, it would be even more humiliating. He slowly but steadily raised his head with slight spasmodic motions, throwing some dizzy glances around him, to make sure he could drop his guard down. He cocked his brows abruptly, as he noticed something on himself.

"What the hell...Is this shit?"

Some kind of sticky goo? His eyes turned suspicious and he slowly dragged a hand on the sand, bringing it on the side of his torn jacket, to comprehend what sort of liquid that was. Surprisingly, it stuck on his hand. His eyes narrowed viciously, as the substance didn't come off with the first try. He flailed his hand a few times, then gritted his teeth again, unable to make it detach from his hand. He quickly blew a fuse.

"Shit!..Shit!..Fuckin Shit!"

He started slamming his head on the sand, with his general inability to do absolutely nothing right now. Helpless and defeated by some spit on his hand. Had he fallen that low?

Fuck..One more time..!

A slight grunt of stubbornness and he raised his head again, staring at his knee with threatening eyes, like ordering it to bend. A faint evil grin started taking shape, as it seemed to slowly respond to his will.

Like such crap could keep me down..!

He leaned forward to sit on the sand, trying to get a hold on his knee, to grab forward.


He was almost there. His grin was immediately erased into a gasp that flew out of his lips, when he listened to a crack resonating deep within his chest. Possibly pulled a muscle.


His whole body blenched defensively from the pain. He slammed back down on the sand, seeing stars again.

"F..uck..!" He squeezed his eyes closed, exhausted with the short effort he had been putting.

I won't die here...I can't..Fuckin die here..!

. . . . .

He wasn't going to die, but he wasn't walking either. His defeated eyelids quickly twitched in irritation, hearing a familiar whining, coming from some distance behind him. His desperation quickly faded, as he found his reason again, opening his tired eyes and breaking his train of thoughts. It was time for actions.

That's just what I needed...A damn fuss!

He decisively flipped over, further injuring some of his fractured ribs in the process. He reshaped the savage grin from before, to mentally suppress the pain and keep going. What a ferocious man..He let out a snickering gasp, when his eyes moved across the desert, locking with something that piqued his instant interest and his fury. All it took, was his evil expression to return and start crawling forward with excitement. What had caught his attention, should have been outstanding, for it seemed that he was immune to the pain at this point. The kid that had made the fuss earlier, crying over his precious objective.


A childish and compassionate voice of despair. Nel kept sniffing and grieving over her fallen comrade. She started crying again at a louder tone, irking Grimmjow's sensitive ears.

Shut up..You fuckin brat!

His gaze flipped back at Nnoitra's body, piercing him with feral eyes. She soon realized someone was approaching her from behind and slowly turned her clouded and sorrowed eyes. Pale color spread inside them, watching a pair of electric blue eyes prowling inside the darkness. She would have never imagined that he'd pull it through, despite her healing vomit. The lake of blood she had found him laying in, was simply a good reason to feel bad about his lonely death. Nel soon shut her lips in defense however, her whole little delicate body shuddering in sight of the man that had almost lacerated Ichigo's existence. She gulped in reflex to drown part of her fear, so she could gasp out some words and get a hint about his unknown motives for crawling towards her.


Her sniffing wouldn't stop and that's all she could spill out right now. So many tears pouring on her little cheeks, yet his emotionless, foggy gaze had frozen on Nnoitra's body, completely ignoring her pesky presence.

I will kill you..You will pay for forcing me into this humiliation..!

Nel's shaking mouth wide opened in shock, as the infuriated sexta had almost reached them.

"D-Don't hurt Nel...Nel thaved—"

His deadly eyes whipped back at her furiously, revealing her his current mood. She held her breath from the escalating fear, that was raising due to his cunning and predatory looking eyes.


He spitted some blood, along with the intensity of his shouting. His leer threatened to kill her, if she didn't comply. Nel continued shivering cold, swallowing her panic.

"Y-Yes, sir.."

She crawled to the side with wary movements, hesitating into looking back at him, to see if he was still watching her. She felt like those eyes of his would literally pierce through her, even without looking at them. She turned to the other side, nervously holding down her head from this day's desperate results. If she would only be in her adult form..He turned his icy gaze away from her, onto Nnoitra.

"Ah?.." His glance widened briefly, before hissing in disappointment. "He's dead?..Tch"

Nevertheless Grimmjow started cackling, not getting moved a bit by his comrade's lifeless expression. His unusual action attracted Nel's attention. He finally turned serious, clicking his tongue and returning to his previous mood.

"That's for kicking me while I was down..." He grinded his teeth and unleashed his raging anger. "YOU BASTARD!"

He got a strong hold onto Nnoitra's uniform sleeves and started punching down the dead quinto espada, feeling sheer satisfaction with each connection of his merciless fist with his twitchless jaw. Nel leaned forward and stretched her hand, clouds surrounding her swollen-hazel eyes again.

"Pleathe! STOP! Hith dead can't you see! ?"

He gave her no attention though, for he was busy getting payback. His mad eyes had locked on Nnoitra's face and nowhere else. He wanted him to return to life and scream from the pain he was causing him. Nnoitra's purple dots wouldn't move at all however. He was feeling disgusted with his own actions, but he couldn't help it though, as he seeked some sort of retribution for all 'this'. The sadistic need to hear his bones cracking, was just insanely intoxicating. Soon his eyes got pale, as another crack echoed between the two men. Grimmjow was just 'trashed' and the thread of his life was slowly tearing apart.


He inevitably crashed aside, unable to even twitch a muscle. Nel began sobbing, tears falling from her eyes as Nnoitra's body finally gave in to ashes.

"Stop! Grimmjow-sama will die as well!"

Grimmjow's mouth was drooling with blood, but he shaped a smirk hearing her ridiculous caring words. He wanted to laugh at her meaningless and pathetic compassion.

"Die..You say?.."

Nel stopped warning him, lowering her hand, as she kept watching the fatally wounded espada's actions with shock. He raised his eyes and locked them with hers, showing her a confident grin of strive. That resolve in his eyes, she had seen it before. His arms were shaking against the ground, attempting to stand. His glance turned to his shaking fists. He grunted to his body's pathetic weakness.

"Me..Of all people..I..won't..!"

He struggled to stand on his knees and his twisted iron will, enabled him to succeed at last. He was standing before her, like a warrior from hell. Blood and gore everywhere on him, dripping from his torso onto his hakama, as his wounds had opened again. He was gasping heavily though, pressing his hand against his torn chest. He could just not understand when his lifespan was being seriously jeopardized. Nel on the other hand, couldn't comprehend how such pain could be tolerated. How could he still be conscious after all this?


Nel cautiously turned her clouded and curious eyes from the wounded espada, over her shoulder. The latter barely responded with a pointed look at this annoying yelling.


A slim weird hollow, resembling an ant, was rushing towards him.

"Dondochakka protect her!" Pesche swiftly withdrew his sword from his underwear.

"W-Wait!" Nel jolted forwards to stop his protective charge. "Itsygo will not like it if he dies!"

Pesche stopped his attack and scratched his head instead, as confusion spread over his mask.

Grimmjow growled again, frustrated that Ichigo's name was being used for his sake.


"Itsygo protected him! Itsygo doesn't want him dead!"

Nel's words were instilled with fear though, not sure why she was protecting a guy like him. Pesche placed his hand under his chin while thinking of something. Then he took a good look at Grimmjow's critical condition.

"Then..What are we supposed to do with him? He's gonna die like this."

Grimmjow had leaned forward pressing on his arms again, floundering between the illusionary and the conscious. He didn't have the power to stand anymore.

Shit...I can't...Damn it!

Nel seemed to be considering carefully however. She shaped a suspicious and cunning cat face, reminiscing of something. As long as her fraccion were around, she wouldn't be afraid of anything.

"Hey Dondo! Come here!" She jumped on his huge shoulders.

To Pesche's surprise, she seemed like she had some sort of plan, whispering to her fat friend's ear.

"Nel..You sure?" Dondochakka seemed quite cautious to her request, as his voice sounded quite nervous.

"Ah!" She nodded her head in approval and smiled widely, excited with her decision.

Dondochakka turned to Pesche, shrugging his shoulders in confusion.

"She said that.." Dondochakka scratched his mask as well, for it sounded like nonsense, even for an idiot like him. "..she wants to keep..the kitty..?"

Grimmjow gasped in shock towards the ground, his blurry vision turning 100% accurate all of a sudden. He would do anything, even kiss Ulquiorra, but he wasn't going to become a mere pet, of a mere brat. He gathered all of his strength and steadily stood on his feet, gazing at them with an ultimate retort of abhorrence on his face.

"Go to hell! You fuckin maggots!" He shouted in defense, because of his terrible condition, tripping with a few backsteps.

They completely ignored his foulmouth, pissing him even more.

"Your wish, is my command, Nel-sama!"

Pesche bowed to the little green haired girl.

"But.." Curiosity gathered on Nel's round eyes again. "Pesche, how are we gonna..?"

Pesche's eye glinted with a spark of wit as a response to her.

"Leave it to us..Nel-sama!"

He whispered to her, then whipped backwards.

"Dondochakka! Grab him!"

Grimmjow's cores shrunk shocked, as his glance caught two flying figures towards him. He recoiled, trying to unsheathe his sword. They both landed on him, trying to immobilize him.


Grimmjow desperately drew a last stand of willpower, thinking that he'd end up as some kind of slave for their amusement.

"Don't let him go Dondochakka!"

They kept struggling on top of him. What were they doing?

"Kuh...Screw you!"

He still had his physical strength to repel them. Moreover, they had pissed him beyond human limits. He growled in despair and started charging a cero, with the last drop of juice inside him. He soon grinned, as the red light kept successfully growing in his hand. The twirling bloody light and the horrible sound of death, gathering in one single palm.


Pesche bowed down on his knees, begging for mercy, while Dondochakka hid behind Pesche's back, shaking in fear. They were acting like cowards.

"Grimmjow-sama! Please don't kill us!"

Grimmjow wouldn't show mercy to them though. They had pissed him off in purpose. He started cackling silently in a sadistic manner, sensing the fear in their last moments.


Nel grabbed her head and screamed loudly, witnessing her friends in a dangerous situation she had caused. She still couldn't return to her true form this early.

The red light suddenly disappeared however, without any warning. Grimmjow flinched, as he didn't expect his power to let him down that soon.

I'm sure I still had...What the heck..!

He was blinking in surprise and confusion, staring at his untrustworthy hand, which caused the chuckling to pass on Pesche, who shrugged his shoulders upside down in an evil manner. Grimmjow furrowed his brows in suspicion, noticing that he was holding something like the edge of a leash in his hand.

"What the hell, is that..?"

Something felt 'odd', different than before. What could it be?

"I got this from the crazy scientist's lab. Thought it might be useful for Bawabawa, but..."

The blue haired arrancar's gaze narrowed, as his glance followed the trail of this rope. He touched it and dragged his hand, following its edge.


It was tied around his neck. He tried to break it, but his eyes flew open in shock again, when he felt spirit particles of his own power flowing away from his hand, on pressure with the weird rope. His cerulean gaze tried to identify the nature of this nasty material.

"This is a reiatsu sealing leash." Pesche explained briefly, ending Grimmjow's mental quest for information. "You won't be able to draw power from your body, or the spirit particles around you. Even at your Espada level."

Grimmjow slowly turned his pale shocked eyes on Pesche, quickly turning them into a boiling and furious glint and a pissed groan. What a friggin frame-up. His eyes returned on the leash again however.


He couldn't break that thing, no matter what. It would just keep consuming his strength each time he put force on it. Grimmjow fully opened his eyes, as he totally snapped and moved towards them at a vicious pace. He couldn't use his spiritual power, but he still could beat them to smithereens, even if it meant that he'd go down with them.


A click and suddenly a shockwave brought him down on his knees.

"Gh!..What the..!"

He was heavily breathing from the painful paralysis. Pesche initiated a cackle again.

"And..With this button, I can make you behave as I please."

Grimmjow was watching with a wide shudder in his eyes. Things couldn't have turned out worse.


He still couldn't realize, what kind of shit life had thrown on his face this time. Pesche softened his cowardly laughter into a satisfied smile.

"He's all yours, Nel-sama!"

Nel looked at Pesche with a curious finger on her mouth. She was as much confused Grimmjow was at first, unable to comprehend what they had really done to him.

"Pesche..you mean..?"

She looked encouraged, slowly shaping a smile and sparkling round eyes. Could it..

"Ah! He's absolutely safe!"

A huge childish smile of joy exploded on Nel's lips. She moved towards Grimmjow in a proud childish pace, but he immediately whipped his feline teeth and responded with a cold glare, intimidating the poor girl and slowing her down. Soon though, he noticed Pesche showing him 'the button', with vengeful, persuading eyes. He retreated his pissed eyes, whereas nervousness spread on them instead.

You've got to be kiddin me! Is this some fuckin joke?..!

Nel continued walking, assured that he was obedient somehow and jumped on Grimmjow's shoulders without hesitation. The kid that had been making the fuss, was on his head? Grimmjow slowly drawled in a hateful growl, realizing his position.

"Let's go kitty!"

Nel cheerfully tapped his teal hair with her hand, as Grimmjow hissed in disgust.

I'll kill you...I'll fuckin!

However his teeth clenched defensively again, staring at Pesche with the edge of his eye. His eyelids twitched in anger, but he had to swallow it for now. King or not, he was her pet for the time being. The sexta espada let out a sigh of several negative emotions, followed by a look of boredom on his face and he slowly locked down his eyes tightly.

Kurosaki...Go fuck yourself..

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