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Chapter 11

Not having the slightest clue what this was all about, Grimmjow shut his eyes nervously and pondered that he must have misheard some of Neliel's words in that cheerful shout.

The fuck?..She said..Eternal...'Tag'?

His sharp gaze padded with suspicion towards her always contented smile, as he tried to associate 'infinite' with this 'tag' thing. After mere seconds, his electric blue eyes ran dry on their short patience and gave a twitch at this irritating wait. Grimmjow clicked his tongue, realizing he was the only one not aware of what Neliel had announced. He hated that, for it made those weak bastards look superior to him, somehow.

"Oi, what's eternal t—"

"Understood, Nel-sama!"

Before he could finish asking for information, her fraccion had already arrived like a rapid hurricane, immediately responding to their master's call with a formal salutation as if they were reporting in. Grimmjow dropped his guard, sudden interest arousing his azure eyes.

Must be..some fuckin serious shit..

He thought to himself, frowning a bit. He hadn't really seen the idiots acting so serious before, so that's all he could build up in his mind.

"Will he?..You know.." Pesche leaned and whispered dimly at Neliel, covering side of his already hidden mouth. He discreetly pointed at Grimmjow with a finger attached on his waist.

"Yep!" Neliel quickly solved Pesche's question, inclining her delighted body to snuggle on Grimmjow's stiff one.

Despite her warm touch, the sexta sensed a cold shiver taking over from his empty dark hollow hole. Grimmjow abruptly edged his wary eyes on Neliel's intimidating assurance. He wasn't sure, if he should just clench his teeth and keep an eye on their unknown conversation, silently lurking for some hints, or feel utterly degraded that Neliel was already getting on top of him, taking flying decisions on his behalf since the day she showed him her unresistable cute smile.

What the hell is—!

"In any event, I believe it would be a fine way to test his endurance." Neliel added in a more collected tone, as Grimmjow's eyes snapped open in a glimpse.

All this annoying bullshit talk might be familiar to them, but they kept ignoring the fact he was totally oblivious to the whole thing. Grimmjow never liked passing unnoticeable, neither remaining silent at his surroundings. He was the king, and the king wanted to know everything. The sexta gradually submerged into a calm rage.

"What the fuck.." Everyone blinked at Grimmjow's shallow, almost appeased tone, as he finally attracted their attention. "..IS ETERNAL TAG!..?" He finally shouted in a furious rasp, feeling exactly like a neglected pet.

Everyone cringed like a statue at the rough sound wave, only Neliel allowing a dim smile lurk on her lips.

"Ohhhh..." Pesche drawled in a perverted cackling. "So he REALLY wants to be in!"

Grimmjow finally blew his short fuse. "Enough with this crap talk!"

He jerked his hands around his human leash, desperately struggling to unlock her tight hug from his neck.

"Umm..Let's see.." Neliel raised her honey eyes on the sky, tapping her pink lips pensively as she mused away, completely unaffected by his groaning efforts to break free.

Fuck! Where does all this damn strength come from!..

"Oh!" Neliel blinked surprised, encouraging Grimmjow to stare at her with half a pissed eye. "The rules!"

"The rules." Her two friends crossed arms on their chest and shook heads in agreement.

"Let's see.." Neliel turned her now stern hazel eyes on the blue haired arrancar, considering her options. "Since you're new at this, I'll let you decide!"

His standard frown found his expression, as Grimmjow dwelled at her last words.

"Decide..What?" He demanded annoyed, forcing his patience, as the puzzle pieces fit in a nerve-racking pace.

"N-Nel! Can't I decide? It was my turn, don'cha know?"

"It's his first time Dondochakka, so he'll do the honors! Just this once!" Neliel calmed down the crybaby with a convincing smile.

"Your generosity knows no bounds, as always...Nel-sama.." Pesche bowed in awe, in front of his master.

The petulant sexta was about to erupt at their smart talk again, but Neliel got him before he could bark, raising a guiding finger in front of his wide eyes.

"Choose one of us.." Her finger pointed in order, at Dondochakka, Pesche, then with her thumb pointing back at herself, her gesture secretely implying that the Tercera espada was the right choice. "..Then chase and beat us up!"

Neliel raised another finger to tease Grimmjow with a pinch on his cheek. Grimmjow snorted disturbed at this nonsense of course.

"Oi, Nel.." She stopped pecking on his cheek, to meet with Grimmjow's severe glare. "..Don't you think that's kids' stuff..?" He expected to see some realization in her eyes, but Neliel just managed to get him more pissed, when she blinked confused.

"You're more of a child than she is.." Pesche muttered to himself, only to cringe sweating again, when Grimmjow pierced him with another deadly glare.

"D-Don't be so crude!" Neliel answered guardedly after a while of awkwardness. "It's..Um..a game we used to play before..You know.." She finished with a vague implication.

"When you were..a kid?" Grimmjow's head drooped forward, to shade his hopeless eyes.

"The kitty's scared.." Dondochakka whispered clumsily aloud at Pesche.

Beat them up..she said..?

His vengeful eyes prowled on the two annoying bastards. He quickly reconsidered on playing this little game.

"We're..dead.." Pesche noted at Dondochakka, as they were instantly showered in white fear, in sight of the sexta's sneaky smirk.

Grimmjow hadn't noticed that a certain someone had set their punishing eyes on him as well, however. He had completely forgot that Neliel was still waiting, desperately trying to attract his attention with several hand gestures. Neliel got frustrated with his insulting ignorance.

"No..." Neliel finally corrected the direction of his eyes with a hand on his chin. "Me!" She smiled and started bouncing on his leg like an excited kid. "Pick me!" She repeated happily.

"Run for it.." Pesche mumbled at this opportunity and they both started hoping backwards.

This unique beautiful girl would say some really weird stuff sometimes, as another drop of sweat slid next to Grimmjow's astonished eye.

"You..want me..to beat you up?.." Grimmjow paused and stared at her quite dazed.

Neliel slowed down her cheerful bouncing, her playful shut eyes instantly turning into a pair of dashes. She turned and slammed her forehead on Grimmjow's shoulder, to hide her evident embarrassment. Just now she realized how perverted it had sounded. Grimmjow observed Neliel's shivering emo moment with puzzled caution, before detaching eyes to realize that the two jokers had vanished in thin air.

"You spend a lot of damn time with these guys.." Grimmjow just chuckled amused however.

Neliel swallowed the lump in her throat, sighing relieved that he didn't freak out at her absurd request.

"Oh..um.." Neliel lifted on her previous posture and played a strand of hair in her fingers. "L-Let's skip the beating part.." She enclosed her hands between her thighs, still a bit ashamed with herself. Grimmjow cornered his eyes in a suspicious manner, sniffing the ice on her skin.

"Then..that leaves.." A promising smirk encouraged Grimmjow for a confirmation. Neliel exhaled deeply again, glad that he didn't stick on the beating term.

"Yup! All you have to do, is chase me!"

"And winner gets what?" Grimmjow cut to the chase.

"Well.." Neliel smiled intrigued and laid her back against his strong chest, admiring him as he should be admired. "The winner will decide that!"

Grimmjow's grin got more devious, excited about the unknown prize. He could tell that Neliel awaited for a kiss, so he decided to do give her what she wanted.

"That's IF you win!" She stopped his lips with two fingers. "Catch me if you can!" She tempted his appetite and jumped to run away.

Grimmjow stood up as well, his sharp eye admiring the untouchable green haired beauty, as she dashed away.

Like a little goat..

The king prefered playing fair and square however, so he let her get some distance and hide in the dense vicinity of the dusty desert. Prey should be hard to find in order to taste well.

Now..How am I gonna lure the prey..

He walked around for a while, throwing expert peeks on the most possible spots she might be hiding. As expected, Neliel was pretty good at hide and seek, sealing the slightest pulse of her spiritual power.

"Like a smart little goat.." Grimmjow rewrote his previous comment.

Suddenly, he frowned and slowed down at a suspiciously wide empty area. Common prey liked hiding on rather crowded areas, relying on their natural instincts for survival. Smart prey however, would rather use deception to throw off their natural predators. What would happen when a smart prey met a respectively smart hunter though? Grimmjow leered towards the only boulder that stood out in size. A cunning smirk played on his lips, but he would have to lure her out first. Any unneeded step could backfire the worst time possible. The hunter bent his knee on the sand, his gaze always glowering at the plently boulder ahead of him. A hand pulled out of his pocket, ready to use his Pesquisa on the ground to seek her out.

"YOU CHEATER!" Grimmjow grinned satisfied at the familiar face complaining over the boulder's top. "You are not supposed toEEEP!" Neliel yelped that his cunning eyes had been aware of her location all this time. She quickly dove behind the rock again.

"You're finished!" Grimmjow chuckled silently and raised his hand, unleashing a powerful cero, to destroy her only protection.

The red light smashed the large target to pebbles. Grimmjow lowered his hand, now examining the rubble and the dust with extreme caution. This was the most critical moment of the hunting, as the prey would sooner or later make her attempt to flee from the battlefield. He gasped unprepared, when a ridge of smoke was created above the mass of dust, Neliel flying over the chaotic scene.

Damn she's fast!..

"Hmph!" Neliel cornered her eyes down on the apparently humiliated hunter, scoffing a smile at his so said skills. "You almost had me Grim!" Neliel couldn't tell the instant he disappeared from the ground, nor why she collided with something as she kept flying.

"Not bad, Nel.." His arm folded around her slim waist. "Got'cha!" Grimmjow's wide grin bared his delighted feline fangs. Mission accomplished.

"Tch.." Neliel rolled her eyes away, as he landed themselves back on the ground. "How did you.." She chocked her next words in a gasp, frowning irritated that she got outsmarted.

"Hunter's secrets.." Grimmjow scoffed contented.

Neliel clenched her teeth at him, then huffed nobly, sitting down with her back hiding her face from his.

"I've never..lost before.." Neliel sniffed silently, then raised a hand to rub a wet eye, ready to burst in childish tears. If she had won, she would have immediately asked him to go on an official relationship with her.

"Heh..!" Grimmjow walked past her to stand in front of the depressed girl. "I'll tell you what." Neliel was pretty sure he was going to boast as loud as he could, as he had lost on all the previous games. He had to unleash that payback somewhere.

Give it your best..You...YOU CHEATER!

"I like paying back debts.." Neliel's eyes twitched at his serious smile. "Since you gave me a chance to atone, I might as well give you one in return." Grimmjow offered his hand to help her stand from the eyesore position.

"What..do you propose then?" Neliel smiled grateful, accepting both his hand and his offer without question.

"This time, YOU chase me!" Grimmjow pulled her against his chest, as Neliel blinked in surprise.

"Hmm.." Neliel smiled "It is fine by me. This time I'll definitely.." She stopped however, staring at Grimmjow's distant and longing eyes.

She turned around to look where he could be looking at. Neliel frowned annoyed in a spare second.

"No.." She refused all of a sudden.

"If you win, I'll consider of what we discussed a while ago." He lowered his eyes on her, to tell what she thought about it.

Neliel returned her smile, realizing he was willing to give it a shot and go on a relationship with her. A rare occasion indeed.

"What makes you think, I'm going to let you go?" Neliel stood on her tiptoes, starving for the kiss she had denied earlier.

"What makes you think you can catch me?" Grimmjow jumped in the skies before she got the chance to savor him. "See you around!" He winked at her, then tore through the air, laughing like a maniac. Grimmjow was heading for the crack in the dome, to escape Aizen's prison.

Neliel clenched her fists, fighting to withstand the increasing distance between them. The fallen part of the cerulean sky had ascended at last.

"He's gone..Isn't he..?" Pesche emerged behind Neliel. "Nel-sama..Maybe we should just let him"

"It's strange..." Neliel interrupted him, as Pesche frowned at Neliel's calm tone. He was sure she should be sad at least. "Throughout the years I served under Aizen-sama, never once I opened my heart upon an arrancar.." Neliel turned around to show Pesche her clouded, yet happy eyes. "Except you and Dondochakka of course!"


"Grimmjow..he's just.." Neliel raised her promising smile towards the crack on the dome again. Pesche smiled, proud about his young master's feelings.

"You're going to get our pet back..Right Nel-sama?" Neliel nodded her smile at Pesche as an answer, then set her eyes on the cracked dome.

"Pesche..Tell Dondochakka, that Nel-sama..Is going for hunting!"

Neliel's feet bent against the sand, as resolve lead her way through Grimmjow's tracks. She was going to give all she had to get him back.

Whoa, Grimmjow won a game at last! Too bad for Nel..

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