Darkness kills this world, Shadow you must guard the darkness

These thoughts scrolled thru Shadow's head as she sat on a small hill gazing at the light in the distance. The side of Planet drool she was on was always in darkness, probably because this was the side where it was kept until time to let it out.

But it must always be balanced not too much light not too much darkness a perfect medium

She let the darkness out when it was needed; all living things had to rest and under a strong light would never bring peaceful sleep and sweet dreams to the inhabitants of Drool. She sighed placing her head in her hands, she longed to go into the side of Drool where there was light but if she left her post that would give the darkness a chance to get free and then it would slowly kill the planet if it wasn't put back in its place quickly.

She lay back looking at the sky, she wasn't always a guardian of the darkness she shuddered lightly when she thought of how she came to be. She was not dreamt up like the heroic duo of Sharkboy and Lavagirl when she was thought of..she was a nightmare. Yes Max dreamt her up but she was a nightmare that is why she has such a dark appearance, red eyes, black hair, a long sword-the things of nightmares.

She sat up quickly as she felt a movement behind her, she jumped up and turned holding her sword in a defensive position

"W-Who is it?" she called into the darkness. No one answered her as she crept forward she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her upper back and shoulder area and that was the last thing she felt as she passed out on the ground sword still clutched tightly in her hands. Mr. Electric stood behind her laughing darkly

"Step one is complete" he said to the holographic face that suddenly appeared to him as he picked the Shadow up with one of his claws. "Good now get her locked up and get to work on part two" the face said before it disappeared. After making it back to his lair Mr. Electric slung Shadow into a cage and she woke up instantly as she hit the cold metal bars

"W-whats going on" she said disoriented and rubbing her head.

"Don't worry about it princess" Mr. Electric smirked and Shadow suddenly realized she wasn't at her post

"no.." she said quietly quickly moving to the bars closest to Mr. Electric's computer

"NO" she yelled once she realized what was happening, it was starting already the darkness was spreading already she stared wide-eyed as it all unfolded in front of her.

"Haha darkness now that's what I like to see darkness all this light was starting to annoy me" he sighed contentedly.

"No you don't know what y-y-you're doing your going to k-k-kill this planet, you're g-g-going to destroy our home" Shadow sighed closing her eyes, she always stuttered when she was nervous or anxious.

"What you should do is work on that little stuttering problem and then you can think of how you're going to spend your last days on Drool" he smiled evilly. Shadow sighed and slumped against the bars on the cage glaring at Mr. Electric all of a sudden she jumped as she heard him growl angrily

"Not those two again" she looked at his screen and saw he was talking about Sharkboy and Lavagirl, she had always heard about them but she never saw them before all she knew is that they were Max's dream after her and they were superheroes. He growled as he yelled thru the loudspeaker

"GET BACK IN YOUR SEATS EVERYONE GET BACK IN YOUR SEATS" but the children paid no mind and ran as far away from the fun coaster as they could possibly go.

"FUN HAS BEGUN" he yelled again watching them bored the coaster now she saw one of them onboard was her creator. She sighed he'll be able to stop this madness she thought happy about the prospect of this being over. Shadow watched as they stopped Sharkboy and Lavagirl jumped off well flipped off in Sharkboy's case and Max climbed all walked up to Mr. Electric maybe max will recognize me she thought hopeful he would. Mr. Electric looked at them all

"Sharkboy and Lavagirl what do you think you're doing halting my endless fun coasters and infiltrating my lair" She saw Max's eyes flicker to her and she held his gaze hoping he would say something to her but instead she was hurt to see when he had to try to suppress a shiver when he looked into her blood red eyes. She sank back against the bars holding her head down avoiding any attempts to look at them again.