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I've been battling with the worst diseases ever, Laziness and Writer's block so sorry you guys have been waiting forever for this chapter it's almost done and I'm gonna make it a long one so I thought I'd give you guys a little sneak peek.

Minor movie plot change. I'm changing the whole Ice princess scene, I didn't really like how that section went and it didn't really make sense to me so I'll be rewriting that whole scene and adding a little scene of my own in.

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Lavagirl rolled her eyes as Max and Sharkboy stared at the Ice princess like the she was the prettiest girl they had ever seen. "Umm guys remember we still have to save the planet and Shadow from Minus"

Lavagirl smirked that seemed to snap Sharkboy back into shape, however she couldn't say the same for Max who seemed quite smitten with talking to the girl. Lavagirl moved over beside her life long friend

"You know I'm sure she's okay Sharkie" she said sympathetically. He only muttered something underneath his breath. Lavagirl found it a bit frustrating that Sharkboy still wasn't allowing himself to admit he at least thought of the Shadow as a friend but that's just not how he worked and she knew it. Although if anybody could see inside Sharkboy's head they would have seen that even he didn't know exactly how he felt about the girl in question.

Both of them looked up as Max called their names signalling them to over to him. As they approached him he held up the crystal heart.

"I've got it lets go!" he said as they all went running out of the Ice castle.

Lavagirl looked a bit skeptical "I thought only the Ice Princess could use the crystal heart" she questioned as the made their way through the ice field, Lavagirl was having a bit of difficulty doing this because she was melting the ice making it thin and slippery.

Max only shrugged "It'll work just trust me"

Lavagirl sighed shuffling across the ice faster, all of them were having some difficulty moving across at a fast pace.

Lavagirl stopped when she heard a very loud cracking sound "Did you guys feel that?" she called to her companions. Sharkboy and Max stopped looking at her in thought for a moment until they felt the ice beginning to give under all of them.

"Run!" Sharkboy yelled, Max and Lavagirl moved across the ice as fast as they could trying to get away from the growing hole in the ice forming behind them and failing miserably. They all slid through the ice, falling into a large ice cavern. Icicles hung precariously from the ceiling looking as if they were reade to fall, the ice had formed corridors and maze-like hallways. A person could become lost for days in here.

The group looked up at the way they came in, it would be impossible to climb back up the slide made entirely of ice.

"Just great" Sharkboy said to no one in particular

"sorry you guys" Lavagirl said apologeticallly.

"It's ok Lavagirl not your fault." Max said going to pat her on her back and jerking his hand away in pain.

The group slowly made their way through the ice cavern looking for any possible way out.

"Hey guys come look at this" Lavagirl said holding her glowing hand closer to an engraving in wall of the ice cavern, "Hey isn't that..." The group stared at the engraving with wide eyes, it was almost unbelievable.

"We gotta go!" Sharkboy exclaimed taking off with Lavagirl and Max trailing behind him.

Shadow hit her head against the bars of her cage all the while mentally cursing herself. 'This is all because of me' she thought. 'I let this happen' she held her head against the bars gazing at the ground below her as a breeze swung the cage back and forth gently.