The Love of a Woman


Lucius and Hermione had a small wedding having Molly, Arthur, Ron and Charlie Weasley, Blaise and Harry and Severus in attendance.

Severus stood for Lucius as best man and Harry walked Hermione down the aisle.

It was a lovely garden wedding and both children played a part as flower girl and ring bearer.

Severus had managed the shop while she was gone and Harry, Blaise and Ralph the house elf watched the twins.

Lucius and Hermione went to Italy for a week for their honeymoon. They didn't do much touring.

Crystia was a honeymoon baby and Lucius couldn't be prouder. During Hermione's pregnancy her magic had gone a little wonky but with her husband's help she only ended up doing minimal damage. It was frustrating for her and the only way he could soothe her frayed nerves was kiss her all over; a task at which he was all too happy to perform. Her hormones kept her insatiable.

He thanked the powers that be that she was the same for this pregnancy; just thinking about this morning had his cock twitching in response.

He couldn't be as rough with her now-a-days so he couldn't bend her over the table and take her at his whim, but he could pull her legs apart and thrust inside her usually hot wet passage.

He had made her scream this morning, when he pushed her to the bed and put her legs on his shoulders. She was still so tight and he loved the taste of her.

He shook his head, he needed to stop thinking about that.

They walked together and stopped at 9 3/4, "Hi Jonah!" Roman greeted with an excited nudge to his friends shoulder.

Jonah turned and smiled and then shyly glanced at Lilla, who was paying more attention to her sister than to the boys.

Jonah Potter-Zabini was adopted by the handsome couple a year after Harry and Hermione had reunited. He was the same age as Roman and Lilla and had remarkably similar physical characteristics to both of his fathers, light olive skin, dark-as-night hair. He was a handsome boy with Hazel eyes and he adored Lilla.

Roman looked at his mother and then his eyes darted to his father, they both smiled and silently encouraged him to go ahead.

Jonah cast a similar uncertain glance at Blaise and Harry. Blaise nodded at his son and tilted his head to Lilla with a meaningful expression, she's watching.

"Best to take it at a run, then," Lilla, ever perceptive, told her fellow Hogwarts firsties as she ran towards the wall.

Hermione flinched, she always did, her mind knew the wall was magical, but her heart always clenched that they would just run, fully speed at a solid brick wall.

Lucius, her husband of four and a half years, squeezed her shoulder comfortingly while his two year old daughter Crystia squirmed excitedly in his arms as she watched her siblings run through the wall, "mama!" she cried and held her hands out to Hermione.

Lucius handed her over and followed his wife through the barrier.

They stood watching Lilla, Jonah and Roman board the train and wave good bye to their parents.

Blaise and Harry waved and smiled, while Lucius smiled and Hermione teared up and sniffled.

As the train left the station, Blaise and Harry chuckled at her drama and hugged her good bye with the promise to come by the shop for tea later that week.

Lucius handed her a tissue and wrapped his arms around her rounded belly, "They'll be fine, love," he consoled.

"I know, I just can't believe they've grown up so fast," she sniffled again and looked at Crystia, who was wiping Hermione's tears from her cheeks with sticky fingers, "mama."

Lucius' large warm hands dipped lower and brushed his fingertips lightly across her lower abdomen making her stomach flutter, "you tease me," she accused as she sighed when he pressed his growing erection against her back side.

"Crystia is due for a nap," he whispered, his deep voice filled with promise.

Crystia heard him, "No Nap! No nap!"

Hermione snickered and Lucius grunted as their son kicked at his hand.

He drew the port key and a few moments later they arrived home.

Ralph came out to take Crystia, who happily went with him and Lucius Apperated his wife to their bedroom.

She was so sensitive during her pregnancies, he loved to pleasure her – she screamed his name like no other.

She knew that predatory look and backed up, "Lucius…"

"Yes love?" he said moving towards her and disrobing at the same time, "we should …"

The words were lost as his hot mouth found hers.

He spelled her clothes away and kissed her stomach as he sank to his knees, "just two more months," he whispered to the child within. He kicked and Lucius smiled.

Hermione gasped in surprise, while he was whispering to his unborn son, his fingers made their way to her nub, pressing lightly.

"Oh Lucius…. I love you," she sighed.

His mouth took her in and licked her until her knees gave out, "I love you too," he said happy that he was given this second chance.