AN: Lately we've been doing incredibly short ficlets with content that would make the Marquis himself look at us with disgust - mostly because there's not a note of pleasure to be found in this. You are warned, sadism abounds and not the fun kind.

You know what brings me joy?

I'll show you. Watch c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y.

"S-stop it! Stop! I can't take anymore!" Oh? You want more? You're a greedy little thing, aren't you, Princess? You squirm and writhe beneath my grip, as I carve another river of crimson into your pale flesh. So pretty - the contrast. You look pretty in red, Princess.

"N-no..please.." Beg. I love it when you beg me. More. Everything you have belongs to me, you will get only what I give you. I give you these gifts every day, you'd think you would be a little more grateful. Be grateful. Beg me. Beg for these gifts.

"I-It hurts.." Doesn't it? Does it hurt, little Ryou? Your pain is intoxicating, little Ryou. The look in your eyes while I hurt you – amazing. You have no idea. No idea how this feels. Look at me again, yadonshi. Show me your pain. I need it, more than water, more than air. Show me it hurts.

You're screaming now. Let me see what a voice you have, yadonushi. Show me .Let your voice tell me the story. Like music, the most beautiful melody. Scream for me. I don't need your petty words to satisfy me.

Whats that? You can't breathe? Whats wrong with that? Poor thing. You're gasping for air. Is it really that important? I can share with you, if you need it so badly, you know. But no, you don't want that, selfish boy. I can't hear you anymore, yadonushi, speak up. I won't let you breathe until you stop crying. I crave the fear in your eyes, Princess. I've trapped you in this loop. Don't stop crying. Stop breathing.

Bleed for me. Only for me. This is mine, you know. You will not give this to anyone else. Understand? Your blood is like wine, little Ryou. A shameless addiction, and you know what? You give it all to me. How generous of you. Bleed for me, after this knife dances across your skin. Its like a brush, really. I'm an artist, I know. Little canvas, bleed for me.

"I-I want to die!" Ah, ah ah. Little Ryou, that is not your decision. You bring me far too much joy to let you die. Heal now for a night, we'll start over in the morning, pretty Ryou Hurt for me. Bleed for me, scream for me. This is your life now. Your life is mine. You are not you anymore, but me. Mine. Broken doll, little broken toy. I'll keep fixing you up, and I'll play with you for a long time, because you bring me such joy. I want to keep you for always, precious little toy.