Chapter 1


I had to leave Phoenix it held to many reminders of my past lives. All I had to do was convince Renee that I wanted to see my "dad" in Forks. Forks was perfect I doubt there are many reminders there if any at all. From what I've heard from Renee it's a cold, dreary, rainy town nope nothing like my past. I need to keep the past in the past at least till I die… again.

"Honey are you sure you want to leave?" My mom, Renee asked with tear filled eyes.

"Yeah mom I am it's not you or Phil I just need to spend some time with dad." I said.

We went through the dramatic tear filled goodbye. I felt kind of guilty I didn't cry but I couldn't, not that I wasn't able to cry, I just couldn't let myself feel emotion towards them or any of my "parents" except my true father. I just couldn't I learned from experience it hurts to much when you leave them never to see there face again… that is unless they were naughty but if they were naughty I usually didn't like them anyway. Life isn't fair even after it's over.


When I arrived at the airport Charlie was waiting outside, police cruiser and all. We shared an awkward one armed hug. We Drove "home" in silence. When we got "home" Charlie showed me around, said goodnight, and left which is the best thing about Charlie, he doesn't hover.

I took a boiling hot shower just the way I like it. I got dressed in my red and black P.J.'s then I stared into the mirror for who knows how long trying to figure out why I'm here after a while I just gave up and went to bed.

(A little less than a month later)

No! Charlie says I've held off my schooling for to long and I have to go tomorrow. On a happier note MYCAR AND MOTORCYCLE ARE HERE! WOOHOO! At least I won't have to choose between walking and riding in a police cruiser now.

(The next day)

I am now driving to school in my Blue Ultimate Aero SSC.

If there is anyone who can arrive at school looking like they just stepped out of a secret agent movie and can pull it off it's got to be me in my leathers. I pulled up into a parking spot through the tinted windows I could see everyone staring, to be honest they looked like fish with their eyes bugged out and mouths agape. Show time; let's give them something to stare at.

MPOV (Mike):

I saw that slick car pull up and my eyes must have looked like saucers. Then the new girl stepped out and I was captivated by her hotness. Wait what does captivated mean again?

ERPOV (Eric):

She stepped out of the car and I was astonished by the hotness of the new girl.

TPOV (Tyler):

She stepped out of the car and I swear my jaw hit the ground I was fascinated by her every step. She walked by me and winked after that everything went black.

VMOPOV (Various Male Observers):



I giggled. That was fun!


I walked into the office and grabbed my schedule. After that I headed to the bathroom to make sure everything was in order. I stepped inside no one was around, no one was there I walked over and looked at myself in the full length mirror. I saw my mahogany hair flair away from my face, my eyes were covered by the sunglasses I always wear except when I sleep or I am taking shower, (When I sleep I wear a mask); if anyone saw my eyes they would know, they would know I was different, that I wasn't…human which is why I fooled everyone into thinking my eyes were over sensitive to light. I shook the thought from my head and continued examining myself; I looked at my leather jacket, low rise leather pants, black stretch patent leather boots, and elbow length fishnet arm warmers with lace trim finger loop.The bell rang and I headed for my first class: Literature with Mr. Smith.

I made it to class just in time; I took my seat and the kid in front of me introduced himself as Eric Yorkie we chatted for a while until Mr. Smith called attention to the class. I tried my best to pay attention but I could feel Eric staring at me the whole time. I've gotten used to guys staring at me all the time but usually they aren't this obvious about it. Mr. Smith called on him but he just kept staring at me. Eventually the teacher came over snapped his fingers in front of Eric's face and just as he came out of it the bell rang and I headed toward Algebra with Mrs. Johnson.

I made it to Algebra the kid to my right introduced himself as Mike Newton we made small talk until Mrs. Johnson walked in. He didn't stare like Eric but I caught him sneaking glances at me throughout class. Ugh, hormonal boys. Apparently we have a test tomorrow not that it really mattered to me. Mike asked me to sit with him and his friends at lunch, and I agreed. Class was dismissed and I headed to the cafeteria.

As I walked into the lunch room it went silent everyone stared I bet you could hear a pin drop. It was only expected so I pretended not to notice and continued to get my food (chicken nuggets with mashed potatoes and fruit). I walked over to Mike's table and he jumped up and greeted me then introduced me to everyone: Eric (the nerd who I met in literature), Jessica (gossip hungry I can see it in her eyes), Angela (shy and quiet I liked her best), Tyler (who was so obviously checking me out), Lauren (I could se jealousy, envy, and resentment. One word: Bitch).

After introductions I sat down next to Angela and Jessica. Then I noticed the 5 gorgeous people in the back…Vampires.

Out of all the places in the world I find vampires in Forks Washington, come on I got better chances of winning the lottery! There was a tall blonde boy in a Sundance yellow Aeropstale T-shirt, his light wash jeans were slim fit through the thigh, sitting low on the waist with a bootcut leg opening, and off-white Nike shoes. On the blonde boy's arm was a short petite girl with spikey black hair was wearing a sleeveless animal print mini dress with Glass-Beaded Platform Thong Sandals and a black tweed cropped jacket with over sized buttons. Next walked in a big burly guy with short dark brown hair wearing a navy Arizona Tee with black Levi jeans his shoes were navy/black Sketchers. On the big guy's arm was tall, blonde, and obviously beautiful girl wearing a black/turquoise long sleeve shirt with thumb holes and a scoop neck it had a heart smiley face with fangs printed on it (how ironic), she wore flap-pocket bootcut Arizona jeans with dark brown 2 ¼" wedge heel Mudd shoes. The last one was… the most beautiful he was breath taking, stunning, dash- Wait! Whoa Bella you can't think that way about a vampire. Anyways he had an odd colored bronze hair and was wearing white t-shirt under a black zip-up hoodie with a South Pole logo ribbed cuffs and bottom and kangaroo pockets, and range colored Levi's that sat low on his waist and his shoes where white/navy Sketchers. They all had paper white skin and for some reason topaz eyes, I was taught that they were always red or black.

"Jessica who are they?" I asked.

"They're the Cullens the tall blonde guy that's staring at you curiously is Jasper Hale next to him is his girlfriend Alice Cullen. The big guy is Emmett Cullen and next to him is his girlfriend the one who's glaring at you like your mortal enemies is Rosalie Hale. Then the gorgeous one with the bronze hair who is staring at you like you're the most annoying frustrating thing in the world is Edward Cullen. They're Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's adoptive kids," Jessica said as if them staring at people like that happens everyday.

I took one last glance at the Cullens and Hales before exiting the cafeteria. My next class was Biology with Mr. Banner.

I entered the classroom and sat down in the only empty seat right next to Edward that's just great. I sat down and looked at him through tinted lens of my sunglasses his muscles were rigid and he was gripping the desk like it was his lifeline. Typical vampire reaction toward me because of what I am my blood smells tastier than most humans. My only question was why was he holding back? He could kill everyone in this room before they knew what hit them. Come to think of it why are they going to school? I was so absorbed by my thoughts I didn't hear Mr. Banner call my name.

"Isabella! Would you like to answer the question now?" Mr. Banner's face was cherry red and he was glaring at me like I just insulted his idol.

"Uh" great I sounded like Eric.

He sighed and continued class as if nothing happened and I continued to wonder what was wrong with these vampires. The bell rang and Edward was up and out of his seat before you could say homework. I slowly got up thinking about how much this would change things and I decided that as long as they don't hurt humans and don't find out about me it won't change anything.

I decided to skip the rest of the day all I had left was History, with Miss. Miller and Gym, with Coach Clap. I hate history because it's almost imposable to stay awake in and gym sucks because I can't cheat without the humans knowing that I wasn't human. So I snuck out to my car and took off I decided I would go to Port Angeles to look for some art supplies

I just arrived at the store when my phone rang. I reached for my black Samsung with pink skulls all over it, and answered.

"What do you want?" I answered casually.

"Bella where are you?" my Charlie asked franticly.

"I'm in Port Angeles dad chill," I responded coolly.

"Bella what the hell are you doing in there?"

"I'm sorry dad I was looking for some art supplies," I said and waited for the explosion. This to my surprise didn't happen.

"Why?" he asked calmly.

"Drawing and painting and stuff makes me relax school was rough," I crossed my fingers.

"I understand," he said.

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and said thanks and goodbye. I walked up to clerk and purchased my items. Tonight I'm going to be thinking about the Cullens.

Should I approach the Cullens? If I do which one should I approach first? Or should I approach all of them? Should I just wait for them to approach me?


I walked into the cafeteria all the thoughts in Forks high swirled around the new girl. I sat down our table at lunch and sighed.

"So what are the thoughts of the Forks high school students this fine Monday morning?" Emmett said in his always cheerful voice.

"Everyone is thinking about the new girl. It's either 'OMG the new girl is hotter than me,'" I said in a high girly voice "or it's 'Dude the new girl is so hot I wander If I can get in her pants?'" I said in a dumbass Mike Newton's voice. Everyone had a laugh at that, suddenly Alice froze up and got that glassy look in her eyes, she was having a vision. I stayed out of her head, if she thought it was important she would tell us.

She snapped out of it and gave me the I-know-something-you-don't grin.'

"Alice what's going on?" I asked a little worried. She nodded toward the cafeteria doors. I looked at the doors wondering what she was nodding at.

Then I saw what the smile was for and it took my breath away. Through the white doors came a gorgeous angel in leather never in my 108 years of undead life have I ever seen someone so radiant. I watched her carefully as she crossed the room. I could feel my family's eyes bore into me as I tried to read her mind. I searched the room for her mind and found nothing it was as if she wasn't even there yet she was right there before my eyes. I looked at the goddess who I now realized was Isabella Swan the new girl, Phoenix's Mystery. Then her eyes or I should say sunglasses met mine and I notice her expression darken immensely she looked at the rest of us and seemed aggravated and confused. The bell rang and I sped out of the cafeteria human speed of course.

I entered the biology classroom in a daze and sat at my desk in the corner of the room I was lucky enough to get a table by myself. I watched the door waiting for my classmates to arrive. The classroom was about half full when the leather angel Bella as she likes to be called breeze into the room and stopped when she saw she would be sitting by me. Then I caught her sent and immediately tensed. She skillfully kept her eyes away from me the entire class. When the bell rang I left as fast as possible while humans were near.

Only later I realized I was glaring at her the whole class when I caught someone from my biology classes thoughts 'Jeez what crawled up Cullen's ass and died?' then I saw what I looked like. I cursed myself silently later the poor girl must be terrified. Congratulations Edward your royally screwed.

"Edward what happened?" Alice asked concerned once we were inside the Volvo.

"Her blood smells sweeter than you can comprehend." I stated simply. The rest of the ride home was silent.

"Carlisle!" Alice yelled.

"Alice you don't need to yell." Carlisle said as he descended the stairs vampire speed. "Now is there something wrong?"

"Edward has a huge crush on a human that he wants to eat more than anyone else!" she yelled again.

Carlisle and Esme, who entered our circle towards the end of Alice's sentence both froze and stared at me wide eyed while I glared at Alice.

"And he most likely scared her with his glaring." She added as-a-matter-of-fact way.

There was a stunned silence everyone was looking at me.

"Well," Carlisle sighed, "There's nothing we can really do it's all up to Edward."

I took one last look at all of them and stalked up to my room to think about what I should do, but I couldn't, all I could think about was her and how much she probably hated me.