Chapter 23

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Edward helped me into his car being careful of my prom dress and cast for my broken leg. I was in a long silk black halter dress with a slit down the side. I had black high-heels with dangling diamond earrings and my sunglasses. I had my hair curled but left it down.

"I can't believe you convinced me to go to prom with you," I stated, pouting.

"Hey! You promised you wouldn't complain!" he protested.

"Fine, I won't complain as long as you don't complain when you get angry at all the boys there for their inappropriate thoughts of me," I huffed.

He growled, "Deal."

"Are any of the others going?" I asked.

"Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie," he answered..

We pulled into the school parking lot, right next to Rosalie's convertible. I glared at the car seriously considering dragging a pocketknife down the side of it. There had been no improvements in Rosalie's behavior toward me. I decided against it knowing how pissed she would be, she'd probably attack me in front of everyone and then Edward would have to leave.

Edward helped me out of the car and held me tightly to his side supporting my weight as we slowly made our way into the gym. I saw Alice who looked stunning in her grey spaghetti strap dress that puffed out at the waist. She was twirling gracefully across the dance floor with Jasper. Next to them was Emmett dancing with Rosalie of course who was wearing a silky yellow dress with sparkling straps criss-crossing over her back.

Edward pulled me over to them and with much protest from me we started to dance.

I leaned my head against his chest, "Okay, maybe this isn't so bad," I admitted reluctantly. I looked up at Edward but he was staring toward the entrance with an angry look on his face. I followed his gaze to Jacob Black who was now making his way toward us.

His apologetic eyes met mine as he stopped in front of us.

"Hi, Jacob," I greeted softly realizing how uncomfortable he was.

Edward growled quietly.

"Be nice," I hissed burning his neck slightly with my hands.

"He wants to chat with you," he winced, whether it was from the burn or from the fact that Jacob wanted to chat with me I wasn't sure.

"Can I cut in?" Jacob asked clearing his throat noticing Edward and I's small exchange.

It was then that I noticed he had almost grown a whole foot since the last time I saw him. I shivered; ridiculous growth spurts are one of the first signs of becoming a werewolf.

Edward frowned and reluctantly let go of me. I limped the short distance to Jacob but I stumbled on the last step and ended up falling into his arms. I looked back at Edward sheepishly hoping he didn't notice. I silently cursed myself when I saw Edward looking at Jacob like he was about rip his head off. I caught his eye and mouthed relax while shooing him away.

He reluctantly turned and walked away. I knew he would still be able to hear everything we said but Jacob didn't need to know that.

Jake placed his hands on my hips and I put mine on his shoulders.

"Jeez, Jackass how tall are you?" I asked lightening the mood with his old nickname.

"Six-Two," he grinned.

I smirked, "So are just here to steal me away from my date and flaunt your height or is there another reason?"

"Would you believe me if I told you my dad paid me fifty bucks to go to your prom?"

"Yes actually I would," I sighed. "I hope you're enjoying yourself at least. Any of the ladies catching your eye… or any guys?" I teased.

"God no!" he exclaimed looking horrified then he smirked, "Well there is one girl."


"Yeah, but I think she's taken," he said, giving me a look that clearly said I was the girl.

"I think so too," I stage whispered to him, still trying to keep the mood light.

"You look really pretty by the way," he smiled.

"Oh, shucks your making me blush," I joked. "So why would Billy pay you to come to prom?" I asked knowing full well what he wanted.

"Don't get mad, okay?" he sounded nervous.

"Me? Mad? Never," I said sarcastically.

He snorted, "Just don't get mad… okay?"

"I swear I won't get mad at you," I emphasized.

He gave me a look but continued anyway, "He asked you to break up with your boyfriend… please," he sighed.

"You know your dad is painfully annoying," I said exasperated.

He laughed, "Believe me I know."

"Is that all?" I asked.

"Well…" he trailed off.

"Spit it out," I growled.

"He told me to tell-no warn you. God, Bells I'm sorry this going to sound really bad." He took a deep breath," He told me to warn you –and I quote- we'll be watching you."

I stared at him blankly for a minute then hissed, "Tell him that I said I don't need watching and it's none of his god damn business." I snapped out of it when I saw Jacob giving me a cautious look. "Sorry, but seriously tell him that."

"Alright, just… try and forget about this?" he said, making it sound more like a question. I smiled and dropped my arms as the song ended but he hesitated, "Are you sure you don't want to dance for another song?" he asked sounding hopeful.

"That's alright Jacob, I think I'll take it from here," Edward said, answering for me.

"Right, see you later Bells."

"Bye Jake," I smiled.

Edward wrapped his arms around me as Jake left the gym. The song was too upbeat for slow dancing but Edward didn't seem to mind.

"Better now?" I asked sighing and resting my head against his chest.

"Not really," he answered in a dark voice.

"Don't be mad at Billy," I sighed, "He's just worried about me.

"Billy doesn't bother me, his son is another matter."

"What's wrong with Jacob?"

Edward frowned, "He called you pretty. That's an insult to how you look right now… you're beyond beautiful."

I laughed, "Not that I object but I think we can let him off the hook for that one."

He huffed and led me outside to bench under a large tree that didn't know the name of. We sat down at watched the sun slowly sink below the horizon.

"Twilight," he whispered, "Another ending."

"Edward?" I called hesitantly.


"If I would have died… in Phoenix... you know I would have come back… right?"

"Yes, but I still didn't want you hurt."

I chuckled remembering how I thought he might now want me when I came back.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"I remember myself wondering if you would have wanted me to come back after all the trouble I had caused."

He growled, "That's preposterous."

"What's going on here?" A ruff male voice questioned from behind us.

I bolted from the bench and leaned against the tree.

"Absolutely nothing," I replied looking wide eyed and innocent.

"Sure didn't look like nothing," I lovely female voice called from my right.

I chanced a glance at Edward who just looked thoroughly confused. Both of my parents stared at me, waiting for answers.

I smiled sweetly, "Mom, Dad, this is my…" I looked at Edward who finally understood what was going on. He walked up to me and wrapped an arm around my waist. I could feel my eyes bugging out of my head.

"Boyfriend, Love, I'm your boyfriend," he whispered in my ear.

"Boyfriend Edward," I finished, visibly wincing at the word.

They both exploded for totally different reasons. Dad was furious that I was seeing a vampire and Mom was overjoyed I finally got over Luke.

"You're dating a vampire!" Dad screamed.

"Dad keep your voice down," I hissed gesturing toward the school.

He was visibly shaking with anger, "How could you just betray me like that! After all I taught you! You still go and start seeing a filthy bloodsucker like him!"

That set me off, "What the hell is your problem with vampires? What did they ever do to you?" I screamed back pulling away from Edward. I could feel my temperature rising and I knew that if we didn't calm down we might set Forks on fire.

He was about to answer but I cut him off, "Look I don't know what they did to you but you have to realize that not all of them are the same," I sighed starting to calm down. "Edward is sweet and kind and for a change I found a guy that doesn't treat me like trash. He respects me, he cares about me, and he loves me, but most importantly I love him and if you don't approve… well it'll hurt but it's not going to stop me from seeing him."

We stared at each other for a long moment, then finally he sighed, "I can't tell you how to run your lives Isabella and I have my own reasons not to like vampires, but if he's your choice then I think I can give him a chance," I sighed with relief, "but you make one wrong move and you will regret the day you were reborn," he finished pointing at Edward.

I giggled, "Edward, this is my mother, Wanda, and my father John," I smirked.

My mom squealed and pounced on Edward squeezing him so hard I was glad he didn't have to breathe.

When Mom finally let him go Dad shook his hand formally other than that he offered no other greeting. I sighed; at least he was making an effort.

I moved to stand beside Edward, grabbing his hand and giving it a comforting squeeze.

"Okay, now that introductions have made you can all go back to where you came from so I can enjoy prom," I grinned hopefully.

"Oh, fine but I get a hug before I leave," Mom pouted, embracing me.

She slowly faded and I turned to Dad who opened his arms wide for a hug. I snorted, "You're so not off the hook," I smirked shooing him away. He sighed and faded much like Mom.

I sighed collapsing on the bench. I felt Edward sit down next to me, "So do you still want to be my boyfriend?" I asked looking up at him.

"Yes" he smirked.

"You're insane," I replied, "But for some reason I love you anyway."

He grinned. "I love you too," he whispered kissing me softly on the lips.

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