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A/N: A very happy 47th birthday to the star of the film and of this story, Johnny Depp!


The End is Only the Beginning

Melvin Purvis spotted him standing across the street, a sly smile on his handsome face as the reporters and the rest of the media hubbub swarmed the area where a man assumed to be John Dillinger supposedly lay dead. They all thought it had only taken three gun shots to take down the man who had been invincible.

The man teased him, taking off his straw fedora and tipping it to him. It would have been an act of respect but Purvis knew better. He was taunting him and he knew that Purvis could do nothing about it.

A rather large woman with a plumed hat stepped in front of him, blocking his view of the crowd.

"What is going on, sir?" she asked with a strong accent, from where he couldn't place.

Purvis took the cigar out of his mouth, the signal to take down Dillinger. It had tasted so good, so sweet just a few moments ago and now it was bitter, almost sour.

"Nothing to worry yourself about ma'am," he said with a charming smile and she hurried along.

Purvis looked back out at the crowd, the flares and the flashes of light from the cameras blinding him. Quickly his eyes adjusted to find the man that had been mocking him had disappeared. Had he imagined it? One second Purvis had seen him, alive and well and the next he was gone.

The FBI agent took his hat off and ran a hand over his face, wiping his sweaty brow. No, he had seen the chocolate brown eyes peeking out from behind the man's trademark dark sunglasses, despite the 11 o'clock hour. He had seen that crooked grin. He would've sworn it in front of a judge on the Holy Bible.

"Shit," was all that came out but there was so much more to say.

How could he go back to the bureau a failure?

How could he tell them what he knew?

How could he tell the world that the FBI, the best trained police force in the world had killed an innocent man?

And most importantly, how could he tell them that John Dillinger, Public Enemy Number One, was still alive?

A/N:Part of this story will be the goose chase between Dillinger and Purvis until Purvis' retirement in 1936 which is historically accurate. Most of it will be a romance. No, the romance will not involve Billie. Although I believe that they are perfect for each other cinematically and historically, she went on with her life after he died. So there will be a lot of history involved and everything I write will be accurate (to my knowledge) when it comes to Billie's history and world history. Anything involving Dillinger including how he lived and a poor schmuck died in his place (however, there are a lot of theories that Dillinger was never killed and had plastic surgery before starting a new life but I won't be playing into that) and any chaos I may create after his supposed death date is from my own imagination.

I just wanted to prepare everyone for the wild ride ahead. Also, the chapters will be much longer, this is just the prologue.

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