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"Sophie, put the gun down." Olivia tried to reason with her. She was just a grief-stricken mother, right? But she was aiming a gun at Jo.

"No! You put yours down, or she will die!" Sophie shouted back.

"Sophie, please," Olivia tried to reason again. This was quickly turning ugly. They were just trying to get an unstable woman to admit to hiring a criminal to kidnap her son. Huang had suggested that seeing him in the morgue might snap her out of her delusions. Olivia chuckled internally; so much for that idea.

"Do it!" Sophie screamed yet again.

Olivia looked at Jo. Could she risk it? She glanced at Sophie again, then back to Jo. What was that expression? Fear. That was it. Olivia was momentarily stunned. Had she ever seen Jo afraid? No. She was not willing to risk the ADA's life.

"Ok, Sophie. You win, all right?" Resigned, Olivia dropped the magazine, then the gun. "Let's just stay calm, OK?"

But Sophie was beyond reasoning with.

"Kick it to me! Now!" Sophie shrieked.

Olivia complied. Her main concern right now was getting everyone out alive and unharmed.

"Now, you all get out! Get out now!" Sophie pushed the uniformed officer towards the door. "All of you out!"

"No, I'm not going anywhere!" Sophie's husband Paul stepped forward threateningly. Sophie pushed Jo towards Paul. Taking her cue, Jo kept moving until she was behind Paul.

Olivia looked from Sophie to Paul. She could see this wasn't going to end well, and the worst thing was, she didn't know what to do to change that. She could plainly see that Paul wasn't helping the situation any, but she didn't know how to get him to shut up-after all, he was the grieving father to Sophie's grieving mother. Before she could try anything, Paul spoke again; Olivia stepped forward, ready to do anything she could to diffuse the situation.

"What is wrong with you?" Paul glared at his son's mother. "Have you gone completely insane?"

Olivia wanted to shoot Paul herself at this moment. Seriously, who in their right mind antagonizes the person with the gun? Looking back at Sophie, she knew the moment was coming. The look in her eyes was half past crazy. Reacting purely on instinct now, she let her decades of experience as a cop take over her body. She saw Sophie raise the gun slightly; with a quick step forward, she pushed Paul out of the way as a deafening BANG shook the room.

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