Warning: I'm being overly random. And I'm super duper hyper.. and my friend's here.. so we're writing a story :) you could either get a tumor, die from laughter, or be disgusted. All three's possible.

You've been warned!

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Harry Potter walked through Hogwarts, carrying his magic goblin sword, humming the tune to Stargate: SG-1.

He tripped over a shoe and landed in a pie, where he swam with Dobby and his sock.

Dobby drank the pie while jerking Harry off.

"FARGLERUCK!" Harry yelled as he came on Dumbledore's robes.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS?" Dumbledore yelled whilst cutting a tree down with his erect thing-a-madoodle

Hermione got drunk and then had a gangbang with Gandalf and Frodo.

Dobby and Kreacher then raped Gollum then threw him in the Mordor flaming pit thingy.

Harry laughed and watched Miley Cyrus pole dance.

"MONKEYS ARE FUCKING MY FACE!" Ron screamed, running out of Hagrid's hut with his pants around his ankles.

Snape and Voldemort kissed passionately in the sunset.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" Bellatrix killed them both and then masturbated in front of McGonagall, who licked whipped cream off of her finger in a fashionable way.


Everyone looked at him, then cried – but not because Harry said something – t'was because Miley Cyrus started to sing.

She killed everyone except Harry, who adored her.

"Miley, let's go make love." Harry said in a seductive tone.

"But...I CAN'T BE TAMED!" Miley screamed, then flew away like a fucking mutant human bird thing.

Harry cried and everyone came back to life.

"YAYYYYY!" Harry yelled.

He was so excited that he jizzed in his pants while T-Pain sang in the background about a boat.

Everyone jizzed, then.

"Have a good night!" Harry said, smirking.

"We will!" they all said.

Everyone left to go back to their normal lives; Frodo and Gandalf left, and Gollum took T-Pain's epic hat and left, also.

T-Pain cried.

Harry gave him a new hat.

"FUCKIN' YAY!" T-Pain jizzed, then left.

Harry smiled. What a normal day for Harry... this was what happened in his mind all the time, but it actually happened for real this time! He jizzed again, then went to sleep under Ginny's bed like a creepy ass stalker person.

...Most of this was just me... but the part where everyone was jizzing, that was Jen's idea! (: Haha. And the T-Pain thing was all Hunter's idea, because Jen mentioned jizzing. I have amazing friends...:)

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