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Season 4 is off to an awesome start and of course the premiere gave me some inspiration. This takes place after Michael's visit to his mom at the end of "Friends and Enemies."

I still don't own any of these wonderful characters. And I'm still grateful to Matt Nix for creating them so I could borrow them for a little while.

I paused a second before getting out of my car outside the loft. It was evening and I had planned to settle down for a quiet night at home when Michael's call had come. He sounded atypically emotional. I knew he had been to visit Madeline and when he asked if I would come over I agreed without hesitation.

Michael had been upset that Sam and I had seemed not to care that he had disappeared. That wasn't the case at all, of course. We had both done everything we could to try to find any information about where he might be. For weeks we had done nothing else. But Michael had gone away before and so after we exhausted every potential lead we found we decided to go back to doing what Michael would want us to do.

He was right though. We didn't do enough to acknowledge his return. The fact that he came back in the middle of a job that was going bad was really no excuse. I needed to make up for my omissions and give him a proper welcome home.

I just wasn't sure what that would mean.

I got out of the car and made my way up the steps, letting myself into the loft with my key. I braced myself, half expecting him to be standing there with a gun pointed in my direction. He wasn't, so I made my way into the loft and put my bag down on the workbench.

I slipped my sandals off and looked around for Michael. He wasn't upstairs or in the kitchen, and he wasn't asleep on his bed. I found him outside on the balcony. I paused to watch him for a few moments before heading outside myself.

He looked worn out. He leaned on the railing, staring off at nothing. His eyes had the slightest hint of redness and I could almost hear the conflicting emotions that he had been dealing with since his most recent return to Miami.

"Hello Fi," he said as I approached the balcony door, "thanks for coming."

I took a deep breath and stepped outside. "You're welcome Michael," I replied.

Michael turned to face me as I walked up next to him and the emotion on his face nearly broke my heart. My constant source of support, strength, and inspiration looked battered, beaten, and broken.

We had never been very big on hugs but he had let me hug him—and had even hugged me back—outside the loft only a day earlier so I took a chance. I stepped closer to him, reaching out to cradle his neck and draw him to me.

To my relief he stepped closer to me, his arms closing around my back. I held him tightly to me, caressing his neck and the back of his head as he repeatedly sighed. His chin rested on my shoulder and we stood together for what seemed like an hour.

"I'm sorry Fi," he eventually whispered in my ear, his hands beginning to massage my back.

"For what, Michael?" I asked, still holding him tightly.

"For everything, for disappearing, for not being able to get a message to you, for…"

I pulled back just enough to look at him.

"No Michael, I'm the one who needs to apologize. You were right; Sam and I didn't do enough to welcome you back home. You deserve better."

He pulled me into another hug, his arms closing tightly as he sighed again. I felt him start to tremble in my arms.


"I never thought I'd see you again, Fi. They kept me in a tiny cell most of the time."

"You're here, Michael, that's all that matters now," I reassured him. The display of emotion from him was tearing me apart inside.

We stood, clinging to each other, our breaths coming in sync. I could feel his heart pounding in his chest and I was sure he could feel mine.

Eventually his hands began tracing random patterns on my back. He sighed deeply before pulling away a little bit. I felt his breath on my ear just before he pressed a tiny kiss to my temple.

His hands moved to my shoulders as he kissed my forehead, the tip of my nose, my cheek, and eventually my neck. I drew in a deep breath, relieved to feel his body relaxing against mine as I rested my head on his shoulder.

I laced my fingers into his hair as he massaged my shoulders. I lifted my head off of his shoulder as his hands came to my neck. He looked into my eyes with a smile as he drew closer to me.

His lips found mine for a sweet, tender kiss. It was full of emotion and apologies and unspoken feelings. I smiled as his lips left mine.

"Welcome home, Michael," I said, leaning up for another tender kiss.

"It's good to be home, Fi," he said against my mouth.

We stood on the balcony, the evening breeze warm on our backs, kissing and getting reacquainted. Our breathing began to quicken as our kisses became more urgent.

Good lord I had missed this man.

His hands traveled down my back, drawing me closer to him as my own hands moved down his back. His kisses became stronger and more urgent. My stomach started to do the little flips that were reserved only for Michael Westen as my core began to heat up.

I returned his kisses with equal urgency, desperate to show him that I had missed him. His hands found their way to my ass, squeezing and bringing my hips tight against his. I sighed into his kiss as his hardening erection pressed against my thigh. I was sure he could feel how wet I was already.

His tongue reached out, brushing against my lips before retreating and reaching out again. Our hips rocked against each other, each touch causing us to shudder. I hooked one leg around him, his erection pressing firmly against the most sensitive spot of my body. My whole body shook in a spasm of indescribable pleasure as he grabbed on to my knee, pulling my leg up higher and grinding against me.

"I missed you, Fi," he said as he gathered the hem of my dress in his fingers. The feeling of his hand against the bare skin of my lower back made my breath catch in my throat. A moan of pleasure was the only reply I could manage.

Our tongues settled into an intimate dance, each thrust and caress heightening our excitement and arousal. I pulled his shirt out of his pants, running my hands up his back. I heard his breath catch in his throat as I ran one hand around to his chest, flicking my finger over his nipple in the way I knew he loved.

He pulled away long enough to pull my dress over my head as I did the same to his shirt. He leaned down to kiss my breasts as I worked at his belt buckle. His tongue traced circles around my nipples and it was all I could do to remain standing, clinging to his waist as I thrust my hips against him.

Finally I got his belt open and the button and fly of his pants followed closely behind. I reached inside to ease them over his hips. His arousal was apparent and as his hands reached inside my thong my own hands reached inside his boxers.

We both gasped. His fingers reached between my legs, spreading the wetness around my upper thighs before he gently brushed his thumb against my clit.

"I thought about you every night, Michael," I said as my hands found his rock-hard cock. "I dreamed about doing this to you over and over again," I told him as my hands gently closed around his shaft. I lightly pumped him as he shuddered.

He removed my soaked thong, pulling me close to grind against me again, my hands continuing to work him into a frenzy. He guided me inside, backing me up towards the bed as he resumed his deep kisses.

When we reached the bed he paused and looked into my eyes, his hands on either side of my face.


"I know, Michael," I replied, pressing my naked body against his.

He lowered me back onto the bed, his body covering mine as our hands became reacquainted with each other's body. He had some new scars and I pressed my lips against each one as I found it. He lingered against the healed wound on my arm and I knew he was recalling everything that had happened when O'Neill had taken me.

I grasped his hands in mine, interlacing our fingers and stretching them over our heads. The motion drew his body tight against mine and as his erection pressed against my pussy we both groaned with pleasure.

I reached for him, spreading my legs around his waist as he moved into position. I was more than ready.

"Now, Fi?" Michael asked. He knew how much I enjoyed other things, but I wanted to feel him inside me right away. There would be time for other activities later.

"Now, Michael," I told him, bending my knees to bring my core closer to him.

He kissed me deeply once again, our tongues resuming their intimate dance as he shifted his hips into position. We were both panting as our eyes darkened with passion. I pushed my hips up against him, his tip brushing my thigh and making me shudder.

His fingers flicked over my nipples as he rocked his hips against mine. I could feel how swollen his tip was as he pressed it against me. I knew he wouldn't be able to wait much longer and I smiled.

"What are you smiling about, Fi?" he asked as his tip approached my dripping wet entrance.

"You're about to give me what I want most, Michael," I said, rubbing my hips against his to bring him closer to entering me.

"And what's that?" he asked, pressing against me more urgently.

I kissed him hard, drawing his hips tight against mine before replying.

"I want you to fuck me, Michael. Hard."

His bright blue eyes were darkened with passion and desire as he leaned down, kissed me, and eased my legs farther apart. I lightly scratched my nails up and down his arms as I watched him position himself against my core, his tip pressing insistently against my entrance.

He watched himself as he brushed against my wetness a few more times, finally easing himself inside. The feel of his cock inside me, filling me completely, made me cry out with pleasure.

We both continued watching as he slowly pumped in and out of me, the pleasure building until I couldn't stand it any longer. His thumb reached between us to firmly stroke my clit and I fell apart, closing my eyes and screaming his name as my head reared back against the pillow.

At that he threw it into high gear. He ground his hips against mine, every inch of his hardness buried deep inside me as he shuddered. I met his every stroke with one of my own, cumming again and again as he continued to pound into me.

I lost all ability for rational thought and speech as the waves of pleasure rolled over me. Every crash of his pubic bone against my clit threatened to throw me over the edge yet again.

I could feel his body start to tense and I knew he was close. He slammed into me and pulled all the way out as I reached for him, my hands caressing his forehead and cheeks as he took a deep breath. I looked down and saw he was already dripping. I spread my legs fully apart as he looked deep into my eyes.

Smiling, he plunged into my depths, building me to a final release as he came inside me. He collapsed against me, his whole body trembling as he screamed my name, panting and grabbing for me.

I held him close, whispering his name and welcoming him home again. I assured him that I had missed him as we lay panting on the bed, clinging to each other. He lifted his head and we exchanged kisses as our breathing returned to normal.

"Welcome home, Michael," I said as he gathered the sheet to cover us.

"It's good to be home, Fi," he said as he held me close.

We sighed together as we drifted off to sleep.

Michael was home. And with him home, I was home too.

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