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The sound of the door reverberated in my head. My eyes watered because I couldn't blink. Soft black material fell across my face.

"Jasper!" said a harsh whisper and then I felt a sting across my shoulder. "Jasper! You have to move, get fucking dressed! Now!"

Clothes. Door slammed. Footsteps. Shirt on. Pants zipped. The footsteps… sounded lighter?

"Fuck fuck shit fuck, where's my underwear?" Bella hissed while frantically searching through my room and I finally snapped out of my stupor.

"You didn't wear any remember?" I couldn't help but smirk and for the briefest of moments we weren't panicking but remembering what had finally transpired between us and I enjoyed her fleeting blush before the panic set back at in.

"Jasper?" came an unexpected voice outside my room.

"Mom!" My chest loosened considerable. It wasn't Edward. Oh thank fuck. I wasn't quite ready to deal with that, but if it wasn't my brother… "Mom what are you doing here?"

"Oh sweetie, open the door will you? I didn't drive all this way to check on my boys and talk to you through a door."

I looked over at Bella. She looked possibly even more panicked now but was entirely clothed so I reached to open the door.

"Hey mom…" She pulled me into one of her classic hugs that she never realized were actually a little bone crushing.

"Aw honey I just missed you and – Bella!" She broke the hug and pulled away and I saw her eyes narrow slightly. "I didn't expect to see you here…"

"Hi Mrs. Cullen. How are you?" she squeaked.

"Well dear I'm fine. I just," she paused and surveyed the scene. I could see her take in the rumpled sheets, Bella's now flaming blush, and the evident smell of sex still lingering in the room. "Oh dear."


She held up her hand, which was my mother's polite way of saying "shut the fuck up."

"Jasper… this isn't good."

"I know, but,"

"Mrs. Cullen, please,"

She held up her hand again and both our mouths snapped shut. Why did it feel like I was in high school getting busted for watching porn?

"I should have…" my mother started muttering to herself. "Always thought… knew it was coming." Her head snapped up and I could almost see the wheels spinning in her head. "Bella and I are going to do a little shopping and pick up some food to make dinner for tonight," she said affirmatively.


"I umm," Bella stammered.

"No but's! We could use some girl time!" The fake cheeriness emanating from my mother only served to make Bella panic more. Her hands were practically trembling as she picked up her bag off the floor.

"Bella go on down to my car will you? I just need a quick word with my son."

"Sure, Mrs. Cullen."

"Oh sweetie… you've slept with both of my sons now. I think you can call me Esme."

Bella looked like she was going to be sick and fled from the room.

"Mom! Seriously! What the fuck? You can't say shit like that to her!"

She spun around to face me and even though I was a good head taller than her the look in her eyes made me feel about three feet tall. I swallowed hard.

"You listen to me Jasper Cullen and you listen good. I've known how you felt about that girl since your first day of high school. I've seen you pine for her. I've seen you miserable when she was happy with your brother and I've seen you unabashedly happy when he treated her like crap. Oh… you didn't think I knew? I'm not proud but Edward had to mess this up on his own for him to learn anything."

She took a deep breath and rubbed her temples. "I'm not going to be mean to her, don't worry. I always knew there was something special between you two but a mother can only interfere so much. That being said… Edward doesn't know about this yet?"

I shook my head. "It uh… literally just happened."

"I see. And do you plan on telling him?"

"I'm not… I don't know?"

"You were hoping she was going to do it weren't you?" she gave me Edward's smirk and I couldn't help but nod. "You know you need to tell him. Because whatever is between you and Bella isn't just some fleeting notion you have to 'beat your brother' or something is it?"

"No," I vehemently shook my head. "I love her. This… it's been building for a while. And she loves me too."

She stepped toward me and brushed a wayward hair out of my face. "I know, honey. This will all work itself out. It will take some time, but I know it will."

I watched my mom move through the door and toward the stairs before she stopped. "I love you both."

"I know."

"But you should also know, I'm not going to stop Edward from hitting you."

I ran my hands over my non-bruised face for the time being and nodded. "I know that too."

"Because this breaks the 'bro code' or something right?"

"In a big way, yeah."

She nodded and started to make her way down the stairs.

"Hey mom? Could you… just don't scare Bella away, ok?"

All I got was a little laugh and a wave as she disappeared around the corner. Edward would be here soon. There was no way mom would come to town and he'd miss her cooking, so I cleaned. One, for lack of something better to do and two, any way I could soften him up a little was a bonus. That included using my fake id and restocking his whiskey and beer.

Bella and my mom were still out and I was getting really restless. I was channel surfing at hyper speed while nursing a beer when keys jingled in the door.

"Hey man. You seen mom already?" He threw his bag on the floor and flopped down next to me.

"Yeah… she and Bella are out shopping or some shit."

"Bella? How did that happen? I mean… I told mom what happened." His voice was thick with confusion and I knew I needed to do it. Bella and I hadn't exactly talked about starting a relationship but we did do the "I love you" thing. I was pretty sure that constituted at least a dating status.

"She was here. When mom showed up I mean."

"Oh… was she looking for me?"

"Not exactly."

"So what then?"

"Bella came to talk to me. We uh," I took a long swig of beer and a deep breath. "We kind of had a fight the other day and she came over to talk about it."

"Why would you guys fight?"

"About you."

"Oh shit. You shouldn't have had to deal with that man… I've just been processing and I couldn't really be here and-"

"It's cool," I waved my hand to cut him off. "It wasn't about that really either?" I heard my voice crack and swore under my breath. "Look, you know Bella and I have always been close, right?"

"Yeah, I kind of owe you for taking care of her when I put her through-"

"No you really fucking don't." I stood and started pacing, partially to get out of immediate punching range.

"What the fuck is up with you?"

"I'm in love with Bella!" I blurted and clapped my hand over my mouth wondering how my brain detached that quickly from my mouth.

"You're what?"

"Love. I love her. Have loved her since we fucking met. And for years I had to sit back and watch you dick her over and I finally snapped on her the other night and told her how I felt and she slapped the shit out of me and left. Then she came back today and told me she felt the same way, and had felt that way pretty much the whole time you guys were together and I'm sorry."

I was heaving, searching for air at this point after I rushed everything out in one breath. I couldn't look at Edward just yet but I heard his breathing pick up. Knuckles cracked.


"Did you… did you hook up?"

"Today, yeah."

"Before?" His voice was steady, too calm. The storm was brewing.

"No! I would never do-"

"Fuck that! I don't know what you would do anymore! You tell me you've been in love with my girl for years and that she felt the same way too? Who the fuck am I supposed to believe now?"

"I didn't do shit with her until today and that's only because she wanted it too. Unlike you who cheated as soon as you got to college leaving her behind. Leading her on. Treating her like shit. When all she ever did was love you!"

"Well apparently she fucking didn't!"

"Edward, I'm sorry. I tried not to feel this way. Trust me."

"I did fucking trust you. I asked you to take care of her… and you take care of her with your dick!" He was standing now too, yanking hard at his hair.

"It wasn't like that," I pleaded and shook my head which was just enough time to lose sight of him and before I knew it my head was knocked back and a blinding pain shot through me. Little white lights burst behind my eyelids and then more pain. I registered something warm trickling down my face and a muffled scream that I recognized as my own. It had been a long fucking time since I had been punched that hard. Then it happened again and I couldn't even bring myself to block him.

I deserved it… to a certain degree. So when he managed to knock me on my ass I didn't fight that either. Then it stopped and a few minutes later something cold and wet landed on my face and I hissed in pain.

"Thanks," I grumbled and sat up, wincing as I dabbed the cloth over my rapidly swelling face.

"You didn't fight back."

"I know."

"You deserved that."

I begrudgingly nodded and he offered his hand to help pull me up. We sat back down on the couch.

"Your nose isn't broken, just swollen."

I shrugged waiting for whatever he really wanted to say. I knew how my brother worked by now.

"You love her?"


"She loves you?"

"That's what she told me."

"You want to be with her?"

"I always have."

He punched me in the leg but it didn't have the same rage behind it as it did before. I took that as a good sign. "That does not help right now, asshole."


"This is just so fucked up. I know I treated Bella like shit and I know she deserves better, but does my own brother have to be the better? Does she have to be happy right away?"

"Are you done hitting me now?"

"For now… why?"

"I'm going to say some stuff that you need to hear but you'll probably want to punch me for."

"I'll try to restrain myself," he snorted.

"You both may have loved each other at one point, but I think you grew apart. You were both different people and you tried to be what the other wanted and it just… didn't work."

He nodded but didn't say anything, just grabbed his beer and started chugging.

"I don't think I'll be ok with this for a while."

"I figured."

"But," he sighed heavily. "I'm not going to stand in the way either," he rolled his eyes. "Don't look that shocked, Jazz. I might be a dick, but I'm not stupid. Granted I don't want that shit waved in my face and you sure as fuck can't hang out with her here, at least for a while."

I couldn't believe my luck. I thought this was going to be epically, family-splitting bad. "Thanks, Edward. I really am sorry, I just can't-"

"I get it. We're ok. Well, not yet, but we will be."

It was such an epitome of a guy-to-guy moment. We said what needed to be said. He punched me. We drank beer and turned on some random football game.

Later that night dinner was more than painfully awkward. Our mother was trying desperately to skirt around any topic that could remotely be related to Bella. Bless her, but it was just making things even weirder. What I really wanted to know was what happened during their girl time earlier. My leg was bouncing under the table I was so anxious to leave.

As was the Cullen man tradition, we cleaned up after dinner while our mom tried her best not to rearrange and clean our place. I reached for my keys as soon as the last dish was in the dishwasher.

"Heading out, sweetie?"

"Uh yeah." I could stop my eyes from flitting to my brother. He gave me this look… he knew where I was going. Then he tilted his head as if to say, "Go on, get the fuck out of here."

It was the best I was going to get and I practically ran to my car.

Fifteen minutes later Bella opened the door and even though my huge grin hurt like a bitch, I couldn't have stopped it if I wanted to.


"Oh god, Jasper! I've been so worried!" She threw her arms around me and I buried my face in her silky hair. She led me into her apartment, her eyes narrowing as she took in my face. "Fuck… tell me he looks worse."

"Not exactly."

"Jasper… you just let him hit you?"

I shrugged. "I deserved it, to a certain degree. Guy code and all."

She rolled her eyes. "Sit. I'll get you some ice. It's swelling."

Her ass looked way too good in tight black leggings so I couldn't resist grabbing her hips and grinding my now rapidly growing cock on her. "I know it is…" I whispered and gently sucked her earlobe.

Bella sighed softly, "Perve."

"Mmhmm but I know you like it," I trailed the shell of her ear with my tongue.



"Don't you want to know what happened with your mom?"

I groaned in frustration because at the mere mention of my mother the swelling ceased. However I was pretty fucking curious. I turned her around and kissed her lightly on the nose. "Now that you mention it, yeah. She didn't say anything when she got back."

"Sit. I'll get ice and tell you," she smiled. Bella came back and pulled my head into her lap. Fucking heaven until the cold sting of the ice pressed on my eye.

"Oh shut it, it's not that bad, in fact…" she trailed off.

"In fact what?"

"Nothing." Her cheeks flushed a deep red.

I reached up and grazed my fingers over cheek. "Tell me."

She shook her head and giggled. "I was just… it's kind of hot."

My cock twitched. My mind was still reeling from the last 24 hours and it was hard to imagine that one, Bella could openly say shit like that to me. Two, that everything had changed so immensely but here I was with my head in her fucking lap like it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Is it now?"

"Just a little…" she ran her fingers through my hair and I damn near purred. "So… apparently your dear sweet mother knew about this all along."

"She what?"

"Oh yes. According to Esme, she was waiting for this happen and was quote, 'surprised this was first time anything happened' end quote."

"No fucking way."

"Yup. Apparently she knew all along how you felt-"

"Well… I'm sure I didn't hide it that well in high school."

"Right, but she also knew how I felt. She always thought that you and I were a better fit, but that I was good for your brother or something so she didn't say anything. Basically she was glad that we finally woke up, but hated the way it happened."

"I get that… I feel like a piece of shit for the timing of everything but I'm glad it happened. I'm a little floored she said all that though."

"You're floored? Jesus… the ladies at the nail place that I was having a fit or something. I think… I think she's really scared this was going to tear you and Edward apart though," she said quietly.

I sat up and looked her dead in the eye. "Bella… I don't want to lie and say everything is good between my brother and me right now. We had it out, I told him everything and he got his say in," I gestured to my black eye. "But there's not an immediate fix for anything."

"I know… I just really hate myself right now. Like, he hurt me first, fine, but then I turn around and the next guy I hook up with is his brother, who I also happen to love and it's just all a little much you know?'

"We all kind of fucked this up, so you are definitely not the only one at fault here. None of this would have happened if I had just said something five years ago. But… look at me, baby," I pulled her chin up and ran my thumb across her cheek. "Now that I have you, I'm not letting go. No matter what."

She bit her lip and grinned. "You can't just say shit like that you know."

"Well I mean it."

"Oh I believe you, but it just makes me want to jump you and you're in pain and I know we're all still processing but all I can think about is you touching me again and,"

I leaned in and crushed her lips to mine, sucking them hungrily. Bella whimpered into my mouth and threw herself into the kiss. Her taste... her fucking exquisite taste. I wanted to devour her, make her mine all over again. Wipe the memory of him ever touching her.

"Is your roommate home?" I whispered and she bit and sucked my ear hard and I let out an embarrassingly loud groan.


"Neighbors?" I fisted my hand in her hair and tugged so that her neck was exposed for my tongue.

"Umm I don't know?" I pulled her hair again, my cock hardening further at the desperate whimper coming from her. "Why?"

"I don't want to cops called on account of how loud I'm about to make you scream."

Her hips bucked hard into mine. "Fuck."

"That is the plan, baby."

I dragged her back to her room, fully aware of the headboard on her bed. My girl was going to need to hold on. I wanted her deep. Now. Hard. And totally at my mercy.

"Strip," I commanded.

Her eyes flashed with the Bella fire I loved so much, but she did as she was told, painstakingly slow. She peeked over her shoulder as she slowly peeled down her leggings revealing her completely bare bottom half.

"Fuck woman... do you ever wear underwear?"

"Not today," she winked. "Now... why am I the only one naked?"

"So I can stare at you and tell you how beautiful you are before I fuck you into oblivion."

"Oh," her blush spread down her chest.

I stepped closer, running my hands over her curves, marveling at the way she shivered under my touch. "You are stunning. Perfect," I punctuated each word with a kiss on a different part of her face. "Perfect for me. I love you."

"I love you too, Jasper." She reached up and ran her hand from my cheek to my neck leaving a scorching trail of heat in her wake. I needed her so much.

"Now... get on the bed. On your knees and face the headboard."

She sucked in a breath and quickly followed my directions.

God... that fucking ass.

I yanked my clothes off, freeing my already leaking cock and crawled up the bed behind her. I swept her hair aside and kissed my way down her back, stroking and teasing any flesh I could get my hands on, except for where I could tell she really wanted me. I sucked on the tiny back dimples right above her ass and then lowered my lips to the fleshiest part of her cheek and bit.

She squealed and then pushed her ass back against my face.

"Like that, baby?"

"God yes..." she groaned.

I sucked and bit again but this time I slapped the other side gently. Bella hissed loudly.

"Too hard? I'm sorry," I said quickly.

"No..." she looked back at me, eyes blazing. "Jasper, if you want to spank me and fuck me, then do it hard. I'm not going to break. I want it, probably more than you."

"Darlin' I doubt that very much," I smirked and brought my hands to her front, tweaking her nipple and slipping my other between her thighs. "Wet... so warm," I whispered. "You ready for me?"

"Jazz, please... ohhh ooh fuck... I need you!" She began grinding on my hand relentlessly so I pulled it away and she whimpered in frustration.

"Don't worry, love. I'm nowhere near done with you yet." I grazed my hands down her back again and gripped her ass hard. I aligned myself with her entrance and with no warning slammed into her.

"Shit!" she yelped and immediately clamped around me. My cock was doing the fucking Snoopy dance over being inside her again.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Bella. You feel so damn good," I pulled out slowly, wanting to feel every inch of her.

"Do it again, shit that felt... unggh," she gripped the top of the headboard, rolling her hips back, begging me with her words and body.

I pounded into her again, filling her to the hilt and we both swore loudly. I was lost in sensation. She felt too good, I never wanted to stop. My hands groped her tits, her ass, and her hips... I picked up my pace.

"Jasper... YES. There..." Bella reached back with her hand and roughly grabbed my hair.

I hissed into her ear. "Mine!"

The only sounds to be heard was skin slapping skin, the wet noises of raw, hard fucking and a chorus of grunts and moans as we gave into our bodies.

"Fuck... ohhh I'm-"

"I want to hear you scream, Bella," I growled. "Anyone in earshot should know who's fucking you. Who you belong to!" I stroked where we were joined, her juices coating my fingers as I found her swollen clit. I could swear I felt it throbbing. It didn't take but a few circles over it before her entire body tensed in my arms and her pussy damn near strangled my cock it clamped down so hard.

I felt Bella suck in a huge breath, her knuckles turned a ghostly white she was holding onto the headboard so hard. "Jasper! Fuck, Jasper!"

Her screams drowned out my own because as soon as I heard my name being cried in ecstasy I exploded inside her. I was incoherent with pleasure and held onto my girl for dear life as we rode out our orgasms.

My muscles were turning to jelly and I didn't want to collapse on her so I quickly slid out and pulled Bella to me so her head was resting on my chest as we caught our breath.

She giggled softly.

"Something funny?"

"You bit my ass."

"Mmhm," I fingered the hair that was sprawled across me. "Can you blame me?"

"I can actually."

"What can I say, beautiful? It's fucking bitable, I couldn't not bite it."

"What if I said your cock looked bitable hmm?"

"You wouldn't fucking dare." My boys started to retreat.

She snorted, sounding much like a pig. I loved it. "Yeah right... like I would ever cause harm to that part of you."

I laughed hard. "But anywhere else is ok?"

Her eyes narrowed as she smirked and looked up at me. "I'd keep your hands intact too..."

"Good to know," I grinned.

We lapsed into a comfortable silence. Her breathing slowed and steadied, so much so I thought she was asleep. I started to shut my eyes when she stirred.



"It's going to ok, right? This will all work out?"

"I know it will. It has to."


(Six years later)

My hands were sweating. I bounced anxiously on my toes. This was it. I swore under my breath.

"Hey, keep it clean in God's house will you?"

"Fuck you."

"He heard that you know. Now you'll have limp dick on your wedding night."

I scowled and straightened my tie for the umpteenth time that afternoon.

"Let me. You're making it worse."

I moved my hands and took a deep breath as Edward went to work on my bow tie. "You know... I never thought we'd be here."

"Hah. Me either."

"You know for a long time," he said quietly. "I really hated you."

"I know, man." Even after all this time, we still never really had another talk since the day Bella and I got together. Bella... I thought and my heart squeezed as I thought about what waited for me on the other side of the door.

"It just took me a while. I wish I was more mature or some shit and handled it better."

"You mean better than you kicking me out of our house during college?"

"Yeah, that," he rolled his eyes and stepped back. "All straight."

"Thanks," I mumbled.

"I'm sorry I made things so difficult, at home and stuff. I guess that expression is true? 'The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else?' Until Kate... I just couldn't really see past anything. She called me on my bullshit right off," he shook his head smiling.

"She's a good one for you, Edward." I glanced at the clock, it was almost time.

"So... forgive me for being such a dick?"

"Forgive me for stealing Bella?"

He looked at me, and then gave me a small smile. "She was never mine to begin with."

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