Alright people, this has been clawing at my head to get out, so here we are. I absolutely love Ibiki/Sakura stories, because those two are just so compatible. Unfortunately, it seems the fandom is very small and not many stories are written bout them. Thus I add my little two cents to the pool. Enjoy.

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Konoha had been destroyed and, though Pein had resurrected so many people, they had come back to life with the injuries they had sustained at the moment of their death, thus making life very difficult for all medic-nins around. Most of them worked even harder than before, exhausting themselves and only then would they go rest in a tent or one of the few buildings that had been reconstructed by the able-bodied shinobi. However, among those medics, there was one exception: the kunoichi second only to their Hokage, who at this moment in time was still in a coma. The most severe cases were all brought to her and her extreme fatigue was showing in the dark circles that marred her pale skin under her eyes. Even now, they sent ninja on missions to bring back money to rebuild the village, and what was more expensive than A-rank and S-rank missions? It was all good and well, but it was only adding to the pastel-haired kunoichi' workload. And no matter how much she worked, it seemed it never would be enough. Some of her fellow medics had tried to get her to take a rest, to no avail. If she continued to work this much, she would be the one to fall and never wake up; chakra exhaustion was not to be looked down upon, especially when paired with physical exhaustion.

"No one is strong enough to force her to rest," murmured a middle-aged nurse to her companion, a slightly older medic.

"Not that anyone would dare to," added the medic. "She's downright terrifying with her temper and those fists of hers. No one would dare to tell her what to do here, and her friends have already given up. She's way too stubborn."

The ANBU they had been treating listened drowsily to the conversation. If their best medic fell ill because of her foolishness, it would not bode well for the ninja populace that depended on her. But who would dare to confront her? On these thoughts, he fell asleep.


The ANBU was grateful that his boss was not angered at him; he would have fled a long time ago if that had been the case. The man's eyes were practically alight with burning fire directly fuelled by his anger. He strode out of the building with long strides, heading for the hospital, his long leather coat flapping in the wind behind him. Left behind, the ANBU could only look at his tall retreating form, so much like a vengeful demon, and hope that the unavoidable collision would not destroy Konoha.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, Haruno?" questioned the Head of the Torture and Interrogation Squad as he strode into the room, startling both the pinkette and her patient.

"Excuse me?"

"I said: What do fuck do you think you're doing?" he repeated angrily.

"Obviously I'm doing my job, Morino-san. What about you?" she answered matter-of-factly, if not icily, as she turned to her patient.

"Oh no you aren't," he growled, stalking forward to snatch her clipboard from her hands. "As of now, you're on leave for at least 24 hours, am I clear? I don't want to see your ass in this hospital before that unless it's a matter of life or death and one of my ANBU summons you. Is that clear?"

Not intimidated, she rounded on him, snatching back her clipboard, and snarled, "And just who do you think you are to give me orders around here? You're no medic, Morino-san, so if you're not injured, I want you to get the hell away from this hospital!"

"Gladly! After you!"

"As long as you don't have a valid reason to be here, I won't listen to a word you're saying! This is not your business, Morino-san, so kindly fuck off!" yelled the irate kunoichi.

Gritting his teeth, Ibiki reached in his weapons pouch and took out a kunai, watching her eyes widen nearly imperceptibly, then plunged it deep into his thigh. He felt the blood run down his leg with dark satisfaction.

"Now that I'm injured, I have a reason to be here. Furthermore, the fact that our top medic is ruining her health and may not be of any use when one of my men needs her makes it my business! And don't tell me that this was urgent," he added when he saw she was opening her mouth to protest and pointed at the forgotten patient in bed. "He has a broken leg! Any medic could have taken care of him! You're on leave, Haruno, and that's an order!"

Out of the room, a congregation of medics, nurses and ninja was waiting with baited breath. So far, nothing had been destroyed, which was a good sign, but would it last?


Apparently not.

A nurse opened the door, only to see Sakura twisting and turning in Ibiki's firm hold. She was squished on her stomach on the ground, the scarred man on top of her. At the slight creaking noise that came from the hinges, they looked up at their audience.

"I'll bring her back in no less than 24 hours," growled Ibiki, before managing to do the necessary hand signs to teleport them away.

"What the hell, Morino-san!" exclaimed the furious pastel-haired woman as he released her from his hold.


Only then did she look at the room she was in. it was not as Spartan as she expected, but it was not luxurious either, which was to be expected, considering the state the village was in. There was a big bed with black sheets and midnight blue covers, a bedside table with a small, functional lamp, and not much else.

Ibiki was halfway across the room when he heard her whisper, "I can't." Turning around, one of his eyebrows lifted in a silent question. She flushed, much to his surprise.

"It's not that I don't want to, you see…I…Thank you for your hospitality, really, but…if I sleep, I'm afraid this will all have been just a dream and I'll wake up and everybody will still be dead, and I can't manage to find sleep, and I'm so tired, and–"

She was cut off when the two same strong arms as before wrapped around her small frame, but this time, they did not try to restrain her. She shuddered slightly before letting her head rest on his chest, eyes closing in defeat, her body becoming limp in his hold. His scent of spices and utter masculinity washed over her, soothing her frayed nerves.

Ibiki, once she had calmed down, took her in his arms and laid her on the bed, still keeping her encased in the safety of his arms. To his surprise, the young kunoichi actually buried deeper in his hold and sighed, features smoothing out. Well, if his presence comforted the medic and helped her sleep, he could afford to give her a few hours' time.

Covered by his long coat, Sakura actually didn't have any problem falling asleep.

However, waking up in the arms of one of the most feared and ruthless ninja the village had to offer was a little bit more stressful.

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