I want to know something.

How the hell does a chandelier break?

I mean, I know it's made of glass so it's fragile, but I mean seriously. Maybe the guys who put it in weren't properly trained…or maybe they got distracted and thus it wasn't screwed into the ceiling completely. Personally, I would've sued those guys. But no. Of course the stupid Host Club would blame me for it.

It was a normal day at Ouran High School. Well, as normal as it can get for me. It was hard, since I was sort of an idiot. I was failing most of my classes, which was weird considering I got here on a scholarship. But I guess that was the result of my parents dying.

Honestly, I wasn't a genius or anything; I just studied until my brain hurt and stayed up so late that I was a zombie during the day—my real forte would have to be anything mechanical, specifically computers. I was seriously the hacking whiz. One time, I hacked into the school's database just to see if I could do it. I did it under a minute. Because I'm that awesome.

But then my parents died in a car accident and I ended up at my uncle's.

So, instead of making them proud and going to the expensive school and getting straight A's then going home to my tiny apartment, I'm failing my classes ("Due to grief", as my therapist says) and returning home to my rich uncle's mansion.

I know it's weird that I didn't just use the money he has in the first place, but my mom was proud and refused to ask her brother for help. Fortunately, in my parent's will, my uncle was the first one listed to take care of me. I refused to let him buy me a uniform though; I liked wearing my old public uniform. It was a lot cuter than those hideous yellow dresses the girls wore.

Anyway, I'm getting off the point here.

It was a normal day at Ouran High School and I was headed home, practically singing since I had managed to find someone who would tutor me for free. I mean sure he was a pervert and he was only doing it because he thought we'd be alone and he could like, I don't know, molest me with his eyes or something, but hey. Free.

So yeah, there I was minding my own business, frolicking down the halls toward the front of the school when suddenly someone grabbed me and forced me into some room. I let out a shout of surprise that sounded something like "GRYWHA" which wasn't unusual, since I always made really inhuman noises, and nearly fell on the floor when whoever had kidnapped me released my arm.

"Oh," my captor said, "wrong person."

I rubbed my head and shot him—a really cute him, not that it mattered—one of my best glares.

"Excuse you," was all I said before jumping to my feet and turning to leave. That was when, me being clumsy and my captor being an apparent idiot, he reached out to say something but ended up accidentally pushing me forward, which resulted in my head-first collision against the shut doors.

And then it happened.

A loud crack, some weird glass-on-glass noises, and then the chandelier (I had to wonder, in the horrifying moment, why the hell they had a chandelier in an empty music room, much less a school room) fell. It shattered on the floor loudly and then silence held the room still.

Thankfully no one was hurt. The few people in the room were far away, on the other side of the room seemingly looking at some black-haired guy's laptop, and my captor was close to me near the door so he wasn't hurt, only pale.

It was so quiet that I decided to break it.

"Oh fuck," I said like the dainty lady I am. "You guys should probably clean that up. Bye." I turned to flee when the black-haired laptop guy pulled a ninja on me and appeared right behind me, grabbing me by the back of my shirt and dragging me toward the back, away from the broken glass. My kidnapper followed, still pale and shocked.

"Hey! Lemme go! I'm the victim here!" I flailed a bit to emphasize this.

"You just hit the wall hard enough to make our two million yen crystal chandelier break," he said dully, "and you claim to be the victim?"

"B-But…!" I sputtered. "That guy," I jabbed my finger at the pale blonde trailing behind us, "grabbed me from nowhere and forced me in here, then he pushed me and that's why I hit the wall! So yes, I am totally the victim here!" I gulped in air and glared again.

He didn't answer me. Instead, he finally let me go when we reached the small throng of people lingering near some weird back rooms, mostly standing around a table with the black-haired guy's open laptop on it.

"What happened?" a brown-haired girl dressed as a guy asked.

"ARE YOU OKAY TAMAKI!" a small blonde wailed, thrusting his tiny body onto the tall blonde—er, apparently Tamaki, and let crocodile tears run down his baby face. I felt my eyebrow twitch in irritation.

"Fine…" Tamaki said, turning to stare at me. "Are you fine?"

"I'm fine!" I said shrilly. "I need to get home—"

"You're not going anywhere until you pay us for the damages," the glasses guy said. I flinched.

"T-Two million yen…damages?" I asked, you know, just to make sure.

"Two million yen damages."

You know, I was really starting to hate glasses dude.

"I don't have that kind of money!" I shrieked. Actually, I technically did. But really, wouldn't I look really stupid and irresponsible if I went up to my uncle and asked for two million yen? I mean, what the hell was I supposed to say? "Hey, thanks for taking me in and feeding me and keeping me in school and all, but I broke a two million yen chandelier and I kind of need the money to pay. Thanks for letting me screw you over." Yeah. I don't think so.

"You don't?" glasses dude asked incredulously.

"I'm here on a scholarship!" I decided to add in hysteria.

"Hmm, really? My sources say you're failing all your classes."

I blushed. "Th-That's only due to the whiplash of my recent grieving period!"

I received blank stares. I understood those dumb looks. I gave the same look to my therapist when he said it.

"Look," the cross-dressing girl said, "we can compromise here, can't we? You did in my case, sempai," she said pointedly to glasses boy, then the blonde—I mean Tamaki.

"But you look enough like a boy to pass as one and help the club's profits," glasses replied to the girl-guy.

Sweat drop. "Gee thanks."

"—in this case," glasses continued coolly as if he didn't hear her, "Yoshinda Kasumi is far from passing as a boy," he said, looking at me. Completely disregarding the fact that he knew my name, I had to admit he had a point. Although I was short for my age, I wasn't underdeveloped or anything. I had long golden-brown hair that I always liked to grow out, seeing that I had bouncy natural curls near the end that most girls weren't blessed with. I had a fragile face and bright grey eyes. My mother used to say my eyes looked like the moon—she even laughed about how it was funny that her name meant 'moon child' and she had green eyes while I was the one with moon-colored eyes.

I had soft pale skin, though even though it was a 'beauty asset'; it was also annoying, since I bled easily and got burns if I didn't smother myself with sunscreen. Also, my veins showed a lot, even in my face, which wasn't usually noticeable but enough so that I was self-conscious about it.

I only stood at 5'3" but I had an average figure. I had a pretty flast chest but I was pretty skinny, otherwise, though I wasn't exactly the strongest person around…er, except when I get mad. I got my temper from my dad.

Well anyway, I wasn't exactly boyish-looking, but not exactly gorgeous either.

So I had to agree with glasses boy on that.

But then I stopped agreeing and got confused.

"Wait…so that's why she's dressed like that?" I pointed at the blank-faced brown-haired girl. "…because she also owes you guys? Isn't that like…illegal? It sounds sort of like slavery to me."

"You shouldn't be talking, seeing the position you're in," glasses said. "I could always call my lawyer, if that's how you want it."

I paled, ignoring Tamaki when we began to freak out yelling something ridiculous about how his "daughter has been discovered" or something retarded like that. I chose to ignore him and glare angrily at smug-looking glasses boy, who was leering at me victoriously. What really pissed me off was that he was victorious.

He totally won.

Ass hole.

"Fine," I finally said through clenched teeth. "What should I do—to work off this….debt?" I ground out slowly, wincing at every word. Glasses' smirk merely grew, thus, my anger grew.

"Well…seeing that you seem to have no real talent, you can simply serve our guests."

"No real talent!" I barked out bitterly. "Yeah."

Let's see him say that again after I hack into his computer tonight and steal all his personal, private information….bastard…I thought darkly as I frowned at him in irritation.

"That sounds great!" the tiny blonde midget cried in delight, hugging my leg in joy. "Kasu-chan, Kasu-chan, I'm so excited to have you in the club! It'll be fun with you—"

I flung my leg out and watched as he soared across the room, only to be caught by this tall dark-haired guy who always seemed to be at his side. I mentally measured how far he flew. Probably more than a meter. I should totally join the Olympics.

"Honey!" Tamaki gasped dramatically, rushing over to them.

"Man," a voice in my ear said.

"The new waitress is mean, isn't she?" another to my right said. I grimaced, realizing the mostly-quiet twins were now on either side of me. One was playing with my hair, the other seeming to be—nuzzling….my….ear.


That was it.

"ENOUGH!" I roared, shoving the two snickering freshmen away from me in a flurry of rage. "I am not going to serve your little fan girls. I am not going to tolerate this—this bull shit anymore! I'm going home. I'm never even going to walk down this hallway again, because guess what? I HATE YOU; ALL OF YOU. And no way in hell am I going to stay here and be fucked with any longer, got it? So, adios, bitches, I'm going home to make voodoo dolls of you and stick pins up their asses," I shot glasses a smoldering glare. "And maybe behead yours."

With this I turned and marched from the room, leaving a silent, stunned room of Hosts behind me. I walked right out of the school, down the courtyard, out the gates and into my limo where my usual driver was waiting. Once I climbed into the back of the limo I got comfortable, having given up on trying to talk my uncle out of sending me a driver as well as ditching said driver. I kind of got used to it.

"Take me home, Bob," I demanded.

"My names Tora."

"Take me home Bob," I said again. I heard a sigh from up front.

"Yes, Yoshina-sama."