If you love me, tell me so
If you need me, let me know
If our love has passed the test
It's time to enjoy the rest.

Original Lyrics to Tell me So
Copyright by Tina Marie Noel

Will Darcy always hated the first day at a new school but hopefully this would be the last time he would have to change school's before he graduated in June. The only good thing about this school was that he knew a few people here in Meryton, his cousin Richard Fitzwilliam, his best friend, Charlie Bingley, Charlie's sisters, Caroline and Louisa and of course Georgie would be a freshman this year. After what happened last summer, he had to make sure to keep an eye out for his younger sister.

Will and Georgie's parents had died the year before and they had been shipped off to live with their mother's sister Catherine but she had gotten tired of raising two teenagers who were used to having loving parents in their life. Aunt Catherine lived to please herself and at the start of the school year had sent the Darcy's to live with the Fitzwilliam's in Meryton.

Will hated being the center of attention but that's what happened when you were new in school. He liked in blend in, he didn't interact well with people he had never met and worst of all he hated crowds.

Will sighed and rolled his eyes when he saw Charlie coming toward him. He's probably got a new love that's he going to tell me all about. Charlie fell in and out of love every week and at the start of the relationship he was always sure that she was the one.

Charlie caught up with him and was enthusiastic about his new love. "I finally got the nerve to ask out Jane Bennet," He gushed, "She is so beautiful and popular that I was afraid to ask her out." His smile was huge, "She's going out with me on Friday night at 7:00; isn't that great."

Will tried to be supportive, "That's great." He looked around wistfully as he hoped that the bell would ring to start the first class so that he would have an excuse to leave Bingley.

When Will tuned back into Charlie's recitation he was saying, "I even got you a date with Jane's sister Elizabeth, we'll be double-dating on Friday." He slapped Will on the back, "Elizabeth is smart, talented and witty you'll love her."

Will was furious about Charlie's audacity at setting up a date for him and he raised his voice with irritation, "Geez Charlie, you always get the pretty girl and I always get stuck with her homely friend or sister so thanks but no thanks." Will's words were pointed and his eyes were dark as his angry voice reverberated off the walls around them, "I have no intention or desire to go out with Jane's sister, Elizabeth."

When Will glanced away from Charlie, he saw a beautiful girl with long dark curly hair and the most intelligent lively brown eyes. She was walking toward them with an attractive blond girl who stopped to talk to Charlie. The girl with the brown eyes gave Will a withering glare that made him take an involuntary step back. Will couldn't take his eyes off her for a moment and followed her retreating figure with his eyes.

"Will, this is Jane Bennet." He whispered in Will's ear as he followed his gaze, "That was her sister Elizabeth."

"I can't believe you said that about Elizabeth," Jane said with her blue eyes blazing, "Charlie told me you were a nice guy but that was a terrible thing to say about my sister."

Will snapped his head back returning his full attention to Charlie and Jane, "What did I say about your sister?"

Charlie shook his head, "I'm sorry dude, but you kind of called her homely."

"I… I… I didn't call her… oh my god." Will stammered as he realized what he had said and what Elizabeth Bennet must have overheard and he tried to explain himself to Jane, "I was talking generally; I hadn't even met your sister."

Jane just shook her head in disgust, kissed Charlie on the cheek and said, "I'll see you in class."

Will looked down at his class schedule and asked, "How do I get to my calculus class?"

Charlie was watching Jane walk away and pointed down the corridor that Will had seen Elizabeth disappear down.

As Will walked down the hall he heard music and walked toward the sound of the beautiful voice that seemed to mesmerize him. The door to the music room was open and he glanced in to see Elizabeth Bennet playing the piano and singing.

Will let the voice wash over him and he was overwhelmed by the purity of the sound. The beautiful voice made his heart melt as he embraced the sound. He was sorry when the song came to an end and he waited to see if she would start singing again.

"Elizabeth," Will saw the music teacher walk over to her, "Your voice is wonderful as usual but your playing is still not strong enough to match your voice."

"I know Mr. Atherton but I worked as hard as could over the summer and I still haven't improved enough so what am I going to do."

"We have a new transfer student." Mr. Atherton answered, "She's still a freshman but she is a terrific piano player, her name is Georgiana Darcy and I will be teaming you two up for your special project."

"Well if you think that my playing is that bad." Elizabeth teased, "I guess I don't have any other choice." She laughed and Will decided he liked the sound of laughter.

As he moved away from the classroom, Will smiled at the realization that since Georgie would be working with Elizabeth that he would have an opportunity to change Elizabeth's opinion of him.

He practically ran over Caroline Bingley as he turned, "Will, I'm glad I ran into you." Caroline said and Will rolled his eyes because she wasn't even making a joke.

Caroline turned toward the music room as the music started again and said, "What is that horrible noise? Oh I should have known that's Eliza Bennet." She said, "She can't play, she doesn't have a good voice and she's not even pretty. I don't know why the boys around here like her so much."

Caroline was Charlie's sister and so Will tried not to show how angry he was because of her statement, "I've got to go to class, Caroline. I don't want to be late on my first day of school."

Caroline stared opened mouthed as Will walked away from her without a backward glance.

Will Darcy sought to find out as much as he could about Elizabeth Bennet during the day and when he caught sight of her in the corridors, he tried to study her inconspicuously.

As luck would have it Charlie was having lunch at a table with Jane and Elizabeth. Will took a seat on the other side of Bingley hoping to get a chance to converse with Elizabeth but she grabbed her lunch as she looked at him with disgust and left the table before he could apologize or say a word to her.

Jane looked at Darcy with loathing and left the table as well followed quickly by Charlie Jane with a shake of his head to his friend.

Will's shoulders sagged as he watched his friend walk away. How could he make this right if Elizabeth wouldn't even allow him to apologize to her?

"It must be my lucky day." Caroline Bingley said with a note of pleasure in her voice, "To find you all alone for lunch."

Will cringed as she addressed him, grabbed his tray and stood up, "Excuse me, Caroline but I have some homework that I need to do."

"But it's the first day of school." Caroline protested with a pout, "Nobody has homework yet."

The school day couldn't end fast enough for Will and he was glad when he got home. The Fitzwilliam's were off on one of their many adventures and so the three teenagers were left to their own devices. Will was happy about this because he knew that he could take care of himself and Georgie without any interference.

When he opened the door, he heard Georgie playing the piano and he felt a profound relief that the first day of school was over. As he went to greet his sister, he heard the voice that had so astounded him this morning. Elizabeth Bennet was here in this house and Will was determined to find an opportunity to speak with her privately.

He walked into the room where the two girls were practicing and Georgie abruptly stopped playing when she saw him and rushed to introduce Will to her new friend.

"Will, this is Elizabeth Bennet." She said politely as Elizabeth turned to face them, "Elizabeth, this is my brother, Will Darcy."

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Will said as he strode forward to offer her his hand.

The iciness of Elizabeth's stare was enough to send a shiver of panic down Will's body. "Excuse me, Georgie." Elizabeth said, "Where is your restroom?"

"Let me show you." Will offered and made a motion for her to follow him.

Elizabeth was furious and it showed plainly in her eyes as she saw no polite way to refuse his offer of assistance.

As he walked her toward the bathroom, Will tried to focus his thoughts on how he could apologize for his rude behavior earlier today.

"Elizabeth, I want to talk to you about what happened this morning." Will said nervously as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

"You don't owe me an explanation." Elizabeth shrugged but her voice had an angry edge as she opened the door that Will had indicated, "I understand, you just don't happen to find me attractive. I think that pretty much sums it up."

Her words said one thing but the tone of her voice gave away what she really felt and if Will had any doubt about her feelings toward him, he didn't after she slammed the door in his face.

"Damn." Will said under his breath as he paced the corridor waiting for Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth emerged she took one look at Will and said, "You didn't need to wait for me, I perfectly capable of finding my way back."

Will just stood there with astonishment written all over his face as Elizabeth stormed away from him and went back to join Georgie.

He went to stand outside the door where the girls couldn't see him. He watched as they began to practice the song once more. As he viewed the scene from the doorway, Will's thoughts turned toward the beautiful girl with the fantastic voice. He closed his eyes as he let his imagination take over. How I long to run my fingers down the side of her face touching the softness of her cheek and what wouldn't I give just to bury my hands in her silky brown curls. If only I could feel the softness of her lips as we kiss with arms wrapped around each other.

"Will, what are you doing?" Will was irritated as the voice interrupted his thoughts and he turned to see his cousin.

"Rick." Will acknowledged before his let his eyes travel back to Elizabeth.

"Oh," Rick said with a grin, "You've got a thing for Elizabeth Bennet." He looked wistfully toward the girl, "She's never seen as anything more than a friend and I don't blame you because she is one of a kind."

"Yeah." Darcy mumbled as he kept his eyes on Elizabeth.

"Well then what are you doing standing out here?" Rick asked as he narrowed his eyes at his cousin, "Go in there and show the girl how you feel."

"She hates me." Will grumbled as he lowered his head.

"Well, you should at least offer to help them with the song." Rick said, "It's not likely that they would turn down help from you."

Will looked up and there was a light shining in his eyes, "You're right, I could share my expertise with them."

"That's the way." Rick said enthusiastically, "Go get the girl."

Will walked into the room and went over to the piano where Georgie and Elizabeth were sitting on the piano bench.

"I was just passing by and thought I could help." Will said and hoped the girls didn't hear the crack in his voice as he told his lie.

"Will, you're the best and of course, we'd love your help." Georgie said with admiration in her voice.

Will breathed deeply and offered his advice, "Elizabeth, although you bring a lot of emotion into the song, your voice is not strong enough for Georgie's playing." He rumpled his sister's hair affectionately, "If your voice were to match her playing I think that the song would soar to incredible heights." Will looked around for a place to sit, "Let me get a chair from the dining room and I'll be right back."

As he left the room, Elizabeth said to Georgie, "So your brother thinks my singing sucks." She said with a hollow laugh and then she lifted her shoulders, "But why do I care what Will Darcy thinks about my voice, it's not like he was my biggest fan before this?"

Georgie frowned as she looked at Elizabeth, wondering about the source of the hostility toward her brother. Georgie smiled as she answered Elizabeth's question, "Will was a child prodigy and he has been singing for years. In fact, he would get into Julliard if he were to apply." She saw the skeptical look on Elizabeth's face, "He stopped singing when our parents died."

"Why?" Elizabeth couldn't stop her curiosity.

"My mother taught him to sing and it was something of a bond between them." Georgie said as her eyes seemed to be searching for another place in time, "He hasn't sung a note since she died." Georgie rushed on to convince Elizabeth to let him help, "This is the first interest he's shown in music since then and we would be fortunate to have his help."

"Okay, he can help." Elizabeth said grudgingly as Will came back into the room.

He pulled the chair up behind Elizabeth and they began to work again. The next few hours were long for Elizabeth as she bristled under the exacting instruction of Will Darcy. The two of them argued about everything as they worked but she had to admit that the song sounded better when they were finished.

"That wasn't bad." Will said quietly as Elizabeth got up to go home, "But we have a lot more work to do and you'll need to practice a few more hours tonight." He looked toward his sister, "Georgie has homework to do and so I will play for you while you practice."

Elizabeth's eyes narrowed as she glared at Will, "I have homework to do tonight so I will have no opportunity to practice."

"Then you'll have to go in early to school and practice then as well as during your lunch hour." Will's voice was demanding.

"You've got to be kidding?" Elizabeth's eyes flashed with anger, "I'm not going to give up all of my free time for this project."

"How do you expect to improve unless you put in the time and practice?" Will's smug answer infuriated Elizabeth.

"You are the most arrogant person I have ever met." Elizabeth ranted, "You think that you know everything." Her face flushed with the anger that radiated from her body, "But you don't know anything about me."

Elizabeth grabbed her things and stalked toward the front door and opened it before she turned to glare at Will. She slammed the door behind her with a resounding thud that shook the wall.

As Elizabeth left, Will looked at Georgie, "What did I do?"

Georgie just laughed, "You were pushing her a little hard."

"No harder than I've ever pushed myself." Will said defensively.

"She's not you, Will." Georgie caught her brother's eye and wondered at the hurt she saw in the depths and something suddenly occurred to her, "You like Elizabeth, don't you?"

"Is it that obvious?" Will growled.

"Maybe only to me because I know you so well." Georgie's voice lowered as another realization struck her, "Will, Elizabeth doesn't like you and if what I heard at school is true, I don't blame her."

"That was all just a big misunderstanding." Will said sheepishly, "Besides, I've tried to explain but she won't listen to me."

"Oh Will," Georgie breathed, "I think you've put your foot in it this time."

"What am I going to do?" Will asked, "Elizabeth Bennet is the girl I could easily fall in love with."

"Well for a start," Georgie commented, "You could stop arguing with her so much."

"I don't know what you are talking about." Will said stubbornly.

"Don't think that you can fool me." Georgie countered, "You keep baiting her by saying things that you know will make her angry."

Will sighed, "Okay, you've got me there but I love see the spark of passion that lights up her eyes when she is defending her position on something." His smile reached his eyes, "She's so full of life and it's like she's bringing me back to life too."

"I know that's important because you've just been going through the motions since Mom and Dad died and my actions haven't helped matters any." Georgie looked up into his eyes, "But you have to trust me about this."

"I don't know if I can." Will admitted, "And since when did you become such an expert on these sorts of things."

"I am a girl, Will."

"That you are." He hugged his sister as he made a decision, "I'll try but I can't guarantee success."