My feet dragged as her body fell lifelessly from the cliff the sword still implanted her chest, I winced as I heard a loud splash. A large man appeared from the sky a large grin planted on his face

"I give you our winner from the 1003rd hunger games!" he cheered as the water stopped a large hover craft appeared grabbing her body from the water, her eyes were clouded, and her skin seemed as white as ever but she seemed at peace something I would never feel again. " I give you Delphinidae Porpoises!" I cringed at my own name as my own hover craft came to pick me up.

Life outside the hunger games seemed unreal, I knew I looked bad and it was even more apparent when I walked to my stylist team to see them cringe

"my god honey!" one of the women said her mouth wide open " you look like a man!" she shrieked, I bit my tongue trying not to spit acid on her.

"no worries though we will get you looking like a victor!" a man said his hair standing up from his head. They begin to apply cream over every inch of my body, then apply instant hair letting it come to its full length. They trimmed, cut, plucked, shinned and dusted ever inch of body and then combed, brushed, and patched up everywhere else. When I saw myself I could barely speak not only did I look fake, I didn't look human.

After I was ushered to a large room with a king sized bed in the middle, blue velvet covering almost everything. I laid on the bed turning and shuffling trying to get comfortable, trying to get at least a wink of sleep.

I did this for another hour till I finally fell off the bed laying in a comfortable position, I thought this would let me go to sleep, but no such luck came.

Images kept swirling in my mind Evan, Zac, Aska, Ryu, Victory, Marina; her eyes as I took her life. Arcadia listening to her scream in terror as I captured her life, and then Topaz. She had been as desperate as I was her eyes still burned in my mind what would have happened if she had stabbed me? She would be in this tortuous life, funny how we fought to the death for this life.

I wondered what her life was like before the games, her family, her friends, had she been seeing someone? I took her from all of them and now, they would never see her again because of me.

Once it became light outside I stood up getting read, before walking out into the empty hallways, I manoeuvred my way through, knowing where everything was but now there was no talk with the other tributes just silence, just me.

I got to the dinning hall my face was in a still mask as others starred at me as if I were a god, I took a seat and began to eat slowly my stomach so empty that I could hardly contain myself.

It was silent except a few murmurs

"so you're her?" a husky voice spoke, I looked up to see a man with dark black hair, and a rough face that held stubble, and deep blue eyes pierced down at me with a calculating look

"yeah" I almost whispered my voice quiet and week, he huffed

"you look like you could die from a heart attack if you saw a mouse, let alone win the hunger games" he laughed. I bit my lip trying to hold back "what's your name again?"

"Delphinidae" I said louder this time his eyes narrowed then widened

"Delphinidae of course! How could I forget sleeping beauty" he snickered "to bad you will never get to kiss your prince again" that was it, I sprung from my chair grabbing the closest sliver wear near me and pushing him into a wall pushing the knife to his throat. I heard people gasping behind me and a clatter of feet but I shut that out

"speak to me again and I wont hesitate" I growled stepping back before a guard pulled me away, he grinned straitening his jacket

"I miss read you" he said smiling " you would have a heart attack if you saw a rat."


I was on the train heading home, home. The word seemed foreign like something out of a fairy tale novel . When the train finally stopped my heart began to beat like a humming bird. The door opened to loud roar of cheering, of course a career district I had almost forgot. When I stepped out I felt a small or rather large body hit me in a tight embrace.

"DEL DEL DEL !" the crowd began to chant I looked down with tear stung eyes to see Puffer in my arms she was taller, and looked so much older her face was longer, and most of her baby fat was gone, she looked almost womanly.

"Delphinidae." she sobbed I squeezed her as Poseidon came up wrapping his large arms around me followed by my father and mother, everything was back.

But that is not it I am going to start a new story about delphinidae I got a really good idea :D I am sorry Poptart4ever! I really wanted them both to win but in the end I found more reasons to let delphinidae to win, plus do you really want the tortured life of knowing all the people who have died because of you, please follow my new story called

The mouse and rat.

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