'Why does she get so bent outta shape' Shinji thought in relaxation

Shinji was walking nonchalantly listening to his SDAT in one of the many pathways of NERV after his sync test; one that involved a very peeved Asuka. And when Asuka got angry he knew no good could come of it. Shinji really didn't care but he would like to avoid a skirmish with the hotheaded German. So he decided to walk around hoping she would be


Shinji was in the entry plug of Unit 01 currently doing a sync test. He breathed in the amber liquid with practiced ease while thinking of his current situation.

Ever since he hit 400% sync with his EVA while fighting the 14th angel, Auska had begun to treat him worse than before.

She had stayed with Hikari ever since he had returned from being absorbed by unit 01 as if she couldn't even stand to be in his presence.

At first she really didn't hate the boy, in reality she harbored feelings for Shinji she thought one day he would reciprocate these feelings, but her pride got in the way.

Because of her pride she couldn't let anyone get close to her. Her pride was in a sense her defense mechanism it was the walls around her heart.

But when he beat her sync score by so much she couldn't take it anymore and sought to make the very object of her anger suffer.

You see from the tender age of 5 Auska had trained to be the best EVA pilot she could be. She had devoted her whole life to EVA to the point where she had no childhood. All she had was EVA and nothing else.

It was when she was being transferred to Tokyo 3 that she heard from Kaji that Shinji synced with his EVA successfully AND beat an angel with no prior training, that alone had put Shinji on thin ice with her.

From When she first met him she was never really impressed with him outside of EVA.

So when he completely demolished her score completely, you could say it was like gasoline soaked matches waiting to explode.

With Auska on his case more lately Shinji had become numb not feeling anything not joy or happiness or depression or empathy just hollow all together. He didn't want to feel anything including depression.

He wouldn't lock himself in the room for months on end or anything like that no. He would interact with people but there was no life within him. It was as if Shinji had just stopped functioning on some emotional level . It was as if he had been raised like Rei and became stoic.

Shinji would still hang out with Touji and Kensuke and at least attempt to have fun but the what ifs , should have and if onlyis still warred in his mind.

But while thinking of this Shinji realized something

The truth was that he had never really tried to sync with his EVA it just felt natural to him. Like he was supposed be doing this .

On top of that it was really the only place that he found true peace. Where no one could bother him for a little while; it was his own private sanctum.

Where he could escape Auska's abuse, Misato's neglect , and just escape the weight of his life itself

At first he didn't try to sync with his EVA because he was afraid , then it was of letting everyone down , but now he didn't want to upset Auska.

But she was already pissed at him. Lately she had refused everything he cooked even going as far as to throwing boiling noodles in his face.

She also broke plates on purpose , made a mess just so he would have to clean it up, and often belted him if he refused.

But sometimes he would be beaten by her so harshly that overnights in the NERV medical wing were not uncommon. Shinji`s friends had noticed this but were powerless to do anything not wanting to feel the wrath of the red haired demon

To her he was her toy HER plaything to do with whatever she wanted. Sooooo basically made every waking moment of his life a living hell.

'Screw it' Shinji thought 'she's already pissed at me and is going to be no matter what I do' Shinji thought

For once Shinji really tried to sync with his EVA and try to beat Auska to make her know HER place for once at the slight chance it would show her what he can truly do.

He breathed the blood like liquid in greedily and gripped the controls tightly and shut his eyes in concentration. In Shinji mind his laughter could be described as crazed.

He reached out with his mind looking for something he could bond with …..and he found something.

Maya looked at the video screen of unit 01's plug and was shocked at what she saw. There sat Shinji with a smirk on his face but not just any smirk a smirk that just promised trouble.

She then looked at Shinji's sync score and gasped."Sempai come take a look at this" she said in shock

Ritsuko Akagi the resident mad scientist walked over to Maya's Terminal out of the many flickering panels in the prinbow box

"98%!" Ritsuko immediately began thinking what could have made his sync score jump so much.

Usually Shinji was depressed or in some type of turmoil and his sync score usually stayed the same but this was certainly not the case

Overhearing Ritsuko`s loud exclamation, Misato walked over to Maya's terminal to make sure she wasn't starting to hear things from her not too unusual hangover .

She almost stumbled over Maya at Shinji's score. It had never been so high before. Usually it stayed in the mid 60s with Auska in the lower 70s and Rei being Rei, hers always leveled out at 50.

Back With Shinji

Shinji saw a pulsing purple and blue flame in his mind ,burning bright and flailing wildly and it seemed to be alive. It was so dark yet bright at the same time .He reached out for it and he grasped it. It began to flow around him in a furious vortex of purple and blue flame.

He could feel the power of the titan at his very fingertips. Filling his body with raw power from its newly acquired S2 engine . He felt energized, no overcharged with power. He reveled in the power letting it fill his being.

"Sempai I'm getting strange readings from Unit 01" Maya said as her panel started beeping rapidly

"What's happening Maya" Ritsuko said being snapped out of her initial shock.

" I'm getting a strange reading from unit 01 no wait it's a red pattern!" She said frantically typing trying to figure out where this came from.

"Ritsuko what is Pattern red?" asked Misato in a mixture of awe and worry .

"It's a designation for an angel , more like a super charged angel or a large amount of power" She said after she joined Maya in her typing to figure out what the hell is going on they had never gotten any readings like this before. 'did someone in maintenance screw up' she thought.

"HA! Shinji a large amount of energy , more like a large amount of bitch Auska said with arrogance enjoying his seeming failure.

"Shut up Auska we don't have time for this right now" Misato said sharply. Auska then hpmhed and went back to concentrating to show everyone how much better she was than Shinji.

Even within the confines of Unit 01 he still heard her harsh words. Words that no matter what he did or said to appease would still keep coming. At that moment the final gear in the machine that was Shinji`s mind clicked into place completing it. Shinji had started to shake.

His head was held down low . The grip he had on the controls increased cracking them slightly. While this was happening outside , the tornado in Shinji`s mind has increased in size to titanic proportions with him in the center of it all.

"Sempai Shinji's sync is has gone up to 120!" Maya said in astonishment. She thought the only way the pilot could get his sync ratio up that far would be to be absorbed by Unit 01 but this clearly was not the case.

"Is he getting absorbed again?" Ritsuko said in with minor annoyance at having to possibly retrieve the pilot from Unit 01 once again

"NO ,if he were it would be going at a much faster rate like last time and his psychograph is only partially merged with Unit 01 it hasn't completely disappeared within it "

Maya said pointing to one of the numerous graphs that held Shinjis mental stability inside Unit 01, she then thought of the time when Shinji was absorbed, she never saw a sync ratio go up so fast and would recognize it again if she saw it for she would never forget the thunderous roar that Unit 01 released that day.

"So Shinji is doing this himself?" Misato said in disbelief

At that Auska, Ritsuko and even Rei's eyebrows raised at the mention of the meek pilot getting such a high sync ration and by himself none the less.

"It's not impossible , but it would take a considerable amount of effort on the pilots part , but Shinji in particular it would be very slim" Ritsuko said thinking of the odds.

After calculating the chances of him getting absorbed again with the current conditions along with the data being produced, she concluded that Shinji was not being absorbed she turned off the terminals that alerted them of the pattern, but made sure to record the whole event to figure out what was happening.

"No way could that useless boy get a higher sync ratio than me on his own." Auska said starting to boil with rage at the very thought. She knew he could, but not possibly on his own.

"Shinji lower your sync your tripping a lot of alarms up here" Misato said with urgency.

Shinji heard Misato and he didn't want to worry her at that Shinji let go of the flame and the controls, but he never felt the energy leave him. He could still feel the power rushing through his being. He loved the feeling and actually for the first time Shinji Ikari one of the most emo kids on the planet smiled for real.

"What's up?" said Shinji unaware of his accomplishment but what shocked the women was that he was smiling.

"The test is over, exit your entry plugs get changed and meet in room 325 for debriefing" Ritsuko said while bringing up the info from the day`s test. Shinji then flipped a few switches to complete the power down of the Evangelion. He then reached for the ejection lever on the side of the seat.

He pulled it and felt the familiar feeling of the white tube spiraling out of the bezerker`s neck. He then opened the hatch and got out. He shook his hair sending LCL flying everywhere. Shinji stretched , but something didn't feel right he felt …. stronger he could still feel the same energy running through him. He felt he could run around Tokyo 3 and not break a sweat.

He thought he should ask Ritsuko about it when he got the chance.

He then looked up and saw Auska and Rei was walking toward him.

Well Rei was walking, Auska on the other hand was stomping, everything about her from the way she held her head just screamed irritated. She was headed in Shinji`s direction ,and immediately Shinji knew what she had in mind, he thought quickly of what he could do 'Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh – wait that that might work' Shinji then backed up out of the lcl pool he created and stood there waiting for his 'trap' to unfold.

As soon as Auska`s foot hit the pool she slipped and landed flat on her back. Shinji then walked over to her and got right in her face. "Me thinks you should watch where you walk" He said with a grin.

She then tried to swat at him , but he dodged ' Did not know I could do that ,but ok not the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me he said while looking at EVA. Shinji was then brought back when Auska spoke.

"You pervert you just wanted to see me in my plugsuit" Auska said crossing her arms over her chest."

Shinji looked at her like she smoking crack. "Ummmmm Auska what is there to look at, mosquito bites , your about a cup size from being a man?" She then blushed and growled in frustration and tried to grab Shinji, but he sidestepped her as she fell into the lcl. He then started walking away. "Come back here and fight like a man" She yelled.

"And how about you kiss my ass?" Shinji said over his shoulder.' What in the heck is wrong with me' Shinji never responded with anything more than I'm sorry so this was a big surprise.

Auska tried to get up once again but feel due to the slippery substance known as lcl. She would not let that bastard get away thinking he was better than her. She grit her teeth in anger.

While Auska was having a tantrum he had already made it to the changing rooms. He peeled off the wet plug suit and headed for the showers. He turned the knobs until there was a soothing mixture of both warm and cold water.

He rolled his shoulders as the water relieved the tension in his muscles. He thought back to earlier in the sync test. He snapped, in his mind any way, for the first time Shinji had made an attempt to beat someone at something with nothing but winning in mind at that point in time losing was NOT an option in his mind.

But before then, he had realized something. The thing about Shinji`s mind was that it always fought against him , sending negative thoughts his way , making him think he was less than he actually was when in reality he was no better or worse than everybody else. Knowing this is what had given him the will to defeat his own mind, and voice his opinions against it, making his own mind realize HIS logic to why he was not what his own pessimistic mind claimed him to be.

But with this one realization, came many others which resulted in what he was now. Only thing was he really didn't know who he was , but he liked it 'And as long as I like who I am that is all that matters' He thought as he turned off the water. He then grabbed a towel and dried himself off. He then went to his locker and got dressed. He walked down the halls of Nerve to the debriefing room.

Elsewhere In Nerve

After going over the tests results rather the pattern red anomaly in particular, Ritsuko walked down the cold halls of nerve to one of the debriefing rooms her shoes filling the hall with an echo.

The children and Misato were waiting, but she still hadn't figured out what could have caused a code red.

She looked over the all the available data at least a dozen times but to no avail. She even ran it through the Magi and the results were inconclusive.

She chalked it up to a malfunction because nothing short of an angel jacked up on Coke could be higher than code blue. But Shinji's high sync worried her." Could he be losing his mind? No if that were the case then Unit 01 would have gone berserk altogether" Ritsuko was in deep thought trying to crack this thing.

If there was one thing Ritsuko Akagi liked it was a challenge.

She absolved to bring Shinji in for a battery of tests after she went over the data a couple thousand more times.

She walked into the room where Misato was standing at the head of a rectangular table with Shinji sitting across from Auska on the right and Rei at the other end of the table. She could tell that she was aggravated at Shinji's as she was carving must kill Shinji on the wooden table in kanji with no success her kanji was still clumsy and crooked.. 'She really needs PMS meds I might prescribe her some on her next physical' Ritsuko thought as she sighed at the sight

Then Ritsuko looked at Shinji he seemed to be a lot lighter in mood and seemed to be well to be happy for once. And Rei well she just looked as stoic as ever.

And Misato was just itching to get out ' to get a beer probably' Ritsuko thought

"So Ritsuko what's the prognosis" said Misato also wanting to figure out what happened

"Well after going over the data of Unit 01 having a pattern red was a malfunction" Ritsuko said while looking at her chart of the day's tests.

"Why do you say that" asked Misato

"Because after going over the data and running it through the Magi, it was agreed by them that it was a simple malfunction" no one being short of Adam could produce that type of power.

"So it was basically a fluke? But what about Shinjis sync score?" Misato said content with the answer.

"I was getting to that" She replied

Ritsuko said pressing a button on the panel at the end of the table.

The table whirred as a section in the middle brought the wood down and came up with a holoprojector.

The lights dimmed and graphs of all three pilots sync scores came up on top of the table.

Everyone in the room looked at the line graphs that were being projected. The graphs showed the pilot`s sync score over time. Rei`s was a blue line and went straight up to 50 in the average amount of time.

Auska's was a whole different story. Hers of course was in red and was very erratic.

But now we come to Shinji`s. It was in purple it stabilized very quickly at 65 percent the it damn near skipped straight to 98 then to 120.

To say Auska was pissed would be an understatement.

"Rei your doing well as always keep up the good work." Ritsuko said

Rei nodded in recognition.

"Now on to Auska`s score" Ritsuko said while pressing a button on the panel that singled out Auska`s score.

All of them saw how bad it was. . It was as if it was drawn by a very drunk kindergartener. At first it bounced between 40 and 75 and after a while it stabilized at 73.

"Auska you on the other really need to pull it together" Ritsuko said

"What do you mean" Auska spat back

"I mean that not only is your sync level constantly fluctuating but is steadily dropping as well."

Auska was radiating with pure rage at the bottle blond doctor.

"Oh well excuse fucking me for not being as perfect as the great shinji. Why do me and Wondergirl even need to be here when we have Shinji to always save the day"

"At least my sync score isn't as low as that pathetic doormat you call a male."

Shinji was broken out of his relaxation and shot Asuka a look.

" Now see that's where you're wrong" Ritsuko had had enough of the spoiled brat and decided to knock her down a notch or 2.

She pressed another button and it brought up Shinji`s score on the same graph as Asuka`s and compared it.

"As you all can see Shinji has made a very nice improvement and is now the owner of the highest synch score in a test." Ritsuko mused with amusement as she saw the flustered German.

"Yay, go Shinji" Misato said as she jumped him for a hug, she was proud of her charge that he actually beat Auska hoping it will give him a little bit of confidence 'Maybe Auska will give him a little respect now.' But Misato was sorely mistaken.

Asuka was trembling with anger like a volcano ready to blow, spewing its hot flames to all who are in its proximity.


Everyone in the room looked at Asuka to see that she had stood up slamming her chair into the wall and rammed her hand into the solid wood table.


She heaved in and out for air to fill her lungs after her childish rant. All was silent until Ritsuko decided to break the silence before Shinji could open his mouth in response.

"Actually with the data I've piled up from recent Sync tests including this one it has come to my attention that if things stay constant it will take you years to catch up to where he is now and by that time he will have reached new heights the MAGI confirms this"

Auska`s pupils shrunk to the size of peas she put her head down so that her bangs covered her eyes. Her fists balled at her sides.

Suddenly she grabbed her chair and launched it across the table at Shinji.

"SHINJI LOOK OUT" Misato screamed

The pilot looked up with a lazy smirk on his face and simply put his hand up as the chair landed in his hand stopping it dead. At that point everyone's jaw dropped even Rei`s eyebrows went up in astonishment.

Auska was speechless her mind was a complete blank. She then strode quietly out of the room. Like the calm before the storm.

"Shinji are you ok" Misato asked with concern when Auska was really angry she could really pack a punch.

"Yup never better" Shinji said with a smile as he put the chair down "Are we done I would like to use my time for things less melodramatic" He said while jerking a thumb to Asuka`s chair

Ritsuko was broken out of her stupor " Ye…..Yes you can leave"

"Misato I think I'll walk home it'll give the brat some time to cool off"

Shinji slowly got up put his hands in his pockets and walked out of the room leaving everyone stunned.

"Ok what the hell just happened is it me or has Shinji been brainwashed?" Misato shouted

"no but I would like to find out , have him come in for a physical soon" Ritsuko said still in shock at the once meek pilot`s actions.

End Flashback

Now in the present Shinji thought that enough time had passed to where Auska would have calmed down. So he began his somewhat long trek home out of NERV`s desolate halls.

He was listening to his SDAT when suddenly a thought hit him. Why in Eva`s name was he still listening to this stuff he pulled the buds out of his ear and stuffed the device into his pocket . For some odd reason Shinji wanted something a little different. He made a note to get more music.

Shinji was walking down the street on his way home with his head up and chest out , and a spring in his step. He was in too good a mood to let something as usual as Auska`s rants or anything for that matter bring him down. It was nothing new that she had treated him like crap and berated him when he only tried to be her friend. He had realized that now. It wasn't as if he purposely tried to piss her off, well not piss her off just show her he wasn't some pushover, pissing her off was just a bi product of that.

What right did she actually have to be mad at him? What had he done to actually deserve to be treated as he was by her? Okay he got a higher sync ratio than her big friggin deal he had never wanted to pilot in the beginning but he realized that if he wouldn't do it who else could? These were the thoughts running through his head. Shinji rationalized the whole situation and came to the conclusion that her reactions to him period were never his fault he always tried to be a good friend and person to Auska but she just spat it back into his face.

After he felt like a completely new person, This burden that he used to shoulder was now lifted. The Sunset that was cast over the streets of Tokyo 3 was somewhat symbolic to Shinji . Out with the old and in with the new. Because today was the last day he would deal with Auska and her childish ways. He would fight back , revolt take charge of his life and not let his life control him.

At Home

Shinji entered the flat and took off his shoes. He looked around and saw that Misato wasn't home 'that's a big surprise' and Auska was in her room probably sulking. He wasn't really hungry and he wouldn't cook for someone who wouldn't appreciate it so he went ahead and made his way to his room. He opened the door emptied his pockets onto his desk and laid face down on his bed.

'Ahhhhhh sweet rest how I have missed you' Sync tests were usually long and tiring. Shinji thought he would relax maybe nap a little before he would do something. 'Maybe ill go out and do something not good to just stay inside all the time'

His train of thought was broken when he heard angry footsteps stomping down the hall towards his room 'AWWWWWWW $h! # do I really gotta deal with the demon now'

At that Shinji`s door slid open to the point where they almost ran off of their rails.

There in the door way with her hands on her hips in cutoff shorts and a t-shirt was none other than a very pissed off Auska.

She glared at him and he just looked back. His storm blue eyes piercing into her ocean blue eyes( don't really know the difference they're confusing to me)

The silence reined the room until Auska finally broke it.

"Food Now"

Shinji looked at her than her hands

"Umm you could ask a little bit nicer and what's wrong with your hands they work don't they?" he said in a level tone.

Auska was taken aback a little back by the response but quickly regained her composure.

"Because you're a housebroken male who should be grateful that he can serve and be in the presence of the Great Auska Langely Sorhyu . Now get your scrawny ass in the kitchen"

Shinji`s glare intensified Auska flinched back visibly. He stood up and walked up to her until he was within an arms length of her.

Shinji had had enough of Auska he was sick of his life ,of how the people around him treated him even though he gave so much, this shit changed NOW.

"Ok let's get this straight" He said with pure venom dripping from his voice.

"I choose to do all of the things I do for you and Misato, I do it because believe it or not I actually care for you 2, well I used to care for you Auska I actually thought we could be friends maybe more."

Auska`s breath caught in her throat. She had always thought of expressing her feelings for Shinji but something always stopped her. It was either her pride thinking he was unworthy , or it was the fear of rejection , of being left alone again. She would have never thought in a million years that Shinji would have liked her, not for her not her body or her surface but liked her for her. But the thought of them being together was shattered as he continued.

" I give and give and all you do is take and take. It wasn't until now that I found out what you really are. He said in a deadly whisper his anger rising at a steady pace. Shinji was standing still his head straight up chest out trying to defy Auska in all ways possible.

"You're nothing but a little girl who's scared of her own shadow, so insecure that she makes other people feel like shit just so you can wake up in the morning not giving a damn about other people.

You also claim to be so great what so great about you any way, your greedy, a narcissist ,annoying , egotistical, lazy and you call me a pervert yet you walk around here dressed like a damn slut, and you throw yourself at Kaji an older man that Misato has been with, yet you call her a slut for being with Kaji and to top it all of you have a inferiority complex.?"

" Well at least I'm not a housebroken BITCH, who has daddy issues. (SPITOO) , You make me sick Third child your lucky to even be in the presence of the best eva pilot "She said as she spat in his face

" See this proves my point exactly. He said while wiping the spit off his face .You're not the best Eva pilot either. Not to brag or anything but my record speaks for itself , and you know it you put me down for having the one thing you want. Kind of ironic really that the person you claim to be so weak is what you really want to be." He said with a scowl.

"I'm really sick of it, so as of now I cut all ties with you, you may as well be a stranger on the street because I'm tired of trying to be your friend and getting beat up because of it , im tired of you and your ego , most of all I'm just plain fucking tired of you."

Shinji inhaled to replace air used for his speech. Through the whole speech Auska could say nothing to prove to him that he was in fact wrong, That only fueled her anger.

"Now if youll excuse me I have better things to do than screw around with you" He said

Auska was stock still from listening to the tirade her face going from shock straight to anger. Her fists were balled up and shaking at her sides. Her face twisted into a snarl she lunged at Shinji fist raised to strike.

Shinji saw this coming and with speed that once again surprised himself he blocked her fist with his forearm.

She was shocked but her rage did not falter as she raised her other hand and punched Shinji caught that one as well.

"No more, like I said im done" Auska looked into the eyes of Shinji and saw such animosity. Gone was her Shinji , gone was the boy who bent to her will.

He then raised his foot and extended it into her stomach. The 'this is Sparta kick' had so much power she flew down the hall skidding along the floor until she eventually came to a stop.

Her insides where burning as she coughed up a bit of bile she knew he cracked a rib maybe 2. 'What happened to my Shinji' Her Shinji the shinji she knew would never strike her.

She eventually blacked out from the pain.

Shinji looked at the crumpled form of Auska and closed his door. He calmed himself down and just decided to get ready for bed he didn't feel like doing anything else.

He laid down and succumbed to sleep. That night no nightmares bothered the young Ikari.

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"Shinji this is madness!" Auska said fear evident in her eyes

Shinji smirked at her and said " Madness? No THIS IS EVANGELION!" and kicked her into a pool of lcl