Author's Notes: Well I'm back people! First of all I want to apologize to my fans for waiting so long to update, but because of certain circumstances (technical difficulties,school, life) I had to take a break, but I still continued to work in silence. So here is the next installment of Ikari Unleashed. Also look out for updates on Days of Daze as well. Thanks for your loyalty and enjoy the read :D

Shinji opened his eyes to black void all around him, the air crisp and humid. He found himself standing alone in a horizon of darkness. He raised his arm up and lit it up in plasma. He saw the hard concrete ground he was standing on. It was hard to tell where the floor started and the 'sky' ended. It was

His eyes adjusted to the darkness when they were forced to adapt again as a bright teal flame lit in front of him.

Shinji shielded his eyes as the flame toned down a bit. Shinji moved His hands from in front of his face. He saw a female figure in front of him, made completely out of flame. The figure did not have a face or any discerning features save for the outline of 'her' hair.

"Shinji ." The voice cooed. The figure raised an arm towards him, palm outward.

She was a confusing and ethereal sight to Shinji. His mouth was agape and his eyes wide in bewilderment.

Shinji felt an ache in his heart, a flood of nostalgia hit him straight in the chest as he tried to remember.

"Shinji!" A voice yelled.

Shinji rolled onto the side of the roof roughly as he was pulled from his dream.

His eyes opened and dilated to the light around him."Shinji, get up!"

Shinji rolled onto his stomach and got onto his hands and knees . His hands were burnt black from ripping into the angel with his bare hands, and he had a gash in his left shoulder from a stray angel piece. Despite his physical state, his clothes were relatively intact having only minor rips and tears here and there.

"Arh!" Shinji grunted as he lifted himself to his feet, grasping his shoulder with his right hand.

"Rise and shine, we have to move." The voice continued.

Shinji looked to the origin of the voice as his eyes blurred his vision clear. Shinji saw Shadow standing right near him, holding a large piece of the angel that had almost killed him.

Shinji looked all around him , ears still ringing. Their were small fires scattered through ought the roof, giant shards of angel littered on top.

Shadow glared at the boy before he felt his cell phone ring in his pocket. He glared at it as he pulled it out roughly from his pocket and answered it.

"I'm a little preoccupied at the moment." He said gruffly into the phone.

"Screw that while I was snooping around in our friends office I overheard something on the P.A. looks like their sending forces to your location and from what I can infer your looking at about a dozen or so attack VTOLS heading your way." A mystery voice spoke quickly through the phone.

"Damn , didn't think they'd re act this fast." Shadow growled as he heard the scream of the aircrafts' turbine engines approaching.

"We'll what did you expect! Did you see what he did?! He's a threat to them, this is something that completely blow their scenario to smithereens. You need to get your ass out of there now!"

"Roger." Shadow said as he hung up and tucked his phone back into his jacket.

"Shinji' we have to go, SEELE is coming and we have to get you out of here." Shadow spoke hurriedly. He had to get Shinji medical attention, for some reason his healing hadn't kicked in yet.Something that Shadow made a mental note of.

"Come on Shinji," Shadow said pulling his friends good arm over his back and helping him stand. He had to get to his hide out in able to let Shinji rest and regroup. He concentrated as he got ready to transport himself and Shinji.


The roof was torn to shreds as the first VTOL arrived and started spraying with it's 20mm cannon.

Shinji pushed himself away from Shadow as a hail of bullets split the ground beneath them.

"Well this day just got better."He groaned as he saw the other 10 VTOLs circle around the roof, joining the previous one. Their guns started spinning in preparation and fired upon the two. They made haste towards the access door all whilst dodging a hail of bullets.

Hard chunks of roof was propelled under their heels as the rounds impacted the roof.

They made it to the door and Shinji kicked it off it's hinges as they hauled ass into the stair well.

"Oh yeah I just got done fighting an angel just to die at the hands of the people in attack helicopters that I don't even know. Perfect!" Shinji yelled as he hopped down the stairs, Shadow following quickly behind him.

They had made their way down several flights of stairs, but with it being one of tallest buildings in Tokyo three, it wasn't easy.

"Stop bitching and follow me." Shadow said as he grabbed the railing and hopped over it , sending him flying down the stairwell shaft.

Shinji groaned and followed. He leapt down right as the top of the shaft exploded in a all of fire, from a VTOL rocket none the less.

Debris rained above Shinji as he was quickly making his way down the shaft. He could see the bottom and braced himself for impact.

Shinji pushed as he landed, trying to cushion the fall with as much leg strength as possible. He then looked up to see fiery chunks of rock and steel on top of his head. He looked forward to see a doorway and hopped through it as the debris made contact with the floor, sending him careening several feet forward. Landing him flat on his stomach a few feet outside of the door frame that was now melting from the intense heat of the fire.

"I think that's the what ,3rd time I've almost died today .Yup I'd say that's about right." He said as he stood up, he looked around and found himself inside a large lobby of some sort, with a service desk in the middle and sections of chairs along the walls .Shadow was standing a few feet ahead of him. Shinji studied him for a moment, he had a grim look on his face. His brow furrowed in anger and his lips pressed into a thin line.

" What's wrong with you?" Shinji asked as he limped over to him. Despite his efforts he still wasn't as Shadow and thus injuring himself slightly.

Shadow said nothing . Instead he lashed his arm out and grabbed one of Shinji's shoulders before quickly teleporting them away in a swirl of black flame.

As soon as they disappeared, multiple gas canisters broke the glass of the center entrance, sliding in various places whilst spreading a smokescreen in the room.

As the cloud covered the room in white, several men garbed in black wearing gas masks rushed into the room. They dispersed and covered the room, sweeping the room with their weapons as they searched for their target.

But as the smoke cleared they found that they were the only ones in the room.

"Sir, we are all clear, there seems to be no signs of the target." A soldier said into his mic.

"Damn it! Return to base camp and await further instructions" Azazel yelled into his head set, before forcibly ripping it from his head and slamming it against the cockpit of the VTOL he was in.

His sudden jerking movement sent pain through the injured side of his face and jaw where Shinji's hot fist impacted days before. He grabbed his wound. The doctors had done what they could. They had re grafted his face with Skin from his leg and reset his jaw, healing the fractures with injections of a amino acid that re structured his jaw, but his face still had slight scarring as a result.

Despite the doctors advice of bed rest and temporary leave, he returned to his job the next day; Hunting Shinji Ikari.

His ego had been bruised that after a second attempt, he had failed yet again in what seemed like a simple task. The SEELE committee had complained to him for hours on end. But he didn't care, he knew unless they had some one better or more qualified, which as far he knew there wasn't. They would keep using him for their own agenda.'

But after his superiors saw what he already knew, he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. He smiled a n evil toothy smirk as he grabbed his headset from the side of his foot where it had landed.

As he did he heard the pilots voice in his ears again. "Sir, there's been a breach at the base sir. Reports indicate that it was your office."

"Get us back to base, double time!" He said to the pilot as he maneuvered the combat craft around and into the opposite direction.


Shinji and Shadow appeared in his underground hide out. Shinji exclaimed a breath of air.

"You really have to warn me when you do that." He said as he put his hands on his knees, panting for air.

"You get used to it." Shadow said as he laid the angel shard down on a table near his computer workstation near his other, half working/prototype inventions.

He started typing in commands into the station's terminal. The table the shard was on lit up in a dim white light as it scanned the shard down to a molecular level.

Shadow's eyes scanned over the data in front of him .

"So can you tell me what's going on?" Shinji asked.

"Simple, SEELE is out for you now. Whether or not they're out to kill you or capture, but either way it seems like they've approved the use of lethal force." He replied as he continued to stare at the computer as it spewed information on the shard.

"You should be safe here though. I built this place head to toe. Were deep enough underground that most sensors can't pick us up." Shadow said, pride evident in his voice.

"Huh as safe as that is to know, I'm still trying to grasp this whole secret organization that seems to have a witch hunt out for my head. Who are these people anyway?" He said as he made his way past Shadow towards a nearby cabinet adjacent to Shadow's workstation where he retrieved a first aid kit he kept there in case of an emergency.

"They aren't just anyone Shinji. SEELE is a collection of the world's most powerful men. Each of them dominating in their sector of expertise. Stocks, Military, Politics, anything and everything you could think of at least one of these men have there hand in it." Shadow replied.

"From the information I've gathered so far, most of there actions have somehow involved N.E.R.V., the evangelions, and …. it's pilots." Shadow said.

By this time Shinji was rummaging through the first aid kit for something to treat his hands with, but stopped as his eyes widened. He could hear it in Shadow's voice. It was clear as day to Shinji; he was hiding something.

Shinji stopped what he was doing and leveled a glare at Shadow's side as he continued to type into his computer, still analyzing the shard he stopped from piercing his chest.

Shadow cursed himself in his head as he felt Shinji's glare burning into his side. He knew that Shinji had a right to know what he had found out as he tried to piece together what SEELE's plan may be, but in doing so he had unintentionally found the answer to a question that Shinji had been looking for since he was 4 years old.

"Spill it.." Shinji said. His voice hard and concise as the temperature in the room dropped. Shinji had no such illusion that he controlled what happened and what will happen to him, but finding out that a group of men did angered Shinji on some level. As his blood slowly rose to a boil, he could feel Daedalus' Force unbinding itself from his core and running wild with his storming emotions.

Shadow stopped typing as he took note of the weight he felt firmly pressed upon his shoulders. He weighed his options in his head. He either told Shinji the truth, or lie and have it backfire on his at a later, much more crucial point in time.

Shadow sighed and dropped his head before he turned to look Shinji in the eye. "Like I said my whole objective this far has been to stop SEELE. I didn't know what they were doing until I was able to connect several major incidents that I always ended up tracing back to them in some way. Which is what initially made me suspicious." He said his voice taking a sympathetic tone, that put Shinji on edge.

"So what does this have to do with me?" He said as he heard his jaw creak , not realizing how hard he was clenching his teeth,

Shadow sighed again. "I think SEELE had something to do with your mom's death." He finally spat out.

Shadow watched as Shinji's eyes dilate back and forth in a mixture of fear and anger. But before Shinji could recoup himself Shadow continued.

"I'm not sure how or why, and I wont be until I can get more information." He said in a firm voice trying to calm the boy.

But Shinji's brain was already in high gear. If Shadow was right, then that would mean this SEELE was the cause of everything. He formed a fist with his hand as he heard his own knuckles pop.

As Shinji's rage silently built Shadow continued. "All I know right now is that their trying to complete something called the human instrumentality project, and I know you and unit 01 are an essential piece."

He paused before continuing.

"Until I can gather more information, I only have assumptions, so until my source makes contact we should just sit tight and-"

But shadow was cut off as he saw the rage in Shinji's eyes as they bled to purple. He heard a series of crackles as Shinji's wounds started to seal up as purple lightning trailed over his injuries. But it didn't stop there, the boy had pulses of lighting flailing off of him in wild arcs as his emotions ran with him.

Shadow was in shock. "I was wondering when his healing would kick in. He has an amazing amount of energy he can output at one time, but he hasn't mastered it's manipulation.' Shadow surmised in his head.

'He has all of this energy, but at his current level, he only has a finite amount of control over it' Shadow thought as Shinji's hands crackled as his injuries were healed. 'But he's improving, at a rapid rate I might add...'

Before Shadow could reply, his computer terminal started to ring. He turned around and hit a button.

"Talk, did you get it yet?" Shadow spoke.

"That's actually why I'm calling. I visited our friends office, but apparently it wasn't as easy as I thought. I got the package and Im pretty sure no one saw me, but unfortunately I have one-



Shadow sighed. "They cut off all of your escape routes didn't they?" He said as he rubbed his temples.

"Yeah, and if my gut is right Azazel already has wind of it ,and is on his way here to corner my ass himself." The mystery voice said as more gunfire could be heard in the background.

Shinji turned his head to Shadow as he snapped out of his rage, his lightning dispelling as he tried to match the familiar voice to a name or even a face. Shinji's eye's widened as it finally clicked.


"Hey Shinji nice to here your up and at em again." The man said as he exchanged clips before changing positions and firing more rounds towards the end of the hall.

"How far are you away from the nearest exit?" Shadow interrupted.

"About 40 meters, but by the time I finish wiping these guys out and get topside, Azazel and his crew of VTOLs are gonna be bearing down on me with heat seekers and mini guns!" He huffed as he ran towards the access elevators.

"And I don't think he's going to be too stingy with them either." The roughly shaven man said as he entered the car and hit the button to close the doors just as a hail of gunfire came upon him. Kaji reached into his jacket and retrieved a cigarette as the car started to move towards the surface.

"So I hope you have some bright ideas or my goose is cooked." Kaji said as he lit his cigarette.

Shadow knew he could simply teleport the man out of there, problem was unless he had a precise energy lock or been to that specific place before ,he could end up with in between this place in the next, and possibly in millions of pieces.

With that fact in mind, he immediately threw the idea out of the window.

Shinji on the other hand was mixed between panic and anger. Anger at what he had learned and panic that he might loose the opportunity to find out more. He calmed himself and regained his focus, as he started to formulate a plan.

That's when Shadow saw a purple light bulb made of energy appear above Shinji's head.

"Kaji if we somehow distracted Azazel, would that be enough time for you to get out?" He asked.

Both men were silent until Kaji spoke up deciding to humor the lad. "If you kept him busy long enough I probably could bust out of here, but that's highly unlikely seeing as he has superior fire power."

Shinji smiled and quirked an eyebrow. "You just leave that to me." He said .

"You just get ready to haul ass understood?" Shinji said making Kaji smirk. He seemed to have grown up behind his back when he wasn't looking. He chuckled as he took a drag off of his cig before speaking. "Yes sir." Kaji then hung up his phone and smiled as he took his earpiece out.

"Let's see what the kid has up his sleeve." He said with amusement laced in his voice.

Shadow closed out the window and looked at Shinji and sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. Shadow knew Shinji was of a tenacious breed of person, until of late a trait that had only shown itself under certain circumstances. But now he found himself regretting it as he knew Shinji was too close to the truth of his mother's death as well as the people who were responsible to simply sit on his hands and wait.

'But he can't do it alone' Shadow thought to himself. Shinji was strong, that much was clear, but he would need more than just his fists to take down SEELE not to mention Azazel's attack force.

Shadow's gaze turned to the angel shard on the table, and the gears in his head started to turn. 'It could be useful...but I wouldn't have enough time and I don't know enough about it yet .' He thought as he shook his head.

He would have to use something from his personal arsenal. He turned back to his terminal and punched a few buttons .Shinji was about to ask what Shadow was doing until he heard a hiss come from behind him. He turned around to face one of the many tables shadow had in the lab portion of his hideout.

A rectangle appeared in the metal as a foot wide drawer slid out towards Shinji. A glint of silver hit his eyes as the drawer fully opened. Inside were a pair of gauntlets.

The gloves were fingerless and armored as well, made to perfectly fit the wearer's hand, but still allowed full flexibility to the wrist and fingers. Connected to the gloves were forearm guards that was made from the same smooth, unmarked metal as the gloves that wrapped fully around the user's forearm ,tapering in squarely as it neared the end of the users elbow.

"I built them a while back . They're a prototype made from steel that I modified before heating it. By changing they way the atoms were arranged in the metal, I could use it amplify my energy. But the problem I kept having was that it was hard for me to continuously push energy into them to do what I wanted at the time. My best guess is that my powers aren't tuned to work that way, but if my hunch is right it may work with you."

Shinji turned his gaze away from the gauntlets. "What do you mean?"

"Shinji if you haven't noticed you're able to manipulate and produce massive amounts of plasma energy, specifically lightning. Now you may not be able to control it to your full potential, if your constantly draining your energy into them-.."

"Then I would be able to not only control my energy, but amplify it at the same time." Shinji finished .

"Exactly. But were going to need more than that if were going to take on 11 VTOLS. I have no idea how we're going to pull this one off." He said his voice laced with dread.

Meanwhile Shinji had pulled the gauntlets onto both arms. As soon as they were on Shinji felt them tap into his energy ,drawing it out of his body and amplifying it's power at his very fingertips.

His hair stood on end as he felt a twinge of excitement go up his spine. "Don't worry all we need is a little muscle." He said as a shit eating grin broke out onto his face.


Misato, Ritsuko, and the present bridge crew were flabbergasted at what they had just witnessed. Not only did they see Shinji take down an angel bare handed, but also him getting gunned down by U.N. VTOLS.

To say the least they were shocked, but as always Misato was the first to recover.

"Hyuga get the J.S.D.F on the horn and see just what the hell is going on.I want to know why they have 11 attack VTOLs attacking our pilot .Maya, get over their with Ritsuko and see if you can't track down Shinji, and Aoba. I want you to scan the grid and see if you can't get a lead on those VTOLs. And somebody please get the retrieval team to pull Asuka out of the damn street!" She barked out.

The bridge crew got to work, carrying out their orders with haste.

"Why the hell would they be attacking Shinji?" Misato wondered as she stared at the main monitor showing the smoking building Shinji was on top of moments ago.

"Maybe they think he's an angel." Ritsuko chimed in from behind a nearby terminal as she was typing at a frantic speed.

"That wouldn't make sense. Unless we call in for backup, their supposed to leave all angel situations to NERV."

"No response from the J.S.D.F ma'am." said Hyyuga.

"Try it again." Misato replied trying not to grit her teeth from frustration fueled by her confusion She needed answers and she needed them now.

"I did, but the line keeps dropping out each time." He responded back.

"Damn it!"

"I got a lock on Shinji!" Ritsuko said triumphantly.

Misato whirled her head around to Ritsuko. "Where is he."

"He's just outside the business district, and he's moving fast, really fast." Maya replied.

"That's near his last location. But why would he be going back?" She pondered aloud.

"I found the VTOL's ma'am, their just inside district?"

"What the hell is going on down there .Aoba I need a visual of that location."

"Putting it on the main screen now."

The view changed to that of Downtown Tokyo 3, all of the citizens were still inside the shelters so the streets were empty that is until of course a black figure rose over the horizon. The figure revealed itself to be an all black mustang screaming down the street at break neck speed. But it wasn't the car that confused the viewers, rather it's hood ornament.

"Shinji!?" Misato yelled gripping the railing in front of her, not believing what she was seeing.

On the hood of the car was Shinji, crouched with his feet planted and his gauntlet covered hands gripping the lip of the hood ,his borrowed black shirt fluttering in the high speed wind as Shadow sat behind the wheel.

"You ready!" Shinji yelled over the wind to Shadow as the VTOL's came within his sight..

"Let's do this partner." Shadow said as he popped the clutch and shifted into a new gear, the engine roaring in response.

As if on cue the speakers started to blare music .(Sabotage-Beasty boys)

The car quickly came to face the front of the pack of VTOLs.

"Sir there's a car traveling at high speed directly towards us." Azazel's pilot alerted him.

He snapped to attention, squinting his eyes in an attempt to recognize the vehicle.

His eyes widened as the realization hit him but smirked none the less.

"You have to be stupider than I thought Ikari. All units fire on the mustang now!" He yelled into the com.

Their response was prompt as all of the VTOL's opened fire with their gattling guns, red hot lead streaking it's way to it's target

It was then that Shinji pushed himself off the front of the hood forward ,high into the air, streaks of lighting trailing after him as he quickly ascended into the air. Meanwhile, the VTOL's gunfire bounced harmlessly off the mustang's armored shell.

His jump propelled him directly over the VTOLs. As he reached the apex of his flight, he turned himself upside down with both of his hands outstretched.

His gauntlets crackled with purple arcs before Shinji let loose with two bolts of plasma, both of them lancing downwards at incredible speeds.

Each bolt found it's home in the tail of two of the VTOLs, throwing them into the side of a building where they cascaded to the streets below immobilized.

Shinji continued his arc and started to descend quickly to the ground below. But before he came into contact with the ground, Shadow came barreling down the street with his arm sticking out of the driver's side window. Shinji locked hands with Shadow and pulled himself onto the roof of the car as if he had been doing it all his life.

"Gotcha!" He said triumphantly as he continued to race down the streets of Tokyo 3.

"We're not out of the woods yet , we got company!" He yelled as a hail of gunfire ripped up the concrete on their left side.

Shinji regained his bearings and rose to his feet, standing with both legs shoulder width, he stared down the fleet of VTOLs as they gained on them, hot tracer rounds bouncing off the body of the mustang and the concrete than ran parallel to it.

"All remaining units I want Ikari taken down by any means necessary!" Azazel barked into the com.

The fleet responded by releasing a torrent of missiles from the pods hidden away in pods mounted on the upper wings nearest to the hull on both sides.

Shinji watched as the volley of explosive projectiles neared him. His gauntlets made a high pitched whine as he charged them up before slamming his hands together in front of him. From the edge of his fingers a plasma charged wave emerged, detonating the missiles on impact midair.

Shinji smirked before tapping his foot on the roof of the car. "Make a left at the next corner, we need to break their line of sight!" He yelled.

Shadow wasted no time. He down shifted gears and turned the wheel left, not once letting off of the gas thus making the back end swing out before he reigned in the beast.

"Sir that wave knocked out our targeting systems, we have to switch to manual. It must have been some kind of emp blast." Said one of the units through the com.

"Damn it, that means our side winders are practically useless then ."Azazel said as he tried to think. "Ok ,Kunta squad Zeta squad, break formation and try to flank him from both sides. My squad you stay on that mustang and unload everything at the back end of that car!"

Shinji saw two packs of VTOLs break off from the main unit , but couldn't follow where they went as the main group started firing again.

Shinji saw the full on barrage composed of rockets and hot lead and his eyes widened.

"Go,go,go,go,go!" He said frantically as he stomped on the hood. Shadow increased his speed, the landscape around them a mixed blur of buildings and cars.

Meanwhile the salvo had caught up to them. Shinji grit his teeth and pushed more energy into his gauntlets, they cackled with energy before he brought both of his arms up in front of him in a double armed block, before a circular translucent shield appeared in front of him to block the incoming hail of gunfire.

After the hail of gunfire passed,he split the shield into two, one hovering just above each his forearms. As the missiles came upon him, he merely deflected them with his shields, hitting them hard enough to deflect their flight path, yet not hard enough to detonate them .

"Hey Shadow could you possibly stay any more still so they can blow my skull off!" Shinji complained on the roof as he continued to block the oncoming hell fire..

Shadow sneered and then smiled as he popped the clutch, shifting into reverse as He swung the car around.

Shinji turned around and righted himself. "Oh hardy fucking har!" He yelled before rearing back with his left hand.

Gripped in his hand was a purple bolt, almost 5 ft long crackling with arcs of energy. He launched it forward towards the oncoming squad of VTOLs . The bolt screamed through the sky passing through the fleet, shearing off one of the VTOL's left wing.

Shinji dug his heels into the roof of his car as Shadow swung the car rightward. It was then that the two squads reappeared, blindsiding the mustang on both sides with a salvo of missiles smack dad in the middle of in intersection. Shinji grit his teeth.

"Why do you fuckers have to be so difficult! Just get out of my way!" Shinji yelled . He gathered energy in both hands. He thrust his arms downward, drawing 4 shards of pure plasma out of thin air into each hand.

He crossed both arms before throwing them in opposite directions. The shards flew like white lightning, speeding through the air to meet the missiles coming from both sides. Shinji closed his fists and as if on command the shards split into hundreds of pieces before detonating in a explosions so massive that it disabled not only the missiles , but knocked the VTOLs from where they originated out of the sky, sending them down to the street in tattered wrecks with their frames bent and mangled.

"GODDAMNIT!" Azazel yelled.

"Sir, I just got word from HQ. They want you to hault the pursuit and return to base." Azazel's pilot said.

Azazel went quiet , he was deathly still.

"Sir?" He asked cautiously.

It was then that the man was suddenly launched out of the cockpit, his ejection system activated.

Azazel smiled and took control of the VTOL, zeroing in on the black mustang with the rest of his fleet following closely behind.

Shinji smirked before he grabbed the drivers side of the roof and hauled himself into it's seat. Just as Shadow teleported to the passenger side.

"So is that all you have to this plan of yours?" Shadow said as he saw the VTOL's hot on their trail firing their gattling guns again with vengeance.

"Nope, we're just getting to the fun part." Shinji said with a face splitting smile as he down shifted and quickly turned , throwing the car into an intense drift as a missile launched by one of the VTOL's passed just inches away from hitting the back end of the car.

Shinji slid the car straight as a detonation rang out behind them, momentarily overpowering the sound of the Mustang's roaring engine as well as shattering the glass of the back window. Shinji shifted up, pushing the car to it's limits as Azazel and his remaining four VTOLs bared down on him.

They hammered out their remaining salvo, missiles rained down from the sky as Shinji swerved from side to side as Azazel scorched the street black.

"Yeah Shinji this was a great plan, I don't know how I Didn't think of it myself. MAYBE BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING INSANE!" Shadow yelled as Shinji dodged the hellfire.

"That's the point!Isn't this fun!" Shinji replied with a giddy laugh.

He shifted up before his phone rang. He flipped open and answered.


"I don't know what you guys did, but whatever it was it got their attention, I'm home free Shinji.I have the data but I need Ritsuko to de encrypt it so I'm headed to NERV now." Kaji said over the phone, joy present in his voice.

"Good, we'll meet up later, but for now I have to get Azazel off my ass." Shinji said as he looked at the fleet of 3 VTOL's that still remained in his rear view mirror.

"How do you plan on doing that?"

"I'll tell you about it later .If I live through this that is." He said before he hanging up.

Shinji looked at Shadow, his eyes calm and serious. Out of nowhere he then slammed on the brakes, tires screeched against the pavement as the VTOL fleet behind them shot over them.

Azazel commanded the last of his fleet to turn around and they stopped. Lined up wing to wing, nearly a quarter mile away from Shinji.

To Shadow's surprise he reared back with his leg , and kicked the windshield with his foot .Removing the already fractured glass from it's frame. The rest of the car wasn't faring too well. Both headlights were blown out, the body was riddled with dents. But besides the aesthetics , the car was still solid, it's engine idling strongly and ready for more.

"Look I have one, exactly one escape plan, but Azazel's in the way right now, so we're going to have to do this the hard way. When I give you the signal, you blow out the front tire on your side."

"And what exactly do you plan to do?" Shadow said as if he was almost afraid to ask.

"You leave that to me." He said before down shifting into first. He pressed on the gas, revving the engine twice.

"Seems like Ikari wants to play chicken!" Azazel said before his fleet started to advance.'This is it, you got nowhere to run now Ikari.' Azazel thought to himself in glee as if his victory was already within hand.

Shinji started to slowly add pressure to the gas pedal, slowly but surely the roar of the engine grew as the tires started to spin. As they spun, smoke collected in a large white cloud

Misato looked on at the scene with amazement as well as confusion. "What is he planning , there's no way he can take on a VTOL head on like that unless..." Misato's eyes widened as she recognized where exactly Shinji was positioned.

It was then that Shinji launched from his spot. The front end lifted into the air, clearing the ground as the torque of the beast sent the car rocketing forwards. When the front wheels came into contact with the ground again, he shifted again.

He had his foot glued to the floor, only letting off of it to shift upwards again. He ran through the gears, redlining each time before he shifted, trying to get the car up to it's maximum speed as fast as possible.

As the gap closed ,Azazel and his fleet resumed firing at Shinji. Only this time it was just with their gattling guns, as their missile salvo was depleted.

Shinji did not waver. He weaved slightly, but continued head on as lead bounced off of the hull.

As the two neared it looked as if they would both intersect but then...

"AOBA! activate UC-94 and rotate it 23 degrees. !" She said.

The tech followed through swiftly.

From the street an unmanned EVA sized cover revealed itself, angling right in front of the speeding mustang. Shinji hit the ramp at 160 mph, launching the car into the air aimed directly at the middle of the fleet where Azazel was positioned.

"NOW!" Shinji yelled. As soon as he said it Shadow blew out the front tire on his side , with Shinji following suit by doing the same to the one on his side. The car flew over Azazel where t made contact with the top of his hull, behind the cockpit.

The blunt force of the bare rims combined with the force of the car sheared deep into the back of the VTOL on each side. So deeply so that both wings were severed from the body.

As the wingless bird began it's descent to the ground below, Shinji and Shadow continued there arc , headed straight into the ground.

"Well we got Azazel but looks like were gonna die now." Shadow said shaking his head.

"No we're not, just sit back and relax." Shinji said calmly as he crossed his hands behind his back as the car sailed towards the ground.

The car hit the ground, slamming right into it. But to Shadows surprise , it was not the ground that smashed them, but they who smashed through it!

They had broken right through the false street into an emergency launch vent for the Evas. The car continued to fall vertically, headed straight towards the Eva cages where it smashed into a vacant spot with a thunderous sound.

The techs around were surprised to say the least , but despite their awe they continued to watch the car for movement.

The smoke from the impact started to clear. The mustang sat there unmoving, quiet and still. As everyone thought the worse, the passenger side door ripped off it's hinges as it's occupant stepped out of the car.

"I am never , EVER, getting in the car with you again!" Shadow yelled.

It was then that two gauntlet covered hands grabbed the roof of the car. Shinji pulled himself out through the window.

"Hey it worked right?And by the way your paying for that door." He said in a drop dead serious voice.

It was then he noticed all of the nearby techs looking at him, eyes wide after seeing what the meek boy had done.

"Yo." (Song end)

D.O.D(NERVE Command Bridge)

Shinji and Shadow were standing beforeMisato, Her gaze baring down on both of them.

"Do you both have any idea how stupid and hair brained you are!?" Misato yelled.

"Actually ma'am this was Shinji's idea, I just back him up, but I take no credit in coming up with any of this." Shadow said.

"Sell out" Shinji grumbled.

"Shut up! I don't even know who you are, but you on the other hand!" She said pointing to Shinji.

"How do you figure that you can not only take out an angel bare handed, but 10 VTOLs as well!"

"11" He shot in.

"It doesn't matter. What were you thinking Shinji,if I hadn't realized where you were ,I wouldn't have been able to deploy that cover." Misato said with her hands on her hips.

"Wait wait wait, you mean to tell me you didn't know about his plan?" Shadow asked.


"I know you knew about the Eva shaft being a pilot and all, but how did you know that Misato would raise that cover?" Shadow asked

"Well I didn't, I gambled on it and it was a part of the plan .I mean most of it was based on an old world war two tactic that the germans used, but the last part was as complete luck." Shinji said rubbing the back of his head.

Every one in the immediate viscinity face palmed.

"What did I say?" Shinji said raising his gauntlet covered hands in a confused manner.

"Shinji you have exactly four seconds to tell me what is going on, or I am launching your ass with the Eva catapult!" Misato threatened, fist raised high in the air/

"I think I can help in that area." A smooth voice interjected that in turn made Misato's eye twitch.

"Hey Kaji." 'Saved by the bell' He thought to himself.

"Wait a minute...were you two in on this?"

"...I plead the fifth." Shinji said simply.

Misato growled at the boy.

"Now hold up Misato, Shinji didn't know anything, the only way he found out was because he was with Shadow. Now you and Shinji can go at it later but right now we have business to attend to."He said walking forward towards Ritsuko who was still stationed at her terminal.

"And what what that be?" Misato replied snidely.

"You said you wanted answers,and I Have them." He said before pulling out a small hard drive from the depths of his jacket.

"Ritsuko, I need you to de encrypt this drive." He said

She took the drive, plugging it in to her terminal before her hands went to work. Immidiately cracking into it.

"I'm in." She said as she started to read over the information it contained. It was mostly miscellaneous stuff until she reached one file labeled "."

Her eyes widened, Kaji's following suit as they both looked at Shinji.

"What?" He simply said.


Yup had to do it. CLIFFHANGER! Sorry my fans you'll have to wait a little longer. Just what was on that drive, is Azazel down for the count? Where is Gendo? All of these questions will be answered and more on the next Ikari Unleashed!.


In a dark undisclosed room we find a man,his orange tinted glasses reflected the little light that was present in the room. Standing straight with his hands in his pockets, he looked up as 12 holographic monoliths appeared around him.

Behind each black monolith was each of the worlds most powerful men, all bound together forming the SEELE committee.

"Ikari, not only have you completely thrown off the time table of events for the project, bit made it near impossible to salvage. What do you have to say to the committee. " Keel Lorenz, the head of the committee said .

Gendo merely smiled before speaking

"I think you have me confused with someone else." He said his voice betraying his age, as it was young and laced with arrogance. To the further surprise of the committee the man they thought was Gendou Ikari pulled his face off like a plastic mask.

He ripped the flesh off to reveal a handsome 20 something year old man with slicked back brown hair.

"The name is Aizen, but I think Im in the wrong anime." Aizen said.

"Ya think!" Misato, Ritsuko,Bridge crew,Rei, Shinji , And Shadow yelled, suddenly appearing in the room before. The latter punched him back into the bleach world.