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Chapter One: One Week

It's been one week since you looked at me

Cocked your head to the side and said "I'm angry"

The old Barenaked Ladies song shook the Brotherhood Boarding House, blasting from a stereo system in a brunette teenager's bedroom.

"The story of my life" the boy sulked, stretched out on the bed with his arms folded behind his head, and one foot bobbing with the beat.

How can I help it if I think you're funny when you're mad

Trying hard not to smile though I feel bad

"Why did we have to go along with Pietro's stupid plan?" He ranted, smiling slightly at the lyrics as he recalled the event two weeks prior.

The house of the recently elected Mayor Kelly lay in shambles. The gate was a twisted heap of scrap metal, the grounds littered with debris and trees, and it would take a construction crew a good few hours to gain access to the building, and more still to reinforce the structure enough to be able to enter the building.

Pietro, Toad and Blob stood off to one side, tears streaming down their faces they were laughing so hard. From the settling dust of the destruction, emerged the X-Men, lading a number of members of the Kelly staff and household. Kitty, who had phased a woman from the wreckage, left her in the care of one of the new recruits, a boy who's hair was slowly fading back to brown, before phasing through Wolverine and Cyclopes at the head of the group, to stand two feet in front of him. Her feet were planted firmly, her arms crossed across her chest and a disappointed look on her face.

"Lance!" she cried angrily, "like, what is your damage?"

"Aw, come on Kitty. You use to like it when I shook things up" Lance loosed a little tremor to make his point, but Kitty didn't giggle.

"Well, yeah, but they didn't hurt anybody. You were just really happy about something" She pointed out.

"And who says this didn't just happen because I was happy?" Lance demanded

"You cracked the whole place in two, bub" Wolverine interjected.

"You know, like, maybe Xavier was right!" Kitty's eyes sparkled with unshed tears, "You'll never change Lance, and I won't be with someone who likes hurting people." She clenched her fists, fighting to keep her tears at bay. "Good-Bye Lance. Like, for good" Kitty turned sharply and race away, phasing through Logan and Cyclops again until she could cry in the protective embrace of her friends. Bobby, Kurt and Rouge sheltered and comforted her, shooting Lance icy looks as he stood, looking lost and dumb struck.

It's been one week since you looked at me

Threw your arm in the air

And said "you're crazy"

"And now Kitty won't even look at me!" Lance groaned, "How shitty"

"H-Hey! Dude, you're a poet an' you di'nt even know it!" a rank, greasy boy had hopped into the room.

"Shut it, before I make a Toad pancake!" Lance threatened, not moving from the bed.

"Yo – chillax! I just came by to ask you a question" the boy hopped up and perched on the foot board of the bed, "Now that you and your pretty Kitty are over, can I nab me a cat?"

Lance growled and the building shook violently.

"Okay, okay! I get the picture. Geeze man, you don't have to go 'quakin on me!" Toad complained, hopping to safety out the door, and pulling it shut behind him just as Lance hurled a book at his head. "Nyah-nyah, can't catch me!" he taunted, hopping away.

"Who am I kidding" Lance muttered, rolling onto his side, staring out the window.

It's been one week since you looked at me

Dropped your arms to your sides and said I'm sorry

Five days since I laughed at you

And said "you just did just what I thought you were gonna do

Three days since the living room

We realized we're both to blame, but what could we do?

Yesterday, you just smiled at me

Cause it'll still be two days till we say we're sorry

It'll still be two days till we say we're sorry

It'll still be two days till we say we're sorry...

The lyrics faded out and restarted, but Lance played the last verse over and over in his mind. Kitty would do that – she wouldn't step up and apologize for something she didn't do – not to him at least. He had to be the one to take the initiative and apologize.

"Alright" he muttered to himself, sitting on the edge of his bed, "I'll do it." He grabbed the keys to his Jeep of his desk and headed to the door, where he was cut off by Pietro.

"Aww, sad little Lance, where you going? Off to stalk Kitty again? Pitiful. You should just move one. Get a new girl. I've got a date tonight with four girls. You should come. See if any of them like you enough to give you a second chance." He kept talking, throwing in the odd insult as he went.

"Shut UP Pietro" Lance shoved the other boy out of his way and climbed into his truck, turning the ignition and speeding away from the Brotherhood house.

All he could think about on his drive to the Institute was Kitty. As he pulled up outside 1407 Greymalkin Lane, he placed his hand on the scanner by the gate, praying his prints were still listed. He breathed a relieved sigh when the gates slid open without the addition of alarm bells, and he turned onto the long drive up to the institute. Looking around, Lance noted a number of students out on the grass, playing games and goofing off. There was a volleyball game going on between one group, a few of whom he recognized in passing. One boy appeared out of nowhere with messy, short brown hair and passed the ball to his blond team-mate who set it for him, and then he spiked it, driving it deep into the ground.

"No fair Roberto!" a girl whined, "We said no strength powers!"

"Aw, come on Betsy! it's all fun" the brunette chided

"Yeah Bets, lighten up" The blond boy remarked.

"No one asked you either Sam" Bobby Drake defended his team mate. "Don't make me ice you down!"

"Eh, Bobby, Serve the Ball!" The blond called, launching himself forward. "Unless you want me to serve it for you" He smirked, and inch from Bobby's face, startling the other boy.

"Come on Cannonball, get back here!" one of the boy's team mates cried before he turned and torpedoed back to his position.

Pulling to a stop in front of the doors of the institute, Lance saw a boy working on his motorcycle. "Hey kid!" Lance called, "go get Kitty for me, would you?"

"Get her yourself man, I'm busy" the kid kept his back to Lance.

"Do you even know who I am?" Lance asked, getting agitated

"Should I care?" The boy shoved his grease rag into his pocket and flipped a wrench in his hand as he turned around and leaned lightly on his bike.

"Yeah, unless you want your bike shaken to scraps. They call me Avalanche. Name's Lance Alvers." He saw the boys eyes widen slightly, though he could tell he was trying not to betray his knowledge of the Brotherhood.

"You ain't welcome here Alvers" the boy started.

"Now now, play nice. A name for a name kid. What's yours?"

"Xander. Kitty doesn't want to see you." He said gruffly.

"Well Xander" Lance smirked, "I didn't ask if she wanted to see me, I just asked that you go get her. Or maybe that gargoyle there would make a nice new ornament for your bike" Lance pointed at one of the figures adorning the roof.

"I'll get her, after I put my bike away." Xavier said pointedly, walking his motorcycle back to the garage. Lance leaned against his truck facing the door to the institute as he waited.

"Avalanche? What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see Kitty, now go poof back to wherever you came from Nightcrawler" Lance said without bothering to turn around.

"Kitty does not want to see you. I suggest you leave." Kurt's voice grew hard as he defended his friend.

"I'm not gonna hurt her. I just want to talk" Lance said

"We can always remove you, if you would prefer" Kurt suggested.

Lance began to answer, but was cut off. "It's okay Kurt, I'll talk to him, but we're staying out here" Kitty had phased through the doors.

"Look – Kitty, I came to apologize. You're right" Lance admitted, slumping against his jeep, "It was a stupid prank that Pietro cooked up."

"That is like, so childish Lance. Blaming Pietro? Come on."

"No – I, I wasn't blaming him. I mean, he didn't really give us the option, but I could have said no." Lance admitted sullenly.

"But you didn't"

"No. But I should have." Lance took a breath, "Look, Kitty, I'm sick of us always breaking up. I don't want it to keep happening! I don't care what Pietro and the guys say, you were right. I'll never change – not with them any way."

"Why did you come here Lance? You could have like, called."

"Would you have picked up the phone, if you knew it was me?"

Kitty didn't answer him.

"Look, I came here, because I wanted to ask you – ask for your permission – to join the X-Men. I want to change Kitty. I want to change to be who you want me to be."


"What? But –"

"You may want to get back together, but I don't believe you want to change. This is just like the last time you tried to come here."

"No its not!" Lance insisted, fighting to control his temper, "Look, I thought about what you said, what the Professor saw last year in Apocalypse's head. I want to change. I want to be there for you – they way you and the X-Men are always there for everyone."

"Lance –" Kitty's voice broke, but she shook her head, as if to clear it, "No. Look, what you said was touching, and I'm sure you meant some of it" Kitty smiled softly, "but right now isn't a great time. I still like you Lance" she promised, "but I need some more time to sort everything out for myself. Go back to the Brotherhood, but I'm sure you'll be welcome here one day, soon." She gave him the faintest of smiles, and stepped backwards, phasing through the door again.

"Tough luck man" Kurt teleported to the hood of Lance's car and put a hand on his shoulder, "maybe one day"

"Shut it blue boy" Lance yanked his shoulder free, "and get off of my car!"

"Okay, okay!" Kurt teleported to the steps of the mansion. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow when school starts." He added before teleporting away.

Again Lance swore, climbing into his truck. He had forgotten about going back to school. Kelly had been chosen as Mayor of Bayville, and the new Principal, some Emma Frost, had chosen to welcome the Brotherhood back to the school. Which meant he had to go back for his senior year, and make up the credits he missed as a junior when he and the rest of the Brotherhood were expelled by Principle Kelly.

The jeep's engine roared to life as Lance raced from the instituted, hurt and anger pushing him on. He was blind to all but the road ahead, and just as blind to the long black car that pulled into the Xavier Institute as he left it, and all of his thoughts, behind.

Lyrics credited to: The Barenaked Ladies

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