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A- "Oh Shizu-chaaaan~ You are so slow you know~ Hahah~" Laughed the well known informant, Izaya, as he quickly ran around a corner. Elegantly he spun around, running backwards without missing a step. ". . My my~ Are you getting ollllddd~" He voice was smooth and maniacal the more he spoke. How he loved to tease the one chasing after him. A smirk grew more as he heard a crash and then suddenly rushed through the cloud of debris. Izaya's already widened smirk only grew, finding this little game of cat and mouse all the more interesting, no no, it was more like dog and cat. Yes, that was perfectly it. Again, the slender brunette turned on his foot to know run foreword. Swiftly he side stepped to avoid any thrown object; from trashcans, to signs, to soda machines, and actual cars. Izaya knew Shizuo so well he could dodge it all. "Nah nah. . ever your aim is horrible Shizu-chaaan~" emphasizing the 'chan' just to annoy the man so much more. Why he liked he do it? Simple. I was purely fun to be hated, and to hate Shizuo.

K- Angered, steamed, and full of violence, the man roared out loud as an irritated beast would; avoiding and dodging all other obstacles that got in the way of his goal. That flea, the one that kept swiftly avoiding every attack he made..."Izaaayyaaa!" The blonde shouted furiously, accelerating in pace all the more as he saw the brunette escaping eye sight. Frightened pedestrians cleared away from the sidewalk as they saw the two running, aware of the drill that always occurred with the two around. Shizuo huffed all the more, feeling as the steam of hatred ran through his blood. Kill kill kill kill kill! His mind continued to scream the word, wanting no more then to splat the other man against the wall. Suddenly the taller man stopped though, panting roughly as he scanned the area; soon -spotting a bench not that far away. "GET BACK HERE-" He started yelling more, hands gripping tightly onto the new found object as he started to pull, pull with all of the strength his body wielded, as his mind still carried on. Kill kill kill! Finally the bolts flung off of the un-expecting bench, sending the man stumbling back a bit until regaining balance "IZAYA!" Once shouted out, the bench flung straight towards his targets, hearing as other's gasped all around, but dared not to get in the way of Shizuo.

A- "AHAHA~" Izaya had laughed with excitement, yet was so entertained that he had blindly missed the bench until suddenly it made him notice. By made meaning, it smashed right into him, having he stumble forward, scratched going along him and he continued to roll across the street. Yet, even after that he still had an entertained smile as he lay a bit on the street. A light sigh escaped his lips as slowly he began to rise. Nonchalantly he swept off the dirt from his fur lined sweater before staring off toward the frustrated blonde. With a bit of a crack here and bit of a crack there, the brunette's lightly tinged body felt back into place. ". . Ah Shizu-chaaaan~ that wasn't very fair. I wasn't even paying attention." He pretended to be a little disappointed at the man's dirty play, but really wasn't surprised.

k- "Shut up hell up!" He growled, stopping not that far off from the man as he panted more; slouching a bit foreword. Once breathe was regained though, he stood up straight, wielding the same upset face as before. "Now get the hell out of Ikebukuro before I throw you out myself!" Shizuo threatened, not caring much for the other's light pout as he took a step closer. Slowly a smirk began to allow along his lips as his hand raised, slipping the sunglasses off from his head "Unless you want me to. . ." His tone was low, dark, but a bit excited at the idea as well. There would be nothing more he would want to do but that simple little task.

Izaya lightly sighed and simple shrugged. ". . mmm~ I can't make promises to always be gone Shizu-chan~ you know that." He darks eyes then opened and glanced at the man, pure excitement shined within them. "It wouldn't be as fun. . now would it?" Then a laugh was blurted out as Shizuo's face turned to an even more angered one. ". . .ahaha~" Izaya turned lightly, but glanced back at the man. He stuck out his ever so pick tongue and pulled down the lid of his eye, anything to get the blonde upset. "Bye-bye Shizu-chan~" Suddenly, before the chase could continue, a truck came rushing right in front of Izaya. When it had passed, he was gone; once again, ending today's chase.

K- "DAMN IT!" The blonde hissed, staring out at the empty scene in front of him. Every time! That man always got away! "IZAYA!" He growled a finale time, glancing around for any sign of the man...but knew he was gone. The other was normally slick like that. His tightened fists slowly unclenched, huffing a bit more before turning away on his heel. "kill...kill...KILL! Why can't I kill you!" He shouted, not noticing the faces he were yelling towards were those of frightened witnesses, but once it had become clear he blinked. "Ah. . ." Shizuo sighed, regaining himself as he turned his head away. "Never mind. . ." He muttered, cooling back down into a calm state again. He began making his way back towards the location he had been chasing the man before, seeing random objects thrown all over the road. The sight had him 'tsk' before pulling out a cigarette to light, placing it inside of his mouth before turning down a new street, always hating to see the damage he had done. And to think he truly hated violence, yet here he goes causing such a ruckus! All about that one man. . .His teeth lightly grinded onto the cigarette, shoving his hands inside of his pockets.

A- The brunette sighed out as he reached his home. Slowly he let his fur lined sweater slip off his body, landing slickly into his hand. He laid it onto the side of the couch as the man made his way toward his computer. Comfortably he placed himself down, sighing out in relaxation. Even though his body was throbbing, a smirk continued to stay on his face as the day played out. Ah, another day that was just how he had wanted it. New information, new human's to play around with, and another run with Shizu-chan. He really did enjoy their game they continued to play. Slowly, the man leaned back into the office chair, sighing out again. Why did he enjoy the little game of tag so much? Well it was hard to clarify. The brunette hated Shizuo, that was a fact, but he loved their game. More, he loved know everything of Shizuo and keeping it all to himself. He'd never share anything about that man, never wanting people to interfere. He hated if anyone caught his attention. Lastly, he hated not being chased. Slowly the man rose, strolling around toward his complex and seemingly confusing game of chess. Izaya stared upon it before picking a chess piece and placing it down. If it was this devil's choice, he would keep Shizu-chan all to himself. Why, if he hated him so much? Because Izaya was Shizuo'z counterpart, his foil, whether he noticed it or not.

K- Shizuo breathed out another light puff of smoke as he leaned against the old walls of Ikebukuro. . .another silent day. His eyes trailed down from the sky towards the woman next to him, the one known as the headless rider, Celty. The man sighed out a finale breathe of smoke before dropping the burnt cigarette to the floor, violently rubbing against it. ". . . .nothing's happening." The blonde murmured, keeping his eyes on certain cars that would drive by; watching as the woman nodded next to him. It was weird when there weren't much gangs out to have fun with, finally he growled lightly as he lifted himself from the wall. "I can have better fun tracking down Izaya!" He shouted, turning on his heel to begin to stomp off. Celty watched him, a emotion of panic clear through her body, until chasing after him-grabbing onto his arm once close enough. Her other hand began to grab out a device, typing down on the small cell phone before pushing it towards Shizuo's face. He blinked as his eyes focused on it, reading 'the streets are still being repaired from yesterday' Annoyed, the man turned his head away, but hadn't yanked his arm out of her hand. She was a good friend after all. "Like I really give a shit about that..."

A- That said man, sneezed lightly, rubbing his nose from the aftermath. He sighed and shook his head, snapping out of the sudden sneeze. Where did that come from? Was someone talking about him? Heh, it was probably Shizuo. Yes of course, it was always him. That thought made his wicked smile widen even more. That was right, he was always on that blonde's mind, yet ignored the fact that that same blonde was on his mind as well./ Strolling along, the informer was keeping up with the latest gossip, news, anything the kept him well informed. As he did he couldn't help but to see that certain blonde down below- he was standing on a highway- with a certain faerie. "hmph. . " A frown couldn't help but to replace his smile as he stared down at the two. It was a bit strange to see Shizuo so calm with Celty, giving her attention. It was odd because all Izaya was ever able to get to see was anger and hate. "tch. . " His eye lids lowered, staring at the two in their talk. How badly he wanted the blonde to see him, to be away from that girl. But the longer he waited, the more irritated he seemed to be. Slowly, he leaned foreword, grabbing a piece of debris. Nonchalantly he stood back up, aiming a bit, before through the clump swiftly. Without a sound, suddenly the hard clump impacted against the side of Shizuo's head.

K- Celty continued walking on with Shizuo, sticking closely to him until feeling an abrupt stop; following by a lightly plop. Her head glanced down only to have her helmet reflecting off a small rock from her bright yellow helmet. Oh no. . .Quickly looking back, she saw that at first calm man now fuming in anger. Stumbling with a bit of unease, she tried to grab hold of her phone, but was cut off with a loud growl as the man whipped around in the crowd, glaring at all that were near to him. "Who did that?" He asked in a daring tone, although it barely even hurt to him, it was easy to tell the throw was meant to happen at him. His eyes darted furiously until glancing up, seeing that man. . .at the top of the bridge. "IZAYA!" His shout echoed throughout the street, causing heads to turn. Panicking more, Celty quickly put her phone out to his face, wielding a message. Yet without thinking the blonde swat the woman's hand away, keeping his deadly gaze on just that one man. "YOU THINK YOU'RE SO SMOOTH? IZAAYYAAA!" With that, he began to sprint off towards the way that would lead him to the bridge, resulting to a few gasps of passersby's. Celty mentally found herself sighing as well before looking down to her message typed out on her phone. 'Don't go after him Shizuo' it wrote, yet seeing it was pointless now, began to erase it.

A- "hehe" Izaya could help but to chuckle as he watched Shizuo go off toward the start of the bridge. He slowly tilted his head back, staring off in that direction, waiting. Mmm, of course, he'd always come. Suddenly he could make out the figure rushing toward him like a train. The brunette slipped his hands within the pocket of his fur-lined coat before stepping off the side of the highway and beginning to run as well. Yell after threat, he could head Shizuo behind him, blight with anger. "My my Shizu-chaaan~ It was just a pebble!" He stated with a laugh, only teasing this man even more. Oh how he enjoyed this little game they played, running running, but as he continued, passing people, dodging thrown objects, turning quick corners, he found himself frowning. It was about that time to escape, at least that's what his short breaths warned, but, he didn't want to leave, knowing that blonde would go back to see 'her'. Another frown crossed his lips. No no, this was none of Celty's business. This was THIER game, she could not be part of it. Another turn within the alley, purposely going toward a dead end. Here he was, deciding to stay still and act trapped, or disappear like usual. It was so east to escape, to annoy the angered man further, but he chose the ealier. He chose to act trap, slowly turning, facing his predator, staring at him without a flinch.

K- Rough pants left Shizuo's lips, filled with nothing but anger and violence as he stepped closer. "I have you now . . . " He said huskily, not at all as his calm and smooth tone would normally sound. That's right...he trapped him. And now he can kill him once and for all. This nuisance that always stood in the way of his calm and peaceful life... Once only a few feet away, a smirk began to cross on his lips "You flea!" He suddenly shouted as before, until lunging foreword with an arm extended out, penning the man against the wall tightly with his hands clutched under that breathe able neck. It was like a dream finally have Izaya in a situation like this! Leaning foreword more, their faces were only inches apart as a pleased gleam shined in the blonde's eyes. "Finally. . .I can kill yooouuuuu" As he stretched out the 'you' his hand clutched even tighter; pressing the shorter being against the wall.

A- "hehe. . .ha. . " Izaya could only chuckle wearily as his throat was beginning to close on him. Yet, no fright gleamed in his eyes, instead, he seemed quite entertained. ". . .oh. . .ah. .really? You think so. . .. ah. .Shizu-. . .chaan?" He murmured, staring down at the man before him. He could feel the grasp tighten even more, bruising his pale slender neck. This was what he wanted thought, wasn't it? To finally make this game all the more interesting? It was his hate for this man that cause he to want to do this, his love in confusing and tormenting Shizuo that cause him to suddenly barely move foreword and pressing his lips against the other. His free hands clutched tightly upon that bartender's collar as he pushed in further, feeling that grasp weaken. His whole, once elevated body, pressed against the other's knocking him down upon the cold cement floor.

K- The angered and fuming blood through his veins grew stiff, feeling a bit numb as the other's lips were pressed against his. Even the hard fall to the floor was yet to bring the man into realization as he felt the shorter brunette's body pressed against his. Was this. . .really happening? Shizuo-for once-was lost on words, for what actions he should take. This was surely something new. Lightly a blush began to rise onto his cheeks, until finally having his senses begin to unfold back. Izaya. . .WAS KISSING HIM. Him! Shizuo Heiwajima was kissing Izaya Orihara! His hazel eyes grew wide, until violently ripping the other from him-pushing him to the side...yet it wasn't as rough as he wanted it to be. Really it had seemed as if the blonde did nothing more but lightly slide the man off of him. Sitting up, he growled a bit uneasily, shooting a death glare towards the suave man next to him. "What the FUCK are you doing?" The man cried out, hearing his voice lightly cut out.

A- "hmmm?" Izaya's dark eyes only stared at the man, very much amused. This was just how he expected Shizuo to act from such an event. His smirk only grew so much more, as if he was a child that just found out a new trick he could do with his toy. ". . .what do you mean Shizu-chaaan~?" Lightly his tongue licked his lips, able to taste the light hint of nicotine from the other's habit. "I simply kissed you." He said it so easily, as if it wasn't even a big deal to him. Well, it actually wasn't. For him, kissing Shizuo seemed the natural thing to do in a situation he had placed himself in, the only thing that would twists this man's mind. Slowly, the slender figure began to rise, lightly tracing his lips with his fingers as he stared down at the utterly confused and pissed off man. "it's as easy as that. .heh."

K- Shizuo's hazel eyes glared back, irritated even more at hearing the other's words, yet also felt his blush grow more. "Shut the hell up!" He growled, finding his own way back to his feet-ignoring the man's gestures as he huffed, picking up his sunglasses as well that had been knocked off. "It's not as easy as that you little flea!" Shoving his glasses back on, he hid the gaze that could have shot lasers if given the ability. "You ever touch me like that again and I'll be sure to kill you on the spot!" He threatened, rubbing his lips furiously to get rid of the tingle that still remained. How disgusting! The blonde fought off the temptation to like his lips as well, not wanting to ever taste the man of this filth.

A- Izaya only laughed, yet lightly leaned foreword to be close to the man's ear as he had turned away. ". . .I cant make promises. . Shizzuuu-chaaaaan~" He purred lightly, and before Shizuo could turn and knock the man out, Izaya was gone, disappearing like the shadow he was. Yet actually he hadn't gone that far, just out of the man's sight. He was able to watch as Shizuo threw a fit in pure anger, possibly also confusion. The brunette rested his head on his hand, finding this all to be so entertaining. What a genius he was for evolving their game to another level.

K- After smashing a few extra holes into the alley's walls, he stormed off, marching down the sidewalk beyond pissed off. Immediately, people began to scramble out of his way, seeing that sign of hate as he stared only straight ahead. Kissing him like that. . .was is so necessary to go so far! Why couldn't the brunette just let Shizuo kill him and they can be done with this! His pace increased more as he thought, grinded his teeth roughly. What was even worse, he had the fantasy of a girl for a moment. . .Izaya's lips felt as soft as a girls! His hand clutched a wad of his dyed hair, growled under his breath even more. A girl. . .Izaya. . .NO. He would never think of that nuisance to be anything but a problem! His muscles were tensed beyond belief the whole walk home, having nothing but that scene replaying through his mind again and again. God damn it.

A- Izaya had actually let Shizuo suffer for a couple of days before wanting to even be chased again. During that time he would hang around the city, talking to a bit of his 'rats', the ones who gave him all kinds of information. It was during these times that he tried to avoid the streets Shizuo would walk along; yet, he had made one mistake by walking along the park. It was there, he had forgotten, the Shizuo would be on his times off. But he had not noticed, as he strolled by, about the time of day, nor if he was there or not. Instead, he was dialing a number on his cell phone, calling a connection to speak to.

K- Shizuo sat at one of benches, watching as the last of the children left the play set with their mother's and guardians. He sighed out as he leaned back, having his legs stretched out to follow his comfort. He found that after the second day, his hatred had died down for awhile, seeing he couldn't find the man anywhere. Perhaps this time he would be gone for good . . .yet his thoughts soon changed as he spotted that familiar figure just across his way, occupied in his cellular device. A plus of irritation lifted him immediately, but was sure to still try and maintain his cool. This was the perfect moment after all. Steadily he began to stand up, nearing over towards the play set until his towering shadow placed over a lone child, riding on the back of a stringed duck. "...Go home." He breathed, lifting the boy from the duck and gently set him down, then once the object was free, he began to rip the metal out of the artificial sand; until finally lifting the set up fully. His eyes located Izaya after that moment again, preparing his aim perfectly until finally launching out the painted metal towards his target...seeking his revenge.

A- ". .yes yes. . .hmm.?" As if in slow motion, the brunette slowly turned his head to spot the flying duck heading toward him. He blinked, very slowly, staring right at it. Damn, his subtle flaw. "Call you right back. . ." The brunette mumbled, placing the phone away and side stepping to BARELY dodge the duck. The flying metal actually lightly sliced a thin line across his cheek. The duck crashed into a car right behind the other, causing gasps and screams to be heard. ". . .Ah Shizu-chaaaan~ Stalking me I see? Was the day before not enough for you~?" The brunette asked with his familiar wicked smirk. His hands, once again, shoved within his pocket. Yet this time, he pulled his switch knife and pointed it toward the blonde. "But I have no time to play today~ " He stated-

taking a step back, prepared to escape.

K- "Ahhhh~? And why not?" He gritted smirk questioned, nearing the man as he began to roll up his sleeves "Izzaayyyaaaa?" Once his sleeves were fixed for another run, his hands were placed down on his hips, eyeing his victim amusingly. He wasn't going to get away, not this time, not when he wanted to kill the man ten times more than usual! "Leaving Ikebukuro already?" Shizuo questioned in a sarcastic tone, knowing that would be too great to be true.

A- "haha~ Oh you~" He waved the blade around lightly, chuckling a bit. "You know I'd never leave~ But right now. . i have business." He pointed the blade all the more toward him, threatening to really cut this man's throat if he came closer. Izaya would too, though at the same time, would rather not. He fought himself mentally, finding this futile human feeling bothersome. Damn, he couldn't kill this other at the moment. So instead, suddenly the man ran once again, going off toward the busy streets, wanting to get lost in the crowds. It was this way that he would be able to reach his office.

K- "IZAYA!" The man shouted in rage yet again, though wasn't surprised to have the other running off again. Yet couldn't they ever have a battle instead of these idiotic chases! Sprinting off after him, the blonde followed, leaving his eyes glued onto the back of the brunette's head. He knew exactly was Izaya was planning, trying to get lost in the crowd, so was sure to have no mercy pushing back anyone that would get in his way. "YOU'RE NOT ESCAPING THIS TIME IZAYA!" Even if the man had disappeared during this chase, the blonde knew where he worked, and also knew that was where he was going-especially if it meant he didn't have time to mess with the blonde. Picking up more speed, his hand snatched onto a lamp post-ripping it out of the concrete while he still ran. Eyes quickly shot over in the direction of the free and moving lamp, and began to steer clear once knowing what was coming next.

A- "tch." Izaya frowned, finding today's game to not be in his mood. He did not wish to play, nor continue running today. He could still hear the yelling and scream or the crowds, then the roar of Shizuo. But still, the brunette moved on, quickly turning a corner and running off into another crowd. Humans, they were so predictable, so easy to use as obstacles. Another quick turn and the man swore he could hear the roars get lower and lower until Shizuo didn't sound anywhere near. Izaya was only a few blocks away from his office, going off toward it. He quickly went inside; locking the building, then went up to his penthouse by using the elevator. Shizuo would not dare come within this complex unless he really wanted to die. And Izaya was prepared for that, if it turns to be that way.

K- Not long after the brunette had gone inside, the man found himself panting and growling outside of the large building. Damn it! His eyes glared up at the tallest story, knowing that's where the other man was. ". . .tch" His hand slowly removed his sunglasses from his eyes before sliding them inside one of his silk pockets. He knew it wouldn't be wise to go in there. . .but he needed to see that flea die! TODAY. Without much thought afterwards, his hand clutched tightly onto the glass-locked-door before ripping it clear off the wall; tossing it aside as nothing. His dress shoes soon stepped inside of the white lobby, eyeing around to see nothing, causing his eyes to narrow lightly until catching sight of the elevator. "kill. ." Shizuo murmured, allowing for low thoughts to leak out as his finger pressed roughly on the up-arrow, nearly breaking the thing in. The angered man finally stomped onto the elevator once it arrived, unhesitant pressing penthouse until allowing for himself to lean up against the walls. See that blood splattered from that taunting little soul. . .it was such a nice image. . .though why couldn't it become real! His foot began to tap a bit impatiently until finally having the door open-followed by him storming inside of Izaya's main HQ. "IZAYA!" He shouted, hearing his own voice bounce off the walls as he searched for the other.

A- Damn. This blonde really was stupid. But in a way, that was why Izaya sure did love messing with him. "hmph. . Shizu-chan. . .I cant believe you stalked me all the way to my place. . .my my. . .what will you do? Rape me?" He smirked, finding that idea to be outrageous and funny to say. Izaya had been leaned back, against his desk, resting upon it a bit, settling on it. "Really. . .you know. .by a press of a button. .I can kill you. . " He tapped his fingers against the edge of his desk. Lightly, the brunette tilted his head, peering at the frustrated man. A frown came to his lips as he stared at the other. Would this be the day, he would end this game, or possibly the other would? That thought, Izaya found, not to really like. He wanted this torment to last so much longer until it was no longer need. But today, it could end early with a simple push of a button. ". . .well Shizu-chan. . ? Are you going to kill me?"

K- "Of course I am!" The blonde stated, yet hadn't spoken with the same rough tone as before, but a bit more natural; taking another step closer. His eyes remained trapped in the other's gaze, placing a hang onto his shoulder as he attempted to lightly crack his neck. "Why would I want to pass up that opportunity?" He questioned, until his hand slipped away from his broad shoulder "Even if you can kill me easily here, you think I'll let your little tricks stop me! Ha!" Shizuo barked with a wide smirk, fully confident in his own abilities. If an on-going truck couldn't stop his body, what could the brunette have to go against that?

A- "Hmph. .so cocky. . " The man stated, smiling lightly. He then chuckled a bit to himself as he stared at the blonde coming toward him, prepared to kill him. This man, this strong man. How he was so stupid, how Izaya hated him for it. Yet, Izaya truly was pleased. Always having this blonde coming for him, even so much now that the blonde had to track him down to his home. It was interesting and quite surprising. Slowly his hand pointed toward the blonde and that switch knife flung right out, pointing dangerously at the blonde. "So? What are you waiting for Shizu-chan~?"

K- "Hmph." His smirk stretched more at the knife, seeing that this was more towards his taste. Shizuo eyed the man's gaze for another long moment until charging towards for the first strike-as a beast may once given his way. Fist pulled back, he aimed right for the brunette's pretty little face, only to miss by a few inches as the man dodged toward the side; causing for Shizuo to slam that deathly punch right onto the man's desk-causing for it to collapse instantly-creating a loud crash from all of the things that were set upon it. A heavy breathe started to sowly loom its way back into the blonde's breathing again, eyeing back towards the other with pure blood-lust yet again.

A- Izaya frowned, hearing the crash of his very expensive computer. Damn. It was a good thing he had a back-up. "Really Shizu-chaaan~ Are you drunk?" Izaya chuckled, making funny of the other's misses. Sure this blonde was quick, but Izaya could read the other like a book, knowing exactly what signs to look for. He dodged a kick and another punch, jumping back, against the couches he had within the office. He leaned against them and stared at the other, pure glee within his eyes. His hand went out, motioning for Shizuo to come and try to him once again. Yet, when Shizuo's anger forced him to try to punch Izaya, the brunette suddenly fell back against the couch and rolled down. As he did, his legs reached out and grabbed onto the man's hips. With a quick and sudden flip, Izaya pulled Shizuo foreword and made him land right onto of the coffe table, breaking it on impact. The burnette straddled the other's hips, staring down at him with that chesire like smile.

K- Shizuo angrily tried to push the broken fragments away from his as he laid on top of the broken piece of furniture; staring up at the other man with pure hate. His panting continued on though, trying to recollect himself as he saw his own chest rise up and down while staring up at the other. At first, he wasn't aware of their position much, still trying to recollect his jumbled mind from the sudden flip. He growled lowly until starting to prop himself up on his elbows, clutching his fist tightly until quickly grabbing onto Izaya's collar-pulling him down until their breathes were bouncing off of one another. "Izaya. . ." Shizuo muttered in a hiss, not breaking the glare as his free hand began to pull back again-planning another swing to the face.

A- Izaya's crimson eyes just stared down lazily into the other's hazel like ones. He hated this look, but crazed it at the same time. He hated the stench of nicotine bouncing along his noise, but didn't mind it. That smell soon reminded him of the taste. Lightly he continued to pant a bit, staying like that for what seemed a few. Then suddenly Izaya leaned forward and crushed his lips against the blonde's. He had never promised to not do this again, nor never said he would. But he just wanted to so badly, wanted to play another game, confuse this man, be the only thing on his mind. What was that called? Addiction? Yes, Izaya wanted to be Shizuo's addiction.

K- The action had that fist slowly lower down, feeling his eyes widen as they had the first time. This again! Shizuo could feel as his brow lightly twitched, sensing the hatred still flowing through him, but for some reason was also trying to recollect himself. It's not that he really wanted to stay in his filthy position. . .he was just. . .too worn out to fight back so soon again. Once he felt it was long enough though, he began to pull away from those soft lips, staring at Izaya not as steamed as he was before. "What the hell do you think you're doing you peice of shit?" He muttered in his average tone, no longer having as much hate in his eyes, but absent-minded-ness. It was a strange reaction to have in a situation like this...but he didn't understand, damn it! It was the second time now.

A- But Izaya did not answer, he had no answer to give. Instead he leaned down, right under the other's jaw. He kissed and nibbled among it, licking lightly along the other's neck. That was his answer, that was all he could give. Easily, Izaya could have just laughed, could have brushed it off as if it was only all a joke, something more to pull at the man's irritation. But, alas, he could not find himself to do so. Instead, the brunette was tired of their game of violence and chasing. He wanted this new game, this new idea of playing. And he wanted to drive Shizuo crazy. . .he wanted to make him want it too.

K- Shakily the man breathed out from the abnormal feeling, shivering lightly as he felt that smooth and damp muscle trace along his neck. Shizuo couldn't tell if he was getting more confused now or if that irritation was starting to kick back in again-though knew he couldn't lose to this sensual feeling the man was trying to place him under. Whether this was a joke or not, the blonde would not stand for this. Yet as he tried to sit up more to be able and pull Izaya away, he felt his body limp back down a bit weakly. . . .what? A blank stare was left on the ceiling as he heard the light smacks from the brunette's tongue, and blush more. He couldn't have a weakness to something like this...He wasn't even a virgin! This was-strange. Finally though, he was able to place a hand on Izaya's slender

shoulder, pushing him back a bit to allow his neck to be free. "I'm. . .going to snap you in half. . .if you don't stop." Shizuo heard himself threaten lowly, trying to glare at the man through an embarassed gaze.

A- The brunette stared down at the man, trying to get out of this. Izaya only smirked after his tongue licked along his lips to re-taste the skin he was lapping at before. "mm. . come now Shizu-chan. I think it's high time we changed our game a bit." He murmured, as his dark blood eyes stayed upon the man, half-lidded yet entertained. He could tell how flustered the other was, how confused he may have been. That thought is what kept Izaya wanting to go more, further than just the usual petty chase. His shoulders the shrugged off his sweater a bit, having the fur begin to slide off the man's shoulders. It finally slide off of him fully, laying on top of Shizuo. The brunette grasped the pathetic arm trying to hold him back, pulling the large hand toward his lips. "Don't you think so too. . . .Shizu-chan?" His all too familiar tongue then rose along the index finger of this said man. Izaya even went as far as to place his lips right at the top, kissing the tip before placing the finger withing his wet mouth.

K- The blonde tensed lightly at the feeling of the man's tongue rubbing along his finger, following a breathe soon after. Damn, what was this man saying? He couldn't be serious. . .though the scene looked all too real to be another one of Izaya's petty little tricks. Shizuo had to admit it was hard not to give in as well, he could feel his body begin to turned heated from this, but his mind was so stubborn. Another light shiver when down his spine as he felt that smooth tongue again though, causing for his hand to twitch lightly as he gazed up at the brunette, caught in a bit of a daze. ". . .I don't know what to think. . ." The man answered lowly after a moment, wishing to pull his hand away from the taunting mouth.

A- Izaya slowly pulled away from the other's finger with a 'pop'. He hovered over the man, resting his hands on either side of the other's face. "Oh really? Do you really have to think for something like this?" His head tilted lightly as he watched the man's gaze. Those hazel eyes, he hated them, but he loved the way they were looking at him, gawking at him. He couldn't help but to get shivers himself. Slowly the man slide back, grinding lightly against Shizuo's hips and groin area. "Most don't think. . they act Shizu-chan." He muttered lightly as one hand was place on the blonde's chest and slowly began to slide down until it reached the hem of the other's pants. His thumb pressed ever so close to the other's crotch, knowing exactly what he was doing by this.

K- The blonde's fist tightened all the more as he felt that pressure nearing his sensitive area, growling mentally by the thought. Why was he just laying here, letting this flea do all that he wished to do! A frown replaced his troubled face, eyeing down to Izaya's hand then up to his face. If this was going to happen for one night. . .Shizuo was surely going to have to make a change to this. Seeing he felt it was too late to stop this bastard now. Suddenly, his hand gripped tightly onto the brunette's, hardening the hold with every second that past. As he did, his eyes only seemed to grow colder than before, yet for Shizuo it was a sure warning that lust was penetrating his mind. Roughly, his free hand shoved the man back, enough to have Izaya fall over on the hard floor behind him. Then quickly with little time to spare, straddled against the other's hips instead-changing the situation altogether. He frowned all the more, bringing a hand up to loosely hold onto Izaya's neck, though no hint of anger hit his expression. "You sure you know what you're messing with?" He questioned in a darker tone then before, not believing that an informant could surly know every little detail until witnessing it for the first time.

A- ". . .hmph. . you make yourself seem like a terror Shizu-chaan~" He chuckled lightly, finding it all a joke that the man tried to seem so overpowering. But truthfully, no, Izaya did not realize what he was getting himself into, nor did he think about it at that moment. It was something that was long lost in his usual foretelling and planning. This, for the first time, was not something he had planned; this was beyond just another plan. It was unexpected, but Izaya did not want to believe that. He continued to fight the reason for all this. His chin lightly lifted eyes down at the other in pure curiosity. What was he going to do in this position? Hmph, like Izaya would ever submit to this man, it would be the other way around. Shizuo would be the one tied around his forefinger. "Go on Shizu-chan. . .fuck me."

K- His eyes widened only lightly now, though wasn't as surprised to hear those words. Yet it was never something he would ever imagine Izaya to say in his lifetime. Slowly, his hand lifted away from the brunette's neck, instead resting on top of the man's smaller chest instead-feeling as he breathed calmly-not seeming effected by what was happening at all. The thought couldn't help to tick the man off though, knowing HE was completely effected by this whole scenario. Though maybe it was because the blonde hadn't exactly tried to get the other into such a state. His hands then gripped onto the brunette's v-neck, easily tearing it apart through the middle to reveal the flawless skin underneath. "You're a fucking lunatic. . ." was all he could mumble back, allowing for one of his hands to roughly begin to pull and press against Izaya's fatigued nipple. There was no way he would go easy on this jackass. His other hand then gripped tightly onto the other's groin, until rubbing his thumb in a bit-all the while his eyes were just staring. . .still unsure of himself. Yet those Izaya said tempted his lust the more it replayed.

A- Though Izaya seemed to be able to have self control, he still was a human with needs. He couldn't help but to wince a bit as his two most sensitive areas were being harassed. "tch. . .asshole. . " He mumbled lightly under his breath as Shizuo's pressed deeper within his groin. Lightly, he couldn't help but to gasp as the other's fingers pulled at his nipple. Gah, how quickly the brunette found himself lightly panting. Why was it that he was suddenly so in heat? Was it the fact that it was this man doing it? Or that he hadn't had sex in such a long time with being an informer and all. He hated this man, he hated his touches, but his body began to enjoy it. It was easy to see the more Izaya's face distorted in one of grunts and low moans. His thighs even squeezed against that hand that-

dared to press so deep against his groin.

K- "Hmph." Shizuo smirked lightly, watching as Izaya began to reach the same state as the other. Serves him right. Though. . .his expressions were just getting to the taller man the more he watched. Damn it, what the hell was that about? Once torturing the man's nipples a bit more, the blonde pulled that hand away, instead looking down to his hand that was lightly trapped in-between Izaya's legs. Without much trouble, both of his hands pulled those legs apart, opening them up to have the other's bulge a bit more exposed. "Is this really what you want Izaya?" He questioned, feeling a bit in power at the moment "Because I'm not planning on touching" The man stated, yet clarified it with a simple pat at the brunette's crotch.

A- "mph. . .Shizu-chan. . . .you really are. . .cruel. . " He hissed lowly, not liking himself to be unattended to. Not when Shizuo already at the man so hard from just the groping. Yes, this was something he had wanted, or at least that so. But, no, Izaya was not going to be tortured while this blonde had all the power. There was no way, the brunette was going to be the only one to suffer. Suddenly his arms wrapped around the other's neck and pulled him in closer. A smirk played along the man's lips as he could see Shizuo's confused face by the sudden move. ". . .Remember. . .I'm the one who started this game. . .I can be the one to end it.. . " He stated lowly, suddenly a cold blade pressed against the unsuspecting blonde's neck. He pressed it closer, warning he would cut this broad neck if Izaya did not get what he wanted. He leaned in more, having his breath touch against the other's lips. "Got it. .Shizu-chan~?" He teased lightly before lightly licking the man's lips.

"Tch. . ." Shizuo glared, feeling a bit defeated by this, and slipped away from the other's hold-peering down at the blade. Fuck, he hated Izaya so much, and this simply added more on to that fire. Finally after a moment of cursing vulgar under his breath, he sat back up until roughly pulling the brunette's button off of his pants. Not watching his own strength though, easily ripped apart the zipper as well until that article of clothing had been ripped as well. The finale cloth now though. .. what this bastard's boxers. Oh how he wanted nothing to do with that, nothing at all, but also knew he still wanted to life his life-knowing that his body wasn't strong enough to even survive fatal points. After slipping off the finale cloth-without ripping it-his hand carelessly gripped onto the aroused and awaiting penis, trying not to focus on the damn thing as he roughly stroked it; gripping tightly as well. Ugh, it felt disgusting though. What was he? This bastard's sex slave now! This was surly the last time he would ever find himself doing something like this, unless it meant to only satisfy his OWN needs.

A- Izaya breathed out heavily as the violent strokes caused waves of pleasure to arise from him. That was right, with this knife and Shizuo's guard down, it was easy to get what he wanted. Yet, Izaya had not realized that the more he began to be shrouded within the haze of pleasure, the less he kept his grip upon that knife. The brunette groaned lightly as he leaned a bit foreword, finding another rush along him. The sound of a sudden switch knife falling from his grasp did not snap him from the feeling though. He was too aroused to notice his sudden loss of power. Izaya had not realized that these strokes would cause him to lose his head all together and be unable to focus.

K- Although the other was oblivious, Shizuo began to notice with a light blink. Ah, so this moron was human after all. His eyes glanced down to the knife, then back to the other's erotic face. Without Izaya's knowing, the man began to lean towards one side, until allowing for his free hand to take possession of the weapon-then chucked it across to the other side of the room. "Welllll Izaya~" The blonde smirked after a moment, beginning to slowly decrease his pace of strokes. "How are you feeling?" He questioned, tilting his head lightly to meet the brunette's gaze.

A- "ah?" The brunette did not like that man's tone. His hand the rose near the other's neck, but soon realized he had given into his human desires. Damn. He cursed mentally. Lightly, the corners of his lips curved, finding his own fault to be amusing. "Hmph. . ." His hand that was so close to the other's neck, only barely pressed along the man's Adam's apple. Slowly it slid down, feeling the hot skin as he did before grasping onto the man's collar. "I'm sure. .ah. . you know. . that answer. .Shizu-chan. . " The brunette groaned as he felt the pace slow far more. How badly he wanted it to continue, but his stupidity had to get in the way! Damn. Well, it was nice as it lasted. It seemed Shizuo was going to have his own fun now. .wasn't it? "heh. . " He couldn't help but to chuckle lightly to himself.

K- " won't be laughing much longer." He stated heatedly, until finally pulling his hand away from the throbbing member-feeling as his hands carried a bit of pre-cum on it-yet dismissed the fact. Gently his hands slid onto Izaya's curved hips, feeling along them for a short moment until harshly flipping the brunette down onto his stomach instead. Shizuo pressed his chest into the other's back-still fully dressed- as his teeth gnawed a bit on the man's ear. Temptingly, his hand gripped onto one of Izaya's firm cheeks, until allowing for his thumb to brush along inside of his crack for a moment. His breathes tickled down the other's neck before murmuring "No mercy."

A- A small mewl actually escaped the brunettes lips as he felt that thumb brush against his puckering whole. He bite down upon his bottom lip and hissed lightly at the bite to his ear. This one, he hated this man. Damn him, but also, damn himself for giving into human sensualities. Though he knew the outcome, he had thought he would have controlled it better. But no matter, Shizuo would have his fun tonight, but next would be Izaya's turn. The said man leaned forward against the hardwood floor, feeling as Shizuo continued to tease his entrance. Damn this blonde. Damn him for making Izaya get so heated like this.

K- After a bit more feels, Shizuo pulled his hand back, instead welcoming Izaya's ears to the sound of his pants being unzipped. Of course though, there was no way the blonde would ever strip down around this other. So hadn't even bothered unbuttoning his pants, easily slipping out his erotic penis from the opening provided to him as he pressed the head a bit against Izaya's entrance. His eyes watched the other's body reactions for a moment, finding it funny as the other would shiver lightly. Seeing he never thought Izaya would be human enough to even do that. After a moment he decided to begin pushing in though-without much of prep for the brunette-and began to already thrust a bit roughly and uncaringly inside of Izaya, going dry. The act though made him wonder as he felt the first groan of relief slip through his throat...had the flea been through something like this before? He was so tight, it was hard to tell, and if that was the case, then this may turn out to be a bad experience for him. Another groaned slipped from Shizuo's lips, feeling as he rammed harshly into Izaya again and again, knowing he was pushing the other's body back and forth against the cold floors as well; though again...didn't care.

A- Luckily, Izaya had gone through something like this before, but not to the level of Shizou. He had gasped out and groaned out. His hissed and growled, hating this torturous feeling of the other ramming into him at such a speed. The friction was painful, but it was well expected coming from this blonde. Izaya's teeth gritted amongst each other, as well his nails scraped against the floors as his body would rock from the impact of each thrust. ". . .ggaah. . .Shizu-chan!" He growled out, yet still using that pet name even in a situation like this. Again and again, it never seemed to cease, the pain as well. It wasn't until suddenly Shizuo had hit the man's prostate that the brunette's head lifted and suddenly a load moan-ish gasp feel out his mouth. It wasn't till after that that the brunette began to cry out in pleasure, making such sounds that seemed impossible for Izaya to ever make in his life time. And if he was in the right mind, he probably would have stabbed Shizuo for making him make such sounds in front of him like this. But at the moment. . it couldn't be helped.

K- His hands were gripped tightly onto the other's hips, probably bruising them deeply as he watched the other now being engulfed in pleasure. It was so weird. . .to hear that coming from Izaya. . .but also very arousing. He felt as his cock received another pulse of pleasure, groaning out a bit louder as his eyes shut tightly. "Fuck. . " Shizuo muttered himself, he knew his body was just soaking under his clothing-feeling as his white shirt was clinging to his chest-but still refused to take anything off. He started thrusting a bit harder and rougher now, wanting to hear those pathetic cries louder, the ones that kept beckoning him further onto the edge. His hands began to even meet his hips in the process now, causing his thrusts to go in deeper as he would go forward, and Izaya's hips would go back.

A- "Shhiiizu-. . .ah. .chan. . ." The brunette found himself murmur as each thrust brought his mind to be fully clustered in lust. He vision was blurred along with his sense going completely off. He wasn't thinking as the same Izaya any longer. How badly his erection began to throb the deeper the other would go. More and more, his hips had beckoned as he began to meet the other's thrusts. More and more was all his body seemed to want. Speaking of which, that same spoken body was glistening in sweat. His messy dark strands only stuck to his skin as he moved more and more. His breathing was harsh and unable to reform back to stability. Damn this Shizuo. Why was he so good at fucking? Another mewl escaped Izaya's lips as he began to feel his penis begin to throb with another wave of pleasure going through his body.

K- Another deep thrust and Shizuo found himself wince a bit, feeling his climax nearing the more he continued on. Fuck it. . .might as well finish the job now. The blonde continued his pace and rhythm, engulfing in his own sense of pleasure as he began to lean down-kissing lightly against the brunette's damp back. After a few more thrusts though, it was hard to control himself, he went deep a final time until feeling himself release within the smaller man; groaning lowly as he did. Once his climax ended, he had gazed down to see a substance pooling on the floor as well-guessing Izaya had created his own climax anyways. "hmph. . ." The blonde frowned, although he enjoyed fucking the man, he'd still act disgusted by it. . .not wanting to give the other that amusement. Un-thoughtfully he pulled out-regaining his strength for no more than a second-then stood up with a zip of his pants.

A- Izaya on the other hand was not like Shizuo. He hand collapsed upon the wooden floor, panting heavily and trying to regain his character. After a moment he slowly began to sit up, turning a bit to look up at the blonde. No the brunette didn't mind still being naked while the other was clothed. He smirked lightly as he watched the man. "aha. . .Shizuo-chan. . .you've. . always wanted to fuck me. .huh?" He mocked lightly, finding Shizuo's lust to be more than just pure hate and disgust. If it was, Shizuo would have controlled himself far much better. His head lightly tilted back, seeing the now annoyed blonde much better. "Such. . a pervert. . haha. . " He chuckled darkly as he would usually with of course being so fatigued and all. Though, he had to admit, changing the game a bit was worth it. If it meant it would scar this man with the sounds of Izaya's moans and the faces he would make from pure pleasure.

K- "Tch." The blonde turned his head away, though secretly found himself to be too worn out to start another fight now. Slowly his hand slipped inside of his vest, revealing his shades as he slipped them on, blocking his gaze from the brunette. Why would he ever want to really fuck Izaya? Although it did sound correct, he would have never meant that literally...yet where was his defense for that now? Another huff left Shizuo as he turned on his heel to head for the door. "You're the slut that started it. . ." He stated, pressing lightly on the elevator button before glancing back. "So weak. . ." the blonde teased, spreading a smirk along his own face now as he stepped through the sliding doors, casually pressing a button until lifting a hand up. "See ya" Then with that, the elevator closed.

A- "SLUT?" Izaya's usual entertained face soon turned to a very angered and pissed one. He growled loudly, not believing Shizuo had actually said that! That asshole! The brunette reached for his sweater and pulled it on, calming himself from the abrupt anger. Slut. Hmph. He'll show him who the slut really was. Slowly he rose from where he was standing, staring down at the white sticky mess they had made. He sighed lightly before heading off to get a mop. As he was cleaning, the brunette instantly thought of something. That smirk soon returned as the thought came to play in his mind, like usual. Shizuo was going to suffer for every saying that after having his way. He was going to regret mocking Izaya that way. Yes indeed. The next time they played their game, he was going to show that Shizuo.

K- A week had passed ever since that unmentionable incident, and things had seemed to go back to normal. Not long after, the two had bumped into each other again, going right back to the same chase of play as usual. And secretly. . .Shizuo was happy about that. Although the release was nice that certain night, he surly didn't want to get in the habit of that. Especially when it was with someone like Izaya. He growled, irritatedly to himself as he stood next to Simon a chilly night, smoking off another drag as he normally would on a Saturday night. Sharply, he eyed the large black fellow, watching as he greeted strangers passing along the sidewalk. What an idiot, he would always think, yet it was better than being alone on such a boring day. . .and as long as Izaya wasn't around too. . life -

would be fine.

A- "ah. . Izaya!" Simon's deep voice suddenly bellowed as the brunette strolled up to him, knowing Shizuo was just on the other side of the black man. But it was Simon that had the brunette draw close, seeing that this man was such a pacifist he dared not want the two fighting. "Evening Simon. . " The other simply said. "Russian sushi is what you came for right Izaya?" "In a way. . " The devil eyeing over to the easily seen pissed off Shizuo. But of course that steamed blonde knew he couldn't do much with Simon around. It would just be knocked off or the blonde would be stopped right where he stood. Simon after all, was Shizuo's equal in strength. ". . .Mm. .well well. . is that Shizu-chan there next to you? heh. . .what's wrong Shizu-chan, why such a face?" Simon slowly glanced back and forth from Shizuo to Izaya, yet still kept his usual friendly smile.

K- Shizuo's shoulders tensed up more, the anger clear on his face as he glared death straight into Izaya's eyes. Why this little. . .. "GGGRAAHHH!" He shouted out in pure hatred, quickly reaching over to the nearest lamp pole and flung it right off the ground, and towards his target. Even with Simon right here the blonde always had a hard time holding back his frustration, just knowing that this man alive always seemed to tick him off! Yes, that was the only thing that constantly floated through his mind, nothing of that taboo night. Never would he try and think of that.

A- Yet that lam post was simply stopped by the outreach of Simon. He grabbed the lamp post and dropped it to the floor. "Shizuo! You shall not fight! Even in front of the sushi restaurant. Violence is not good!" He warned, glaring quite seriously at the blonde. He had hoped the first couple of times wrestling Simon would have taught this man, but it seemed the sight of Izaya every time just set him off. Really. . Izaya never did anything to upset anyone, he just stood there, with that smile. Izaya smirked widely as he watch Shizuo try to attack him, but Simon always got in the way. He chuckled a bit to himself, finding it quite funny. ". .hmm well. . Simon I'll get that Russian sushi later." He waved lightly, taking a few steps back before running off. Oh that Shizuo, he never learned. It was just too easy sometimes.

K- "Izaya!" He called, watching as the man got his head start-as always. Without another word towards the Russian, he took off sprinting towards the brunette's direction, being sure to grab a trash bin in the process as he staggered around with the weight. Finally he threw it off towards the man again, anything to slow that flea down in time to smash him again. "GET BACK HERE!" He called in a rough growl, picking up more speed "IZAAYYYAA!" His call echoed, going halfway through Ikebukuro; surly sending a lot of heads turning.

A- "Ahaha~" Izaya only laughed, jumping up to dodge the hurling trash can. He continued to run off, drawing Shizuo out, knowing he follow. If Izaya was a bit ahead, he would stop and look back, waiting for the blonde, but usually that was rare. Shizuo was just so predictable, didn't he know it was just so easy to get him into a trap? Again, Izaya took off, having the blonde follow him along the streets, making it seem like their usual run. Then he turned into an alley way, then into a another, until Shizuo had turned a dead end and Izaya was nowhere to be seen.

K- Roughly panting, his eyes darted around madly. No! He was not going to lose him again like this! For better sight, the man removed his sunglasses as he eyed around, but there was still no sign of him. "Izaya!" His voice echoed throughout the alley, causing for a few birds to flutter off. He watched them soar out into the sky before continuing his search. Shizuo hated when the other would do this, simply hated it. "Get the hell out here!" He growled yet again, turning on his heel to look back at the entrance of the narrow structure as well; he had to still be here.

A- Silently, and without the other knowing, Izaya slipped from his hiding place, right behind Shizuo. He smirked wickedly, and if someone had spotted them, they would have said they saw Izaya's eyes glow within the darkness. Suddenly, he pressed right at Shizuo's pressure point behind his back, watching as the man suddenly went limp. ". . here I am." He stated, staring down at the dazed man, then watched as he began to drift off. Unlike more humans, Izaya knew Shizuo would not stay asleep for long, not how he was built. "hmph. . " He smirked lightly as he brought out his cell phone, calling a few 'informers' to help him with a bit of 'luggage' to his house. It was there that he would tie up this blonde to his bed.

K- Hazy, everything was hazy and dark. The hell was even going on! A faint light began to appear through his eyelids though, beckoning him to open them up. After a bit of struggling to do so, his hazel eyes were soon visible yet again. Wh. . where was he? Shizuo looked around the room anxiously, wanting to see if anyone was within the room, yet as far as he could What was this? He didn't even recognize this room. . . Once he collected his mind a bit more though, he attempted to sit up, only to be stopped. Startled by this discovery, he quickly looked over to see his legs and feet tied to the bed he had awoken on. "The fuck. . .?" He breathed-though was just happy he was still clothed. What on earth had the blonde been doing before this? Slowly his glasses slipped from his nose as he eyed towards one of his restraint wrists, until feeling the object leave him altogether. Well. . .whoever did do this had to have known Shizuo, because his restraints were chains. . . .wait. A sudden furry shot back on throughout his face-causing for the bed to creak as he pulled hard and determined against the metal pieces of confinement. "IZAYA!"

A- The called person, who owned that name being yelled, couldn't help but to laugh to himself as he was busy taking care of a few things in his office before attending to his 'guest'. Soon the brunette came within the room, tilting his head a bit against the door frame. "Shizu-chan. . you're so loud. Screaming my name like that. . .and we haven't even fucked yet. .heh. ." He laughed lightly, stepping toward the restrained man. He step slowly and casually until he was at the side of the bed. He leaned a bit foreword to look at the man. "You know. .you really are easy to capture." His crimson eyes stared down at those hateful hazel, showing how victorious he felt for capturing this man. Slowly the brunette began to crawl onto the bed, going over the other's body .By doing that, it was easily noticeable now, that Izaya was not wear pants, but only his fur coat all zipped up.

K- Shizuo's hateful gaze blinked at this discovery, until finding himself trapped looking at the smooth legs Izaya wielded. What. . .what was this? His hands tightened into a tighter fist before pulling more against the bed-feeling as the chains began to cut into his flesh a bit. "The fuck are you doing Izaya?" He questioned in a cold and harsh tone, not liking the looks of things. This brunette wasn't planning on doing...THAT again...was he? His eyes narrowed at the thought before breaking his gaze from the other's thighs, and back up to meet the man's dark eyes. "Let. . .me go." Shizuo muttered in a threatening tone.

A- "I don't think so Shizu-chan." He shook his head, showing that was the last thing he wanted to do. "You said such a hateful thing yesterday and did as you pleased . . .that comes with consequences you know~" He chimed, slowly leaning foreword to be closer to the man's face. "I don't like. . .being called a. . slut. . " The words dripped with hate. If Izaya wanted to, he could just kill this blonde now. But what would be the fun in that? He did want this other to crave him, to always come chasing. Just one night would not change their game, not if Shizuo had his way. The man slowly leaned back up, his hands grasping the bow tie of this bartender outfit. Slowly he began to pull at it, undoing it simply and tossing it behind him. Then he began to unbutton that white collared shirt, lazily gazing down and watching with each button there showed a hint of the other's pearl skin. His fingers brushed against each new exposed flesh shown to him as Izaya continued.

K- Shizuo gritted his teeth hatefully as he watched the man's face, trying to keep his body from shuttering at the light touches. Shit, he didn't want to be undressed in front of this piece of filth. That was the last thing he would ever want. "You're going to pay...if you go another button down." The blonde threatened all the more, feeling more as the blood ran down his wrist lightly, knowing the only way he'd be able to escape is by cutting off his own hands. And shit that wasn't quiet worth it. "Izaya!" He growled again, watching as the brunette failed to listen to his warning "Get off of me!" His body wiggled, even thrusting lightly, anything to knock the flea off.

A- But Izaya kept his hips down upon the man. His smooth thighs even squeezed against the man, tightening whenever the other tried to wiggle him off. "heh. . .it's like riding a bronco. . " He muttered with a bit of a laugh. Even with the struggle and threats the brunette continued, all the way to the last button. He blinked suddenly, seeing a bit of a scar on the man's chest. "Ah. . I know this one. ." He stated, as his finger rode along it. ". . this one is from my blade isn't it? Hahah~" He laughed, loving how he had left a scar on this supposed untouchable man. He leaned down and began to lick along the scar, as his hands pushed the other's shirt off and away from the man's torso.

K- "Geh." He breathed angrily, but with a hint of something a bit sensual as well as his eyes kept down on the man. No one had ever really touched his chest like this before, let alone lick against such a sensitive part of him-not physically, but mentally. He had always hated that mark along his body, and now to have the cause of it devouring it up simply caused it to be even more worse than it was before. Shizuo's violent struggles soon began to die down as he panted lightly from the actions, instead only being able to growl now. "Stop."

A- "mm no. . " Would be Izaya's answer as he slowly rose onto his knees so he could trailed his tongue and sudden bites up towards the other's neck. Slowly he would set back onto the man whenever he would go back down to the other's chest. Izaya's could help but to glance up a bit to spot the other watching him, and even panting at it. His hazel eyes even seemed to start becoming clouded. ". .heh. ." He scoffed under his breath. Slowly he leaned back up so his face was just above the man's. ". . .What's wrong Shizu-chan? Enjoying it?" He teased lightly, staring deep within the man's eyes. He loved how he could read this other so well, how he knew exactly what to say and do to drive this man mad. He then leaned toward the other's ear, licking along the lobe before whispering darkly. ". . .You want to fuck me that bad?" As he said it his butt rubbed along the other's groin.

K- The man was immediately about to protest back, yet caught himself in a growled gasp as he felt that taunting bottom rub along him. What made it even worse though was that he had rode that same butt before, and knew just how great it felt. Gritting his jaw tightly, he tried to not allow for himself to be so turned on-although knew it was already too late. Izaya. . . was just a simple bastard. Doing this type of thing to him. . .it only caused more anger to spread, yet knew it was also starting to get overpowered by an even stronger feeling; though ignored it. ". . .That's hah" his pants were rough, still with some anger held "The last thing I want to do!" At that he tried to bump the other off of him again... but knew it was hopeless.

A- Izaya only laughed, finding it so amusing how this one tried to throw him off. Really? What was that going to do? Probably would make him fly off but Shizuo would still be trapped. "Mm right, right. . of course it is~" He teased lightly. The man rose again, his hand going back, gliding down near the other's crotch. "that isn't what your dick is saying. . " He stated, as his forefinger slide against it, feeling the firm bulge right underneath the body guard's pants. "heh. . ." Izaya then made it all the more worst as he turned, his back facing Shizuo. He leaned down near the other's zipper, beginning to undo the button and zipper, pulling down the man's pants right after. He bend over, showing Shizuo that the man was wearing very revealing panties. His behind lightly wiggled from side to side, only teasing the man even more. ". .oh yes. .did I forget to mention. . .I ran out of boxers?" He chuckled darkly. He knew this man must have thought him to be such a girl, to have a figure just like one. It was no different for his bottom either, and panties would just compliment just that.

K- Shizuo's pissed phase at last dispersed as he stared-wide eyed- at the bottom in front of him. Clearly a blush was seen riding along his cheeks as he did stare, thinking that it was rather appealing. If it wasn't Izaya, he might have been able to even give a compliment back, but seeing this was just the case; kept quiet. His eyes still took in the figure though, enjoying the sight for a bit until feeling the other fidgeting around his pant area-causing him to soon snap out of the entrancing behind. "Hey!" The blonde tried to huff, yanking a bit more on his chains. . .because really, he was self conscious about certain things. And this brunette knowing the size of his cock made things all the worse. . .his size wasn't something he would really be proud of; although many MANY other men would say otherwise.

A- But Izaya simply annoyed the other's protest. He pushed down these useless pants and found the only thing in his way was the other's checkered boxers. But soon that too was discarded and now the only thing was the man's length. Ah so here it was, the giant penis that he remember many in high school would cry over within the boy's locker room. He had wondered what Shinra meant by a size to cry over. He had thought the quite opposite. Oh now Izaya felt pathetic, thinking his was a nice size, but compared to this man. Pft. He huffed and for showing his jealous he bit down upon the tip of the other's cock. The growl he heard right after just satisfied his envy. Then suddenly the devil licked along the bruised tip, feeling as it twitched and throbbed against his tongue. His delicate fingers rubbed against the bottom of the shaft as the tip was preoccupied with Izaya's mouth.

K- "Izaya. . " He huffed lightly, about to growl another protest but soon felt as a low groan left his lips. Oh how he hated this. . .it was bad enough that he was fucking exposed like this, but to actually have the brunette doing this of all things! Another hiss sounded from his, feeling as the other's tongue rubbed sensually against his throbbing cock. God how he already wanted more, but held back any signs of giving in. In any case, he would lightly thrust up in hopes of getting a bit deeper within this morons mouth; but nothing more. He remembered how he always had to fuck girls only in the ass with this damn dick, thinking that it'd never fit in their limited-space vagina. He scoffed a bit at that fact, admitting that it wasn't quite surprising he ended up fucking a man in the end as well. But was THIS man.

A- Izaya's brows furrowed as he tried to keep down the man's hips, hating to have it pushed in aggressively. There was no way in hell he was going to give this man that kind of pleasure of deep-throating! Not unless he begged for it of course, and admit he wanted Izaya so badly. Till then, there was no deep-throating going down. But the brunette did bob his head, taking in bit by bit, coating the blonde's penis with saliva. Slowly he pulled back with a pop. He leaned up a bit, licking his lips, tasting a bit of pre-cum as he did. His finger poked the tip a bit, pressing it in a bit only to hear a growl from the man. "Still don't want to fuck me?" Izaya asked, his mischievous eyes staring back at the man, waiting for the answer. He could tell easily this other oh so badly wanting to release all his tension, yet with that rude start, Izaya didn't think he deserved it; plus, the man found having the man in agony until he cries brought a ring to his ears.

K- "Bastarrdddd" He breathed towards faintly, feeling his throbbing cock wanting more, much more. But to have to admit such an embarrassing defeat simply brought a larger frown to his face-narrowing his brows. The thought of having the smaller man's walls around his penis was of course a splendid idea, but also a distasteful one. "No." Shizuo spat coldly, eyeing the other. Even though they had committed such acts those few nights ago, still didn't mean it was going to be easy to break him.

A- "No? Mm too bad. . " He stated with a smirk, but was hoping for the man to say yes. He himself was a bit anxious to be entered again, but would never. . EVER show that truth. He chuckled lightly, grabbing a hold of the other's length. He squeezed tightly onto it, mimicking the feeling of the other entering him. "It would feel. . so much like this. .wouldn't it? But all the more warmer. Right Shizu-chan?" He purred lowly, moving a bit faster, remembering how Shizuo had thrusted within the other. "Also. .you heard my cries. . ah. .oh~" He fakely moaned out, only peaking at the man even more.

K- Shizuo felt groans pick up in his throat as the man continued stroking his slick penis, causing for a sharp bite onto his bottom lip. This other was messing with him, teasing him. . .but damn it, it was working. He felt as his dick throbbed more, truly wishing for his hand to be more hot and moist; just as Izaya's walls. This wasn't fair, there had to be something to this. Finally a hidden groan erupted from him, tightly shutting one eye in the process as he panted heavily. "First. . .hah. . .admit . . .mm. .you want it." Shizuo stated back, not wanting to give up. . .although knew he was going to have to in order to fully get out of this mess.

A- Izaya blinked at that request. Really? The brunette was the one dying of pleasure and suffering of bliss. Of course he was anxious to actually have the man, but it really wasn't something he was dying for. He chuckled darkly though as he turned to look at the man better. "You really think I'll admit it Shizu-chan?" The man questioned. His hand released the suffering dick before the brunette turned to face the man. He leaned down to be ever so close the blonde, feeling that hot breathe against his lips. "I could care less. . ." He murmured, yet slowly the man began to rise onto his knees. One of his hands slowly rose his sweater up, while the other pulled down the unneeded panties, discarding them to the side somewhere. He then let his sweater fall back down. He positioned himself to where his entrance was right over the awaiting penis. Izaya's smirk only grew as he could just feel the man tense, wanting the walls to come down, but Izaya only teased him so much more by just staying that way. "I. . really don't have to sit if I don't want to." He reminded the other, reminded him of the position he was in and the power the brunette had over him.

K- An unsteady breathe left the man's lips as he saw that taunting bum hovering over just what he wanted. This was getting to be too much, did this idiot have any shame for himself at all? His eyes narrowed as he glanced up to the other's face, then back down to the sight below. After a moment though, his tensed and defiant body began to ease down; until turning his head away. "I know. . ." Shizuo mumbled lowly to himself, feeling now defeated as he kept his eyes down on the bed below him. Hoping that maybe that could be enough of an enjoyment for the brunette to now allow for the blonde to fuck him.

A- "heh. . " The brunette scoffed lightly, seeing that defeat in the man's eyes. Of course the other would give up, Izaya knew he would give in, it was just so easy. This was only their second time having sex and already Izaya knew what this blonde liked. Suddenly, the brunette dropped though, sliding perfectly onto the man's throbbing cock. He bite down onto his lips, feeling a slight pinch of pain, yet the saliva coating the rough organ, helped a lot to ease the brunette on. He breathe out heavily, trying to get used to the feeling of the other before moving a bit. At first only light moans passed his pale lips, yet with each move it began to grow a bit heated and louder, drop after drop Izaya grew louder. What made it all the more interesting was the fur lined coat, hiding everything from sight.

K- "Geh." Shizuo grunted at first, feeling in bliss as his cock was wrapped around those familiar and tight walls. Yet was a bit surprised when he saw-after such a short time- the man was already having himself thrusting down onto the blonde's large erection. A loud and heated moan soon left his own lips, throwing his head back with pure pleasure as he felt Izaya continue on and on. His breathes were rapid, trying to meet the other's own thrusts as he arched his hips up more, groaning in delight as he did. It was embarrassing to be enjoying this so much though, seeing he normally contained himself so well, but this was a challenge he was yet to ever face. Slowly he lifted his head up, eyeing the sight of Izaya until glancing down, seeing his arousing scene was blocked from that damn cloth.

"Get. . .hah. . .that fucking thing out of the way!" The blonde hissed through his teeth.

A- Izaya only laughed weakly. "ah. . . .never. .. nn. . ." It was just part of his plan. Yes he let this man have his pleasure finally, but would not give him the chance to see it. Izaya continued on, pushing down onto the man's thrusts. Yet after a while he found himself becoming fatigues, unable to last. The signs were showing once he placed a hand against the other's abdominal to try and help stabilize himself. He didn't want to stop now, he wasn't even close to the edge yet. After a moment, his body began to feel drastic, wanting more, wanting these thrusts to reach deeper as they had the last time. Suddenly the brunette then leaned forward, reaching for the man's restraints, struggling to unlock them with the key hidden around his neck. Against what he had first thought of, he began to unlock the man's chains.

K- Shizuo panted rigidly, staring up at the ceiling as he felt the thrusts start to become less sensual-probably because he was so use to the fact of going fast. Yet his ear twitched once he heard the sound of chains falling, quickly darting over to see his left wrist free, with a dry circle of blood around it. What was this? His lustful eyes watched, curious, until the last chain upon his ankle was free. "hah. . .much better." He mumbled until a smirk became visible on his face yet again, jolting up to sit up until pushing the other over onto the bed-making no hesitation to swiftly allow the brunette's legs to drape over his shoulder. The blonde knew he was lost to this desire now, wanting so badly to already reach that pleasurable climax. Roughly and quickly, his pace began to outmatch those that Izaya had displayed, plowing deep inside of the smaller figure as he moaned out, grateful for the new change. He then found himself leaning near one of the other's knee, biting onto it lightly to try and maintain his own composure.

A- This was what the brunette had truly wanted the whole time, but would never admit it. His head fell back against his pillow as the other continued to savagely thrust within him. He hissed at the bite against his knee. Damn these bites, they would leave bruises and scars! But that was the least of Izaya's worries. For now he could care less about scratches or blood. More, more he would want to scream, but never would due to not only not wanting to, but also he could not. After moments, his legs moved from the man's shoulder's and instead squeeze along the other's waist as Izaya pulled Shizuo to wrapped his arms around the other's damp neck. It was tempting to kiss those panting lips, yet soon that temptation grew too much that the brunette found himself hungrily pushing his lips.

K- If Shizuo had any of his senses still left in him, he may have reacted as he always would when Izaya pulled a move like that. Yet his mind was still filled with want, with desire. Hungry himself, he found himself kissing the brunette back, until lustfully trailing a tongue onto the other's lips as he thrusted with all force now-feeling as the bed creaked more with protest. Once the man's mouth opened from the same needing as Shizuo, he found as their muscles glided over each other, tasting at one another's mouths in a sloppy fashion. There was one thing the blonde knew he was thinking of the whole time too, that this taste Izaya wield was nothing but delicious. . .surly something the man may even find himself addicted to. He felt as the other's moans would vibrate within his own mouth, encouraging him on to thrust deeper than before. It was only a certain amount of him now-he knew- feeling as his stomach twisted in preparation.

A- The brunette tensed up, his walls squeezing onto the length that penetrated him over and over, continuously. He couldn't help but to gap against the other's lips as the man suddenly hit deep against his prostrate. His nails dug into Shizuo's skin, breaking through, causing red streaks to paint the other's shoulders. Thrust after thrust he felt himself nearing his own end as his penis throbbed so much more. It seemed as though all his blood had flooded downward toward his groin. He bucked down, letting the blonde hit that ever so sweet spot over and over again. Izaya's head fell back, releasing from the savage kiss as it was soon becoming too much. His sight was completely gone, along with all his other senses. Then suddenly, it all climaxed together; his walls filled up along with his own release.

K- A finale moan brushed against Izaya's lips as Shizuo panted lightly, feeling actually quite good. That was far much better than the last time. . .yet once he remembered exactly who it was that had caused for this all to happen, huffed. The blonde quickly pulled away from the brunette-pulling out as well with the damp and now cold feeling-as his wrist rubbed savagly against his lips. "Damn it. ." He murmured lowly, sitting up on the bed before allowing for his other hand to ruffle through his hair. Fucking wrists were going to have scars on them too. . .tch. "This was twice now." The taller man announced, standing up off of the bed all together now as he snatched his boxers away from the now soiled sheets. "Twice."

A- Only a weary chuckle came from the other, hearing the man announce such a statement. ". . .heh. . .twice. . you couldn't hold back. . " He reminded the man. Slowly the man rose from the bed, settling onto his lightly throbbing butt. His dark, lightly clearing eyes stared at the blonde, pleased with this outcome. He couldn't help but to annoy the man more, having his usual smirk, showing that he had one this one, broke the man. How easy it had become to make the other wrap around his finger, just like he had originally planned.

K- "Hmph." Was all the man responded back with, not pulling up his pants as he slipped his shirt on as well-simply placing his bowtie inside of a pocket instead. "One fucking day something is going to happen that you won't assume though." Shizuo stated seriously, eyeing the other for a long moment, seeing he knew exactly what the other was thinking. "You won't know everything, you shit." With that said he reached over to grab onto his shoes as well, until beginning to head for the door. . .but in the normal fit he would have. Instead he just felt mellow, and a bit chilled, yet still with a slight hint of irritation. Though even as the door shut behind him, it wasn't followed with the walls shacking, instead it was light; silent.

A- Izaya stared off at the closed door, frowning lightly. Really? He didn't know everything? No, no. . .he did. He knew EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. It was just a fact, everyone knew that. He shook his head before glancing down at the mess they had made. "Mmm. . .what a fool. ." The brunette muttered to himself before getting off to clean his stuff. The following days after the second incident were just filled with business. Izaya had his work to do, keeping informed and being paid to inform. He hadn't found anytime to play with Shizuo during that whole set of time. Of course he seemed not to really mind, but truthfully, the devil did. He found himself wanting to play again, but never found the time. Yet, on his usual rounds of picking up a few tips, he found himself over-hearing a conversation. ". . hey. .did you hear? Shizuo go in a huge fight with a bunch of guys and was taken off to the hospital!" "What! No way!" The other stranger exclaimed, thinking that was impossible. "Yeah! Seriously!" The brunette stared off in disbelief. No way. Shizuo? He could never be beaten by just anyone. But it wasn't the fact that he was hurt that suddenly caused anger to pump within the veins of Izaya. No, it was the idea that SOMEONE else touched HIS predator. No one, and he meant, NO ONE got in his way of destroy Shizuo. The blonde was HIS. Soon, Izaya found himself disappear, going off toward the only known hospital within the city.

K- beep, beep, beep. Was all the blonde heard, disrupting his slumber that he was actually finding himself to enjoy. Yet after another series of those mechanical sounds, he found himself groan in irritation. Though not only that, his head hurt, a lot. Opening his eyes, he was welcomed to the bright and white glow of a hospital room. What the hell was this? Trying to sit up, he found himself to wince, quickly having his eyes dart down to find his whole chest bandaged tightly-not only that though-but he could feel some on his head too, and even found a full cast on his right hand. "The fuck. . ." Shizuo hissed, until remembering a bit. Oh yeah. . .those fucking ass holes. The image of the previous night passed by fuzzily, causing another hint of anger to pass through him; yet winced. Damn, normally nothing ever got to the blonde. Not even when that idiot stabbed him with pens. . .but this was obviously something else. Those bastards must have planned that, he thought, growling all the more. Suddenly his legs began to shift to the edge of the bed, until sitting up with another wince, but felt as a few cords-connected to his arm-were holding him back. That was it. . ."GRAAAHH!" He howled, until yanking the cords out of the machine, allowing for him to now stagger onto his feet. "SHINRA!" he called, knowing he was here. . .

A- Soon after the yell had echoed off the wall and the alarm had gone off, Shinra strolled in. "Ah. .Shizuo. . no need to get up." He chuckled, waving his hand lightly as he went toward the fumed man. "Calm down calm down. . ." He ushered to the other, trying to calm this bull down. "You're badly hurt. . and needed a bit of things pulled out. . .I was hoping to do a bit of surgery. . " He coughed lightly at the last part, covering a bit up with his hack. The brunette had always been curious about this other. He had once found out about the bones breaking over and over, healing over stronger each time, but that was when they were barely kids. This doctor madly wanted to see how Shizuo's bone structure progressed since that time. "You'll only pass out if you strain yourself~" The doctor warned with a polite smile.

K- "Like hell I will!" The blonde hissed back, staring angered deadly daggers into the man's eyes. Though after a moment, started to feel himself overwhelmed with an light headed feeling-causing for himself to sway back onto the bed. Damn he hated this condition, and surly wasn't use to it. He frowned down greatly at the white robe that covered his entire body, but then blinked. ". . .Shinra." Shizuo stated, bring his gaze up to land on the cheerful brunette. "Do I. . .not have. . BOXERS ON!" his growl echoed even further down the hallway; feeling his cheeks growing bright with anger.

A- "Hmm? Wellll. . ..yes. . ." Shinra chuckled lightly to himself. "Just had to check down there also. I have to admit I was curious about the stories at school." He nodded to himself and pushed up his glasses. "Oh by the way Shizuo, have you had sex recently?" He happened to asking, noting it as he was examining the blonde. Of course since he was a doctor he knew what signs meant what. And the other's penis showed light traces of another substance. Spit maybe? Hmph.

K- Shizuo's blush spread more across his cheeks at the question, feeling as his hands grabbed a fist full of bed-sheets in an angered fashion. If it wasn't for Shinra's profession, he would have snapped back that it was none of his business, but seeing that the man's job WAS to ask such a thing had him scowl. "Yes." The blonde admit, huffing as he did until crossing his arms; acting as if it wasn't such a big deal. Though just thinking about WHO he had shared that experience with caused for his nose to wrinkle lightly, just glad this looser in front of him couldn't read minds.

A- "Oh? Hmm. . " He couldn't help but to smile his usually friendly one. "Well whoever it was. . .it must have been such a nice night." The brunette nodded, being the romanticist he was. "Anyway. . .you're alright, a little weary, but ok. Scratches here and there, but you really should calm down. Your blood pressure is rising through the roofs you know." He patted lightly onto the man's chest. "You don't want a heart attack from having too much fun. . .that also applies to sex." Meanwhile, Izaya was rushing through the corridors, asking every nurse he saw where exactly Shizuo was. "Heiwajima Shizuo" He stated to one nurse. She smiled lightly and pointed down the corridor. "Just on the left." The brunette nodded and rushed off, going toward the room. Suddenly he busted into the room as Shinra was checking under the bandage of one wound. "THE HELL!" Izaya growled, making the doctor glance back. ". .Izaya?"

K- Shizuo was just as surprised as he stared back at the man, raising a brow lightly. It was actually rather confusing to even have this bastard here. But it was also a bit strange, the sight of the suave-other caused no increase in the other's blood pressure; as it stated on screen. Perhaps the blonde was getting over the other? No. That was beyond impossible. Slowly Shizuo leaned back on his good hand, tilting his head in a fashion to see past Shinra. "The fuck are you barging in here for, filth?" He asked, keeping a dead-set stare on him. There was no reason for it, unless the brunette came to kill the blonde himself, he couldn't find an answer.

A- Izaya blinked, then realizing what he was doing. Damn, the idea of another touching Shizuo really did cause he to lose his head for a moment. He stood there, feeling stupid, yet quickly made up an excuse. Slowly he smirked, trying to make it seem not such a big deal. ". . .I thought you'd be dead. . .hmm. . guess not. . " He huffed and turned, going slowly out the door. "Oh and Shinra. . " He suddenly took out his switch knife, pointing at the doctor. ". . .If you kill him before me. . you're dead." With that he strolled on nonchalantly, leaving as quickly as he came. The doctor blinked, confused for a moment, before getting a large smile. "My oh my. . .I knew you two had something special in high school. Was it his spit?" He asked Shizuo, tilting his head lightly to peer at the man


K- Flaring now in utter rage and embarrassment, his hand grabbed onto the doctor's arm tightly, smirking a gritted and hard smirk as he did. "I think. . . .it's time for you to leave. . ." The blonde stated as a known fact, feeling as his fingers pressed harder onto the other's flesh-possibly bruising it. This was it! If someone was to actually find out about Izaya and him. . .his life would simply be over. Ruined. Haunted with the fact that Shizuo was already fighting against so much that conflicted his internal thoughts. Without another word from Shinra-as if he really cared anyways-he pushed the brunette back until watching as the doctor stumbled out of the room; causing a panic through a few nurses strolling by. "KEEP OUT." Shizuo growled in a rough tone; his cheeks were on fire.

A- Izaya himself was so embarrassed. He had been leaning outside the hospital since he had left the other. His hand cover his face in shame. Damn, how could he have been so reckless. Run in like that? He sighed, slowly shaking his head lightly. "you know. . .this is the first time I've ever seen you make a mistake Izaya." The voice came from the said doctor before. The other quickly picked up his head and glared at Shinra. He growled lowly. "Shutup Shinra! You're lucky i find you useful. . .or I would have cut your throat." Izaya stated as he pulled away from the wall he was occupying. Shinra only shrugged with a small smile. "Oh Izaya~ Love in love right? And since i know it. .i can tell~" He chimed, driving the informer insane with his tone. How badly he wanted to destroy this man, but the devil held back. He just stood there, watching as Shinra left. Love! Ha! That was the last humane feeling he would ever had. The only thing he felt toward Shizuo was hate! HATE! HATE! That was all. He sighed lowly before going off into the shadows to get back home.

K- Shizuo felt like such a bum as he laid in that bed the whole day, watching as Shinra would come and go to do certain check-ups. He would hear as the other would excitedly chime out his joy for performing surgery on the blonde tomorrow, and could have sworn he even watched as the doctor skipped in as well. Did he even work at this hospital? But either or, he couldn't help but to have Izaya in his mind ever since that incident earlier that day. What exactly was that idiot trying to do, gloat about trapping the blonde in sexual pleasure! He was just lucky Shinra hadn't taken samples of whatever lingered on the blonde's dick, and test DNA. It would have been even worse for the younger brunette to find out that some of that substance came from some other place besides Izaya's mouth. The next day Shizuo woke up exceptionally early though, sitting up in his bed with another wince. Damn he didn't want that operation today, simply because of the fact of who was performing it. The blonde knew better, Shinra was just making an excuse to see other things besides the other's wounded problems. Slowly he stood up-yanking off certain wires until he pressed his hand on the wall-creating a better balance. Those damn bastards are going to pay though, that gang that had done that to him. He huffed lightly before stepping off towards the door-wanting to escape before Shinra came with those sharp-edge tools.

A- Shinra whistled happily, being so happy to finally have the chance to operate on his high school friend! He could finally see how he ticks, just like a clock. Yet, it soon became downhill when he entered the room and saw the blonde gone. GONE. GAH. He frowned greatly, before going off to search for the blonde. "SHIZUO!" Finally, he spotted the escaping the blonde, calling after him. Yet, suddenly was tripped, seeing the foot belonged to none other than Izaya. ". . .What did I tell you Shinra?" He stated, tilting his head down to stare at the doctor. Shinra laughed nervously, looking up at the man. ". .i was just going to. . .cut him. . a bit. . ." Izaya huffed before pressing down his foot even more, twisting in his foot even more. "hehe. . .hehe. . " The brunette began to chuckle as he saw how Shinra whined.

K- Shizuo made his way out of the hospital, watching as others stared off in his direction-seeing the blonde was really wearing nothing but that robe and bandages. Gah! Damn it! Damn Shinra! Limping lightly, his hand quickly caught around his rib as he felt a sharp pain, but only wince lightly. He needed to get home, get these damn bandages off of him, act like nothing was wrong. Slowly he stopped by a bench though, using it as a bit of support while lightly panting. This was not what he wanted. Violently, his hand snatched the thin cloth wrapped around his head-ripping it off as he tossed it off towards the ground. His left hand then viciously took hold of the stern cast around his right, pulling hard until the shield crumpled off onto the ground, wiggling his fingers lightly to get some feel back; yet found a faint flinch of pain from that as well. This'll do until home. . .if he can reach it.

A- Shinra whined out, wishing Izaya would get off. He really was being so over protective! The devil chuckled a bit more, before getting off of the man completely, being ever so bored. "Really Shinra. .how many times must I tell you? Do. Not. Touch. My. Predator." He murmured lowly and harshly, showing just how serious he was. Izaya then moved off, going toward the exit, leaving Shinra in agony and reaching for his cell to call Celty. The other brunette strolled off away from the hospital, blinking to see Shizuo struggling to get home in such a state. That idiot. If people knew how weak he was at this moment, it would be an easy kill. Izaya didn't like that idea one bit. He casually went by the suffering man, lightly skipping a bit until he was by the other's side. ". . Mm. . .well Shizu-

chan. Seems as though you're having a bit of problems mm?" The man lightly leaned forward to see the other's annoyed and in pained face.

K- The voice sent a wave of anger throughout his body, but was sure to keep himself under control-knowing he might hurt himself even further if he allowed for his irritation to get the best of him. Though his good-hand was one to dent the bench a bit as he glanced off towards the brunette's direction. "What the hell does it look like to you?" Shizuo asked in a cold manner, forcing himself to stand up more straight, allowing for his size to tower over the man a bit.

A- But Izaya wasn't even intimidated. He smirked lightly, suddenly poking a finger within the other's gut, right where a bruise was. "How stupid you are Shizu-chan~" The man chimed lightly. He chuckled a but under his breath as he watched the other's face contort and transform into pure pain. "heh. . ." Izaya the turned away from the man, pulling out his phone to make a quick call. Once he was done he turned back to the other. "I think, a ride would be much more suited to your needs than a walk." The brunette then turned back toward the streets, waiting for their ride. Soon after a black car pulled up. "Well. . Shizu-chan?" The devil asked, opening the care for the other.

K- Never in his life would he ever imagine getting a ride with this man, in that same car that he would sometimes pick up the brunette during a hated chase. Yet then again, he'd done other things as well that he'd never thought of himself to do. "Fine." He muttered, lifting himself from the bench and off towards the car-slipping inside with a bit of difficulty as he winced a bit-trying to get as comfortable as he could before sighing out with a bit of relief. Though really sitting up... it placed a painful pressure on his rib, fully sure now that some of them were broken. Shizuo, luckily, was use to hiding the pain he felt though, so easily began to brush the thought aside as he watched Izaya scoot in next to him. "You're only going to drop me off." He stated, leaving his eyes gazed out of his window.

A- "of course of course." The brunette lied, waving his hand to act as if he could careless to walking the man inside. But he had wanted to always see how Shizuo's home was inside. It seemed as though he was a bit curious. Was it nice like his own, or messy? Even the thought of annoying the man by staying a bit longer at his house seemed pleasant. Soon, the car took off, voyaging off down the streets toward Shizuo's home. Of course the brunette knew where he had lived, just as the blonde had. They were enemies after all, they need to know. "Here we are." Izaya's slender finger pointed out the window toward the other's home as they drove up and got out.

K- "What are you doing?" The blonde growled as he shut his door closed, leaning up against the car lightly as he glared off in the brunette's direction. "I can walk myself up there." Shizuo stated, thinking of that the reason why Izaya would step out as well, and began to stride off towards his front door. He took long and quick steps, wanting to hurry over there, yet felt his chest and head throb a bit as he did-until finally falling down onto one knee; catching himself from actually collapsing fully on the floor. "Shit. . ." He gritted in a breathe, not sure whether he should be concerned over his rib cage or this splitting pain in his head. Shizuo never did get that full report on what was wrong with him; he only assumed.

A- "hmph. . " A huffed escaped the lips of the enemy before stepping slowly toward the fallen man. Izaya kneeled down a bit in front of Shizuo, tilting his head as he eyed the other. "Oh really Shizu-chan? You can walk all by yourself to your door?. . .looks like you'll just crawl." He chuckled darkly, not seeming to care. But his curiosity did make his draw closer to the other, wanting to have an excuse to go inside. Soon he grabbed the man's arm, placing it around his shoulder before pulling up, forcing the man to use him as a crutch. ". .heh. . .how pathetic~" The informer made sure not to seem as though he actually cared or in anyway showed sympathy for this man, because in fact. . he did not! At least, that's what he continued to tell himself. Izaya helped the blonde toward his door, standing there in wait as Shizuo unlocked his entrance, seeming to really not want to do so. But it was too late, once the door was opened; Izaya pulled the man inside, all in order to get a look around.

K- The man's house was as neat as could be, everything around seemed organized and in place. Though the living room itself was small, it was easy enough for one man to live alone in-which was exactly the case anyways. It actually felt as if there was still a bit TOO much space, seeing so much of his organizing only caused for more feet room. Shizuo huffed as he pulled himself away from the brunette as his good-hand gripped onto the door frame, then steadily lead himself inside of the home as he targeted towards the couch. Once he rested there for a bit, he could hopefully get dressed again in something more suitable. That is anyway, if he heals correctly on his own-but would take that chance, not wanting to go back to Shinra at all. "Get lost now." The blonde ordered harshly, finding his mind in a daze as he stared down at his fractured wrist that set onto his lap.

A- But Izaya could not hear him; once Shizuo had left to seat himself, Izaya went off to look around more, get himself into a few things. He dug through drawers, shelves, anything he could get his hand on. "Oh my~" He chimed, suddenly finding the other's clothes. Izaya smirked wildly as he took off his sweater and shirt in order to try the other's collared bartender shirt on. He had always wanted to see how it felt to dress like a bartender for a moment. "heheh~" He chuckled under his breath as he began to button it up.

K- "Hey!" Shizuo growled as his eyes trailed up, finding that filthy man trying on his clean shirt "What the hell are you doing!" He growled lowly, wanting to get up but felt a sharp pain already from the thought, so remained seated. "Take it off!" He ordered "Right now." The blonde's left hand began to near a lamp setting close towards his couch-wrapping his fingers in hold of it as he glared all the more. Although in reality it wasn't all so big of a deal, seeing it was just a shirt, but it was also the shirts that his brother provided for him! Yet had to admit, seeing it a bit big on the brunette made him look a bit funny, ridiculous even, not the least bit sexy or appealing. No, never.

A- Izaya glanced back at the man, seeing him watching him with that pissed off face. He smirked lightly, feeling a bit anxious that this blonde was watching him so, even if he seemed angered, the brunette knew the other was finding interest in seeing the slender man wear such a thing. "heh. . " His smirk grew as an idea passed his mind. He began to undo his belt a bit and undo his pants, letting it fall around his ankle. The shirt barely covered whatever Izaya was wearing underneath, but it seemed his smooth legs just went on and on. "I don't think so Shizu-chan~. . I've always wanted to see how it was being a bartender~" He chimed lightly, kicking back his pants a bit to the side before walking toward the man. AS he strolled toward the cotch, he was busy tying a bow tie along his neck before standing in front of the man. ". . .though. .you don't have any more pants." He lied.

K- Shizuo knew he was getting a bit turned on by the scene unfolding in front of him, and tried desperately to keep his eyes away from those smooth thighs the brunette wield. The blonde being as organized as he was too, knew Izaya was lying, he did his wash daily, there was no way nothing was there to cover the sight in front of him. "Maybe you should check the closet then." He stated in an uninterested tone, feeling as his hand began to release the lamp, finding no need for it now. His angered mind wasn't even around the fact that the shorter man was wearing his clothes now, it was the fact that. . .what he was revealing from it all. God how Shizuo hated his mind sometimes, giving this pest a free ticket from a violent chase just because of his body. . .it wasn't like his how he use to act at all.

A- "hmm. . I wouuuld~ But I'm a bit lazy." Izaya waved his hand, dismissing the idea, not really wanting to get pants. He could see how the man tried to avoid eyeing at him. He could see those hazel eyes looking anywhere but down at his legs. It was such a gift to have such creamy legs. So it really was getting to this man, Izaya that was. He really was so eay to tempt, so easy to seduce, so easy to get what Izaya wanted from him. Slowly his knee stretched to rest in between the other's legs, then lastly his other knee was placed on the outside of Shizuo's leg. As he moved, slowly the buttoned collar shirt rose a bit, showing only a hint of what Izaya was wearing underneath. "Did you want to change from those hospital clothes?"

K- A faint blush fought at Shizuo's cheeks from the idea, knowing that it was very breezy with the robe on. . .but, he knew there would be more to the catch then what Izaya was getting at. The other was so close to him, he could smell that familiar-and oddly sweet-scent of the brunette as he breathed down upon the blonde lightly. This was exactly why he hated the other; he knew just how to get things out of Shizuo. Growling lowly, his eyes finally looked up to meet Izaya's, finding a cold match as their gazes were locked. "I can do it myself later." he stated, placing a hand on Izaya's over-large shirt as he started pushing the other off of him. Still though, he felt his eyes hesitate, wanting a peak down below, but still held the will not to. "You're just going to cause me to go back to the hospital if you keep this up." Shizuo stated bluntly, knowing it was true either way. Whether if the result was sexual or violent, the blonde was going to hurt himself.

A- "oh? Really? And what exactly do you mean by that Shizu-chan? That you are very tempted to fuck me again? That you'll hurt yourself that way? heh." The brunette slowly stood back up, eyeing the man ever so closely. "How ridiculous." He stated, loving the idea of putting the other through pain as they would have sex, but new Shizuo wasn't that stupid, or was he? "I'll just keep this as a souvenir~" He chimed, stepping away and going toward his things to pick them up. "I wouldn't move to try and catch my Shizu-chan~ Next time you're in the hospital. .I don't think Shinra is going to let you escape~!" He laughed lightly before leaving the other, still wearing the shirt as he did. Once the brunette was within his car, he couldn't help but to lightly hold the sleeve to his nose. Smelled of smoke and blood, just as Shizuo did. He smirked to himself, remembering the scent from their kisses and tastes of the other's skin.

K- Shizuo growled as the door shut, already knowing that the brunette was right, but hated the thought on admitting such a disgusting thing. His head turned away from the door, still wincing lightly as he adjusted more in the couch to get comfortable-but the image of Izaya remained in his mind. That fucking flea. Grasping onto the furniture angrily, he thought over how quickly it would be to chuck this at the man before he really left his drive-way. Then again. . .His eyes looked back down to the idiotic bandage still wrapped around his chest; causing for a wrinkle towards his nose. Is God the one trying to hold him back? What the fuck would that do! Leave Shizuo bored for the days he heals-seeing his body reacts quickly towards injuries like this-but still. At the very least he would like to hunt down those men that had done this to him. . . .but for now he was just trapped on the motionless couch. . .being able to do nothing but be in damn thought. Though the thing that pissed him off the more about that, was because Izaya was the only one circling around it. Him and those taunting eyes.

A- It had generally been a couple of days since that last visit between Shizuo and Izaya. Since that day, Izaya, unknowingly to the blonde, had been making calls, staying up late, researching anything about the attack. With all his contacts, it seemed very possible to find the cheap punks who had dared attack his property. It was Izaya's job to kill the blonde, not any other punk. He had hired many, most of his most trusted people, to assassinate those punks. He made sure that everyone associated with that certain punk know never to try and attack Shizuo or they would face dire consequences. It was this late night work and extra things that caused the fragile brunette to become a bit sick. It started with a bit of a cough here and there, then suddenly a sore throat, warning him of the coming fever. This was one of the 'perks' of being an informer; lack of sleep and food usually caused for the brunette to often become ill. Izaya had agreed to stay home, resting in bed as his new 'maid', Namie, would go around cleaning and organizing things. Good thing he had hired her after the collapse of her company. "I'm done for today Izaya. . " She mutter as she leaned against the door frame, glancing at the resting man. ". . .right right . .make sure to lock everything up. . " Izaya uttered a bit in a weary voice. Namie waved a bit of a goodbye, then left the informant to rest. As she left, she doubled check to leave everything locked. A light sigh escaped her lips before finally leaving the complex.

K- It wasn't long until the blonde's bones were feeling all and well again. He was walking around the house, seeming almost as if nothing was wrong, and it had only been- at the most- three days. Shizuo would take walks around as well though, sometimes eyeing around for the familiar brunette, but there had been no sign of him lately. It was strange too, surly Shizuo thought the other would come around to bother him more. . .yet he hadn't come ever since that one day. He blew out a puff of smoke as he gazed up at Izaya's complex, knowing he was in there, though really what was HE standing outside it for? It escaped his own grasp on why, but perhaps it was even because he was worried. . .he didn't want the OTHER to die in someone else's hands as well. . but seeing the lights on inside. . .it insured that the other was alive; for now. Sighing out a bit irritated, he snapped on the tobacco wielder until tossing it to the floor. That jackass was probably doing this on purpose. . .WANTING the blonde to come checking up on him, just to it would be pay back for the time Izaya had mindlessly done that to him. Damn it, it was working too. Shizuo paced outside a bit more, trying to keep his mind off of it, but what if Izaya had someone over? It'd be no surprise the slut would do that to him, but the idea also caused a light throb in his chest-not acknowledging it though-his anger began to build up instead. Finally. . .he found himself snapping. Without thought he stomped off towards the entrance-not checking to see if it was unlocked-easily ripping the door from its frame. Tossing it aside afterwards, he stepped inside coolly, eyeing around the empty living room. "Izaya!" He called, hearing as his shoes would lightly crush against a bit of debris.

A- The person he spoke of, woke a bit from his slightly pleasant dream. His pale red eyes stared off toward the wall, slowly he sat up a bit, staring off toward his door. Instantly the voice was so familiar, he knew it quite well. ". .damn. . " He mutter to himself, rubbing his lightly aching head. Not now, he didn't want to deal with the other now. Of all days, it had to be when he was in the middle of his sickness. Slowly the brunette shifted from the bed, rising a bit weakly from it. He sighed, groaning a bit, hating this over-whelming feeling of ache. Tenderly the brunette moved toward his door, lightly opening, seeing the blonde's figure down the hallway. ". . .Must you. .be so loud. .? " He achingly asked as his hand held his throbbing head. Really! Did the blonde have to heal so fast?

K- Shizuo's eyes quickly shot off in the other's direction, glaring all the more, until suddenly blinking at the other's appearance. He seemed pretty pale. . more than usual. A huff shot from him none-the-less though, placing his hands onto his hips. Make an excuse-he told himself- don't give yourself away. "The hell have you been!" He found himself growling, going against his mental judgments as he stormed off in Izaya's direction, pushing the door fully open until gripping on the brunette's wrist to pull him out from his room was. "The hell have you been doing!" Besides getting fucking sick!

A- Izaya winced lightly and glared at the other, not really in the mood to play around. "Laying in bed all these couple. .of days.. . " He muttered, turning his head the other way to cough lightly in his free arm. He then glanced back at the man, seemingly annoyed. Instead of his usually smirks, he had a tired frown, not entertained at all. ". . .is that a good enough reason Shizu-chan? Are you happy you came in here and disturbed my sleep?" He brunette sighed lightly. Of all days, he would have laughed or teased Shizuo for coming, but today, he did not want to put up with the other's anger.

K- The blinked at the other's tone, seeing just how worn out the other was. Slowly his grip on the man's wrist released, until shoving that free hand back inside his pant-pocket. "I didn't say that. . ." He mumbled, wielding the same frown before glancing over at the broken door instead. "So you're sick, huh?" Shizuo questioned, trying to keep his tone softer now, even though he knew he shouldn't even care about this other's needs of peace-seeing he never gets the same respect back-he couldn't help it though. "I'm only here because those dumbass gangsters are already taken care off. Some fucking prick beat me to the chase." He stated, eyeing the other for a moment-seeing he had a suspicion of who could have been in charge of it, but said nothing more. ". . . . .Got the fever or -

something asshole?"

A- Izaya tilted his head lightly to the side, closing his eyes for a moment before lightly opening them back up to stare at the other. ". . .see you for yourself." He reached up and grasped the other's head, pulling him down until his forehead touched it's own. ". . Supposedly, according to Namie. . I'm at 101.8." He mumbled. His eyes closed once again, feeling the other's cool forehead against his own. It felt nice compared to his temperature; a bit too nice that a breath of relief suddenly passed his lips.

K- Shizuo stayed bent down in place for a moment, feeling as the other's boiling forehead placed against his own. The sudden temperature change was very noticeable, having the man's eyes narrow a bit before pulling away to stand up straight. "That's not good you fucking idiot. Go lay back down." He waved his hand, turning around to have his back facing the other before he began to make his way into the other's kitchen instead. "You're just lucky my brother got sick a lot too." He found himself to mumble as he dug through a few cupboards, trying to find certain things to make a special soup he would normally prepare. Although this was IZAYA we were talking about. . .he couldn't find himself to just walk away from this moron, or to take him down when he was weak.

A- Izaya couldn't help but to blink, watching as the man began to get busy in his kitchen. Izaya had to admit, he was taken aback, surprised by this action, never thinking Shizuo to do such a thing. But for the moment, it was only a figment of a thought and soon disappeared as the brunette turned and went to go lay back in his bed. It was here that he submerged under the covers, fully covering himself up tight so he could stay warm and sweat out the fever. It was a strange way to get rid of the sickness, but often it was true. Izaya breathed out lightly again before nuzzling into the pillow, gently hearing the workings of his counterpart.

K- Shizuo worked diligently inside of the kitchen, making sure everything was prepared correctly as his concentrated eyes peered across form one item to the next. Already a type of stew was boiling on the stove, filled with all kinds of substances known for riding away a sickness. Lightly he would find himself muttering out the memorized recipe, making sure he hadn't missed anything. Truly, Shizuo looked more like a bartender then he would ever before. His sleeves were rolled up to the elbow, his posture straight and correct, gently pouring in the cooked soup inside of a large soup bowl. Once done he placed the steaming bowl on a plate-grabbing a spoon to sit on there as well- and started making his way back inside of the room. It was slightly embarrassing as well though, seeing he was actually SERVING the brunette. . .but still. He opened the door to Izaya's room slowly, making his way inside with a soft sigh. "Here. . ."

A- Izaya's tired eyes lightly opened, staring straight at the figure in front of him. The man eased himself up, sitting up and glancing toward the soup offered to him. Izaya had sat there staring for a moment, before letting his head fall back to the side to peer up at the blonde. ". . .I'm . . .a bit shaky. . " He held up his hands to prove so. ". . .and I may be so much to ask. . .but could you. . . .?" His voice began to drift off, knowing it was something ridiculous to ask from the blonde, but unless Izaya was able to stop shaking, he would not be able to hold his spoon right. And that special soup did smell delicious. Izaya could just feel his stomach tighten, awaiting the other to set himself down in order to feed him. Izaya waited patiently for the decision, expecting Shizuo to say HELL NO.

Shizuo blinked at the request, feeling a bit of irritation, yet also noticed how Izaya acted while asking for him to. It wasn't in the teasing and daring way, he actually seemed to be even a bit embarrassed by it. . .seeing he couldn't fully ask. Shizuo contemplated with himself a long moment, gazing at the fatigue boy then down to the steaming soup. "Sure. . ." He muttered, yet also questioned himself on why he couldn't at least agree with a bit of distaste in his voice. Slowly the blonde sat himself on the bed next to Izaya, at first trying to get a bit comfortable until finally leaning back against the bed post. His hand slowly began to work at scooping a helping of soup into the utensil, until lightly blowing on it and lifting it towards the others lips. "Here. . ."

A- Slowly those pale lips lightly opened, letting the warm metal enter his mouth. He clasped his lips around it, taking in the helpful of soup. The warm liquid felt nice against his sore throat. Lightly he opened it again, releasing the spoon so Shizuo could continue. Each spoonful, Izaya would take and by the end, he had licked his lips. ". . .It was. . delicious. . " He mutter, glancing the other way. This was so strange, never once did Izaya want to compliment this man, but he couldn't help it as long as the blonde was being so gentle. It was odd, but Izaya dare not question it, not wanting to make the blonde storm off. He blinked as he noticed Shizuo beginning to get up, suddenly his hands grasped onto the other's wrists. ". . wait. . no. .. lay next to me. ." He asked, feeling his head-

K- Shizuo blinked at the strange request, about ready to yank his arm free, but saw the look on the other's face. He was a lightheaded moron when he was sick-was the only thing he could conclude as he slowly sat the empty bowl aside. "Whatever." The blonde murmured, still in a soft voice, as he slid onto the bed again. He leaned back a bit to get comfortable as he sat both hands into his lap; staring off at the ceiling through his blue-lense glasses. First he made soup, and now he was staying by his side? What next? He thought in a negative fashion, but every time he laid eyes on the brunette's sickly color he remembered why he wasn't storming off violently in the first place.

A- Izaya's hands slowly slipped from the other's wrists as he slowly slide down to lay his head back on his pillow. He couldn't help but to be so close against Shizuo's hip. His weak hands stayed placed on the other's thighs, holding a bit to the fabric as some kind of comfort. It was a different experience laying like this, next to the blonde. Izaya knew that Shizuo probably hated this also, not wanting to fall for the brunette, but Izaya wish he could assure this was not one of his tricks. He really was horribly ill, and weak, unable to really figure out what he was saying, or even think straight.

K- The blonde's eyes stared the eyes down like a hawk for the first few moments they were placed there, but after awhile of seeing nothing suspicious occurring, he began to trail his gaze back up to the weak brunette. What was he going to do. . .The other really did look helpless at the moment, just laying there as a mess. . .Sighing out lightly, he felt his arm brush up a bit before wrapping it around Izaya's neck slightly, pulling the other close until he had the shorter man now using Shizuo's own stomach as a type of pillow instead. An itch of irritation ringing through him at the action, but tried to brush it aside with a silent and long exhale-feeling as his body tried to relax itself. "Just go back to sleep. . ." He said lowly.

A- Izaya couldn't help but to tense himself, finding this all too strange, but welcoming. He breathed out lightly to calm his nerves, relaxing into the lap of his enemy. His arm stayed stretched along the other's waist, lightly hugging his new 'pillow' as he would with his old. If Izaya was himself, he would have teased Shizuo for making such a move, but instead he stayed quiet and enjoyed the body heat of the other, it was much better than just having the blanket wrapped around him. Soon, his breathes began to slow as he began to drift off, going back to his healing sleep.

K- Shizuo knew when the other was asleep, feeling as the brunette's body turned more at ease through the minutes passing. He glanced down to watch as Izaya slept peacefully, not at all with that annoying smirk playing along his lips. The mellow and lightheaded Izaya was much better. The blonde watched the other for a bit more, thinking to himself. He didn't really like this idiot, did he? Though. . . why would he have made soup for him then? Shouldn't he not care if the other was sick or not? It confused him, and pushed his brows together to hope for some answer. . .but nothing. Sighing out a finale time, he found himself sliding down a bit more on the bed-having to admit the body heat of the other was comfortable as well- and soon had his blonde strands pressed against a pillow beneath him. His arms brought Izaya up a bit though, to instead place the other on his toned chest instead-for some reason feeling better this way then the other. His other hand soon began to slide the sunglasses off from his nose, until placing them on a dresser nearby. Already he was getting drowsy. . .this wasn't fair. He was suppose to hate this damn flea. Damn it.

A- A couple of hours passed, enough for darkness to fill outside the windows and enough for Izaya to finally wake from his rest. His eyes slowly fluttered open, adjusting a bit before glancing around. He tried to move a bit, but found something slide down his back as he did; hands it had seemed as the let just right at his backside. And he found who they just belong to once he stared straight at the face in front of him. The brunette rose a brow, not able to believe that Shizuo passed out and actually stayed, he had thought the other would have left once Izaya passed out. But there he was, asleep also. ". .hmph. . " He couldn't help but to scoff a bit, not liking the sound of his heart skipping a beat from such a favor this man did. Sure Izaya felt a bit better with his throat less sore and chose not to taunt this man, not yet anyhow. Yes, he hated this blonde, but he couldn't bring himself to give the other a rude awakening. Instead he slowly rested his head onto his arms, resting upon the other's chest. His finger couldn't help but to lightly stretch out and slowly touch against the throat in front of him as he waited for Shizuo to wake.

K- His brow twitched lightly, feeling the faint touch at his throat a bit. Any normal person may have brushed it aside though, yet seeing how Shizuo lived his life, thought of it as a type of threat. Quickly he felt himself jolt up with his eyes open, right hand already back into a fist as his hazel eyes shined in the night air. Yet not long after making that gesture, was finding himself met back with the red gaze, suddenly remembering. . .Softly his fist began to uncoil, until resting it behind him to help prep himself up more. ". . . .Izaya." Was the only thing he found his mind to be able and muster out. Nothing crude, or nice. Just a simple name.

A- "mm. . .on edge Shizu-chan?" The other questioned, noting the jolting action. Slowly the brunette leaned a bit back to straighten himself up on top of the blonde. He winced a bit at the soreness of his body, but got over it. ". . .Don't worry. . .I wouldn't kill you while you were sleeping. . .that wouldn't be much fun. .now would it?" The brunette stated jokingly, chuckling a bit wearily. Luckily he was getting his strength back in his voice, able to sound a bit like his smooth self. The man lightly moved a bit, preparing himself to get off the other. ". . I'm feeling better by the way. . .I'm sure you can take your leave now Shizu-chan." He mutter, slowly standing on his knees and beginning to move his leg over the other to get off the bed.

K- Before the other was able to get the other leg over-however- Shizuo lifted his knee up a bit more to be able and capture the brunette right between his legs; rubbing a bit against the crotch from his quick and sloppy action. Once capturing Izaya, he had his leg raise further, until the brunette's body had no choice but to slide down a bit-having Izaya laying on his chest with Shizuo's thigh trapping his exit by pressing only lightly against Izaya's groin. He stared after that though, not sure what he should say to back up that action, yet finally after a silent gulp-cleared his throat with a fake huff. "I live on the other side of town you asshole." He stated as an excuse "I'm not walking there so late."

A- Izaya couldn't help but to lightly gasp out at the action. shiver from the friction rubbing against his groin. He fought down the wave of excitement reaching to his groin, hating to admit his body had wanted Shizuo for a while now since their last meeting. But no, Izaya had not the energy for such a thing. He sighed lightly, using that to hide his heavy breath, and lightly tilted his head, peering at the man. Clearly he wasn't taking the other's excuse, but smirked lightly. ". . hm? Ah. .so Shizu-chan is scared of the dark then?" The other asked a bit teasingly. He knew this man could put up with a fight in the middle of the dark, he had done it so many times before, but why today did he choose not to take off? "Or are you. .hoping for a thank you hm?"

K- "A thank you?" Shizuo blinked at the word, actually not catching onto what the other was gesturing at. He brushed the first comment aside though, knowing that Izaya knew full well that was just a statement to try and edge the blonde's nerves. But this thank you. . ."If you want me gone, just say so." He stated back. Was Izaya this clueless though? He was a informant was he not? Shizuo's brows pushed together lightly, thinking it strange for the other to not know why the other really wanted to stay here. Not for some 'thank you' or for a fight. . .Shizuo was worried. Of course he would never admit it out loud, but feeling the sick body against him before sleeping had him trapped in thought.

A- Izaya blinked at that statement. He paused a moment. How badly he screamed yes, but then there was this other side that scream No, overpowering the No. The brunette sighed lightly, he hated this trap Shizuo had put him in. So instead he said nothing, looking the other way, not wanting to please either side of himself. Here he was, caught in the middle of a rock and a hard place, all because of this stupid blonde. Why did he always have stuff figured out? It was annoying. There Izaya sat in silent, trapped by the blonde, not wanting to admit he wanted the other to stay, nor not wanting to admit he wanted him gone.

K- The man sighed back as there was no reply, knowing that this man would be too stubborn to actually admit anything-just as Shizuo himself. His eyes glanced down at the leg in-between the other's legs, then back up to Izaya's face. ". . .I'm not really in the mood for this right now." Shizuo stated back, leaning forward slightly to link his lips against the brunette's; but it only lasted a moment. Once pulling back, he slid his thigh down, sitting up more himself as he started to shuffle the other off of him. The blonde stood from the bed with not a stretch to follow, grabbing right for his sunglasses instead before nearing the door. "Izaya." He addressed, stern and serious. His eyes glanced back behind his light strands, catching the confused stare of the other "You're always going to be a thorn in my side. . .though we obviously stand equal mentally. . .but let me be the first to say. . .I don't want to leave you." He admit, sliding his sunglasses up to cover his shining eyes. "You don't know me Orihara. . ." Then with that low spoken statement, shut the door close to his room, heading off towards the entrance where the broken door still laid.

A- "ah. . " Izaya could just feel his cheeks begin to burn, not from his fever, but from the other's words. No, it seemed like Izaya did not know Shizuo as he had thought he did. Never in his whole life would he have ever thought to hear such words from the man. Not wanting to leave? Shizuo had always wanted to be so far away from Izaya as humanly possible unless the brunette angered him in some way or the blonde wanted to take out his frustration. The brunette hesitated, wondering if he should or shouldn't, but in the end he chose the first. Quickly he shuffled, going off toward the door and going toward his entrance. "Then don't. . .asshole. . " The man growled out to him, tightening his fists at his side. How stupid of him to fall in this man's pass, to just crumble at the thought of letting this blonde leaving him alone.

K- Shizuo stopped just on the other side of the door frame, feeling as the moonlight shined down upon the both of them. His eyes glanced back to the other, until tilting his head down a bit to gaze more from over the frames to his glasses. Don't? The thought of having Izaya say this caused a light smirk to cross his face. "You want to answer me now?" He questioned, turning his body so that he was facing towards the other man again. "You know Izaya. . .I never knew you got so easily flustered. . .I normally thought you were those kind that always kept their cool." Shizuo stated in an amused tone, leaving his hands in his pockets.

A- "pft. . " Damn this blonde, suddenly getting back to his smartass self. He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, ignoring the other's statement. Idiot. He thought to himself before deciding to make his way over to the blonde. ". . .hmph at least I don't drool at the sight of panties. . " He murmured, smirking lightly himself as he stopped in front of the man, looking up at him. He cocked his head a bit to side to peer at the man a bit better. ". . Stay Shizu-chan. . I want you to stay." Izaya had a distasteful taste in his mouth because of those words, but he ignored it. That was what he had wanted, and he knew that was what the blonde wanted. He slowly then leaned up, kissing those unsuspecting lips, pulling the blonde toward him as he did.

K- Shizuo was a bit taken back, but it would never match up to the first time the brunette had done this to him. Without much of a hesitation, his arms began to slowly wrap around the other, pulling his close as well before deciding the deepen the kiss a bit more. Stay Izaya said? Hm. A spark of amusement still lingered in his eyes, but it was slowly hidden as his eyes shut lightly-feeling the smaller body against him before pulling back, having their foreheads rest on one another for a moment to catch their breath.

A- The burnette breathed out lightly, catching his breathes as he leaned against the other's forehead. Since when was the last time they had kissed so? Not for a while it seemed, seeing that his body was heating up; unless that was his fever, but Izaya thought not. He had mumbled something for a moment, then noticed he was not heard. Again he said it louder, "Come back. . to the bedroom." It was more of an order than a statement. Izaya knew what he wanted and wanted it now, unless Shizuo wanted to sleep outside on the couch.

K- Shizuo blinked at the sudden statement, then eyed pass the other to the open bedroom. It wasn't long until they were in there again though, sheets scattered all over the bed, both of them lingering about it. The blonde hovered over Izaya as he continued sucking down on the smooth neck presented to him-sure to instead fill it with hickies. Both of their heated breathes filled the air, both not seeming to care much for what they were doing with each other now. . .almost as if they actually enjoyed it; unlike the first time. Shizuo's hands worked lightly at the other's pant-button, seeing he had already gotten off the shorter man's shirt, and slid it down to Izaya's ankles, revealing the panties underneath. A wicked smirk played on his lips as he eyed down to the erection hidden beneath it, causing for a nip to the brunette's neck. "Funny how you wear those. . ." He murmured in a lustful slur "Someone could black mail you like that you know. . ."

A- ". . heh. .ah. .I'd like to see. . them try. . " He mewled a another nip to his neck. His hands were so tangled into the blonde locks above him. His hips moved as his thighs rose up to rub against the man's sides, beckoning him to go on. With ever touch it seemed like a horrible tease. Izaya hated how Shizuo would bite and kiss along his body, but take so long to his throbbing crotch. "Stop. . .hah. . beating. .around. .the fucking. .bush. " Izaya snapped after a long moment, even pushing his hips up to grinding against the other's groin, feeling this bodyguards own throbbing bulge. Oh, so he too was a bit too heated for his own good.

K- A uneasy breathe left him from the light grinds, biting against the other's flesh a bit more until sitting up and away from it. His eyes watched the other man for a moment, watching as the impatient eyes stared straight at him. Izaya was obviously someone Shizuo could never tame causing for a light frown to appear. Until that was, he thought of an alternative to what the brunette's words could also mean. "Right. . ." He finally panted out, replacing that frown with a faint smirk. His hand then un-did his bow-tie, tossing it off over his shoulder before unbuttoning his shirt as well; feeling as some of the cloth stuck to his damp skin. "This reminds me. . .you need to give me my shirt back." Shizuo reminded as he unbuttoned the last of his shirt, sliding it away until gripping onto Izaya's thighs, pulling the man closer under the other's bum bumped against his own crotch.

A- Izaya winced as he could feel the erected bulge against his ever so needy entrance. ". . .ah. . hah. . " He chuckled between pants. "Maybe~" The other murmured, not really wanting to give up that bartender get up. He actually grew very fond of that shirt he stole. Eventually he'll give it back. . maybe, possibly. . .never. ". . such a stupid time. .to think up. . that though. . Shizu-chan. . " The burnette said lowly, hating to have such small talk as the other was so close to his ever waiting entrance.

K- Lightly the index finger began to slide down the other's panties until finally revealing the hardened penis underneath. His smirk only widened though at the sight of it, and lightly stroked as he continued on with their discussion. "Probably because this isn't as thrilling as the other times." He stated in all truth, although that'd never stop him from doing this to the brunette, he just wanted to still prove how much he could still live without this moron. Or at least. . .play that he could anyways. "You're the one pleading."

A- Izaya growled halfly, yet groaned the other half. How true these other's words were, but the brunette fought to believe it. He ignored the fact that he had been ordering the other, demanding such and such. But how could he stop himself? It had been weeks since the last time he had sex, being the last time he had it with this certain individual right here. "hmph. . .don't say such things. .ah. .Shizu-chan. . .nn. . .you might. . regret it. . " The brunette warned, glancing up at the man with such cloudy eyes. He knew this blonde wasn't stupid, but he also knew what got to the other as well. Another stroke caused a moan wanting to rip from the informer's lips, but instead he bit down onto his finger, keeping himself silent, or at least struggling to.

K- The hazel eyes narrowed as he watched the other drown out the moans, causing for a hard press to Izaya's tip before letting go of the other man altogether. He sat up a bit more, a zipping sound being heard, until the blonde's erection began to hang from his still up-ed pants. Shizuo's finger lightly rubbed against that desperate hole until roughly plugging a finger into it, panting still as he did. "You're. . .mmm the one that's going to regret it. . .if you keep up this stubborn-ness." He muttered heatedly.

A- Izaya shook his head, almost as a child would who did not want to listen to what they were told. He turned his head the other way, biting harder onto his finger. Soon that wasn't working as he felt the finger penetrate even more. His whole hand then to the place of his finger. "Mph!" Those crimson eyes closed tightly as the informer go used to the feel. Once another finger had entered, Izaya struggled even more to keep quiet. No, he would not make a sound unless Shizuo begged to hear it. He would not move his hand away unless the man would stop being such the idiot he was.

K- The man only briefly pumped the other a bit more, until noticing there was still no difference in tone. Izaya was obviously not going to listen. Sighing out another heated breathe, he pulled out of the other's hot walls, feeling as a damp substance lingered upon his fingers. Fine then, this other can do what he wants, but in the end Shizuo knew just what was going to happen. Gripping tightly onto the brunette's hips, he began to have himself adjusted until his cock was pushing just against Izaya's opening with his tip. The other was very eager, and although the blonde was himself, Izaya was simply so demanding; something Shizuo could never find himself to stand. Without any further warning but that light push, the blonde rammed himself fully within the other's entrance; feeling as the tight figure engulfed his erected cock. "Geh. . ." He groaned lightly, leaning a bit down to see the agonizing pleasure on Izaya's face. Idiot.

A- The 'idiot' gulped down harshly, trying to push the moans of pleasure wanting to erupt from him. His arms tightly hugged around the man's neck, using it to prop himself up a bit more better in order to be comfortable. The devil struggled with the cries, fighting their way up until finally he could not handle any longer. He moaned out into the blonde's shoulder, biting down onto the flesh right after. Damn this man. He hated how easily Shizuo could make Izaya cry out with just a simple move, he hated how he seemed so weak in this kind of state of mind. He had lastly hated how he could just hear the blonde enjoying the sudden sound of the other's erupted moan. Hmph.

K- Shizuo's smirk was more than wide on his face, but amused. He waited there a long moment before thrusting, wanting to add onto the awaited pleasure Izaya was expecting. It was so entertaining though, seeing he normally was never able to see the other man like this much before. Finally after awhile though, he began to thrust, but not his usual rough ones, but at a normal and eased pace-not as if he was trying to kill the other with the movement. But how would Izaya take the gentle play? He always knew the other man was always a sucker for the violent kind. . .

A- The most eased and gentler thrusts were nothing like the rough and dominated ones. Yet still, it caused the brunette to moan out, finding these so much more like torture. He did starve for those rough hard ones, wanting them. His head lightly turned to the side, releasing from the reddening flesh as he spoke to the blonde. ". . hah. . .hah. . going. . so soft. . mm. .Shizu-chan. . .lost. . your touch?" Izaya asked, teasing the blonde. "To. . .weak to do so?" He asked, leaning toward the other's ear, nipping at it lightly, gently, until actually harshly biting down, tugging a bit at the ear, trying to anger this blonde.

K- Shizuo found himself lightly wincing at the bite, but only continued to release soft groans as he softly thrusted. His eyes sparked with desire of course, but the curiosity was only getting the best of him at the moment. His body remained calm, collected, holding himself together from turning into his usual-murderous-rampage. "Mmm. . .hah. . .I'm just. . .mmm taking my time~" The blonde stated as a fake excuse, pushing himself in deeply one time as a tease, until going back to his usual rhythm. "Why?... do you miss my...hah...rough play?" He questioned with a raised brow, until pulling away from the other that continued to bite onto his lip.

A- Asshole. The informer thought to himself, pissed off by this new tease. This wasn't fair what so ever. How badly Izaya wanted to freaking punch the man by asking such a thing like that, but he stopped himself. The fist of hair that he had suddenly pulled harshly as those now dark red eyes glared at the hazel. Izaya's smirk played on his lips as he stared intently at Shizuo, wincing here and there with each thrust. ". . .the question is . .hah. . Shizu-chan. . .ah. . .do you. . not. . like pounding. .into me with full force?" As he said those words his hips suddenly, and forcefully, bucked down against the other's cock, causing Izaya to mewl at the hit against his prostrate.

K- A hot breath left the man's lips from the sudden action, causing for an eye to shut before he was able to regain himself. He already knew how great it felt to deathly pound against the brunette, he knew exactly how great it felt, but couldn't give up so soon right now. Izaya . . .was actually being a brat more than anything. Harshly his free hand grabbed onto the brunette's hip, holding the man in place with a tight squeeze-feeling as his finger nails would dig in lightly- and began to press his forehead against the other's forcefully, trying to push the brunette back down into the bed. "Have. . .patience." He said through a bit of irritation, but still kept that smirk on his face as their eyes clashed together.

A- Patience! Izaya didn't have any patience! Not when it came to sex like this. He pouted, just as a brat would, hating to have this man be in such control. If Izaya was fully healthy, he would have fought for dominance, but he did not have enough energy to do so. The brunette was just driven crazy with such petty slow thrusts, this wasn't why he wanted to fuck Shizuo at all. In fact, this wasn't Shizuo at all! The man could just fill his sensual side wanting more, wanting that thrust to force itself so much more in so he could reach release. Izaya's pants picked up as he became in dire need of friction. His eyes looked the other way, not wanting to stare up at this man, this horrible bastard that dared to try and tame him. After what seemed like forever to the informed he finally growled out, "FUCK ME HARDER ALREADY SHIZUO!" Actually using the blondes name rather than his pet. Oh how flustered and red the brunette was having to beg for such a thing. Damn this man. . he would have his when the time comes.

K- The sudden outburst had the other's rhythm collapse, catching himself onto the other's hips for support at the sudden surprise. Shizuo. . .? His hazel eyes blinked down at the brunette, never once thinking he would hear that name come from Izaya's mouth. It was weird, and very abnormal. His pants were a bit more ridged, seeing just how badly the other wanted Shizuo's fucks. Damn. . .he wanted to do it as well now. Slowly he felt himself be regained, sitting up straight yet again-his smirk long gone from his face. "Fine." He snapped in a cold and harsh tone, yet knew that inside it was just a needed remark for the moment. Shizuo. . .Shizuo. . .it wasn't a right name to come from Izaya-honestly he preferred the pet one instead. After taking a moment to organize his thoughts, his hands began to grip tightly onto Izaya's hips as before, but this time was followed with a hard ram; not only causing a moan from Izaya, but from himself. His rough and merciless poundings soon began to unfold as he felt his pace increase alongside with the pleasure. The bed was rocking under them as it always would once trapped in these types of situations, having the sounds around them filled with nothing but rough pants and loud-painful-smacks against the skin.

A- Izaya's back just stayed arched as the man continued to so mercilessly ram into him at such a continuous pace. His toes curled with each wave of pleasure going up and down his body. The once bratty and unwillingly wanting to falter informer, began to sing out erotic sounds. This was just what he had wanted, the Shizuo he had found to be addicted to, the one his body craved. Slowly his arms reached back up, wrapping around the other's neck, using it to help stabilize himself to each hit to his prostrate. With each hit, his vision began to become blurry, only seeing dancing lights. His own cock began to twitch, already at the verge of cumming.

K- Shizuo groaned out more, feeling as his own cock tensed up from the pleasurable feeling still surrounding him. His grip on Izaya tightened a bit more until finally ramming into him hard and deep a final time-feeling as he began to release the hot liquid within the brunette. Though it wasn't long until he felt that same substance begin to slowly leak out from the sides, then noticed-as he glanced up from his own mess- that the brunette had released as well. Pulling out of the other, Shizuo sat back a bit, still lightly panting as he gazed over at the sight in front of him; seeing that Izaya's legs were still open wide. ". . .you need to learn to control yourself more." He stated, still breathless, as his hand began to zip up his satisfied member; then reached into his back pocket to place an un-lighted cigarette inside of his mouth. "Much more." The blonde murmured, until slipping out a match as well-lighting the object.

A- Izaya sighed out, a bit in relief, and a bit to knock off the other's statement. Control himself, for what? Shizuo was just being a bastard. He stretched his arms back, placing his hands behind his head as his legs lightly crossed. Unlike Shizuo, he didn't mind being naked. "And you need. . .to just stop being so gentle." He huffed, not really liking this pathetic side of the blonde. He laid there for a moment, staring at Shizuo, seeing his annoyed face at the comment. Slowly the brunette began to sit up, leaning closely to the other's face. He licked the tip of his finger tips and pressed against the lit cigarette, putting it out. He then flicked it away from the other. "If you want me to control myself. .then you need to stop smoking Shizu-chan~" He smiled widely. "It's not very good for you~"

K- His brow twitched, watching as the flame was suddenly extinguished. No. . .that bastard. . .didn't! Throwing the now useless cigarette to the floor, he stood up angrily "IZAYA!" The blonde growled, not liking when someone was to waste such an item. Suddenly his hands were gripping onto the mattress the two were previously 'making love' until roughly flipping it over; dragging the brunette down onto the other side of the bed as well. "Bastard! You can't just put out a cigarette as if they come so cheap!" He exclaimed, now circling aroudn to the other side of the bed where Izaya now laid, breathing out harshly and angered as his eyes stayed down on the other.

A- Izaya only smiled as he laid on the floor. He sat up a bit, staring up at the other. "Oh Shizu-chan~ Stop whining. . .you get to stay. .now don't you?" The brunette questioned raising his brow up at the other. "Or do you really want to cry about a silly little cig?" The informer asked, tilting head head lightly, amused but the other's anger. Where was this during the first part of their sex? Would Izaya have to snap a cigarette in two to get this kind of anger from the man?

K- Shizuo was quiet for a moment, mentally biting hold of his tongue to stop from snapping back; yet obviously had an embarrassed blush forming across his cheeks. His trapped gaze with the brunette soon died down as he turned his head away, huffing a bit more until violently snatching his shirt from the bed, turning his back to begin making his way out of the room. "I'll be back later." He grumbled, not at all sounding happy at the moment.

A- Izaya watched as the other left. He lightly smiled and shook his head. That idiot. Slowly he got up and glanced to his mattress. At least he could have put it back, he thought to himself before grasping onto the edge of it and moving it back into place. He then went to grab his shirt and place on, along with his panties before going back into the bed. The brunette grabbed the dirty sheets and tossed them to the side, too tired to deal with it right now, so instead plopped back into the bed and went under the covers, exhausted. The informer couldn't help but to leave a spot for the blonde, moving to the side a bit, hoping he'd come back like he said and go to bed.

K- A few senseless hours passed until the blonde made his way through the open entrance, still seeming to have his shirt off as the collared shirt he had grabbed hung against one of his shoulders. It was a nice night after all. Except for the fact that he was just blowing steam off during the time. Although some of it was because of the small incident not that long ago, it mainly consisted just around himself lately. . .and Izaya. He even hesitated on really coming back or not. . .but how could he leave? He already admit he didn't want to. Gently he slid his way back onto the bed, finding the other already off in sleep as he laid curled up in a ball. He sighed lightly, until inching closer towards the brunette, up until he was able to hold the other close against him as he laid down as well. A relieved breath brushed against Izaya's ear as he got comfortable again, resting his chin onto of the other's head. "What an annoyance. . ." Shizuo couldn't help but to mutter, shutting his eyes.

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