Say Good Night and Go

It was a beautiful fall evening in Fell's Church Virginia. The night was pleasantly crisp without being down right cold. Elena could smell burning leaves from front yards, happy laughter of children and the firm cautioning note of parents, smoke from fire places as the house owners gathered around it for a night of tranquility.

This was good, this was what she loved about being in a small town, it was cozy, close knit and safe. Well, mostly safe… Elena paused for a moment on the front porch breathing in the fall air, leaning on the rails of the porch. She was waiting for Bonnie to pick her up, they were going to the Mystic Grill to see who all was there and play some pool, there was even a off chance that Caroline would be there and they could have a great night out, maybe even catch a movie after dinner if her friends did not end up hooking up with some guys and going different directions.

She was sure that she would not be meeting Stefan, he had left that morning on "Business" and when she had asked directly he gave her a look made him look grim and old. Elena had asked again after that, but she only got a kiss and "I love you" before he turned and left.

Elena tried not to miss him, tried not to worry over what had upset him so much that he had to leave immeadetly.

Well, he would be back by morning, and Mr. Saltzman would arrive at the same time, Almost as if they were out together hunting…?

How could she have not seen it? She must be remarkably stupid to have not gotten it sooner. He was out with Aleric going after some evil thing. No more to it than that.

Elena tossed her hair, enough, this night was for fun with friends, catching up and gossiping. She needed tonight.

There was a bright flash as Bonnie pulled up, headlights illuminating the porch.

Elena waved and reached for her bag, then ran to the car. This was going to be great, some friends on the town just like old times! She even had a open-ended curfew, which meant she had to back in by twelve, but could spend the night with Bonnie if Bonnie's mom was fine with it. Which she would be. She had known Elena ever since she was small.

She slid into the passengers seat with a bright smile.

The sound of the radio drowned out Bonnie as she was trying to talk to Elena.

"Sheesh, why don't you turn it down, Bonnie? You know they say it is bad for your ears to have it this loud."

"Don't be ridiculous ,Elena, if loud music could really hurt someone why aren't all of our parents deaf? I'ts not like I am in a rock band or something!"

Elena laughed;

"Well, I never thought of it like that. So what were you trying to tell me before I turned it down?"

"I was saying that Caroline will meet us there. I was also going to ask you something, but I must have forgotten what it was. It could not have been too imprtant."

Bonnie's voice was too loud.

"Keep it down!" Elena laughed,

"I told you it was too loud, now you probably woke up every dog in the county."


"So, no Stefan tonight?" Bonnie queried.

"Nope, he had … something to do."

Bonnie shot her a quick look but then looked back at the road, she really did not want to hear more.

"So, have we decided what movie we want to see tonight?" Bonnie swiftly changed the subject.

'I was thinking that we could either see the romantic comedy…"

Her friend made a violent gagging sound.

"..or the cheerleader movie."

"Is that ALL there is out right now?" complained Bonnie.

"Well there is that horror movie everyone is crazy about."

"The one with the wolf boy friend ? That one is worse! I say we go to the cheerleader one, it will make Caroline happy, and as long as we are not seated near to some looser guy that is sitting off alone for God-knows-what-reason. I will get through it"

"Eww, Bonnie, gross!"

"It's true!"

Elena looked out the window. "I was never so glad to be at my destination."

"Oh, come on, Elena, Hey! There's Caroline!"

Bonnie parked and the two friends met Caroline on the sidewalk. As they turned to go inside the grill Elena noticed that a mist was settling down over the town.

The night turned out to be all that Elena had wished for, just for tonight all the awkwardness that had risen between them over the last year was suspended and they were free to be as light hearted and full of fun as in the old days. The Before days.

Before, Elena's parents died, before she had a, er, new boyfriend, before Bonnie knew she was a witch, before Caroline started going out with Matt.

The conversation and giggling over dinner caused a few older patrons to look at them, half in annoyance, and half in envy. They tried the pool table, but there was a cluster of drunk guys that would not give it up.

So, in agreement they stopped waiting for a turn and headed out to the movie theater, which was right across the square.

Caroline tried to talk them into a run to the store to pick up candy, (she hated paying what the theater charged) but Elena and Bonnie flatly refused. It was getting time for the show to start. Caroline gave in with a half pout. The theater was full, so they had quite a time finding seats together, in fact it was only because one good natured mom gave up the seat that held her kids popcorn, nachos and drinks, opting to hold them in her lap, that they got to sit together.

The movie was filled with peppy music and pompoms, the mean girls got what was coming to them, and the good girls came out on top after learning a valuable lesson about something. All was very satisfactory. Then as the music swelled and the credits rolled Elena felt the little sense of let-down one gets after being in a movie one enjoyed. Time to get back to harsh electric lights, the line at the bathroom and saying goodbye to friends, well, to Caroline really, because she was not going to spend the night at Bonnie's.

They walked Caroline to her car, ignoring the group of drunk frat boys from the grill whistling at them. Then after Caroline was pulling out of the parking lot Bonnie turned to Elena.

"I thought you were going to spend the night with me tonight?"

Elena looked at her blankly, "I am, why?"

"Because you do not have your bag, I was asking you about it when you got in the car tonight."

"Oh, right, I must have left it on the porch. I guess we will have to drive back for it.'

"Are you sure? You could just borrow some of my things."

"And your toothbrush I suppose?"

"Fine, get in the car." Sighed Bonnie.

It was a short drive to Elena's house.

"Why don't you come on the porch for a while? I will see if we have any good snack food in the kitchen and pack that too."

Bonnie was already shutting the car door and walking up to the porch before Elena, suddenly she stiffened and stopped short, almost causing Elena to walk into her.

There was already someone sitting on the rocking chair.

"Damon." Elena's voice was flat.

"What are you doing out here?"

He flashed a brilliant smile at the two girls, "Stopped by to say 'Hello', had a great chat with your aunt, by the way. She had to leave but suggested I wait here for you girls, with a flick of his wrist he indicated her neglected overnight bag.

Elena narrowed her eyes at him, she wondered if he had gone through the bag. Probably, though unless he was interested in her deodorant or toothpaste there was nothing in there that could interest him.

Elena stepped around Bonnie who still had not moved,

"So why are you here, Damon?"

"I am but the humble messenger, my brother wanted me to tell you he will be gone for one more day, but not to worry, Oh, and his cell phone is broken, seemed he managed to crack the touch screen and it gave up the ghost. But he will call you when he gets near a phone."

'Is that all?" Asked Elena pointedly.

"Every last bit." he said smoothly.

"Then why are you still on the porch?" Elena made no effort to disguise the annoyance she was beginning to feel.

"Because I am in the company of two beautiful young ladies, I have not finished the almond tea your aunt gave me, and because this chair is rather comfortable."

Elena sighed, "Just say goodnight and go, Damon."

In a flash Damon was on his feet, "Goodnight and go!" His smile was ironic. But in a instant he was gone.

Bonnie now moved closer to her and picked up her bag.

"Come on lets go." She muttered.

The fun had somehow gone from the night, it was a nice time, but Damon brought back everything that Elena was trying to escape from.

They got back in the car, and headed to Bonnie's place. Then, at a stop light Bonnie's car died with a stutter and shake.

"Great." Bonnie moaned, "They were supposed to have fixed this yesterday."

"What? What's wrong with your car?"

"I am not sure, the alternator? I cannot remember. It did this before and I had it looked at, I thought it was replaced."

"I'll call Jenna." Elena said, and dialed, it went straight to voicemail.

"No good, she has it turned off for her date."

"Well, it is only four blocks to my house." Bonnie said sensibly "As long as we go together we should be fine."

"Yeah, we can call a tow truck from your house."

The girls grabbed the bags and locked the car.

"Carrying all this junk food is making me hungry again." complained Bonnie.

"Courage!" laughed Elena, trying to ignore the uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach.

A car was coming towards them; it slowed noticeably when the two girls were in the headlights.

"Come on." Bonnie muttered walking faster and pulling at Elena's hand.

Elena started to pick up her pace to a quick trot, but the car still slowed.

It was the drunken boys from the Mystic Grill.


They pulled up beside them and started to yell and whistle.

Elena and Bonnie continued to walk, ignoring the boys. They were going around the final corner, any moment they would be in sight of Bonnie's house.

The hoots and calls became more menacing. Suddenly the car stopped alongside the girls. They broke into a run, Bonnie shouted for help, but in a moment the car door had opened and four boys jumped out.

"Awe now, we just want a little fun tonight, we have a great party to go to, lots of beer and weed. Come on, you will have a lot of fun."

"Go away." Elena's voice held just the right note of authority.

The boys (actually men) were not impressed by her. One of them grabbed her arm and yanked her towards them. Elena gave a cry of pain. Bonnie leaped beside her and lashed out at Elena's attacker, but another of the men blocked her way. It was pandemonium, one of the men tried to grab Bonnnie, but she planted a kick where it would hurt the most. He dropped like a stone, groaning. Bonnie could see Elena fighting and kicking as she was being forced into the car, then, frighteningly, Elena's limbs stopped flailing and she was bundled in the back seat of the men's vehical.. Bonnie screamed,

"Elena!" and fought to get to her friend, she had the impression that one of the men was raising his hand to strike at her when all of the sudden from deep inside of her came one word "NO." Bonnie felt a sudden surge of power coming from deep inside her.

As she said the word the men jumped back as if they had been jolted with electricity,Fire seemed to be ranging up and down their bodies, only one, the one she kicked, came at her again. He stopped and reeled back as Bonnie narrowed her eyes,giving a cursing yelp. later he would swear that she was enveloped in some kind of shimmering light. Bonnie swayed slightly, and as the final man jumped in the car and it revved down the street, Bonnie crumpled to the ground.