A/N: I like humor and imperfect moments with Percabeth. There are already so many "perfect" fics about their "first time" and their marriage and stuff like that. I'm one of the few that doesn't see things as turning out perfectly. This isn't a lemon, since I don't normally write them, but it's adult themed and shows a bit of Percy's perspective on their first time.

Let's be honest. Everything about the first time is embarrassing. It's not like it is in movies. Nothing goes that smoothly. It's awkward, you over think it, and you can't really focus. I'd thought our first night together would be fine. We'd get used to it slowly. I knew she'd be hurt, and I hated that, but I also knew I would do my best to help that pain go away. But really, it was nothing like I thought it would be. Besides the experience being unbe-frickin-lievably amazing, it was tense, quiet, and I was trapped inside my head the whole time, wondering what she was feeling.

For a while she buried her head in my shoulder and I knew she was crying. Then, once she had let me know it was okay to move, she was so quiet. At points her mouth was open, eyes closed, body moving tentatively under mine, but at others, she looked like she was trying not to cry out in pain. It killed me.

The next morning we talked. It was a long conversation; we both wanted to know exactly what this meant. We were madly in love, and…long story short, it was bound to happen eventually and it wasn't something that should have been regretted.

Now it was two days later and Annabeth was standing in my bedroom, staring at me with smoky eyes, pouting lips, and a bra that was obviously made to drive men crazy. Unfortunately, it was covered up with a shirt that was sliding off her shoulder, not to mention the frustratingly short skirt on her hips.

"You're going to kill me one day, Annabeth. What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to surprise you."

"You got me. I'm surprised."

She smirked softly and crossed her arms over her chest. That chest… Gulp. "How was class?"

"I don't remember," I whispered, my eyes glued—no! I snapped back up to her eyes. "It was fine. Boring, as usual, but fine. How was your day?"

She shrugged, forcing the shirt a little farther down her tan shoulder. She had planned this. Our very awkward first time had apparently forced her into making a real plan. Just like my Annabeth to schedule love.

"It was fine. But I won't bore you with details."

I ran a hand through my hair nervously. "I wouldn't pay attention anyway. I'm still distracted by the fact that you broke into my apartment."

"You gave me a key last week, Seaweed Brain."

"Oh. Right. I'm a little…"

"Unfocused? Flustered? Disconcerted?"

If she didn't do something besides talk, I was going to burst out of my skin. Without a word, I took a step forward and brushed back a piece of hair that had fallen out of her ponytail. She smiled. Her hand covered mine as she pulled out the hair band. Golden locks flowed into my hands.

"Are we about to break a bunch of rules, Annabeth?"

She reached up and twisted her fingers in my hair. "Absolutely."

"I like it when you try to seduce me. It's cute."

"I'll show you cute!"

She pulled me to her roughly.

And our noses bumped.

We stared at each other, our hands gripping our noses. We'd kissed a million times and that had never happened, mainly because we didn't try stupid stuff like rushing towards each other. After a moment of staring like that, I laughed.

"Yeah. That was cute."

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