How could the world come to this? A black hole, a tsunami, or even being burned at the stake could be less painful than what I'm going through.

It started when a simple doorbell rang… a probable thousand times.

I had just finished watching a scary movie, and if you guessed Saw, you are 100% correct. My hands still shook from the cheesy suspense and my eyes were going to explode out of my sockets, ready to pack and leave for a vacation. Ugh, that happens all of the time when I stay up too late. I checked the alarm clock, the timer reading in bright red: 12:17 AM. Crap, I'm going to have to explain to my parents about the lack of sleep I've gotten when bags start to form over my eyes, like Itachi Uchiha from my favorite manga and anime, Naruto.

I was a big Akatsuki fan, I mean huge. I knew everything, from Tobi being Madara to Team Taka joining them (which I didn't like at all). My favorite was personally Itachi, being a huge fan girl, but the duo would not be complete without my second favorite, Kisame. Best. Team. Ever. No question about it.

I heard the doorbell ring when I was making my ice cream sundae, trying my best to attempt an all-nighter because early in the morning I had to leave to leave for school and present that stupid English Project that I worked my sweat and guts into. I swore under my breath, personally confused who was continuously ringing the doorbell like it was a joy button. Whoever it was, I was going to send them a very persuasive and aggressive look. I dragged my butt to the door, and with a sigh, I had opened the door. "Who the hell is at the door at this hour? You better have a good reason, prick, because I'm half asleep and on the verge of punching something!"

I unlocked the door, groggy and uninterested. If it was an advertisement salesman, I will have to kill him.

I opened the door, and my heart thumped.

I was looking at a pair of red eyes who grabbed onto my mentality like a fishing hook. He was accompanied by another person, but from the view of my peripheral vision, he was tall. Could it be?

My limbs gave out, and everything became cold and hazy. I fell backwards, but into the hands of the knockout. Everything went black before I was grabbed, and by the way this was planned, I was an indeed target. Damn you, Sharingan…