I had a dream again. It wasn't a nightmare, its different. I don't have ''side effects'' and I don't wake up screaming or peeing myself. Its like life, the universe is trying to tell me something about myself. Thinking is all I have done lately. It also the reason that I have been failing tests in almost every class. School *sigh* Its the least of your priorities when you are a … a... I dont know what to call it anymore. Should I say witch or what? Geez. During these times I wish I had my grandmother here. To just pick up the phone and ask my life away.

Chapter 1

knock knock.

"coming" I say. I open the door and see Chad.

"Hey" he comes in.

"I don't think I let you in" I smile. Something I haven't done in a while.

"uh huh, right. You know you love me" he faces me after looking around the room.

"Do not mock me Chadford"

"Oh come on Stace, Gossip Girl is hilarious." He mimics bitching like Blair, one of the characters of the show.

I laugh. He walks forward me, smiling. "I miss that smile."

I push him a little,enough to let him know im joking but kind of uncomfortable. "Chad, really? Do we have to do this now?"

Chad moves towards me again and holds me by the waist. I look around. " Chad. Im serious now. Drea still li...loves you. I cant do this anymore." Ive been meeting him like this for about 2 weeks now. When Drea and Amber aren't here, in the room and late at the library, in a private study room. Amber. Haha. If I tell her I wouldn't be surprised if Drea comes at me screaming in about 2 days, tops.

Chad sits at my bed. He looks at me wit that devilish look of his, his sexy face,like Chuck in Gossip Girl. He motions me to sit. I sit, obviously. He comes closer and I do the same. We press our lips against each others. There it goes again, that tingling electric feeling I get when I kiss Chad. Like my insides are partying like no tomorrow. He holds me by the waist and I grab his make out for a few minutes then we separate. I smile up at him. How can I be here. I always feel like this. Like its to good to be true, like it will end at any minute.

"Ugh. Don't even think that Stacey" I say inside my head.

" You okay" I hear Chad say.

"Uh...ummm. Yea"

"You zoomed out for a minute there, were you undressing me in your mind" He raises an eyebrow. Its cute but not close to what I really was thinking.

I push him on the bed so hes lying on his back. I jump on him, with my legs on both sides of his hips. Holding on with my palms facing the mattress. "Not even close"i smile down at him.

"Oh, Stacey. Play rough with me." he laughs histerically. I jump off him and instead of landing on the bed I land on the floor. Damn did that hurt. Chad gets up and stops laughing. " Stace, yo. You okay?"

"Yup, no worries. Continue laughing" I stare under My bed. I can believe what I see.

"Did I get you mad Stace, I didn't mean to"

" I know but I think you should go, your gonna get caught by campus police if you don't leave now. Its after curfew already"

"Really that fast?"

I look at him and smile. "Yes, its was that fast. I'll see you tomorrow" I kiss him and point him towards the door and then the window. " Your choice"

" I think ill pick the window, its faster and I don't think your whole floor should know im here"

" Uh huh. That's the best choice" I know I sound distracted but he doesn't notice. He's gone. I glance to the floor by my bed. I bend down on my knees and stare. OMG. A white candle?