Soul Searching...

Chapter 2

Stacey's POV

I got on my hands and knees and looked under the bed. I reached in to get the candle. I knew what it meant but I was confused how it got to here... in my bedroom. You see, I had a white candle before and I used it. My grandmother gave it to me and told me it was to be used when most needed. I never had another one so this was really weird. I grabbed it in my hands and sat on the floor. I studied it but I didn't know what to do with it, what to make of it. I felt like crying. I felt like I was being warned with this candle. I think that was why I found it for the reason that I will need it. Memories began to flood my head Maura & Veronica's death,Donovan and then Drea's close call. My eyes felt heavy and the room started to spin.

The last thing I saw was the wind coming through the window. The Polka dot blue curtains Amber put up flowing. Wait... Didn't I close the window after Chad left?


I was at some sort of park. I was sitting on a bench and I was out of breath like I just ran a marathon.I inhaled deep breathes and then I stood up. I looked around and suddenly the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up.


It was a scream and it pierced my ears. It was horrific. I started to run forward, past pine trees and a playground. It was windy and I felt cold. I was just wearing a tank top and pajama bottoms. Dead end. Were do I go from here. I thought to myself that I needed to hear were the scream came from but at the same time that would mean whoever was screaming would scream again and it would hurt me to hear it.

"Calm down Stacey" I thought to myself, "keep calm. Breathe in and out." I let out a sigh and something moved between a pack of trees.

I spun around. "Hello. Is there someone there? Hello!" nothing. All of a sudden I was hit with water,cold water.

"Oh my gosh!" I stood up. I was kind of out of it but I could see I was in the bathroom tub.

"She's awake!" Amber called to Drea. Drea rushed into the bathroom and looked at me.

"Are you okay Stacey?"

"I think so. Just my got a headache. What happened to me?" I said.

"Ill go get you a pain killer and water" said Amber.

Drea sat down on the toilet lid. " Me and Amber came into the room and we found you passed out on the floor. We tried to wake you up. Amber slapped you a couple times." I felt my cheeks.

" We burned an insanse but it didn't work. So we carried you to the tub and turned on the cold faucet. And here we are now." Amber walked into the bathroom with a pill and a glass of water. "Here." she handed it to me. I drank some water then popped the pill into my mouth and swallowed it down with some more water.

"Thanks for wetting me." I said using sarcasm.

"Hey, we woke you didn't we." Amber said.

I looked down at the half empty glass of water in my hands.

"Oh gosh. Stacey it was a nightmare wasn't it?" Drea said.

" I thought those were finally over!" Amber said with a worried face.

"I thought so too." I said as a tear dropped.