In my first time, this work was a piece of crap. Now that I have upgraded my writing style, I will make this old work of mine godly! I will be doing a few changes since I wasted half a day today standing up outside my classroom waiting for my punishment. I don't really blame the teacher since she is only doing her job, really what are you guys scared off? You may be going to the guidance councilor but you will only go to make an agreement. Time to make this work how I vision it to be!

In the past... I was living with my family in the province; I guess you can call me a country gal. But even though I am a country gal, my grades and mannerism are that of an average girls'. Many admirers try to court me, however, I am not interested in such a thing. I find it more suitable, to study and make my family's life easier. It helped a lot when my father had a raise, he was sent here at the city to help with bigger business.

However, before that, I had a close encounter with a city boy. He has green hair and green eyes, he was kind and showed true childishness I rarely found myself with. We often played together in secret, chasing around, catching bugs, playing game consoles.

We had a pretty good childhood together, until that faithful day happened. One day, when I went to see him, he had another. She was sickly and the boy is taking care of her... I was jealous as he spent more time with her than me. I wanted him all to myself, he gave me the happiness I can't find from others. I guess you can say, I was in love with him and that I cannot deny.

One day, during the time we spent together on a hill. My crush went to get us ice cream. I told him to get me strawberry while the other girl wanted orange. The boy happily went to the nearest store; this was my chance to get rid of my competition. I pushed her down the road of the hill, but as she rolls down the hill; my crush rushed and caught her breaking his bones in the process. It didn't help that he was much weaker than he appeared.

He suffered from broken bones while his sister was fine; in fact, her sickly appearance is gone, as if she was hiding it from him all along. I was furious but betrayed it, I was more worried of my crush than her trickery. Due to the lack of medical equipment, he was forced to move back to the city with the whole family. My crush, however, escaped one night and went to visit me. I was shocked as I saw he drag himself to my home all tired and dirty.

I felt sorry for him, I felt sorry for myself. I just destroyed his childhood with my foolish heart. He was naturally caring towards others, which is what I liked about him. His feelings for me were only, brotherly love. I went close to him and as I went near him he gave me a note. Inside the note was his address and phone number, I accepted it and my parent went to call an ambulance. I never saw him again after that.

It is now 7 years, and I plan to meet up with him. To tell him the truth, I hope he will forgive me for my idiocy and that he won't be disgusted by my attitude. Now that I am moving to the big city, I am planning to move on with my childhood crush and hopefully, find another.