Chapter 4: The final chapter.

So who will you go out with?

Two days had passed since Jin returned as the events took place. Both the family of Jin and Sofia greeted Danessa's family as her father was surprised to be acquainted by his boss. He had thought he might be fired but was rather given a promotion, which he accepted happily that he accidentally fell from his bed and needed more time to stay at the hospital than originally thought. Well where are they now you ask? Well let's take a look shall we?

At the same park Danessa stood there waiting for her companions to arrive. "Man their late." She said a bit bored on waiting for the two to arrive.

"S-Sorry we are late!" The two childhood friends said in unison as they ran towards Danessa.

"I know that you have to return to classes Jin but isn't it too much for you two really gotten your way to have me join the same university as you?" Danessa asks as she gave them a bottle of water to drink.

"Well they decided that since I am 4 years behind I can't come to Sofia's university till I graduate. I was more surprised when I found out that I was your classmate." Jin said as he drank his water.

"Well what would you expect if fate played with us?" Sofia said cheerfully as she also drank some water.

"Also why did you have to pick up So anyway? She's a university student you know, she needs her time to study." Danessa said a angry at Jin.

"No need to worry Dan my classes have just ended and I was about to be on my way anyway." She said teasingly to Danessa which really made her embarrass.

"And could you please stop calling me Dan? It makes me sound like a boy." She said hiding her embarrassment.

"Oh but Dan is a good title for you since it means Great. Also it's a fitting nickname for you since you slapped me very hard." Jin said happily as he put his hand at Danessa's shoulder.

"Really! What to do with you?" Danessa said putting a hand at her forehead.

"Well at least you have a cool nickname Dan." Sofia said.

"Stop calling me Dan!" Danessa said aloud.

"But Dan!" The two said in unison which made Danessa so angry that she started to pout.

"Well the question is right now Jin. Who will you go out with? Me or So?" Danessa finally asks.

"Umm…. Isn't it too early for me to go out with any of you since I hardly didn't even confess my feeling to both of you?" Jin said a bit sweaty at the sudden question.

"If you're not going to choose then should we share him So?" Danessa ask which gave Jin a worried face.

"Well Since I am only available for the weekends it seems a bit unfair but okay." Sofia said as she grabs the arm of Jin. "But I won't lose to you!" She declared as she let out her tongue to Danessa as a declaration of war.

"Who said I would? I will be claiming Jin's heart even if it means taking you head on!" Danessa said as she too took Jin's free arm.

"But isn't my heart already in both your hands?" Jin said as he started to get a bit uneasy.

"…" Silence filled the air.

"I didn't know you were into polygamy Jin." Danessa said which made Jin flinched a bit.

"I-If you want it to Jin then I don't mind being your "She was caught off as Jin ran towards the setting sun.

"Don't take me being a Muslim to your advantage!" Jin said as he ran towards the sun.

Danessa laugh. "Well isn't this good. At least he is being honest for us." She said as she was riding a bike and catching up to Jin.

"Well he really is innocent but it's quite cute when he said that in his heart a part of it is given to us." Sofia said as she rode on her limousine which her butler prepared.

As the two catch up towards Jin only one thing came to his mind. "The seed I have planted must have grown roots like I have when Danessa watered my heart and Sofia's warmth kept me from dying. I just wish that days like this will never end." He had thought as he happily ran as the two girls called upon Jin. And now we end this tale of which the seed has now turned into a flower which blossomed from Jin's hard work at the park.

The End. Or is it?

That's right there's a part two on the series because it is your choice!

Jin: What! You mean the debate continues!

Danessa: Yes this means I still have a chance to steal Jin's heart!

Sofia: N-not if I take it away first.

Jin: You girls were serious!

Dennis: Your screwed up Jin.

Jin: Your one to talk you sister lover.

Dennis: Do you want a fight! *cracking his fist*

Jin: Bring it on you old man!

Roxan: Hold it on you two. Gyah! *slips*

Dennis: *grabs her on time* Are you alright Roxan?

Roxan: *blushes* Yes I'm fine brother.

Everyone: Aww how cute.

The two: *Embarrassed.*

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