Title: The Amulet

Rating: G

Length: Drabble (323 words)

Pairings: None

Era: Post-season 03 to episode 5.16: "Dark Side Of The Moon"

Warnings: Obvious ref./spoilers for episode 5.16: "Dark Side Of The Moon"

Summary: You belonged with the older one. Your rightful home was with him.

Note: Written for the "Inanimate Object" writing challenge on LJ community - spnland; prompt - 'write a ficlet from the perspective of an inanimate object looking in on our favorite characters! (No cats, dogs, birds, killer worms, or monsters of the week)'

It was very strange, those long months you spent with the younger one. There was nothing wrong with him (he was the one who gave you to the older one in the first place, after all), but it just wasn't the same.

It wasn't right.

And you were happy when the older one returned, and you could take your rightful place with him again.

But then there was a new person, and there was something very different about him. You could feel it. And even before he had identified himself, you knew what he was.

You had always known.

And then, this new one - this different one - he took you from the older one. Said he needed you.

You didn't want to go. You did not belong with him. You belonged to the older one. The younger one had given you to him long ago, and that is where you wanted to stay.

But you were passed to the new one, anyway. Like none of them had heard your wishes.

You went to a lot of places with the new one; you never quite understood what it was that he had needed you for - why he had asked to take you - but you tried your best to help him. He was a friend to the older one, after all.

But it didn't work.

And the new one was sad when he gave you back to the older one.

You were happy to be back home, back where you belonged. You waited to return to the neck of the older one, where you had always been.

But he didn't return you to your rightful home. You wondered if something was wrong as he just held you in his hands before starting to head towards the door.

You didn't like the cold metal of the trash can when he dropped you inside ...

and just walked away.

Leaving you behind.