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"You've been acting strangely lately, Edo. Is everything okay?"

The silver haired man looked up from the book he was only partially paying attention to, to face his concerned lover. "Mm, fine." Damn. Sluggish and slurred. Just what he needed to sound like to convince Ryou he was unharmed.

As it was the bluenette was looking at him disdainfully. "If you're going to lie to me put some work into it."

And now Ryou was upset. Of course things couldn't just, you know, work out, every now and again. Noooo, that's just too easy.

"I'm sorry, I just don't want you to worry."

"And you get an 'F' in that subject. Edo, what the hell is wrong with you?" As soon as the words left his lips, he regretted it. Edo, who might have told him what was wrong if Ryou was to remain calm and non-aggressive, completely shut down. His hair moved with his head as he turned quickly away, as if he didn't want Ryou to see him, falling quickly in his eyes.

"I didn't mean it like that, please, there's nothing wrong with you. You're fine. But something's the matter, is all I…"

Edo walked out mid-explanation. There was something wrong with him. Why did Ryou deny it?

Ryou simply watched as the Phoenix flitted out of the room. The book he had been 'reading' was frosted over on the chair he had been 'relaxing' in.

"Niiice Ryou. Inadvertently slam your foot repeatedly into a sore spot, and then let him leave. Brilliant, simply, awe inspiringly brilliant. You should het your own self-help line."

He grasped the headboard next to him and slammed his foot several times into the bed. Wait… If Edo were sick, he would have been curled up in their bed. Why was he in the chair?


"You okay, Phoenix? You're soundin' a tad off…"

Edo sighed, everyone was on him today, he didn't feel well. Was it a crime?

"I'm perfectly wonderful. Don't worry Orcot."

In Los Angeles a homicide detective raised an eyebrow and decided to leave it alone. He would be there in a few days anyway.

"If you're sure…"


*Knock* *knock*

"Ryou, it's your house, why knock? And the freaking doors open."

"Just being polite." And maybe the other man needed it. He was curled up in a spare bedroom with his hands over his ears and the television blaring. Some rock concert and a band Ryou knew Edo hated. "Why aren't you in our room?" Ryou called over the racket.

Edo mumbled something into a pillow he was laying on.

"Huh? Listen the TV's on too loud for me to hear you, and since you're covering your ears, it's too loud for you to. I'm going to shut it off, okay?" and in the sudden silence, Ryou heard his ears ringing. How had Phoenix stood this for over three hours? For that matter, why had he? "Now what did you say?"

"I'm not feeling well." His voice was so small…

Ryou was by his side immediately, gently touching the young creature's naturally freezing skin. No heat, he didn't have a fever…

"What's wrong?" He asked worriedly

Edo sat up and snuggled into his side as if protecting himself. Ryou, now less worried and more panicked wrapped his arms gingerly around the weaker form. "What's wrong?" He repeated

"…..I'm sad."

What! "What!" Oh smooth move, now he's cringing again. Of course this time when Edo tried to leave, Ryou restrained him. "Sorry, but really, what's wrong?"

Edo glared "I just told you, I'm sad."

"Why?" Ryou was bewildered, their relationship was going perfectly, nothing was wrong with their friends, and both of them had been excelling at their jobs, money was perfect, and they'd been entertained by Jun's recent visit, with his wife Junko. And of course, a nice duel between old fiends, it had been fun. So what was wrong?

"I don't know. I'm just sad. But I don't think I'm sad. That made no sense did it? Sorry!" He snuggled deeper.

Ryou gently pried his hands from his ears. "Who is sad?"

"I dunno, someone. They miss somebody. It's really depressing."

"Okay..Maybe it's Orcot? You two are close now, maybe you're psychic energy is tapping into his emotions? It does that to other people. Usually you're trying to do it. And you can do some cool stuff with water and ice. So mind reading isn't that far-fetched, is it?"

"It isn't Leon." Edo sighed "I recognize people I know or care about. You all feel different, Like snowflakes, only with…Screw it, I'm not even gonna try to explain the whole thing."

"Hmm, Have you tried to take your mind off of it?"

"Nooo~" Edo purred sarcastically "The band thing blaring when you walked in? You know how much I hate them, right?"


"That was a follow up to NeverShoutNever. For three hours! Urgh, what do people see in them. They suck."

"C'mon, we're going out."


"To take your mind off of it. We'll do something you like to do that makes you happy. Its not noon yet…Chinatown?"

"Chinatown?" Edo said warily

"Yeah you love it there. And I'll bet a wallet full of yen you don't even know where the Japanese Chinatown is. So let's go, walk around, and browse, something to make you feel better."



"I'm happier and sadder at the same time. Is that normal?"

"No. And neither are you. Why would you be sadder if you are happy?"

"I'm deliriously happy. But the other person is sad. Feel like I'm closer to them."


"It's ok-"

*ring* *ring* Ryou gave him an apologetic look. Work phone.

"Hello?"….."What?"…"Can't it wait? I'm busy."…"Fine."….."Yeah, see you in a bit."


"Edo, I'm-"

"It's okay. Thanks for trying."

It wasn't okay. Ryou never could be fully with him anymore, work always called him away. It was why he hadn't noticed his sadness days ago when it started. It was why Edo didn't tell him. Everything was going perfectly. But, Edo was starting to long for the early days of the pro-circuit. When they fell asleep and woke up together and always had time to burn. Now it was always a malfunctioning program, or a failed background check, or some fan at the office. Minor setbacks, no big deal, but Ryou was expected to take care of everything.

"Edo I prom-"

"Go." Ryou looked startled "It's okay. I'm sure it's important. Just, go."

'I promise I'll be back to make this okay. And I'm hiring people to take care of this stuff. So it can be like before. Just one more unplanned exit, after today, it'll be just like before…'

"Okay. I'll see you in a few hours, please, be home around 8. I need to talk to you about something."

"Sure. See you then." And when he went, Edo was sad too.



'Maybe a bit farther. Then I'll go home. He wants me there by eight, to talk about something, it must be important. I wonder what it is?'

So he walked a bit farther.

'A pet shop. Weird, it's such a strange coincidence.'

Edo purchased a few skewers of kushi-dango* for the poor shop owner who was going to need to put up with him for a bit, and undoubtedly be irritated that he wasn't buying anything.

As Edo walked into the shop he was a bit surprised to se Wu-Fei, a man he had spoken to on occasion. He'd taken an instant, aggressive dislike to him, and he didn't know why.

"Ah, Wu-Fei, how nice to…See, you… Count?"

"Ah, Edo! How nice to see you again? What have you got there?"

"Appeasement for the shop owner who would need to deal with my loitering. How have you been?" His eyes instantly flickered to Wu-Fei again. So that's why he hated the man. He was in his way. Edo hated it when people got in his way.

"Well, this is Wu-Fei, as you apparently know he's-"

"I ran into Leon a few months ago. He was looking for you."

"Oh?" That was certainly…shocking, of all the things to interrupt with…

"Yeah." His tone was flat. Not even a multitude of tones, just…monotone.

"Is he still trying to arrest me?" Count joked.

"I actually think it's more of an 'I-love-you-and-it-feels-like-you-tore-off-a-limb-when-you-left' type thing."

"What!" Wu-Fei exclaimed

Edo ruthlessly ignored him, he was an empathy damnit He knew, what Wu-Fei was doing. What Count was falling for to sooth his aching hear…t…..Holyshititwashim!


"He's flying in two days from now. He'll be staying with me and Ryou. You could talk to him then if you so choose."

"Who's this Leon guy? Eh!"

"You're in the way, Wu-Fei." Edo snarled coldly "It's not a nice place to be in when I'm in this kind of mood."

"How the hell am I in your way, Phoenix!"

"Fool" Edo whispered, flitting into his mind as roughly as he could. He would not fool him, and Count needed to see what he was after. Once he had the memories he needed, and Wu-Fei was slumped in his chair, Edo gave Count the memories, set the dango down on a table, and left the shop for home. Ryou needed to talk to him.



"Sorry I'm late Ryou. I had an unpleasant encounter, can what you wanted to talk about wait until tomorrow? I'm tired." And pissed off at the majority of humanity and all of the sleaze balls the population contains. He added mentally.

"No, sit down. It's important."

Edo sat.

He was immediately presented with a lapful of papers.

"Wha?" Employee forms? Who was Jason Adams? Shou Miyaki? Computer maintenance? Wait… All the bases were covered. They were back to the work hours they started at. No more unexpected interruptions? "Ryou?" Edo asked softly. Was it real?


Edo opened his mouth to say something, anything, to express his joy at that moment, but was cut off by Ryou's mouth and insistently pulling hands. Before Edo knew what was truly happening he was half-dressed on their bed making soft urgent noises as Ryou kissed him in a manner that hadn't been common, recently.

"Ryou. What?" He gasped

"I'm making up for a few times I needed to run off. And I really missed this."

"Yeah, me to."

Edo liked this feeling, knowing he belonged somewhere, when some more clothing hit the ground Edo looked back at his other half.

"This is about to become an every night occurrence, isn't it?"

Ryou attacked his lips again "Hell yeah." And then conversation became meaningless


Even though he hadn't seen him in almost a year, Leon recognized the white silver hair of Edo Phoenix. He even recognized the royal looking guy he was with, yeah, the guy with an arm around Edo's waist… Ryou Marafuji. Leon decided to tread lightly, Ryou would most likely be defensive of the fragile creature he was holding. Teasing might be put off until they knew each other a bit better.

"Hey Leon!" Edo called happily when he reached the duo "How was your flight?"

"Probably should have splurged for first class, kid next to me cried all the way and a teenager kept kicking me. But other than that, fine."

Ryou chuckled offering a hand " I might like you, Orcot. I'm Ryou Marafuji."

"Leon Orcot" Leon replied shaking the hand offered firmly

"Count D" Said a familiar voice as a clawed hand came to rest on Leon's shoulder.

Leon froze. Before spinning around and grabbing the other man…Kami….D.


"Thank Edo for nearly putting an officer in a coma. He alerted me to you looking for me."

Leon looked concernedly at the Phoenix "Officer nearly put in a coma? How'd that happen?"

"He was in my way."

Ryou laughed, a rich throaty sound. "Always a bad place to be. I'm guessing Count is staying for dinner?" The way he looked sidelong at him made the Count think of Kanan. Draconic and beautiful, and fully willing to feast on your still beating heart.

"Of course."

"Possibly longer." Edo chimed in

Count chuckled and nodded "Possibly a lot longer."

Ryou looked between the two nervously "I have another house-mate. Don't I?" He should probably be upset, but Edo had been dropping hints the past two days, so obvious they might well have been neon signs. And it wasn't like he hated either of them, or they didn't have room. Or like Edo didn't share ideas. Or like they didn't share memories when they fed on each other. Yay vampiric-ish immortality spells. What was it with ancient spells and drinking blood? Ah, it could have been worse, Edo could be slightly less mouthwatering in every sense.

"Home?" Edo chirped

"Yeah." Ryou said with a smile


20 years later

"Of course . You are the spitting image of your fathers brother, did you know that?"

"Yes. My lover apparently has the same problem, everybody thinks we're Ryou and Edo. Leon and Count have the same problem!" Ryou laughed.

"That's what you get. All of you're families have such strong genes, you come around like clones."

"Heh, sorry."

"Not you're fault lad. May I ask how many you plan on putting in the manor?"

"Hmmm. Ten."

"Only then? Can I get their names for the registry?"

"Hmm, sure. Zane Trusedale, Leon Orcot, Count D, Kit Phoenix, Chazz Princeton, Jasmine Winters, Jesse Anderson, Jaden Yuki, Alexis Rhodes, and Serenity Wheeler."

"Very well. See you soon!"

Seto Kaiba walked in fluidly, his wife Kisara on his arm. "The new identities working kid?"

"Wonderfully. But why change Edo to Kit?"

"Because, the kid acts like a kitsune."

"And we just keep getting new names and papers when we need to move on?"

"Yes, and we'll retain financial assets as well."

"So I got my people, who do you have with you?"

"Atemu, Yugi, Kisara, myself, and four newcomers, Yusei Fudo, Akiza Izayoi, Jack Atlas and Mina heartz. Oh and silly me, Jill, Leon's old friend is there with Jou. Jill, was it?"

"Heh, so I got Edo, Judai, Jun, Junko, Leon, D, Johan, Asuka and Shizuka. I think I can live with this."


Edo was curled into his lovers side, enjoying the coldness of his skin beneath the sheets. Ryou smiled down at the other man. Gently touching a bare shoulder. Utterly exhausted, Edo looked beautiful, the soft skin of his legs rubbed against Ryou's own and being this close with no barriers physically or mentally, made him so happy he could scarcely stand it. So he asked:

"Do you like living like this?"


Count looked at Leon confusedly before collapsing back on his chest.

"I'm exhausted Leon. You're fault, might I add, I can't be thinking so deeply right now."


Ryou laughed lightly at his lover, who looks so tiny in his arms

"No deep thinking." He said softly, resting a hand gently on the soft skin of a hip "Do you like your life right now?"


"Of course!" Count exclaims "I have everything I could ever need or want. Why ask?"


"Just wanted to make sure you were as happy as I was, love. After all, you have a lot of life to live." Ryou finished pulling Edo closer and softly breathing in his scent. "I love you so much." He breathed against the other mans neck.


"I Love you to." He replied "Now lay back down. It's your fault I'm so tired. You can at least let me sleep on you." He teased


"Anytime you want." The other whispered fondly gently pulling his already sleeping lover closer. "I'll always be here. Always."



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