Sad Rin Saves

Inspirational song: Pieces of a Dream – Anastasia

Relaxing Piano Music – Jim Brickman

Dark great waves tossed the ship helplessly back and forth. Sheets of rain fell from the sky onto the deck as the wind whipped the remaining sails that hadn't been tied down yet by the crew. On board was chaos. Men, drenched from the rain and waves that crashed on board, scurried about, following their orders and securing the ship. Another group of much younger men stayed below to take shelter from the pelting water. They huddled together in their flea-ridden blankets as the vessel swayed vigorously. A small boy retched into his hat at the ships disagreeable motions.

She was asleep on her bench cushion that was huddled into the window, her favorite place to sit. Oblivious to the storm raging outside, she slept peacefully while the waves, threatening the ship just above deck, rocked her gentle. Suddenly, a harsh jerk shook her awake and she quickly grabbed onto the window cushion for support. Now that she was awake, she was aware of all the sound. Running footsteps pounded on the floor above her and she could hear several shouts of all different tones. She twisted her head to look outside. The storm was frightening. She had never seen the sky so dark. Blacker than black.

The shouts were growing louder and she grew worried. She should go up on deck to see if there was anything she could do. Even though the Captain had bid her to stay below, she wasn't afraid. But he was. He was merely looking out for her safety and she knew that but he didn't know what she was capable of and she wasn't planning on sharing all her talents with him. But she would show him that she wasn't afraid. A loud thunderous crack was heard followed by tons of shouts. Rin didn't have time to question the noise. Before she could even react, she was violently knocked to the far right corner of the room. Tables and chairs slid toward her as plates and glasses crashed to the floor. Books fell to the floor, their pages fluttering open.

She carefully rose from the corner and cautiously walked over to the door. She had to get up on deck and find out what the noise was. Making her way up the stairs, losing her footing a couple of times, she hoisted open the wooden horizontal door. Up on deck, everyone was running around and getting knocked over by the massive waves. She pulled herself up to her knees and slowly raised herself up. She saw the foremast hanging over the ship dragging the ship to the sharp right.

"MAN OVERBOARD!" a man shouted from above.

Rin whirled around and quickly ran to the ships edge looking over the railing. It was very hard to see. She couldn't tell who had gone overboard. Who is it? She thought frantically.

"Mizzen's gone! Hands to the taffrail!"

"No…" Rin brought a hand to her head. Warley. It was Warley. He was in charge of securing the mizzen top. She quickly looked for the Captain. She saw him soon enough, near where the mast was resting over the ship, dragging it down. She again went to the ships edge. She could barely see Warley out in the dark blanket of sea. He looked so small.

"He's over there sir!"

The men shouted encouragements to him. " Swim for the wreckage, man! Swim, man!"

"Over here!"

Captain Aubrey whirled around and commanded, " Mr. Allen, gratings and barrels, anything that floats, overboard."

Without taking her eyes off him, she listened in on every word that was shouted. She had to know what was going on. No one would willingly tell her. The wind whipped her hair around face, stabbing her eyes, catching in her mouth and sticking to her newly developed tears.

"She's broaching! We're losing her!"

Her gripped tightened around the ropes at the next thing she heard.

"Sir, the wreckage is acting as a sea anchor! We must cut it loose, it's going to sink us!" Pullings urged.

Rin looked at the Captain watching his reaction to Warley's obvious fate. Pain twisted in his face and he quickly looked to Nagle, Warley's closest friend. Rin knew the decision he would make. As much as it pained him to lose William Warely, he wouldn't risk the lives of the rest of his crew.

"Sir he's going to make it, he can do it!" Nagle promised. He shouted to his friend. Other people joined as well.

"Come on Will!"

"Come on! Hand over hand!"

"For God's sake, Will, swim! Swim for the wreckage Will."

Nagle shouted louder, " You can do it Will!"

Rin watched in horror as Mr. Allen brought Aubrey a blanket full of axes. He looked over to Nagle and nodded to him. Nagle slowly took hold of the axe and stared at it, like he was wondering what it's purpose was. Aubrey wasted no time. He swung his arm and started chopping and after another moment, Nagle started with him. There was nothing he could do. Rin dropped her head and clenched one of her fists till pain shot up her arm. It's not going to end this way. With that she strolled over to the middle of the ship and stared intently into the darkness.

She knew what she had to do. She didn't know what would happen or if it would even work, but she had to try. For Warley. She could save him. Save everyone on the ship the misery of losing a partner and a friend. Quickly, she started to undo the large black buttons on her coat and slid it off her shoulders. She could feel a couple of eyes on her. Lieutenant Pullings was one of them. She dared not look at him; she didn't want him figuring out her plan before she had time to carry it out. They would try to stop her, but she was confident. She was ready.

Lieutenant Pullings watched her closely. He had seen her slip her coat off revealing a black dress that covered most of her body but what she doing on deck? Hadn't the Captain ordered her to stay below? She was staring at something. What was she thinking? What could be running through her mind? He stared at her and without even getting a chance, he watched in horror as Rin sprinted toward the end of the ship where the mast had fallen into the sea and just like in slow-motion, jumped up to the wood railing and dove off the ship.

"Rin!" he shouted but it was no good. She was flying off the back of the Surprise. She was barely visible in the dark storm-ridden sky, but he could faintly make out her form. In mid air, she looked like a dark angel, her ebony hair swirling behind her and her black dress waving in the wind. Still in hair, he heard the Captain shouting her name as well until the sickening sound of a splash in the water was heard. What had she done?

The cold water stabbed her body the very instant she hit the waves. She gasped underwater, letting in gulps of salt water. But this was the speed she needed to reach him. If she stopped now she wouldn't have enough energy to swim by herself. Several people had shouted at her when she dove off, the Captain included. He sounded angry. But she had already made up her mind and they would see that they, her and Will, would be okay. I hope.

Always was very far off, but following the fallen foremast, she was able to get a sense of where he was in the water. Thanks to her energy, she was able to stay under water for a large amount of time and also had speed. She saw Warley just a little ways in front of the mast. He was kicking his legs and flinging his arms in order to stay above the surface. Still underwater, she swam up to him and gentle grabbed his waist. Then brought her head up to the surface.

His eyes grew wide at the sight of her and he sputtered her name.

"Grab onto me!" she ordered, trying to make her voice louder then the storms'. It seemed nearly impossible. The wind practically caught her voice and made it inaudible. But he did as she commanded continuing to spit up water in the process. Rin turned her head toward him and said, " Take a deep breath!" When she heard him suck in his air, she dove under. The freezing water pierced her face, her arms, and legs feelings like tiny shards of glass pricking her skin. She pushed harder and swam the short distance to the mast and stayed close to it as a guide back to the ship. The journey was harder this time. She didn't have her added boost from the jump off the deck and now with Will around her waist, she was slow moving through the dark water. His body weight slowly dragging her down.

The ship was growing closer as she shot for the surface and burst through the waves. She heard many shouts up on deck upon her appearance. She gentle pushed Warely toward the side of the ship as the men aboard struggled to find something to lift them up. The waves continued to thrash them about as if angry that they were about to escape its clutches. Rin could feel icy water in her lungs as she struggled to stay afloat for Warely. It didn't take long for two longs ropes to be tossed over to them.

Rin quickly grabbed hold of the two ropes and gave one to Warley. The ship was starting to rock dangerously close to them. Before she had time to shout that they were both ready, they were hoisted up into the air. She spread her legs out so as not to be slammed into the side of the ship. They both reached the railing and were pulled over. A crowd gathered around each of them. Men that were grouped around Warely let out laughter and slapped him on the back. He coughed up water at the impact. Rin's group consisted of Lieutenant Pullings and some other men that would give anything just to be a few inches from "the Angel" as was the nickname that was given to her that she'd recently found out.

"Mr. Pullings!" the Captain shouted. Pullings acknowledged his call while steadily hanging on to the ship's railing as it tossed the other men from side to side.

Sad Rin did not take her eyes off of the Captain's. She knew he was going to be upset with her and she refused to be cowardly and look down at the ground. She held his gaze. He stood a good few feet from them.

"Take them down below!" he shouted while turning his back on them. Sad Rin looked down at the ground.

"Aye, sir." Pullings quickly took Rin by the arm and pulled her up as Nagle helped Warely to his feet. Rin leaned against Pullings for support, the absence of energy just now hitting her. She was violently shivering as well. He took notice and started to rub her arms covered by the blanket.

"Alright lads! We're not out in the clear yet. Secure the sails, tie everything down!"

"Aye, sir!" the men shouted as they all scrambled in different directions.

The group headed down to the doctor's quarters. Nagle helping Warley and Pullings supporting Rin down the long corridor. She was overly exhausted now; she could barely stand. Pullings stopped and leaned up against the wall, Rin falling into him. He had his arms wrapped around her, practically lifting her from the ground. She had buried her face into his chest and waved her head from side to side trying to wake herself up but her body felt like crumpling. Pullings decided quickly and lifted her up in his arms and carried her the rest of the way.

Nagle had already brought in Warely and was leaning up against the wall while Dr. Stephens looked over his friend. Warely was still panting heavily from the cold rush of water and the obstacle of trying to breathe. At the sound of heavy footsteps, all three men looked up. Lieutenant Pullings came through the white sheet hanging from the door holding in his arms the unconscious Rin. Dr. Stephens quickly made room for her and brought a chair close to the table and directed Warely to sit, then motioned for Pullings to set her on the wooden surface.

"Is she alright? What happened?" Stephens asked as he looked over her stilled body. He felt her wrist for a pulse.

Pullings wiped his forehead and answered, "She's just tired. I figured it would be faster if I carried her." The doctor continued to look over her then up at Pullings.

"Are you sure? She didn't hit her head or anything? Nothing that would make her have a concussion?"

"I don't think so. She kept saying she was tired and she needed to stop. That's when I just picked her up."

Stephens nodded his head, seemingly satisfied. He had checked her head for injuries and had found none.

"We'll let her rest then. In the mean time, Mr. Warely, let's have a look"

The doctor checked out Warley and wrapped another blanket around him and made him drink a solution from a clear glass. Warely was still shivering as Nagle brought him some dry clothes. They made him change into the dry clothes and wrapped the blanket around him once again.

Pullings kept his eyes on Rin watching her chest slowly rise and fall. She would make it; she was just tired now he reassured himself.

"Shouldn't you be getting back up on deck, Mr. Pullings?" Stephens voice startled him. He quickly glanced at the doctor then back at Rin then back at him again.

"Yes, you'll –"

"I'll let you know how she is once she's awake."

He nodded his head as if telling himself that the doctor would keep his word, and then hurried out. Dr. Stephens watched him then came back to his patient lying on the table. Her wet hair covered the surface and some strands were stuck to her face. Even so, she was so beautiful. She was so young though, especially to be traveling with a crew-full of men and on a warship no less.

He looked her over. Her clothes were sopping wet. There was really nothing he could do while she was unconscious. He would just have to lay her in a hammock and keep her warm until she awoke.

"Hold that door flap open for me." He told his assistant. He looked up as the doctor bent down towards the girl and scooped her up in his arms. Setting down his tools on the counter he got up and held the sheet open for him. Stephens stepped through, careful not to hit her head on the door frame.

"Now go ahead of me and open the door to the empty room." The man did as he was instructed and as they stepped into the room he lit a candle. Stephens brought her over to an empty hammock and gently placed her inside the cocoon like bed. He then spread a blanket across her, tucking it around the unconscious body. Then he doused the light and shut the door.