Hey guys! It's the spoon! I am starting a new series, as you can plainly see. It's all thanks to Kendell! She suggested that Rath work odd jobs and what not, and basically epically fail at them. So instead of making a one shot out of them on "Feel My Rath". Why not make them several one shots? So lets just see how this goes. I just hope it's a success like the other Rath series. And please, don't hesitate to let me know if you hated a story, or if you loved it. Suggestions for jobs are more than welcome! My thoughts, the more, the merrier! Also, it may take me longer to update on this one. A lot more planning goes into this. So please be patient. First chapter is up! Take a look! And as always, REVIEW!

Laughs to the people,

The Spoon.