First off, let's get things straight.


I am only a fan that loves her characters.

The only thing I own is this story line, but she holds all rights to the characters and to Twilight.

This disclaimer goes for the whole story


On to the prologue…

Mirrors are the cheapest works of art. They are mysterious yet obvious. They speak the truth and show what is real, or at least what the rest of the world see's as real. It will never lie to you. It will call you fat because you are fat, it will call you ugly because you are ugly. It has no feelings but it is still your friend because it is genuine. A painting, a photo, a sculpture is worth a thousand words. Mirrors are just the same, only more unpredictable. It may not always be what you want to see, but it is what you need to see. It is what is real and what is now. Standing here, in front of this mirror, someone could easily find a story and assume the worst about me. Whore….tramp…trailer trash…slut…no. I am none of those things, though you really wouldn't know that looking at my ensemble.

"Marie, get out here before I fire your ass!" Ronny yelled from the door before slamming it shut.

The shimmer on my eyelids was still in place; my mascara was still heavy along with the rest of my make-up. My…costume…showed all that is could, for now, and my heels were strapped in. I was physically ready. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, breathing in the sickening amounts of perfume in a variety of different scents. I closed myself and refused to let what was about to happen get to me. It was a ritual I did before every…performance. For now Bella would leave the building and I would become Marie. I opened my eyes and reached for my purse looking for the picture that reminded me why I did this, why I chose to walk out into a room crowded with revolting men and unsanitary poles. All the presumptions, all the comments…it all meant nothing at the end of the day because I knew my reasons.

I found the tattered picture and felt the smile form on my face.

Him…I do it for him.