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Hearing the last bell ranged for the school, as students and some teachers push and shoves each other aside to reach for their appropriate vehicle to leave for home and some stay around to hang with friends.

As a particular group, popular for looking pale and with ever changing eyes and Bella, followed a trio of friends, knowing they were being followed, of course and wanted to confront them where they deemed safe: in the forest. After walking a few distance, making sure no one would over hear, the Cullens surrounded the trio, with Bella behind Edward.

"So, what is it?" Kouga said, his face completely serious with his arms crossed.

Bella pushed past her boyfriend, who protest but was ignored, to stand in of Kagome, wearing a small frown. She wanted answers and answers now. "Did you lie to me, when I confronted you at the cafeteria the other day?" She asked, staring into Kagome's cold eyes.

Kagome stared back for a while, giving nothing a way. The boys at her sides were getting restless, being surrounded like a cage, their hackles rose and their youki began to rise. Their fangs grew longer and so did their claws. Multiple pops were heard as Kouga's single tail and all nine of Shippou's tails formed.

Distinct gasps were focused on their new appearances and the Cullens grew alarmed. She shifted drawing their attention from her companions, making the Cullens tense and lifted her hand up with the palm facing towards the sky. Sitting in the middle was Bella's keys to her maroon Mazda 3. But what drew her eyes was the pink-hue sphere sitting on the palm.

"I thought this cleared it up." Kagome said, as she raised a single eyebrow.

Bella stared hard into her eyes and suddenly, without notice, she drew Kagome into a hug, startling her poor boyfriend and his family. Kagome smirked and hugged her back. "I knew it. It was-is you. Why did you lie?"

"When did you hang out with vampires?" Kagome countered back.

Bella bit her lips nervously and gave her a meek smile. But something flickered behind Kagome and her attention drew towards the multiple long appendages. "Areā€¦ those tails?" she asked, mesmerized at the sight.

"Yep." Kouga said, giving her a fanged smile. "Wanna pet them?"

"Pet?" Bella asked.

"Better yet, wanna give us tummy rubs?" Shippou said as Kouga's tail began to wag the way dogs get when they're excited, as the Cullens eye them weirdly.

"Geeze." Kagome said, as she palmed her face. "I spoiled you guys way too much."

Cullens and Bella were about to asked when Kouga and Shippou walked a few meters away. Wind surrounded them and in a bright flash; which had them raise their arms to cover their eyes. When the light settled, before them stood two marvelous and mind-blowing beasts.

Alice and Bella let out a gasp as so did Jasper and Emmet. They recognize the two beasts in front of them. "You guys were there, protecting Bella and I." Alice said, as she stared in awe.

Shippou answered with a bark as his and Kouga's tail flickered about. They both shifted to lay their heads on their paws so that the rest of the humanoid forms wouldn't have to cram their necks. Bella, Rosalie, and Alice's hand twitched, and Kagome noticed. She stepped aside. "Pet them to your desire." The girls looked at each other before giving an excited squeal as they pounced on the two canines.

"You never did answer Bella." A voice from her right said. She turned her head and looked at Edward. He was poised, ready to grab Bella just in case Shippou would turn on him and his family.

"Relax." Kagome said, as she sat on a fallen tree.

"I won't relax. Who are you? And why are you guys here? And what are those things that attacked my family!" Edward snarled, enraged.

The three giggling females and the two canines paused to stare at the scene before them; emitting guilty expressions on being forgetful and carefree. It was a few weeks ago, when Bella and Alice almost died when their unexpected savior showed up: Kagome.

"Patience young grasshopper. You will get your answers soon enough." Kagome mocked him and turned her back to him, stepping forward to scratch behind Kouga's ear. But was soon halted by Edward's hand on her wrist.

"You and I both know that I am not young." He growled at her.

Almost immediately, the ground shook as the two canines rose up, letting the girls slide down their back, a bit fearful of what was happening.

"Hush." Kagome quietly told her two companions as she turned to look towards the one who held her wrist captive. The beasts quieted but their eyes weary. She eyed him a bit before sighing. Using a maneuver she discovered on one of her journeys to England, she touched his wrist with her finger that held her captive and emitted a small spark of pink.

Edward pulled away with a small hiss and bared his fangs at her, his family, including the girls and Bella, surrounded him. He shook his hand, trying to get rid of the numb feeling and stared wearily at her.

Kagome gave a small smile and wiggled her fingers at them. There was a whoosh of air as Shippou and Kouga returned to their humanoid forms. "I thought youngsters were supposed to be respectful of their elders." She mocked at them and tsked.

Kouga gave a bark of a laugh as Shippou snickered.

"I highly doubt you're older than us." Emmet replied.

The trio looked at each other before giving into laughter but quickly sobered to snickers. "No. I bet we are older than you." She smiled. "But that's another story for another time."

The Cullens tensed as they heard a howl in the forest and knew it wasn't the wolf pack. Both Shippou and Kouga tilted their head back and howled back, each giving off different tones due to age differences. Kagome turned to look back at them and raise an eyebrow, she's still learning the difference of growling, barking, yipping (Shippou's case), howling and other Inu languages.

"Fluffy wants us back. Inu is here and he doesn't have good news." Kouga answered to her look.

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