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Chapter 1: New Girl in Town

The sun rose up from the horizon and brightened the world. At the same time, an alarm clock rang loudly in one house. The clock pointed 8 A.M. and a girl pressed the snooze button lazily. After pressing the button, she looked at the tiny clock, only to be surprised at the fact that she was late for her first day of school. She dressed herself as fast as she could and rushed out the door with her backpack.

"Hikari, you were still here?"

"Sorry, I overslept. No breakfast today. See ya later, Taichi."

She answered her brother's question briefly and continued running to her new high school. Today, she was running faster than usual. It was not only because she was late, but it was also because she was excited about the new school she would attend. As a new student, she hoped for a great time and great friends. Eventually, she arrived at the school, 10 minutes late. Then, she headed to her freshman homeroom and knocked on the door. The teacher opened the door and brought her inside and began to introduce a new person to the class.

"Everyone, this is Hikari Yagami. She is a new student that transferred today, so let's all give her a good start and welcome."

After speaking, the teacher gestured Hikari to introduce herself and she did.

"Hi, I'm Hikari. I just moved here and I hope we can all be great friends."

After completing her brief introduction, she smiled brightly at the class and they applauded. When the applause died down, the teacher spoke.

"It's nice to have you here, Hikari. As for your seat, sit next to Miyako right there."

Following with a nod, Hikari moved toward her new seat. Hikari sat down and Miyako welcomed her.

"Welcome to our school, Hikari."

"Thanks. Anyway, can you tell me where to go for my classes?"

"Of course. Let me see your schedule."

Hikari reached into her bag and showed her class schedule. Miyako stared at the schedule and squealed.

"Wow, we're in the same classes!"

"Really? That's awesome!"

"What a coincidence!"

"I guess I'll just have to follow you around during school."

"Awesome. I'll show you around and introduce my friends."


The two already had become closely attached and began to talk until the bell dismissed them from homeroom. Hikari followed Miyako to her next class and they resumed talking.

"Hey, Miyako!"

The two girls heard the voice and turned around. A dark haired boy was walking towards them. His hair was straight and had a hint of indigo blue.

"Hi, Ken."

"Who is your new friend?"

"Oh, this is Hikari. Hikari, this is Ken."


Hikari smiled.

"Hi, Hikari. I'm Ken Ichijouji."

"He's one of my friends and a classmate in 3 of our classes."

"Oh. That's cool. Looks like I'm lucky."

"You sure are."

Miyako answered.

"So, are there anyone else that I should know about?"

Hikari questioned.

"Hmm…there is Daisuke Motomiya, Mimi Tachikawa, Sora Takenouchi, and…"

"You forgot Yamato Ishida."

"Oh right. Thanks, Ken."

"They are all your friends?"

"These people are our best friends. We have more though."

"I think I'll start being friends with your best friends first. I'm thinking there will be too many."

Miyako and Ken laughed.

"I guess that's good enough for starters."

"Come on, let's go, girls."


They resumed walking to the gym because P.E. was up first. They split, entered their locker room, and met on the grass field after changing. The field was gigantic and there were multiple equipments. There were soccer goals, baseball field, football field, basketball court on the blacktop, and an indoor swimming pool.

"This place is amazing. It has everything."

"I know, isn't it great?"

"Yeah, it's awesome. I'm impressed actually."

"Thanks, Hikari."

Ken, Hikari, and Miyako talked until the coach arrived.

"Alright, we have a new friend today, but you will get to know her as you play some sports together. Today, we'll have a basketball match, so get your teams and start quickly. Takaishi and Daisuke, you guys are captains today."

With that, the coach left the field and the students began to assemble their basketball team. The two captains walked up front. Hikari examined the boys. One was brown haired with short spikes that matched his hazel eyes. The other had a pale skin, golden hair and blue eyes.

"Miyako, can you tell me about them?"

Hikari asked.

"The brown haired guy is Daisuke and the gold hair is Takeru."

"Daisuke Motomiya?"

"Yeah, he's one of our friends that we told you about."

"Oh, so that's Daisuke. Then, who is Takeru?"

"Takeru is a multi-talented genius and the terror of the school."

"Like a bully?"

"No, he doesn't pick on people, but he is scary. Rumor says that he almost killed people while fighting."

Hikari gasped and stared at him. Takeru, as if he detected an attention, looked into Hikari's face as well. Their eyes matched and Hikari was startled. His eyes contained extreme coldness and emotionless quality.

"What are you looking at?"

Takeru spoke to Hikari. Hikari was surprised at his voice. The sound was deafening and was filled with vibration because of his deep male voice.


"Hey, Takeru, you don't have to pick on a new girl."

Daisuke retorted.

"Choose your failure team and let's go already."

"Whatever. You're going down today."

Takeru scoffed and crossed his arm as he waited for Daisuke to pick his team. Daisuke picked Hikari, recommended by his best friends, Miyako and Ken. Soon, the class was divided in two and the basketball match began. As for the tip off, Takeru easily took the ball with his height as an advantage and shot it at the basket. As soon as Daisuke's team saw Takeru shoot, they began to complain.

"Geez, this is a pointless game."

"We're gonna lose anyway."

"This is stupid."

And other negative comments were heard. The reason to this was that Takeru immediately made a three point shot within 5 seconds since the start of the game. The score began to separate apart as the game went on. Within less than a minute the score was 30 to 1.

"Come on, guys. More defense!"

Daisuke shouted. However, the defense wasn't the problem because Takeru would make the shot wherever he received the ball.

"How does he do that?"

Hikari was amazed at Takeru's ability.

"That's the reason why he's not hated so much. He is talented and is actually quite good looking despite his terrible personality."

Miyako explained to Hikari.

"Hikari! Watch out!"

Ken yelled and warned her about the basketball that flew at her. Unable to react quickly enough, she put out her hands in front of her face and miraculously caught the ball. After realizing that she had the ball, she dribbled towards the basket on the opposite side.

"Everybody, get out of my way."

Takeru commanded his teammates casually and walked up to Hikari. She was near the basket and was ready to shoot, but stopped because Takeru towered over her.

"Let's see it. Show me what you've got."

"Okay. Don't blink."

Hikari jumped and threw the ball for the basket, but it hopeless failed to score a point and the ball which was rejected by Takeru's hand came straight towards Hikari and hit her head.


The noise wasn't too loud and it wasn't serious, but lot of people came to Hikari to see if she was okay. Miyako was the first to speak.

"Hikari, are you okay?"

"Y…yeah, I think. It just hurts a little."

"Hey, Takeru! Apologize to Hikari!"

Daisuke yelled at the pale giant.

"Why should I? This is a part of the game. It happens all the time, get over it."

"That's not the point! Hikari's a new girl! You should be nicer!"

Daisuke continued to yell at the tall captain.

"Then, why don't YOU ask me a little nicer, then?"

Daisuke couldn't win against the argument. Takeru completely silenced him with calm sentences. After, Takeru looked at Hikari, who was still rubbing her head. Then, Takeru walked up to her and pat her head.

"It's wasn't a strong shot, so get over it."

He said coldly, without any compassion or sympathy. Once he said that, he returned to his position and resumed the game. When Takeru had gone back to his side of the court, Miyako dragged Hikari out of the game and started to talk excitedly.

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe this actually happened!"

"What? What is it, Miyako?"

"He actually touched someone!"

"Yeah, okay, but why is that so exciting?"

"It's because he doesn't like to touch and be touched. The fact that he touched you means he has some kind of attachment to you!"

"He does? Hmm~"

Miyako didn't cease to talk and Hikari purposely stared at Takeru the entire time. She could understand why he was not hated. She began to think that Takeru was nice on the inside. Hikari was curious to know his inner personality and decided to unearth it. After deciding on her goal, she asked herself a question.

'Why does he act like the way he does?'




"Huh? Yeah, what?"

"Why are you fazing?"

"It's nothing. Anyway, shouldn't we rejoin the game?"

"Nah, we can't win anyway. Let's chat until P.E. is over."

Unable to disagree, Hikari chatted with her friend until they were dismissed. After the first period, Hikari followed the day by going to class with Miyako and the first day of school was over and throughout the day, she realized that Takeru was in all of her classes as well. As the final class bell rang, Hikari packed her books and prepared to leave.

"Hey, Hikari. Got any clubs you want to join?"

Miyako threw a question.

"I'm not sure yet. What clubs are there?"

"Well, here's the list."

Computer club

Drama club

Literature club

Jazz club

Choir club

Science club

Dance club

Game club

And more were visible on the back side.

"So what do you think? Just FYI, I'm in the Computer club."


"Yup, I'm good at computers and some of my friends are in it."


"What do you have in mind?"

"Well…I was thinking maybe Choir or Dance."

"You sing and dance?"

"Yeah. I did for more than three years now."

"That's so cool! Go for it! Maybe you can be the star in the club."

"I don't know about star…"

"Don't worry! You will be!"

"Thanks. So, can you bring me to choir club first?"

"Sure thing, girlfriend."

After deciding her afterschool activity, Hikari was brought to the Choir club under Miyako's guidance.

"Here's the Choir club room. I need to go to my club, so see you later, okay?

"Yeah. Thanks, Miyako."

Hikari waved at the running girl and took a deep breath before entering the room. When she entered, she noticed many people in the room. There were more girls than guys. She looked around the room and soon figured out why more girls were in the club. Takeru Takaishi was in the club.

"Hey, we have a new member!"

One of the girls spoke, grabbed Hikari's hand, and brought her into the crowd.

"So what is your name?"

"I'm Hikari. I'm new to the school."

"So you're the new girl that Takeru touched you!"

"Um…Yeah, I guess."

"It's nice to have you, Hikari. I'm Sora Takenouchi."

"Sora? Aren't you friends with Miyako?"

"Yeah. I'm in her best friend group."

"Nice to meet you."

"Same here. Let me show you around."

After introducing, Sora gave her a tour of the large choir room. On the way, Hikari also met Mimi and immediately made friends. After tour was over, Sora began to gather the members to practice their piece.

"Hikari, do you know how to sing?"

"Yeah, I've been singing for three years now."

"Nice. Do you know what section you are?"

"I'm a soprano as you can tell."

"I knew you would be. You're voice is angelic."

"Thanks, Sora."


Hikari read the music sheet and followed it at the best of her abilities. The music was at a professional level. She looked at other pieces and they were all music of high caliber.

"Hikari, having any trouble?"

Mimi asked.

"No, it's just that this club is really advanced."

"Yeah, it is. It's because we're actually famous."

"You guys are famous?"

"It's not you guys, Hikari. It's WE."

"I'm not even that good though."

"No way, you're amazing. Your voice is so pretty and we needed a voice like yours."


"We have a song that needs a soloist that can hit the high notes with pretty voice."

Hikari read the music and noticed the high notes of the piece. Although the note was really high, Hikari was unbothered.

"I can hit these, no problem."

"That's exactly why we need you. We get invited to concerts frequently, so I want you to practice the solo part, okay?"

"That's fine, but when's the concert?"

"Sunday, one week from now. Good luck."

"I'll try. Thanks, Mimi."

Mimi walked away and joined her group of friends while Hikari looked at more music. Among the music pieces, she noticed a duet solo of high soprano and low bass singers. When Hikari saw the low bass notes, Takeru immediately came to her mind.

'Wait, so I'm gonna have to sing with him? Geez, this is gonna be hard.'

After putting the sheets back on the shelf, she walked towards Takeru, who was sitting near the window and stared at the sky all alone.



Takeru simply looked at her face for less than a second and resumed watching the sky without a word.

"Do you like to watch the sky?"

"Can I help you with something?"

Takeru replied with irritated voice. Hikari giggled which forced Takeru to ask.

"Why are you giggling?"


"Then, get out of here."

Takeru responded harshly, but Hikari didn't let it bother her and stood there. She examined Takeru. He seemed to have gotten annoyed by being stared at by a girl and frowned a little bit. Even so, Hikari continued to look at him with bright face. Soon, she was interrupted by Mimi.

"Hikari, come here."

She walked on over and responded.

"What's up?"

"It's not smart to be around Takeru, you know."


"He's dangerous and bad for your health."

"Why is that?"

Hikari asked, half laughing.

"You heard that Takeru is a multi-talented genius, right?"


"He's also martial arts master and gets into fight often. You don't want to be caught up in that."

"He fights? Why?"

"It's because other boys and schools are jealous of him. They can't beat him in anyway, so they try to fight him and defeat him like that. But of course, Takeru never lost."

"Is that why he's so mean all the time?"

"I'm not sure, but it's definitely related. Anyway, stay away from him."

"But I can't do the duet without him."

"He can do it without practice, so you should think of your part only."

"Wow, he actually can do things without practice?"

"He's a genius for a reason."

Hikari looked at Takeru once more before being dismissed for the day. Hikari exited the room and headed back for her home. When she returned, her older brother asked Hikari.

"How was school, Hikari?"

"It was interesting."

"Like how?"

"In many ways."

"Uh huh."

Taichi nodded and went back to playing games on the TV. Hikari went into her room and started practicing the solos she was assigned right away. Getting the right pitch was not a problem, but there was no harmony since there was no supporting singer. That's when Hikari thought of Takeru once again.

'Why am I thinking about him so much? Is it because that I think he likes me? No, that's not it! Why do I care? He probably has a girlfriend anyway.'

Hikari sighed and started on her homeworks with thoughts Takeru interrupting her the entire night.

Yes, Hikari can sing beautifully, I believe. More coming soon.