The street was decorated with the blooming of flowers and richened by the bright green colors of the trees. The sky was azure blue and the clouds up above were gentle and fluffy. On one place, the sun shined and lightened the world. Through the street, tender breeze swept, cooling the people suffering from the summer heat. It was time when schools became filled with exciting emotions. In the street, new faces were visible. Many wore their high school uniform and were walking happily to their school. Hikari saw some freshman struggle and guided them to their new school, her school. On her way, she made numerous conversations with the overflowing crowds of new upcoming students.

"What's your name?"

"I'm Hikari Yagami. I'm a senior."

"Wow. I'm so glad to have such a pretty senior in my school."

"You're really gorgeous."


"I heard that this school has great people and I guess the rumors were true."

"Yup. This school is really great. You'll learn to love it."

She smiled brightly at the ever-curious freshmen. Among the group of young kids, one girl threw a question.

"Hey, did you hear the rumor that this school has an extremely hot person?"

"I know! I heard that!"

"Oh my gosh! I want to see him so badly!"

"I wonder how he looks like!"

"They say he has graceful golden hair and sparkling blue eyes!"

"Kyaa! Now, I have to see him!"

"Have you ever seen him, Hikari?"

"Mmm…I've seen couple of gold haired people. There are quite a few in our school and they're all good-looking."


"Yes! Victory! I'm so glad I came to this school."

"I'm happy to hear that."

Hikari, again, smiled at the love-thirsty freshman girls. Soon, they arrived at the school and they separated to go to their assigned classrooms. She headed to her class and greeted her friends. After greetings were done, her friends began speaking.

"Hey, I heard that your special someone was being targeted by freshman girls."

"Yeah. He's becoming a celebrity quickly."

"I want to see how they would react when they find the truths about him."

"Isn't it discomforting to know that more girls are after him now, Hikari?"

"He was always like that, so I'm used to it now."

Hikari smiled at her friends.

"Sad that you're not in any of his classes this year, huh?"

"That is a bit depressing, but I still can see him after school, so I'm okay."

"You're really optimistic. Aren't you, Hikari?"

"I can't be sad on the first day of school."

The girls talked until their teacher walked in and started the class. On top of being the prettiest girl in the school, she also was one of the smartest students as well. She properly paid attention to the teacher's lecture and studied accordingly throughout the class. As the day went, half of her classes were over and was now lunch time. After getting her food from the cafeteria, she looked to see an open table. Soon, she spotted one of her close friend, Ken, waving at her. She walked and sat among her friends.

"Hi, Ken."


"How are you doing?"

"I'm doing fine. How about you?"

"I'm fine too. Where's Daisuke?"

"Playing soccer on the field."

"During lunch?"

"He said he wanted to see how well his teammates can play now."

"Acting like a proper captain, then?"

"So far, yes."

"That's good. Taichi would be proud."

"I hope he is. We're all working hard after all."

She, then, smiled and finished her lunch while talking to her friends. After much of the food was gone, Hikari left to class after saying bye to her friends. Only two classes were left until the school was over and she looked forward to it. After spending approximately an hour and half, she was released from the classroom and headed to her club room. As she entered the room, she started talking to the members, informing them about the upcoming events and recruitment of students. After briefly announcing few information, she dismissed the club since it was the first day of school. As soon as they were dismissed, all the girls stormed out of the room and ran toward the basketball court.

"What's up with them?"

Curious, she also headed for the basketball court to see what was going on. When she got there, a horde of girls were surrounding the court. Luckily, she found an open spot and looked to see what was going on. There were 10 guys on the court, playing basketball. They were all basketball team players and were wearing their school's jerseys. Every single player was seen with noticeable bicep muscle and their average height was 6 feet. Looking around and observing the court and players, Hikari's attention eventually became fixed on one particular guy like many of the girls have. His hair was pure gold and his eyes were the color of the deepest ocean. His arms and legs had colossal muscle and was the tallest among the players. Every time he moved, he scored a point and stole the ball from any player he put his mind on. Soon, the game was over with an overwhelming score difference and he high fived his teammates.

"Good job, Takeru. Way to go."

"Thanks, guys. Practice for the game we have on next week."

"We got you. What else do we need?"

"Still practice."

"Yes, captain."

After chugging down their water bottles, they separated and left the school ground except for some. The remaining guys were attacked by the screaming girls. Takeru, especially, had no way of escaping from the circle of girls. He was bombarded with questions and compliments which he could not hear all. He answered on his best of abilities and was rescued when Daisuke and Ken dragged him out and ran away. The three arrived on the roof of the school and was panting from their getaway.

"Saved your life, buddy."

"You're getting popular every passing day."

"It hurts to be. I think you almost yanked my arm off, Daisuke."

"Better your arm than your life, isn't it?"

"They're the same to me. I'm a musician, remember?"

"Oh, right. Sorry."

Daisuke apologized and laughed goofily.

"Anyway, we should stay here for a while until it gets a little calmer down there."

"A while can mean eternity to fan girls, Ken."

"Then, you go down there."

"Oh my… Hell no."

"Then, stay here."

Takeru chuckled at the arguing friends of his. After about 5 minutes, the three boys relaxed their fatigued bodies. However, their bodies intensified once they heard a door creak. When they looked, the person who opened the roof door was Hikari. They all let out a huge sigh and greeted Hikari.

"Hey, Hikari."

"What brings you here?"

"Are you being chased by boys?"

"No, I was just looking for you three."


"I told the girls to go home, so it should be okay for you to go home too."

"Really? Thanks, Hikari."

Ken thanked her and began to walk back downstairs, rushing Daisuke at the same time.

"Daisuke, hurry up or I'm leaving you."

"Don't leave your friend behind, Ken. See ya guys tomorrow, Hikari, Takeru."

"Yeah, bye."

"Be careful."

With that, the two star soccer players left the rooftop and left the two alone.

"Been busy, Takeru?"

"Yeah. Bunch of stuff happening as you can see."

He smiled magnificently as he answered her.

"Come on, let's go home."


Takeru got up and dusted his clothes. As soon as he was finished, he started walking down with Hikari by his side. The difference in their heights grew distant again the past 3 years. Hikari had grown in height as well, but Takeru had matured his physique and reached the goliath size of 6 feet and 6 inches. The two were now about a foot apart. Due to the significant difference in height, the two did not hold hands often. Because of Takeru's stunning physical characteristics, Hikari held on to his arms more often than holding hands. Even now, as they were walking home, Hikari grabbed onto his arms firmly.

"You seem happy today, Hikari."

"Because it's been a while since we walked together."

"I hung out with you during summer break as well."

"You were on tour with Yamato and his band most of the time, though."

"Oh, yeah. I forgot."

Hikari giggled at his forgetfulness and Takeru chuckled with her.

"By the way, Takeru?"


"Can we visit the shack?"

"Today? Why?"

"I just feel like going there."

"If you say so."

While walking, the two found a cab and took a ride to the shack near the ocean which Hikari was kept as a hostage once. After several minutes passed, the two arrived and walked a little to reach the building.

"Is it just me or did it get bigger than before?"

"They must be doing well financially. Come on, let's go in."

The two entered and received a shockingly warm welcome.

"Hey, it's Takeru and Hikari!"

"Wow. How long has it been since you two visited last time?"

"Man, you gotta come here more often."

"Hey boss! Takeru and Hikari's here!"

Then, a man came running out his door and ran downstairs in joy.

"What up, man and wife?"

"Hi, nice to see you're doing fine."

"Hi, Blake."

"Good to see you two. Man, you two got big. Especially you, gold man."

"I keep telling him that he's too big, but he says he wants to get bigger."

Hikari complained and Blake spoke.

"Being too tall is not attractive, man. You nearly killed us 3 years ago when you were like only 6 feet or something. If you get bigger, we get scared."

"I don't fight anymore. Just like you."

"Which is why I'm glad because I want my body in one piece."

"Anyway, Blake, what's the new building for?"

Hikari asked the former gang boss.

"Oh, I got that couple weeks ago. Lots of musicians going around, so I made a studio to help some of them make records."

"That's so nice of you."

"Gotta do what I can do. I'd like to thank you two for that too. Without you two, we wouldn't be living a happy life."

"You're very welcome, Blake."

"Yeah. Give me a call when you need a beating again."

Takeru said jokingly and everybody began laughing hard.

"I'm kidding. You're welcome, man."

"Still, thanks again for giving us opportunities to start fresh."

"You don't have to thank us anymore."

"No, no. We owe you tons to both of you. Anyway, let loose and have fun."

"We planned to."

"Cool. See you around."

With that, the ex-gangleader went back to his office and the former gangsters returned to their work positions. With so many things to do, the two stood still and pondered about what they should do.

"Anything you want to do here, Hikari?"

"I want to drink something. I'm kinda thirsty."

"Café, then?"


With that, the two went further in the building and found a small café and ordered a coffee and a smoothie.

"The shack changed a lot. Didn't it, Takeru?"

"It's no longer appropriate to call it shack now. I think."

"That's true. It got so much bigger."

She agreed as she slurped her smoothie.

"What more do you think is gonna be built here?"

"I'd hate it to be a mall because you would drag me here everyday."

"Come on, I don't drag you to malls."

"I bought you half the clothes you have in your closet, Hikari."

"You bought them and gave them to me."

"I don't know your sizes."

Hikari couldn't argue anymore. Beating a genius in a logical statement was almost an impossible task. Driving away from the playful argument, the two talked about how they should spend the rest of the day. There many places to go to, but they only visited the arcade, karaoke, and the instrument store. They played games, sang, and bought multiple music equipments and instruments. Takeru, of course, bought the majority of the music items. After accomplishing all those, it was now nearly 9 in the evening.

"Want to go home, now, Hikari?"

"Mm…Can I go to one more place?"


"The park."

"It will take some time, but sure."

Takeru agreed and pulled a cab when they got out to the street. Once stuffing his belongings in the back, they headed for the park. Within the 20 minutes of driving, the two arrived at their destination and went to the place where they had a nice view of the lake. The two sat on the bench nearby and stared at the reflection of the silver moon.

"You sure like this park, don't you?"

"Of course, I love the nature."

"You know, I heard that there will be a flower field some time next month."

"Really? Wow, I want to see it so badly."

"I'll take you next month."

"Promise, okay?"

"I promise."

Takeru said as he smiled brightly in the dazzling moonlight. Hikari smiled back and got up to look around the place.

"It's still beautiful when it's dark here. Don't you think?"

"I guess it is."

"You don't love the scenery?"

"I like the silvery moonlight, but I really don't see much nature in night."

"So you do like it."


Hikari smiled brightly with the moon on her side, brightening her even more. Then, Takeru remembered similar scenery in the past. The same girl was standing in utter darkness with him on the other side. He remembered the moment when he was confronted with a life changing choice. Even now, he wouldn't want to make such a decision. It was tough to make and heartbreakingly sad. He did what he believed was right and was now happy. The Hikari he saw in his vision told him to stay with the present. It was her way of telling him to become happy and live a good life. Thanks to her, he was living the best life he could ask for. More business successes, musical career, a whole town of friends, and irreplaceable, beautiful girlfriend. After much thinking and remembering, Takeru stood and walked up to Hikari and suggested to go home.

"Let's go home now."


"I'll bring you next time too."


She hugged him tightly and started walking home with him. With silence of the night, their footsteps echoed in the quiet street and eventually, they arrived at Hikari's house.

"I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah. Have a good night, Takeru."

"You two."

Before parting her way and returning home, she stood on her toes and kissed the giant boyfriend of hers. Wanting to make it easier for her, Takeru bent his back to have Hikari kiss him in a comfortable position. A goodnight kiss, a farewell for the night and the final argument of the two lovers. They have yet to prove who the better kisser was. From time to time, one would become the likely winner, but it was never decided. The purpose of it was ignored most of the time and they plainly enjoyed making lip contacts and exchanging their fiery passion for each other under the dim light of the moon. Every night in front of her house, all that could be heard was the sound of lips smacking and tongues colliding.

Due to few requests for an epilogue, I wrote it as the final work for this story. I hope you enjoyed it.