A/N: Wrote this in Modern History. Very short piece from Tara's POV. My name's Tara. Or at least that's what I want you to believe. Today, my name is Tara, tomorrow; it'll be Jane, maybe Anna? I don't know, I haven't decided yet. Tara is my stage name. I'm a grifter; I go around conning people, which used to be for my own agendas, i.e. Money. Now though, well, thanks to Sophie, I worked with a team.

Our intentions were honourable. The rich and powerful steal form you, we steal it back for you. The team consists of a Mastermind, Hitter, Hacker and a Thief. Sophie previously was their Grifter. I now take on that role. It's tough. Especially when the team does not trust you. But I guess, due to the fact I conned them first, that I have done nothing to deserve their trust.

I am a lone wolf. Always have been and always will be. My name is Tara – and I work alone.