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Awareness and Annoyance of Her


Anne M

Chapter 1: Glasses – (as noticed by Draco Malfoy)

I HAD A PROBLEM the other day. It was Monday morning, and it was time for our weekly staff meeting, and everything would have been fine, except the one person who irritated me the most in the world decided to ruin everything for me.

I'm referring to Hermione Granger. She had these stupid glasses on and I was fairly certain she didn't need them to see. The reason for my assessment was that half the time she'd take them off and plop them on top of her head when she read. The other half of the time she'd suck on the end of the earpiece or twirl them around in her hand. The other quarter of the time she'd might wear them on her nose like a good, little, blind girl should. Yes, I knew that was more than 100 percent. I was irritated, not stupid.

I just really didn't think she needed those glasses, so I took them from her, and that was two days ago and I still have them and now I have to figure out a way to get them back to her.

I've wondered for a while why she wore them, anyway. Did she think they made her look smart? Hell, everyone already knew she was smart. She didn't have anything to prove to anyone on that account.

Did she think they improved her looks, because they didn't? They really, really, didn't. Sure, they were sexy in an abstract sort of way; however she was not sexy in the least. She was not attractive, either. I would call her face passable, at best. She usually wore her hair long, curly, and an uncombed mess. She hardly ever wore makeup. She had freckles across the bridge of her nose and a few on her cheeks, and a single one on her chin. Who liked freckles on a grown woman? One day I counted them (when I was close enough to do so) and she only had eleven, so what was the point of having them at all?

And why did she always have to sit right in front of me when we had our staff meetings? Our wanker of a boss insisted that we have meetings in a bloody room set up like a classroom, so there are rows of chairs in front of each other, and for some unknown reason, Granger usually came in late, and she always, ALWAYS, sat right in front of me.

That really bothered me more than her glasses.

One time she laughed so loud at something the oaf said that she snorted. How uncouth was that? Last week she tried to hide her laughter with her hand. She was such a paradox. I wanted to yell at her, "Either laugh loud and boisterous, or keep your stupid laugh to yourself!"

I think what irritated me the most on Monday was that she didn't doodle on her notes, like she usually did. Swear to Merlin, most of the time she would doodle all over her notes. She'd draw little circles and designs all over them. Thank goodness she never drew hearts and flowers. If she did that I'd probably have taken her glasses right off her head and I would have strangled her with them a long time ago.

The fact that she even listened as our boss droned on and on, and then wrote down the important things the tosser said, and then even underlined the things she deemed really important, was enough to drive a sane man insane! Sometimes she underlined things three times! Three times! Who would see her notes but her? One time she put an asterisk next to something. What the hell was that?

She was certifiable, that was it.

And yeah, okay, so I realized long ago that it might seem to some that I was a bit obsessed with her. I mean, so what? I noticed some little things about her that others probably didn't, but that was only because she was so incredibly annoying that everything she did caught my attention.

The other day she was at her desk, reading a report, and she brought her right hand up to her throat and kept it there forever. It was as if she was 'feeling' for something that wasn't there. She frowned while she was reading, but I could have cared less why she was frowning. I was obsessed by the attention that effing hand was paying to her throat.

Her hand on her throat called my attention to her neck. Her neck was so long and bare. Her fingers were slender. For a brief moment I wanted to touch her neck, too. I wanted my hand to replace hers. I even thought about kissing it for a second. How crazy was that?

Then, after I stared at her neck for a while, I watched her hand again, and that made me realize that she didn't wear jewelry on her neck or hands. I wondered for a good five minutes why she wasn't married. Sure, I'm not married either, but it was okay for a bloke to be my age and single. For a woman, it was just sad. She used to be rather awkward looking, when we were in school. The awkwardness was long gone.

I still can't stand her, though.

Which led me to my main point of contention: She walked into the conference room on Monday and asked me, "Do you mind if I sit next to you?"

WHY WOULD SHE ASK ME THAT? She usually sat down in front of me. Why did she want to sit beside that day? I looked at the seat in front of me and saw that someone else was sitting there. I shrugged at her and feigned indifference, although frankly, I didn't want her anywhere near me.

She sat down and immediately dropped her glasses from her hand, where they landed on the floor. If she had the stupid things on her face, (where glasses belonged) she wouldn't have dropped them.

We both bent down at the same time to pick them up. Our fingers touched. She sat upright before I did and said something like, "Sorry." She should have been! I had her glasses in my hand. I sat back up in my seat right after she did.

I said, "Look at me, Granger." She turned slightly in her seat. "Do you really need these to see?"

"Not really. I bought them because I thought they made me look smart," she said with a smile.

Ah ha. I thought so. I shook my head, in apparent disgust. Then, I opened the glasses, and placed them on her face. I placed the earpieces in place and moved her hair behind her ears in the process. Her hair was so much softer than I imagined. Odd.

"There you go, four-eyes. You look bloody brilliant. Real intelligent. Too bad it's all an act," I said with as much disdain as I could muster.

She gave me a small smile and turned to face the front. The boss had just entered. She opened her notebook and began to take notes. I look down at my hands. My fingers tingled where they touched her. Why was that?

I looked back over at her quickly. She removed her glasses and folded them nicely, then placed them on the table in front of her. She reached up and moved her hair away from her ears. Maybe she didn't like the fact that I put it there. She bit down on her bottom lip, and looked over at me quickly.

Again, I feigned indifference. I didn't want her to think I was aware of her, or anything. I refused to incriminate myself by letting her know that for some reason just being close to her was intoxicating to me. It was driving me bloody mad. Geesh. I prayed to every evil force I knew of that I didn't have a crush on Granger. That would be the end of my world as I knew it.

Therefore, I needed to test a theory. So while the old windbag was still talking, and Granger was apparently engrossed in her important note taking, I decided to reach over and touch her again. She had picked up her stupid glasses and was twirling them around in her hand. Twirl, twirl, twirl. I reached over and just took the effing things right out of her hand. I let my fingers brush hers first, though, hence my experiment.

We looked at each other, at the exact same time. I placed her glasses in my pocket and whispered, "Really, Granger, if you aren't going to wear them, there's no reason to have them. They aren't a play thing. Let me give them to someone who needs them. It's not as if they enhance your looks or anything."

She gave her head a slight nod and turned her rapt attention back to the old bastard. I swallowed hard and clenched my fist several times. My hand felt like it was on fire from touching her. My neck felt prickly and I felt a fine layer of sweat form on my upper lip.

Gads…I had a crush on her. Well, wasn't that just great? On top of everything else, it was two days later and I still had her glasses. They were in my pocket the entire day after the meeting, and all day today. I guess I'll have to give them back to her somehow