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Hair Distraction

The buns were there for a reason. She was surrounded by sharp cutting edges all the time and never wanted to have to worry if she was going to cut herself a hairstyle even funnier than her sensei's. They didn't get in the way while she was fighting, nor did they mess up her balance when she needed to soar.

It sometimes irked Tenten, however, when she had to put up with the hassle of someone else's flowing raven locks. She didn't pay any heed when they were sparring, of course, she actually made it something of a goal for her to break through his perfect defense and maybe slice off a good hank of the stuff together with a portion of his arrogance. It hadn't happened yet, but she was looking forward to Neji's haircut.

Because at the moment, a couple of strands of jet black hair had worked loose from his ponytail (and such a useless thing it was, compared to Tenten's neat and tidy style, if it came loose at the slightest excuse) and was currently tickling her nose. And Tenten could do absolutely nothing about it, they were on a mission, and any movement at this point would risk giving away their position. Jammed together in the only possible hiding place, Tenten was sure the Hyuuga would belittle her for letting such a minor discomfort force her to move even the slightest from where they hid.

She would not allow herself to be defeated by such a petty distraction! She steeled her resolve and fantasized about setting Neji's head on fire as tendrils played across her mouth and practically used her saliva for conditioner.

He left his hair loose for a reason. He barely suppressed a smile as he sensed her increasing frustration at the way the maddening tresses served to distract her from their target, and how she remained completely oblivious as a result to how he subtly pressed his entire body even closer to mold to hers.

What can I say, Neji loves these missions.