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Chapter XII

The Man of Steel didn't have much to fear in this weather. At over sixteen thousand seven hundred feet above sea level, La Rinconada was an icy paradise to some. It would be a great vacation destination were it not for the economy based on suspicious mining practices and environmental issues to go with them.

Superman looked throughout the mountainous region to find his hidden destination. It wasn't easy, there were many lead deposits throughout the landmass, making it difficult to see if there were in fact habitable structures beneath or just abandoned and collapsed mine shafts. Finally he spotted something promising and landed in front of a large wall of ice.

He could see a large bunker door in front of him covered up by thick ice sheets, and men running around behind it. Beyond that he couldn't see much else. They had built the compound so that it wrapped back around a large section of lead within the mountain.

Finally, through the thick bunker door he saw two men heavily clad in insulated coats and pants and weather-hardy boots shouting orders, and a small door to his right opened up. They had weapons, but they hung loosely by their sides, these men knew who they were dealing with. It would be pointless to freeze Superman on the spot.

"I have a letter for your employer," Superman dug out the note from Batman and handed it to one of them. The other one remained, keeping an eye on him while the first ran inside for several minutes. The raging, icy winds, biting at their cheeks broke any awkward silence between them both. Superman's hearing could pick up several men in the distance calling to each other, some were inside this mountain, while others were miles away calling down to each other in the shafts. Some in english and some in the various languages Peru offered. He didn't hear much Spanish, but mostly Quechua and Aymara, two native american languages of the Andes. He could hear machine parts clanking away, and couldn't tell if they were apart of this structure or the mines.

Finally the first guard came out again and motioned him inside. Once out of the cold, the men pulled their hoods down, still keeping an eye on him but moving along the corridor until they came to an opening inside. It made him uncomfortable to be walking among henchmen in their own secret lair, like Erebus. He could handle them, he knew that, but he came here of his own freewill. Clark felt like he was among the wrong crowd.

"Ah, the Man of Steel," a polite voice called to him, accompanied by a man in a white lab coat, blue-ish complexion and brilliant ice blue eyes. "You and I don't often have the pleasure of interaction, although, I hope this is a much more pleasant visit."

Dr. Victor Freis descended a side hall towards them, carrying the piece of paper. He smiled and shook Superman's hand, holding up the Batman's note. "I'm sure you objected to this," He confirmed, in an understanding tone.

"I... don't entirely agree with it, but..." Superman didn't know how to finish that, conversing with Dr. Friez wasn't something he did often.

"Under the circumstances," The blue-ish man finished for him. He frowned in understanding. "I don't expect you to tell me why Batman needs my help, but..." He began to walk, Superman following beside him as they moved deeper into the compound, "I know what it's like, to be desperate. We all do at some point, even heroes," He looked sideways at the Man of Steel, watching his reaction.

"No offense, but I hope I never become that desperate," Superman said confidently. It was obvious to Victor Freis that this meeting was making him uncomfortable.

"Oh? I'm sorry to tell you that I hope you will become that desperate. In fact, I think those who fight for the rights of others should be among the most desperate. It's only fitting. Otherwise, what are you fighting for?" Dr. Freis chided softly.

He ducked into a room to their left and Superman was greeted by a soft, blue glow. Once his eyes adjusted, he realized that the glass tube illuminating the room had a woman inside, a fair, pale woman who's floating, thin garment defied gravity inside the fluid filled encasement. He looked away momentarily as he noticed how sheer the fabric was.

"Everyone should understand what it means to fight desperately for something we care for," Victor said, turning to Superman.

"I didn't mean-"

"I know, I am sorry. I just hope you'll understand, I don't resent you for judging me, I'm still a criminal, but I don't want you to judge Bruce for what he's doing for me," Dr. Freis looked from his frozen wife to Superman.

Superman winced at the use of Bruce's name, although he noted the hint of admiration Dr. Freis apparently had for his colleague.

"Don't worry, this is my purpose, curing Nora's illness. I don't plan to use his identity for anything else. You have my word."

"And your men?" Superman asked, looking at the two standing just outside the door.

"These few I have left are the only ones loyal enough to follow me here. Others are natives of the village here to provide for their families. Its the 31st, or you would probably see more of them. Pay day," he tossed his head in the direction of the mines outside his fortress. "They're out collecting as much ore as they can carry to keep for themselves. The issue is whether or not that ore contains any gold for their families. I'm a much better source of income to them than Corporacion Ananea. This place isn't exactly paradise, except for the weather," he grinned in the pale blue light of his wife's cryotube. "They've all lost loved ones to disease or mercury poisoning, or have loved ones they're trying to save. You see, when I left Gotham, most of the criminals working for me stayed behind. I help this community, and they don't mind my research, regardless of its few, suspicious gains. I may be a criminal, some of my original employees may be criminals, but the ones from the village are definitely not."

"Why would you set up here. Gold isn't exactly the most valuable resource in the world right now."

"No, but it works well enough, and I have enough diamonds to power my work. The temperatures are comfortable for me, and I live here free of charge. You see, my facility is paid for by eliminating the city's mercury deposits in the mines, which used to kill many residence before my arrival," Freis lead Superman from the small room and back out into the hall, leading further back towards a lab. "It is a mining town after all. Poisoned drinking water in a town isolated by weather and location isn't a utopia, so in return for giving me a small portion of their mines, I use my equipment to remove the mercury from their drinking and irrigation water. We've even begun placing a sewage system, since they have none. That's a new more costly project, but it'll help. And I myself need clean water, so it's a gain for me and my men as well. We've set up green houses for them and I import cold tolerable plants," Freis smiled at Superman, obviously waiting for any signs of approval.

"Well, that's definitely a generous set up," He decided not to ask how else Freis was financing his research, since apparently Bruce would be taking care of that from now on.

"I imagine Batman will have a plan by the time he gets here, there wasn't much on this note about what he would require," Freis said, changing the subject.

"I doubt we have much of a plan," Superman sighed. This entire event has been playing out by ear, at least for them.

"Sir, an aircraft is approaching." One of Freis' men said as he came up behind them.

Superman looked over his shoulder, he'd already heard it approaching but he could see now that it wasn't Batman's jet. Just as they reached an opening in the hall, leading into a lab, a rumble could be heard over head. "Aw, good." Freis said.

"It's not him," Superman said turning to Dr. Freis. He wanted to make sure that his host knew who his party guests would be. "Batman also asked Nightwing and Deathstroke to join us. We need their help."

"Oh... well, then I suppose I won't argue." He turned to his man in charge of surveillance and nodded to him, "Grant them access."

Above ground, several men were rushing out to meet Nightwing and Slade. The dark haired boy looked uneasy at first, the familiar fur lined coats bringing back many memories of the good ol' days, but Slade put him to work, reminding the younger man why they were there.

Nightwing began unloading a few heavy boxes onto a cart, lifting one up on his shoulder before closing the jet hatch and then following Slade and the others inside.

"Careful with that one," Slade grumbled, taking the box from Nightwing and setting it carefully down on the cart with the others. He gave the boy a smack on the shoulder in jest when he saw dick rubbing his arms.

"Is not like his old lair wasn't cold enough," he complained, accepting a thick coat from one of the men who'd greeted them outside.

"This way," barked one of the men, and Slade took a coat as well just as they headed off quickly down the same path Superman had taken earlier.

"So, I need to understand what the issue is, if I'm to help," Dr. Freis began as he logged onto his computer, roughly the size of Bruce's.

"Well, Luthor placed nanos in Flash's system," Superman left out how. "although now there appears to be a second type."

"From what I understand, the nanos that are of my design are strengthening his immune system," Slade's voice interrupted them both. "And Bruce briefly explained on his way that the second type are threatening Flash's health."

"How are they accomplishing that?" Dr. Freis and Superman both began to help Nightwing and Slade unpack. Dick didn't meet Superman's gaze at first, it was awkward enough knowing that Bruce knew about him and Slade, he didn't want to see what Superman thought of them showing up together.

"We'll find that out as soon as Batman arrives," Slade grunted as he lifted a heavy box from the cart. The other three helped him unload the box, and then they left him and Dr. Freis to set up the scientific equipment. To Superman and Nightwing, the setup took more knowledge about nano technology than they had to offer.

"So was he really bad?" Nightwing asked finally concerning his speedy friend, watching the other two don white lab coats as they continued to connect machines together.

Superman sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. "I would say so... I'm not sure what to expect," he admitted, his tone much more down than usual.

Nightwing felt a pang of anxiety chill his stomach. He hadn't ever thought that Wally would be in any trouble he couldn't get out of. "Why do we need Freis?" he asked. Slade made sense to him by now, but Nightwing wasn't there to discover the note left behind.

"I think Bruce intends to freeze him, or at least cool him down a bit," Superman turned to Nightwing as the younger man threw him a confused look. "Listen, there was a note. It was left by the other-" Superman stopped and looked towards the entrance. "They're here."

Another pair of henchmen rushed out to meet the Dark Knight and Flash just as a roaring over head came to a stop.

"The other what?" Nightwing urged Superman to continue, but the man of steel had his eyes fixed on a sight above them, beyond their ability to see.

"He's... Flash isn't doing well," He warned Dick, turning to Dr. Freis.

"Then help me, we don't have time to wait for this to setup automatically," Dr. Freis motioned towards a large cryo-tube, and unplugged it long enough for a Superman to carefully lay the heavy structure on its side.

The henchmen returned with Batman who had Flash in his arms. The Dark Knight rushed to a stop and laid Flash in the tube, allowing Freis to take a blood sample. Before standing back to breathe. "Oh, man," Nightwing shook his head, trying to keep his distance but wanting to get a good look at his pal.

While this was going on, Slade pulled the old nanos up on his screen, opening a book with notes in it.

Dr. Freis rushed over with the new sample, leaving Batman to patch Flash up and remove his uniform, they already discovered that no one really knew who Wally West was anyway. Meanwhile Superman also went to work on the cryo-tube, filling a compartment with a special glacial water. Batman attached an IV to each of Wally's arms, along with a mask. He was reminded of the image put in his mind by the others message left for them. He pushed it from his head quickly.

Dr. Freis peered at the nanos long and hard with Slade. The one eyed villain turned to a second monitor at a ping, looking at a short list of identified chemicals. "Their purpose is polymerization," he squinted, trying to understand why.

Superman and Batman sealed the tube and then Clark set it upright, just as Wally regained consciousness. As the glacial water began to filter in, the young man only saw Freis and Slade and was instantly sent into a panic. His body jumped in the still rising, ice-cold water, hands pounding weakly, against the glass. "Make him stop!" Freis yelled as Wally went for the IV's.

"Nightwing," Batman hissed, fearing that seeing him would worry Wally more, he tried to hide himself for the most part, watching as Dick threw himself in Wally's panicked gaze.

It didn't work. "Wally, stop!" Nightwing cried, but the speedster ignored him. Dick looked back and Batman "Help me!" he begged.

"Who else did you invite?" Superman asked, Supposing Wonder Woman might be on her way.

"Not now, Kal!" Bruce growled. His pulse was high enough, worrying that the stress would only make Flash's situation worse, but he undid his utility belt and lifted his chest plate, rushing over and pounding on the tube. "Wally, I'm not him! You're safe," he said, watching as Wally's gaze fell over the scars on his chest and stomach, they were familiar to him, proof that he belonged here, proof that Bruce wasn't the rogue maniac who'd raped him.

Wally winced, remembering it all, but he felt safer at least, he slouched in the tube, relaxing and holding a trembling hand over his chest as the water drew up higher to his shoulders. Eventually the water was up beyond his head and he floated, looking around at the scene before him. The cold water hurt his eyes so he couldn't keep them open for long at any one moment. Bruce watched, taking a deep breath to calm himself as Flash's hand swept over his on the other side of the glass. If they did lose Wally, he didn't want to think about how seriously he would consider revenge. It wouldn't make him any better, obviously.

"That was almost a disaster," Dr. Freis sighed, shaking his head at Wally. He ignored the sense of intimacy between the two, it wasn't his place to ask why Batman had flashed part of his physique at the younger man.

"It will be if we don't work faster," Slade reminded him, turning back to his station to get to work on analyzing the newer design.

"His heart doesn't look any better," Superman winced, noticing that more of Wally's cardio tissue appeared to be grey. He rubbed his eyes as they began to ache a bit.

"Have you analyzed the nanos?" Freis asked.

"I have, they're not my design, in fact, they're pathetic," Slade smirked, feeling a little ego boost at his discovery.

"What do you mean?"

Slade turned the monitor towards them all, hesitating as Wally drew closer to the glass to watch, nervously. "Can he hear us?"

"There's a mic hooked up, I can turn it on."

"Do it."

"Are you sure?" Freis didn't think knowing would calm the boy any more.

Bruce had finished putting his suit back together when he nodded in agreement with Slade, "He'll want to know. If we keep him in the dark he'll start to panic again." and just as he finished that sentence, Wally began tapping impatiently on the glass, tired eyes begging to know what was going on.

"Fine," Freis said nervously, flipping a switch near the top of the tube on.

"Alright. When you design nanos, it's smart to have as little waste as byproduct as possible, which is difficult to do. My designs are usually perfect, if not always." he didn't bother to sound modest about that at all, he was proud of his success in nanotechnologies. "These are releasing dangerous amounts of wastes, and if we don't disable these nanos soon-"

"Not going to happen!" a loud voice interrupted them all. The five men and Freis' henchmen turned in the direction of the entrance hall, finding an identical caped man standing there. "I can't let you do that," the rogue Batman held a small bomb in his hand, a familiar device to them all.

Wally shrunk away from the glass, something his Batman noticed and took to stand in front of the cryotube along with Superman.

"What the hell is this?!" Nightwing looked at Bruce standing in front of Wally, and then back to the other one, noticing that his knuckles were bleeding.

"This is the other one." Superman said, finally finishing what he had tried to tell Nightwing from before.

"The other? That's what you meant?"

"Nothing is ever simple with you, Bruce." Freis growled quietly, looking over as his men got into position to take their new guest into custody.

"If you disable those, he'll die," the Rogue Batman said desperately.

"They're already killing him!" Slade yelled at the maniac, pointing to his monitor.

"No! They're preventing mutation. He needs those to survive. You all need them!" The Rogue was shaking his head vigorously, his hand gesturing them to stop immediately, else he blow them all up, including Flash and himself.

"He's mutating?" Nightwing sounded like he'd heard it all now, taking to stand in front of Slade, who was obviously the nano expert. They needed Slade to finish his analysis and save Flash.

"No, the virus. It's mutated and we needed a new safeguard against it in order to save him," the Rogue Batman was beginning to lose his patience, Flash's life depended on convincing them to stop, and it didn't appear to be working. "Stop this, immediately!" he yelled.

Slade turned quickly to the screen, bringing up several windows of images magnified to several times their actual size, and then turned back to him. "The virus is the same. It hasn't changed at all!"

The cave seemed quiet for several seconds, and the Rogue's eyes grew wider. "What?" He said quietly, his other hand loosening its grip and showing a tiny bit of glowing green through his fingers.

"Damn," Superman growled, backing up a bit. That's why his eyes ached.

"The virus hasn't mutated. I have an old version of it, and we've taken a sample of blood only moments before your arrival. I'm afraid you've been fed false information." Slade almost sounded as if he enjoyed proving the man wrong.

"Was Luthor the one who convinced you?" Superman asked darkly, his eyes almost showing how disappointed he was that Batman, no matter which alternate universe he came from, could be manipulated so severely.

"No..." the Rogue whispered to himself.

"Well, I couldn't really have expected you to play my little game forever, now could I?" Luthor's voice slithered through the room, startling them all. The Rogue turned to see a burst of smoke jettison passed his head, then turned back just in time to see a missile hit just where Flash, Superman, and their Batman stood. A generous chasm opened up in the ground and smoke filled the room as the three disappeared.

The room was almost perfectly still for a moment, save for the twisting columns of smoke. Nightwing was the first to move, leaning as far over the chasm as he could without slipping in. The rogue Batman staggered a few steps forward, watching to see if Nightwing could see the others. As the young man's head sank, he felt his limbs tense, trembling with a red glare that filled his vision as he turned on Luthor. "It was a lie, wasn't it!" he growled softly, blue eyes narrowing.

"They may be dead, and you're worried about my betrayal?" Luthor began laughing. "HE may be dead! You may have killed him, again!" the man continued to laugh as he retreated a distance, preparing to defend himself against an outraged rogue. This alternate Batman saw nothing wrong with his Superman killing their Luthor. Now that his rogue was no longer chained he had to be on full guard.

"Nightwing, make sure that fight doesn't come over here," Slade said, turning his focus back to the nanos. As soon as he identified the chemicals used in the polymerization of cardio tissues, he could begin developing new nanos to save Flash.

"Are we going to continue with the plan?" Freis asked, following Slade's lead.

"No! We're going to look for them! Aren't we?" Nightwing cried, beginning to climb down.

"No, we're sticking with the plan. If they are alive, we need to have these nanos ready. If you go down there and that other Batman doesn't succeed, we need you to keep Luthor busy. Do you understand?" Slade paused, glaring at Dick with his one eye.

Nightwing paused, and then crawled back onto the ledge. "Fine."

The loud crash of rubble fell silent, and Superman tossed off a beam. "Bruce?" he looked around to find the source of groaning.

"I'm fine," Batman slid a big slab of ice off, relieved that he could breathe again. "Wally came with us, right?" he said, looking around.

The cryotube was mostly still intact, it gave off a soft glow and shined off of shattered pieces of safety glass on the ground. Bruce jumped up when he saw Wally. He rushed over and checked to see that the young man wasn't bleeding. He felt a mix of worry for Flash and for himself. He couldn't become like the rogue Batman, he couldn't become that reckless in his desperation.

"Hnn..." Wally moved just slightly. Rolling over to find Bruce above him.

"It's us, Wally." Superman flew over under the low ceiling, anticipating the boys recoil when he saw Batman, and also showing that he did indeed still have his powers, since the other Superman had lost his when they last met. He remembered how Wally had reacted to Bruce until the vigilante showed him his scars. Clark didn't fully understand, but he left it at that.

Wally let Bruce pull him from the rubble, and allowed himself to be checked for serious injury, wincing at a sore shoulder and back. "Well, that kinda sucked." His voice was groggy, and he noticed how difficult it was to move his fingers. "Where did we end up?" he asked curiously.

"I can't tell." Superman looked up and around, trying to see around the large lead deposits around them.

"We must have fallen into an old shaft, I believe we slid a ways before ending up here," Batman said, noting the intact ceiling and beams over head. The rubble was behind them.

"I think you're right. I can hear them fighting a ways away, but it's not directly above us. I can't see passed this sheet though."

"Is it that, or something else?" Batman asked, wondering if it was possible that the other Batman's Kryponite had weakened Clark to the point of being unable to see through the ice.

"I'm pretty sure it's lead. I'm also pretty sure these shafts are unstable. It's going to be tough getting you both out of here safely." Superman could see, not too far down the maze of shafts, that most of them had caved in. They were lucky they weren't completely burried.

"You could take one of us safely though, right?" Bruce asked.

"No," Wally shook his head.

"Actually, even that would be a gamble," Clark was hinting at the kryptonite. If he were at full strength, he probably could get one of them out safely.

"Then we'll have to wait," Batman sighed, undoing his cape and draping it around Wally's shoulders since they'd removed his suit.

"Shouldn't we keep him cool, to slow down the nanos?" Superman asked, undoing his own cape to offer it as well.

"Not without Freis' chemicals... right?" Flash guessed correctly. The IV's that had been hooked up to him fed his body vitamins, fluids, and most importantly, chemicals to keep him from freezing entirely.

"Right. He'll freeze to death without them," Bruce admitted, squatting down to check Wally more closely. "Do you feel cold?"

"I guess I should, huh," Wally sighed, unable to really get a deep breath.

"You're not shivering..."

Superman came closer to examine Wally as well. "The first stage of hypothermia..."

Wally laughed nervously. "Yeah. Oh, boy." he sighed, laying back against a boulder.

"We need to slow you down somehow without killing you," Bruce said more to himself, mentally going over his meager inventory in his belt.

"Might not be a problem," Wally winced as his tummy growled.

Bruce thought for a moment, wide eyed. "Did you get sick on the jet?" he asked, remembering when they were on their way to the station to catch the rogue Batman.


"So, when was the last time you ate?"

"Uh, Alfred gave me some shrimp... Before that," Wally said nervously as the itinerary of the day played out in his mind.

"Only shrimp?" Bruce's shoulders drooped, realizing how dire Wally's situation truly was. "You need food..." Bruce had none.

"I know... It kind of sucks even more now." Wally laughed again, hugging the capes more closely around himself. He had no energy to warm himself up with, and no resources in his body to use as energy. His body was going to eat itself quickly due to its natural speed.

"Clark, can you see all of these tunnels and shafts?" Bruce asked.

"Most of them," Superman said as he looked around, still able to see through most of the walls around them, but not all of them. "I'll go look for a way out, and I might come across some old supplies. There may even be food left down here," he tried to sound optimistic, and headed off while Bruce pulled Wally close to him so he could try to warm the boys shoulders and legs.

Bruce's face was stiff, and his eyes narrowed on an idea forming in his mind. "We need to get you some nutrients," he sighed, leaning back against a wall of ice. "You won't be able to warm up if we don't."

"We could get Supes to heat the place." Wally thought, but almost instantly thought of why that would be a bad idea.

"We're in a room of frozen water, with tons of rock and ice above us. I don't think that's a great idea," Bruce loved the idea of heating everything up, but he didn't want the ceiling to come crashing down on them. "Besides, Clark and I can manage, but your body doesn't have the strength to even shiver, we need to get you some sustenance." Wally started laughing weakly, and Bruce glared. "What is it?" he demanded softly.

"I know what you're thinking..." Wally admitted. He wasn't quite sure of how he felt about it, but he needed to survive this, and he felt a little more comfortable around Bruce now, knowing that this was him, and the rogue Batman had been left behind to fight Luthor.

Bruce was silent for a long time until the red head's giggling irritated him enough to jolt the boy. "Wally... I don't want to remember this, shining moment or not, this is a sick idea."

"It isn't really... Semen has plenty of important nutrients in it. Did you know that it can,"

"No, and I don't want to know," Bruce growled. He didn't even know if he'd be able to get hard in as cold a temperature as they were in, under the circumstances, much less with what ever justifying evidence Wally had to give him. He didn't want to hear about the properties of semen. He waited, not sure if he could really go through with it.

"I could help."

"You're not doing a thing," he said sharply. "You need every bit of your energy. I'll manage this on my own," he may have just lied to Flash.

Wally sank a bit in Bruce's arms and the billionaire looked down to see how pale he was. He had to make this work. Fuck it. He thought, and undid his utility belt with one hand, the other pulling Wally closer to him. Wally watched, his cheeks flushing and he heard Bruce's heart through the thick chest piece.

"I could help in other ways." he said weakly, watching as Bruce's hand slid under the hem of the dark material.

Bruce thought of the rogue, and what he did to Wally. He narrowed his eyes at the blue glow of the cryotube and gritted his teeth. "No. I know it would make you uncomfortable," Bruce sighed.

"Not without the drug..." Wally admitted, feeling his head swim a bit. "I haven't had any cyproterone for a while now..."

Bruce turned his gaze down towards the red head and frowned. That still didn't make it right to him. "I'm not sure that's how we should fix this."

"Well, first we have to keep me from dying, right?" Wally leaned up as best he could, and dragged a weak tongue across the underside of Bruce's jaw, his left hand sliding over the Dark Knight's stomach.

When Bruce heard Wally's breath against his skin, snaking it's way up into his ear, he had to admit, it gave him the extra edge. He could tell the man was aroused. Part of him didn't enjoy this but the part of Bruce that wanted to save Wally felt warmer, his thighs felt hotter and he widened his legs a bit as he gripped the shaft of his cock.

Wally looked down towards Batman's groin and saw the tip peeking up at him, glistening. He wanted to lick it off but knew that would be a bad idea. "How will we get it into my mouth?" he asked. The question was entirely serious, but it gave them both an odd mixture of humor and arousal.

"You'll have to suck it out," Bruce said as if that was an obvious step.

"But, the nanos," Wally began, sounding worried. "The new ones."

"I already have them."

"Oh, shit... That's right." Wally frowned, remembering the kiss on the jet. "I'm so sorry," he struggled to sit up. Bruce could hear the strain in his voice.

"Don't. You didn't do anything wrong."

"But I did," Wally could feel his eyes aching. He couldn't stand to think that he'd killed Bruce.

"We didn't know," bruce moved to settle Wally down again, while also trying not to lose his rhythm. "Now stop it. We have more important things to worry about. If we can make sure these nanos work on you, they should work on me as well."

Wally didn't say much else. For all he knew, these new nanos would never harm Bruce. He wondered why both sets of nanos hadn't begun to affect Batman. Why hadn't the old ones made the others horny. They'd already gone over theories for that, but if the new ones were Luthor's and not Slade's, then why wouldn't Luthor's be working on Bruce?

The boy's thoughts were interrupted. The process of bringing himself off gave Bruce a lovely amount of pre to work with, and Wally had to admit to himself that the slick sound was making him hard. His erection was about the only thing of his body that didn't feel flaccid, the rest of him slumped against Bruce, breathing heavily with the older man.

"I'm close now." Bruce warned Wally, and he helped the ginger slide down enough to wrap cold lips around Bruce's dick. The dark haired man hissed at the coldness, but moaned when he felt Wally's tongue flit over the slit, tasting the salty pre. Wally moaned too and Bruce suddenly realized that Superman was still somewhere in the abandoned shafts with them.

He hushed Wally softly and held his gloved hand over his own mouth tightly as he bucked up into the boy's mouth. Wally breathed sharply through his nose, a substitute for moaning, showing Bruce how horny he was now. The red head felt the familiar tremor and lengthened his neck, drinking in the Dark Knights cum as it shot to the back of his throat. Luckily, Bruce had plenty, so Wally was grateful to have something to call a meal, no matter how gross it may have been. This was probably as close to cannibalism as he would ever come.

Bruce's gloved fingers ran through red hair, stroking softly while he caught his breath. There was no way that Clark didn't hear any of that, and they both knew it. For a moment, a thought crossed his mind, and he frowned to himself.

"Thanks..." Wally gasped, having made sure he finished every last drop. He couldn't tell right away if it would help his metabolism, but his stomach almost instantly stopped its painful aching. "Do... You think he heard?" Wally knew the answer, but he wanted to sound like he at least made an effort to be respectful to Supes.


"I know... Hey, uh.. Supes? Sorry about that," Wally said softly, not even bothering to call out through the tunnels.

They both sat there on the ground, Bruce staring down at Wally's chin resting on his hip bone, just next to a slowly softening dick. He felt a small tremor in the boys body briefly and was relieved as he realized it was a reaction to the cold. "You shivered!" he exclaimed softly. Wally smiled, glad that Bruce seemed to be thinking about something else besides how inappropriate that was.

"Well, I'm glad it worked at least," they both heard Clark's voice say rather close by. It turned out he was just around the corner, unable to decide what to do. His face was bright red.

"I could use your help..." Bruce began, looking down at Wally. The ginger looked up at Bruce in shock. Bruce was surprised that his eyes had the strength to open that wide. "If you're comfortable with the idea."

Bruce didn't continue, and the room was silent for a good minute or so. The silence was beginning to solidify before Clark sighed, "I want to make sure Wally's safe."

"So do I," Bruce admitted, not bothering to cover himself up. He wanted to be able to do that again for Wally, and it wasn't as if his actions were totally selfless, he enjoyed it.

"You're both okay with this?" superman asked, looping his thumbs under the hem of his waist band.

Wally sat up a bit, as best he could and pulled back. "I didn't even think you liked guys." he admitted.

"Well, this seems a little more important than that." In truth, Clark hadn't given it serious thought. He simply never considered the idea before. But there were more important things at stake. "So, I guess we should get started..." he said nervously.

"Not if it gives you the nanos," Wally shook his head.

"We'll figure that out," Bruce said, demonstrating to Wally how he could cup his hands together if need be.

"Or I could just... Shoot it into your mouth," Clark winced at how degrading that must have sounded to Wally.

"Shoot your load?" Wally snickered weakly at the naughty way it sounded from the man-of-steel's lips.

"Let's not use that word," Bruce advised strongly, wincing at Wally's use of load.

"Wait... When you shoot... Is it like... A super shoot? Will it hurt me?" Wally gave Superman the most concerned look he could muster.

Clark looked almost dumbfounded, but he was even more surprised to see Bruce looking at him with the same curiosity. "Are you both joking?" he asked incredulously.

"Clark, it's a serious question," Bruce confirmed, looking sternly up at Superman.

"I... I don't believe so. I'm not a virgin, and I have no dead bodies in my closet either." Clark's face lit up at the sight of Wally giggling. Murder by ejaculation. It did sound morbidly amusing.

"Good enough, we have more important things to do." Bruce motioned to Clark to finish his thought. He wanted to make sure Wally could keep from freezing to death. He pulled the speedster up a bit, pulling both of their capes more tightly around him. He wanted Clark to focus on getting off, not on explaining to them his innocence.

It was awkward enough just to pull himself out, his arm kept freezing from sheer fear. He never expected to be jerking off in front of Flash and Batman. But he also never imagined that his semen could potentially save someone's life.

"I have to admit, this has me kind of hard," Wally said weakly. He literally meant kind of, though, since he felt he hadn't the strength to do much more but be only half hard.

Clark still couldn't do much to make himself harder though. He managed to pull his cock out finally, feeling his cheeks begin to blaze with embarrassment. He felt a cold thumb over the slit and pursed his lips together, exhaling sharply through his nose. The man-of-steel gave himself some squeezes, pulled at the length a bit, and it worked a little, but it wouldn't be enough.

Clark, please. Bruce thought, wondering if there were more he could do.

"He needs help," Wally breathed softly on Bruce's stomach, sending shivers up his spine.

"We can't," Bruce frowned down at the not-so-speedster.

"Yeah, we can." and with that Wally began to pull himself up. Both men noticed how severe his situation was when they saw how the ginger could barely manage that feat alone. Batman had to help him sit up. The boy couldn't even stand on his knees to straddle the Dark Knight.

"Wally, this isn't happening." Bruce tried to stop the younger man, but his persistence was strong, unlike his body.

"Come on, it might turn him on if we-"

Bruce pulled Wally close suddenly, wrapping both arms around him and pulling the ginger in tightly. "You don't have the strength," he whispered against Wally's ear, feeling the boy sit still finally. It sank in for the three of them that this might be it. Wally slumped in Bruce's arms and Superman hesitated a moment, watching them both. "But that doesn't mean we're giving up." he motioned to Clark, who continued to stroke himself.

"But, if it's my last time... You wanna make it good?" Wally tried, figuring Bruce wouldn't fall for it, which he didn't entirely.

"Only if you let us do all the work," Bruce sighed, fighting back any threatening emotions, namely tears. He rubbed Wally's hip bones gently, urging the boy to simply relax on him, chest to chest. It dawned on him that his body heat could help Wally.

Some how Clark rather enjoyed the sentiment, feeling a little more blood fill his dick as he continued to stroke it.

Wally had a difficult time supporting himself as Bruce sat up to remove the chest plate. Once he did the younger man felt numb fingers over the scars, watching them shiver as he relaxed. He'd believed them before, but seeing the familiar scars made it that much more real. Wally sank down against Bruce's chest and sighed, feeling ungloved hands rub up his back. The shiver and any sense of feeling followed Bruce's fingers, calloused fingers rubbing into his muscles softly, causing him to tremble. The red head gave a soft moan, and Clark found that the sound caused his cock to stiffen finally, the head emerging completely, glistening.

Bruce watched Clark to make sure it was working, and he noted Wally's body shivering more now. This stupid plan may just work. The faint glimmer of hope gave him the courage to lift the red head a bit, cupping his chin and bringing it up to Bruce's face. Wally moaned again as the older man's lips closed over his. It was a slow gentle kiss but the almost precise feeling of intimacy was so intensely heated that Wally felt that may be enough to make him come. Wally shivered more, sitting back a bit against Bruce's cock.

Batman stopped Wally from moving back much further. If he was going to cum at all, it had to be in Wally's mouth, and the energy needed for Wally to take him inside was too much.

The gesture of both men made Clark's job easier. He panted now and looked down at himself, his bare hand squeezing tightly around the hard shaft. He could feel the pleasure pooled in his stomach sink down to his thighs and groin and he hissed sharply. "I'm gonna come soon," he warned them both, and Bruce helped Wally sit up.

The task of not wrapping his lips around Clark but making sure that he didn't miss any was challenging.

"Try to hold your breath," Bruce suggested, afraid that Wally's breath would be enough to doom Clark.

Wally nodded and just as Clark stiffened, holding his tip down and aiming as best as he could while he stroked faster, the red head drew in a deep breath and held it.

The superhuman groaned, placing a hand on the wall beside him to steady his aim. The hot fluid fell gently against Wally's tongue and lips, and Bruce held a hand under his chin to catch any missed shots. It was a fair amount. Wally swallowed as his mouth filled, twice, and finally Clark stepped back, taking a seat against the wall next to the two. He sighed as he looked to make sure that Wally didn't miss any. Save for a small drip on his chin and upper lip, the task was carried out perfectly.

"Let's forget about this," he sighed, closing his eyes.

"Aw, come on. It wasn't that bad, right?" Wally laughed softly, sinking down in Bruce's lap again, trying to ignore his erection that would get no attention this time.

"It's that this is so inappropriate," Bruce agreed with Clark.

"But is this really that weird? I mean, compared to other things we've done." Wally added.

"Yes," said the other two in unison.

Unfortunately, regardless of how inappropriate they both found it, Bruce felt that he could go one more round before his judgement got the better of him. "Clark, I'm sorry..." he began as he helped Wally off his lap to lay between them.

"Do you want me to leave?" Clark asked uncomfortably.

"At this point I don't think it matters. Plus, I'd like us both on either side of him. It'll help warm him up."

Clark nodded, disregarding Bruce's apologetic look.

Flash on the other hand was dying, he'd had a hard on for longer than both of them and he didn't hold moans back when Clark pressed up behind him. He could feel the man of steel through the two layers of cape he was wearing and reached down for himself, but Clark stopped him. The young man protested but Bruce hushed him with a deep kiss. Clark took to rubbing Wally's own hand up and down the speedster's thigh, trying to keep him distracted. With his other hand he gently rubbed the junction of muscle between shoulder and neck. Gently. For Wally it was pleasantly rough. He could feel knots being rubbed out of his muscles as Clark's thumb moved to his shoulder blade.

Bruce didn't stop Wally's other hand from stroking cold fingers over his hip. The lit sensation springing his nerves to life, tickling just enough to add to his enjoyment. Bruce moaned into the kiss and broke it only to inhale sharply, kissing Wally more deeply, slowly. The Speedster's stomach felt pleasantly Luke warm, so perhaps they were reaching a safe place to stop.

Bruce let Wally's mouth go while he inhaled sharply again, this time feeling his climax build. The low cave echoed with a series of moans. Clark moved both hands to digging lightly into Wally's spine now. His discs and joints popped loudly while he helped the ginger lean down, switching to soft strokes. Clark's fingers grazed lightly over Wally's neck and shoulders. He enjoyed watching the younger man shiver at the touches, while he wrapped lips around Bruce, moistening the tip with swipes of his tongue while he waited.

Bruce grunted and bucked up into Wally's mouth finally, tremors rushing up his shaft and into Wally's throat. They both let Wally bob his head a little, milking Bruce for everything until he encouraged Wally to sit back. The boy did so with several shivers, and Bruce relaxed. It was working. They had managed to keep Wally from freezing to death, now they just needed to figure out how to get him out of the cave.

"Now what?" Clark asked after a moment. He sat himself closer as Wally shivered.

Bruce had Wally's arm draped across his stomach, rubbing it gently to keep it warm while he caught his breath.

"I'm still hard," Wally complained. He knew it was helpless to hope that they'd help him now. "I just wanna touch-"


"What?! Jesus!" Wally tried to sit up quickly in alarm, looking around and ignoring the looks of confusion on either side of him. "J'onn, don't do your Martian thing now! Just wai-"

"Where are you?" the voice echoed in his ears.

"We're... I don't know. I'm with Supes and Bats, they might have a better idea."

"Never mind, I'll come find you," J'onn's voice died out and flash looked between the two others.

"He'll be able to find us if he follows the wreckage." Superman sighed, sitting up against the wall in relief.

"Unless it's collapsed like it is here," Bruce noted, looking at the collapsed tunnel that the cryotube had slid down. "Have you been able to hear anything from above?" he asked Clark, as he began to dress himself up again.

"Barely, but it faded a while ago. I don't think Luthor or the Other are here anymore," Clark didn't feel as weak as he did before. He hoped that meant that the kryptonite was gone as well.

"What am I going to do about this?" Wally wined, glancing down at himself.

"Absolutely nothing," Bruce said as he buckled his utility belt in place.


"He's right. Just wait it out for a bit," Clark said uncomfortably. They were finally in contact with someone out there. He tried again to look above, but the lead slabs were blocking his view.

"Do you see him?" Bruce asked, ignoring Wally's complaints.

Just as Wally began curling up in the two layers of capes, J'onn emerged through the wreckage of the cryotube. "Thank goodness." Clark said.

"J'onn, what's going on out there?" Bruce asked, but he dismissed that inquiry as J'onn drifted over the short distance, plucking Wally gently up off the ground and pressing his lips firmly against the Speedster's. The two almost didn't react, they just ejaculated into their teammates mouth, this was nothing. It only left them curious as to what new purpose this served.

Wally was aroused enough to pull himself closer, and pleased when he felt J'onn's tongue fill his mouth. It was much longer, and the Martian seemed more determined to choke his throat with it than a normal kiss demanded.

And like that, the kiss was over before Wally had the time to work in a few good grinding hip motions. "There," J'onn sounded relieved, still supporting Wally with one arm.

"There?" Clark stepped forward, "Does that mean..." he paused long enough to see the smile on J'onn's face.

"Those were the nanos. The new ones," he turned toward the other two dressed heroes and both of their shoulders gave way.

"So I'll live now?" Wally asked.

"Yes, you will live now."

"Then will someone finally help me with this?" he asked, pointing to his erection irritably.

"J'onn, what happened above?" Superman interrupted Wally.

"They left."

"Who left?" Batman asked.

"Both of them."

"Should we go after them?" Superman asked.

"I think we should," batman suggested. "Luthor doesn't know that Wally is cured, we could let him think that the speedster is no threat."

J'onn helped Wally sit back down who began to fiddle with himself while the ones who could think clearly made a plan. "We don't advise that we wait. We can't get a hold of Hawkgirl and Green Lantern."

"They went to visit Luthor, didn't they?" Superman asked, reaching for his ear piece.

"They don't work here," Bruce reminded him. "We need to take care of Wally first, and then leave as soon as possible."

Wally looked up just as Superman lifted him up. He was still weak, but the man wrapped him up tight, securing both layers of capes and then hugging him close. "Can you lead me out with him?" he asked J'onn.

The Martian looked at Bruce who waved at the gesture, and then back to Clark. "Yes, I believe there is a safe route out of here."

Clark looked back at Bruce and sighed, "Too bad John isn't here. We could really use the Green Lantern here."

"Well, this is the best we can do now. I'll wait here," Bruce shrugged.

With that, the three left the little cave and Batman behind.


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