String Me Along

Author's note: Hello everyone! I'm not dead! Just watching different anime! This is a crossover involving an anime which has not been released yet. If you want to know more, look up the black rock shooter trailer on youtube. I can put up links to character art, and designs on my profile if need be.

I would really apreciate it if you wrote me a review on this story. Please don't just write "Comtinue your other stories!" because they're dead as of now. If I start watching the anime again, it might continue. It might after AX, who knows...

This story was inspired by my best friend kodama, and Sora who cosplay Mato Kuroi, and Dark Riku. I happen to cosplay Yomi Takanashi (also from Black Rock Shooter, you'll meet her later). Since the anime has not yet been released, I've taken some liberties with the characterization of Mato and Yomi. I've mostly based them off of myself and Kodama.

Please enjoy and review! 3

Summary: Kingdom Hearts/Black Rock Shooter crossover. He was friends with her best friend before he ever knew she existed. A chance meeting comes full circle when they both take the same path down the road to darkness. Dead Master/Riku. Black Rock shooter anime is not out yet!

Ch. 1: Whatchu in for?

The hall echoed with the joyous voices of children laughing and talking about what they planned to do after school. Groups of children walked right past the two roughed up middle schoolers, a boy and a girl, seated outside the principal's office. They wouldn't look at each other as they sat there, nursing their wounds. The girl sported a scraped knee, and her scraggly pigtails were lopsided and escaping. The boy had a split lip and a black eye he was trying to hide behind his curtain of silvery hair.

"Hey…" The boy called softly, finally breaking the silence between them. "I'm sorry…"

"I-it's okay. I overreacted anyway." The girl apologized, lifting her azure gaze from the floor to the boy. That was the truth of the matter; she had overreacted. All the boy had done was cut her and her best friend in line on curry day. Although she often joked that she would kill for curry, her hunger and temper had gotten the better of her. She'd been the one to throw the first punch and she admired the boy for not automatically hitting her back. He never once struck her even after she decked him a couple of times, He'd thrown her on the ground, and pulled her hair to get her away from him and never really hit her.

"Does your face hurt?" She asked, looking over at him.

"No…" The boy grumbled, rubbing his eye.

"Well it's killing me!" The girl joked, chuckling half heartedly at her own lame joke. The attempt was enough to soften the atmosphere between them. The boy smiled, finally lifting his head and brushing his bangs out of his teal eyes. A purple bruise was starting to form near the outside corner on his eye. The girl leaned close to inspect the damage she had inflicted on him. "Ew..sorry. That looks painful." She apologized again, backing away. "You should put some ice on it."

"Thanks…" The boy blushed, looking away from her. "You hit pretty hard…for a girl, I mean."

The girl laughed, leaning back in her chair. "And you're pretty cool…for a boy, I mean." She countered, smiling at him. The boy tentatively smiled back, shaking his bangs back into his face. "I'm Mato Kuroi, by the way."

"Riku…Riku Kage." The boy replied, extending a hand. "Truce?"

Mato slid out of her chair and stood in front of him to shake his hand. "Truce."