Okay, Just chillin here with my mother, As you do, and I was writing my other story 'Physic' when I asked if the line 'I'm busy every weekend until graduation, and then some' should continue as 'He said still in a polite tone' or 'He said in a polite yet sarcastic tone' or ' He answered in that annoyingly polite tone' and this was the outcome, enjoy!

Edward and Bella were walking along the small main street of Forks. Walking to the newly opened movie theatre; it was small with only one theatre, but it was a major breakthrough for the pewee town of Forks, where nothing interesting ever happened, not like huge vampire war or anything. As they were walking gleefully in the semi-nice weather none-other than Jessica Stanley bumped into them- coming from the new theatre herself.
"Edward!" Jessica rejoiced "You said you were busy with you family this weekend" she frowned, looking at Bella.
"Ah . . ." Edward – for once in his abnormally long life- looked baffled and was at a loss for words. "Yes, I did say that . . . but Alice got sick!" he said grinning triumphantly at his cleverly formed lie. Just then, Alice skipped past with Jasper hanging from her arm doing the Cha-cha-slide unable to suppress Alice's hyper activity.
"Come on slow pokes! We're gonna miss the movie!" she chirped excitedly and then they both cha-cha'd off to the theatre.
"Uh . . . what I meant to say was, Rosalie got sick" Edward quickly covered.

"You lied" Jessica accused, quite put out at the prospect that Edward Cullen didn't want to go out with her.
"Hmm, well I guess I did" Edward murmured scratching his strong jaw. "But personally, I'm sick of your futile attempts at flirting with me" Edward said- opting to tell the truth.
"Oh . . . well maybe we could go out next weekend" Jessica cheered- not taking a hint.
"No, Jessica. I'm busy every weekend until graduation, and then some" and then, Edward Cullen did something very un-Edward-Cullen-like. He spat at her, the venom hit Jessica on the cheek. Bella watched this with wide eyes- she couldn't believe that 'her' Edward just spat at someone. And with that, Edward flounced off, Bella tripping along behind him. A gust of wind blew and Edward's hair ruffled in the wind- his trench coat flapping behind him.
"No!" Jessica cried, falling to her knees, she put her hands over her face and sobbed,

Edward continued to walk, while Bella just tripped like the Mary-sue she is. Jessica was still on her knees sobbing when she looked up and saw a very handsome man up in the tree's he had dreadlocks and strange red eyes.

Laurent, who just watched Edward Cullen spit in some poor humans face smiled down at the pitiful human. Even though, as far away as he was, he still heard her heartbeat stutter. Perhaps it's time for a little snack he thought, jumping from the tree and consuming Jessica in a gruesome yet somehow- in some twist vampiric way- graceful matter. R.I.P Jessica Stanley, I'm sure you won't be missed.