I could hear her footsteps at a little distance. I looked around me. There was no sign of any danger in this part of the forest. I knew she would be safe here & I always wanted her to be safe.

I buried my head in my paws. I closed my eyes & could see some precious moments of the past.

I could see Bella riding a motorcycle with me. Her black hairs were playing with the wind & her radiant face was glowing with excitement. Then our first kiss on the top of the mountain & I could still remember the taste of her lips. I could remember the way her lips moving on mine. For a moment I was in heaven. But she was in love with Edward. But I couldn't resist myself from loving her. I was jealous.

Then I could remember the beautiful face of a beautiful baby. I was watching her like a blind seeing the light for the first time.

I saw her coming from behind the trees. I changed myself in my human form. She liked me in that way. She was much closer now. I was drinking her beauty. She smiled at me. My heart stopped for a while. I was lost in her chocolate brown eyes. But she wasn't Bella. She was Renesmee. My Renesmee! I saw her being born & now she was a full grown perfect young woman with perfect beauty.

Renesmee put her hand on the side of my cheek. I could see her thoughts. I could see her bloody birth, those anxious of her childhood. Then I saw some precious moments of our time together.

I was kissing her rosy lips. I smelled her scent which was perfectly balanced between vampire & human. I could hear her heart beat. Bella's human heart was beating inside her. Her glittering body was wrapped in my arms. Her chocolate brown eyes were fixed in mine.

'Do you like this?' she asked me. I said nothing but kissed her lips. For a moment she reminded me of Bella. But suddenly the fire of my one sided love was blown off. A new fire was ignited – a fire of new love for my Renesmee. I've found a new life with a new meaning with her.

I know she would never leave me. We'll stand together in our everlasting youth & we'll share our precious moments together forever.

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